Best Bat Books That You Should Be Reading Right Now

For those who haven't read these Batman books, I highly recommend them.

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  • This Batman book has an intriguing mystery to it. The story revolves around a holiday killer who only kills victims in certain holidays. Those victims are the members of the crime family. It's a long Halloween, and you'll have to guess the killer's identity for each issue until the end. The ending will blow your minds off. Trust me. I didn't see it coming.

  • Gotham can certainly turn victims into psychotics. But it ain't true for everyone. Not everyone, maybe except for Gordon's son. A chilling story, if you ask me. Plus, Dick Grayson as Batman investigates the mysterious Black Mirror. Find out what it is.

  • Set in an alternate future, the old-weary Bruce Wayne returns to his cowl form to fight crime. Batman is still able to fight in his old age, even able to beat Superman to a pulp. Yikes!

  • Ever wonder how Bruce started his cowl days? Well, you will find out in this exciting origin of Batman.

  • This is one of those disturbing books that a little kid can't even read. No, I'm not kidding. The art looked creepy and gruesome, especially the Joker. In this book, we get to learn the life of Amadeus Arkham, the founder of the asylum. Yes, this book can give you nightmares, if you read it at night. But beware, if you do read this book at night, I pray that you'll return from your own asylum.

  • I'm not sure if this has been done before. But the idea of a hero and villain working together works at best. Here, we have the yin and yang duo searching for a cure after being infected by a virus. Who would infect them? Was it the Joker himself? If not, why?

  • A version of Christmas Carol. Yes, it's sweet Christmas.

  • There are always comic book deaths, and yet our favorite characters do come back to life. Jason Todd was one of them, the second Robin who got himself killed by the Joker. Who will be his replacement? Or will they be a replacement?

  • I believe this book tells when Batman meets the Joker for the first time. A love at first sight.

  • Was Batman actually dead? If you have read Final Crisis, then you will come to know in this book that Batman is truly alive, and how.

  • This is somewhat similar to Batman: Year One. A retelling origin of Batman. But this is done in a different way. Batman is clumsy. No, I mean it.

  • Who is the Joker? How was he born? What made him this way? This book tells an origin of the laughing maniac.