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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 143- The Breaker of Spells

Loki had been too busy studying his magic. In fact, he had never ventured outside, even amongst with Thor and his friends.

It was a bit dark inside the library of the Asgardian castle. Oft he had to close his eyes and then chant the magic words with sheer determination and courage. But something disturbed him, as if though someone wanted to interrupt his learning of the spells.

Who on Asgard would that be? Loki thought with irritation. He got up from the magic circle that he had drawn a few hours ago. And during that time, he sat on the center of it, and closed his eyes and chant at the same time.

He walked towards the door and then opened it. There was no one there. Loki could have sworn that someone had knocked the door unwillingly, and that he was too angry about it. After all, the magic that he was performing at this very moment, got interrupted by an unknown intruder.

He closed the door and went back to the room, where he drew the circle. Then he stopped and heard a noise. A pair of giggles occurred in the midst of Loki's library.

"Who goes there?" Loki demanded. "Come out, whoever you are!"

He looked around the bookshelves, the items that he had found in other Asgardian provinces, where he went either alone, or with another magician who had just died last week of old age.

Loki sighed. Then he thought of a spell that could solve this unwanted situation.

He chanted, "Within the shadows, thy shalt come forth in the name of thyself!" And then the books rumbled like an earthquake when both figures came out against their will.

"Thor! Balder!"

Yes, it was they who did the knocking and the giggling sounds.

"I should have known you both were behind this."

"I am sorry, dear brother," Thor said. "I almost forgot that you are no fun." Balder laughed.

"Oh, I see. That's how it can be for you, I suppose!"

"Do not worry, dear brother," Balder said. "We are only here to have some fun, and what fun indeed it was!"

Loki still looked at them angrily. "Do you have any idea about what I was just doing right now?"

Both Thor and Balder looked at each other. Then Thor said, "No, Loki. I don't know what you do here, and I do not care." Then he laughed, and Balder did the same.

Loki sighed. He wished that these two would leave him alone in peace. However, the warriors who just came from hard training, wanted to see what Loki was up to, fun or not.

"Then I suppose you both must leave me alone."

"No," Balder said. "We want to see what tricks you have for us. For they may come in handy."

"Yes, that is true," Thor agreed.

Loki sighed again. "Alright, I shall show you. But don't touch anything!"

The three brothers went towards the room, and that Loki had explained carefully about his work.

"The Circle of Incantation?" Balder said. "Is it not dangerous to do such things, dear brother?"

"No, not really, Balder. But perhaps I could show you why. Here, hold your hands with Thor whilst I sit on the center of the circle. But you must close your eyes, so that we can travel to another plane of existence."

"Hmm..." Thor wondered about this.

"Don't worry, Thor," Loki said, sensing his doubts. "I know what I'm doing."

And so they both held their hands and closed their eyes. Loki sat on the circle and he too closed his. Then he chanted the spell.

For a few moments, the room around them disappeared and then the brothers of Asgard were brought forth to another plane of existence. Yes, the young God of Mischief had traveled across the dimensions in space and time, even without his father knowing about it.

Then they found themselves in a room, which looked nearly identical to the one that they had just left.

Both Thor and Balder opened their eyes, and looked around. Thor said, "Where are we?"

Loki replied, "We are in Sanctum Sanctorum."

Thor looked at him. "The Sanct what?"

"The Sanctum Sanctorum. I have been here before. Trust me."

"But why?" Balder asked of him.

Loki got up and replied, "Because this is where I have learnt of the magic."

Balder said, "Oh, I see."

"Yes, but we must be careful. This place has many doors to unwanted places. I almost got eaten by some damn creature from another dimension."

Both warriors looked at him. Then Thor said, "You are serious?"

"I am serious, Thor. Come and follow me." Loki opened the door and looked on both sides of the hallways. "Looks clear."

"Um..." Balder said, feeling a bit unease. "I do not know about this, Loki. But perhaps we must turn back and..."

Loki looked at him. "We can't do it now, Balder. We just got here!"

Thor nodded. "Loki is right. We cannot turn back as of yet, dear brother."

Balder sighed. "Alright. But if Father finds out about this..."

"He won't find out," Loki said, feeling confident. "Now, come on. Let's go."

They went across the hallways of the Sanctum Sanctorum. It seemed that nobody was here, and that Loki had known of it.

Then they went downstairs. And yet, there was another hallway that leads down toward complete darkness.

I wish I had brought my weapon, Balder thought.

Loki chanted the spell to lit some fire in the air. Like holding a torch, it showed them the clear hallway where on both sides, had every rooms. And that one of these rooms held the Ancient Book of the Mystic Arts; one that Loki had taught himself in chanting the spells.

"Let me see here," Loki wondered. "Now where... Aha! There it is!"

Thor said, "What? What?"

"That room," Loki said, pointing towards it. "I remember it now."

"But..." Balder said. "They all look the same."

"Indeed, they all look the same, my dear brother. But I remember that I had opened it before."

Thor still wasn't sure about this. "Are you sure, Loki?"

The young God of Mischief sighed. "Yes, I'm sure of it. And besides, I have done a couple of times already, if you must know."

Loki carefully opened the door. The lights were on and that the floating fire vanished into thin air.

Both Thor and Balder looked amazed of what they saw here. And here, Loki got too excited to see the Ancient Book of the Mystic Arts, again.

Balder said, "This is the one you have learnt in secret?"

"Yes, Balder," Loki replied. "But the only problem is that I could not take it. There is some kind of power guarding the book. And all I could do is turn the pages with my magic."

"Your magic?" Thor said with a bit of confusion. "But... you have learnt it from this book!"

"I have learnt some magic of my own, Thor. And I used it to turn the pages, so that I could learn more."

"I see," Balder said. "But whose book is this?"

"How the hell should I know? It does not matter. All it matter is the knowledge itself." When Loki was about to open the book with his mind, someone shouted, "YOU THERE!"

"What?" Loki turned around and his two brothers did the same. It had turned out to be a man, who was dressed in blue clothing. A red cloak was strapped on towards the back of both shoulders.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Loki gulped and his two half-brothers didn't say anything.


Loki said, "My name is Loki and I..."

"I know who you are. And you dare to trespass my domain without permission?"

The young God of Mischief gulped again and then said, "Um... Who are you?"

The man stared at him, and though he had watched him before, whilst he had to battle the evil beings from different dimensions on countless occasions, he figured the God of Mischief had every opportunity to sneak inside the Sanctum Sanctorum and steal the secrets of forbidden magic.

"My name is Doctor Strange and you shall not be allowed to enter my domain again."

"Loki," Balder said almost in a whisper. "We must get out of here."

"Yes," Thor agreed. "He means trouble if we do not."

Loki laughed. And why all of a sudden had he laughed? Because the man named Doctor Strange would dare tell him, not to steal the magical secrets from the Ancient Book of the Mystic Arts?

"My dear Strange," Loki said. "I..."

"It's Doctor Strange!"

"Yes... Listen to me, Doctor Strange. All I want is of the magic that could help me fight the enemies of Asgard."

Doctor Strange looked at him furiously in the eye and then calmed himself down. He was never angry this before, ever since he had fought Dormammu the last time, and with the help of his friends, but perhaps he could find a solution to ease the tension between him and Loki.

"You could have asked of me, Loki. But I do doubt about your intentions of saving lives. That much is very clear."

"I see. Then perhaps I shall not come here again as you have said? And what if I were to do it again? Then what?"

"Then you shall see my wrath, for I have powers greater than yours!"

Thor grabbed his half-brother's arm. "Loki, let's go. Now."

Loki sighed. "Alright. We'll go. I am sorry, Doctor Strange. I shall never do it again."

Then they all went passed Doctor Strange who seemed to be silent for the moment.


Loki was hurrying up his horse whilst Mort followed him along the way. Through the forest that could lie many dangers, and that Loki himself had the sense that Lady Sif was in great deal of trouble.

As for the notorious thief himself, Mort was still surprised to learn that Loki, who had helped to heal his injury earlier, had a half-brother. And not to mention, the gut wound had been caused by the enchanted Thor.

Mort was certainly angry at that point when he had heard of it, and did not even mention to Loki, for he may find out why and what really happened.

Yes, Mort thought. And if I were to do such as that, then Loki might conjure up one of his spells to turn me into a frog!

And so, they still rode in silence. Loki hoped that Sif would not be killed by whoever was causing the trouble, as of now. And what of Thor? What happened to him?

That I shall soon find out, Loki thought. He kept riding and then passed amongst the largest trees that anyone had seen in Asgard. There were several bushes that they had to jump over and then landed down on the ground.

Then the shouting came from the source that both Loki and Mort were heading towards to.

"She is near!" Loki said loudly. But Mort did not care. All he wanted to do was to kill Thor for causing such pain to his gut and leaving him to die.


Lady Sif had taken her sword and clashed against the naked Thor. For he had been forced upon to attack her whilst Amora the Enchantress watched.

"Thor!" Sif said, whilst trying not to look at his young manhood.

"Kill her, Thor!" Amora cried out. "Kill her while you still can!"

"Thor, listen to me. She is controlling you. She's using your mind to attack me!" But Thor did not listen to her. He just swift his sword around, and that Sif kept dodging his attacks and also not wanting to hurt him in the process.

Sif cried out again, "THOR!"

The young God of Thunder slammed her on the ground. The Enchantress laughed at this very moment and knew that she had the upper hand.

But then Sif would not give up that easily. She intended to bring back her love to normal, no matter what the cost.

"Thor, I love you. Please..."

Amora dressed up in her green outfit and said, "I am sorry, my dear Sif. He cannot hear you."

Thor raised his sword and was about to strike her down.


Both Amora and Sif looked at who had cried out in the middle of this battle. Even Thor slowly turned.

Loki said, "Thor, what on Asgard are you..."

"Begone!" Amora said loudly in her enchantment.

"AHHH!" Loki fell down from his horse whilst Mort turned around and moved to the other side.

Who is that? Lady Sif wondered, and this too made the Enchantress considered of his presence.

"I see you have a new friend, Loki," Amora said.

The young God of Mischief nearly got up. "Wh... What did you do to him?"

"You mean Thor?" Then Amora laughed again. "He is mine to control, and there's nothing you can do about it."

"We shall see about that!" Loki stood up on his ground and chanted the spell from his memory.

"Let the wind know that his enemy lies within these grounds. For I command thee to blow her away!"

The wind suddenly appeared and then it blew Amora all the way back towards the tree.


"Yes, I did it. I..."

"Not so fast," Amora said. "You think you could defeat me! Thor!"

Thor quickly rushed against his half-brother and that Loki thought, Why is he naked? Then he quickly conjured up a spell.

"Be still, my new enemy who is not thy self!" Thor stood still.

But Amora broke the spell and that Thor swung his sword and slashed Loki's arm.

Loki winced at the pain. "Damn it!"

"Thor!" Sif cried out after him. "Don't do it! He is your brother!"

Thor ignored her again, and raised his sword. But someone threw a knife at him.

Thor felt a slight pain as he looked down at the weapon. Then he turned around and saw who had caused it.

"You!" Thor finally spoke.

Mort said, "Yes, it is me, Thor." And since Mort had been watching all this battle, he had no choice but to help Loki.

The young God of Thunder pulled the knife away from his leg, and threw it on the ground.

The Enchantress did not like what was happening. "Kill him, Thor!"

Thor uttered his battlecry and then rushed towards the notorious thief. And whilst he did that, Mort suddenly pulled out the stolen sword from his back. After all these years, he had never used a sword, and this was the first.

It seemed that Thor is not himself, Mort thought. And it may not be his fault for attacking me. But I shall kill him anyway.

Thor completely ignored his half-brother, and attacked the thief, swinging back and forth. Their swords clashed. Mort grunted and moved back away with his horse.

Loki thought, This has gone far enough. Then he uttered a spell.

And all of a sudden, Thor stopped fighting.

Amora said, "What... No. Thor, Kill him. I command you to kill him!"

"He is not yours anymore, Amora," Loki said. Then he produced a green ball of energy from his hands and then threw it against her.

Amora cried out painfully and was thus pushed far away by such force that not even she could deflect it.

Everything was falling apart.

Loki shouted, "Come, let's get out of here!"

Sif nodded and quickly grabbed Thor who had blinked twice and then shook his head. Then they saddled up Thor's horse.

Loki quickly saddled up of his own and cried out, "Mort!"

"I am coming!" He rode his horse forward, whilst Loki rode his own. He uttered one last spell to cover themselves from the falling trees. A magic force field, to be in fact.

Everything crashed down. The animals scurried away and even the birds flew from the deep, enchanted forest.

When they had finally able to come out, they stopped. Sif said, "Is she..."

"I don't know," Loki said. "But I do hope so."

Thor looked around and then blinked again. "What... What has happened?"

Sif looked at him and then hugged him tight.

"Sif..." Thor said in confusion. "What is wrong?"

"Oh, Thor. You are back. You..." Then she stopped and stared at him.

"What? What?"

Loki turned away whilst Mort snorted in disgust.

Then Thor looked down. "What in Asgard!"

"It is a long story," Sif said. "But first, we must get you some clothes."

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 144- The Final Enchantment.

Thor had finally came back to normal. But what will happen to the Enchantress? Well, you shall find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 142- A Traitor Among Thieves

A long time ago, a young thief named Mort was sent out to do some errands for his master. However, he never liked the idea of killing anyone in the process of hoping to get the one thing he needed the most. And that thing of course was certainly not to be thrown into the hands of vicious men.

Mort's parents had died during the battle when the Frost Giants once came to Asgard. There were fine warriors alright, and fine indeed. And that Mort was left behind and orphaned at the village where he was born. He was then taken to the House of the Abandoned. It was funny why it was called such as that, and one time the young thief back then, before he even stole precious jewels from an Asgardian province, asked his teacher and the one who owned the place about it. He said this, "My dear Mort, it is called the House of the Abandoned because children have no homes, whether or not they were left behind." And yes, it was true that most children, who were almost the closest age to Mort himself had been left behind, not just because of their parents who had died on battle. But also the fact, they had to go elsewhere, not wanting to take their own child with them.

Mort had remembered this alright, whilst he set out on a journey towards the kingdom of Etria. It was here that he had learnt of an old king named Elrin whose power had no match over his enemies. But he had great treasures to behold, where they had been placed somewhere at his own disposal. King Elrin had certainly every guard to protect those treasures, knowing that thieves and murderers would do anything to get them. But killing the king? It was something that Mort could not do, for he knew that he might eventually get caught in the process.

But his master, who had done his thieving days, knew the outcome of this utmost event. He even told Mort that if he didn't get the treasure as of wanted, then he might find himself getting killed by the likes of him, or worse, getting beaten by the other thieves of his own kind.

Yes, Mort had received such beatings before, even as a lad of thirteen. But he had to prove himself that he was a better thief. Only then, they would not beat him often. And when that time came, he was left alone and been going with them in quests that were deemed too dangerous, even for a child.

Right before Mort, there stood the Gates of Etria, guarded by two men in full armor. They stood quite tall, holding their spears, and thus made sure that no intruders would dare enter. The Gates of Etria had been guarded for so many years now, and this made Odin been proud of King Elrin and his father before him. There was a time when Odin had led other kings come to the grand feast of special occasion. In total, there were five kings in Asgard. But the most High King was Odin himself, for he was a God and the ruler of the realm whereas the others, they had come from other provinces, such as that of the North, South, East, and West.

The young thief went along with a rider of an old age, who had also turned out to be another thief himself. But he couldn't speak, for he had lost his tongue during the mission for trying to steal the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak.

They stopped and both the guards of Etria checked the hay at the back of the cart, on which the old thief was riding both horses from. The boy who had been noticed by them, asked the old man. But the boy said he could not speak, and thus had spoken for him, for he claimed to be his grandson, helping out to do his work.

The two guards looked at each other, and then they let them passed through the Gates of Etria.


The night had fallen, and the old man went to get rest, whilst young Mort went out to do his bidding. It was said that the guards were everywhere, and if he could get toward the source of the treasure in its keep, he would eventually get the hold of it, as soon as possible. But the problem was that he was alone in this, and certainly wished that the other thieves would come and join him.

Unfortunately, that was not the case for his master, for he had clearly intended this way, and to see if Mort was capable of doing it alone.

And so the boy secretly went inside the castle. A guard at the age of twenty stood in the hallways of the castle, and guarding at this time of night, looked around. Mort hid himself behind the shadows. Though there were only a few steps to be heard along the hallways of the Etrian castle, Mort felt quite alone. He took his breath, then hold it, and let it out to ease his tension. After all, he had been doing this for a while now.

When the young guard had passed him, Mort quickly rushed away into another hiding spot, where he had to stay there for a while. Then he moved forward. The guard who just passed the entrance of the treasure, went outside to take a leak. Mort opened the door slightly, and hoped not to make a sound.

However, it did creak and that Mort quickly went inside and shut the door from behind. It was almost dark in here, and that he certainly wished he had some form of light.

Looking for the treasure, he heard another footstep and then something grabbed his arm.

Mort screamed. He turned around and realized that he was caught by another guard.

But how? Mort thought. Was he...

"Well... Well... I did not expect a boy like you to come here."

A single torch was lit. As it turned out there were two more guards who came from another entrance, or rather they had been waiting to catch the culprit. And for that matter, King Elrin was too present at the moment.

The young thief was speechless. It was all a trap, and that he wondered who would tell on the king.

"I know what you're thinking, my dear boy," Elrin said, as though he had read his mind. "You must be wondering how I knew all along. Let's just say that I had information from one of my spies."


"Yes, spies." The old king came closer toward him. "Do you know what would happen if my treasure were to be stolen from this vault?"

"Um... No."

"Exactly. You don't, because you're a fool to think that I would not know of such things. You would be executed, of course. And I'll tell you how I know your exploits. One of the spies had watched you and other thieves traveling at these parts of the land for some time."

I see, Mort thought. That explains it.

"However, I have not ordered to capture them. Not as of yet. But since you are here, I'd give you an option."

"Um... Option, my lord?"

The old king smiled. "Yes, and pray do tell me what your name is?"

"The name's Mort, my lord."

"Okay, Mort. You listen very carefully. Because I don't want to waste such matters upon the likes of you and the other thieves. And if you want to be safe from execution that is, you must tell me their names and the location."

Mort gulped. If he were to do that, the thieves that he had worked with for many years, would surely get angry about it.

"Do not worry, boy. They shall get executed, once they get captured, and thus you'll be safe."

"Really, my lord?"

"Do I look like I'm lying, my boy? Perhaps you could go along with them in the execution."

"No, my lord."

"Good. Now tell me their names and the location."

And that Mort told him.


"Mort! Mort!"

Mort had woken up from sleep. He was too tired right now to get up, especially after the long journey that he had taken along with Loki.

"Wh... What? What is it?"

"We must hurry up if we can. She's in great trouble!"


Loki sighed. "The one I have told you about. My half-brother's lover. She called out to me for help!"

Mort was confused. "How?"

Loki looked at him, dumbfounded. "How? I have just heard her voice in my head!"

"Oh... I see, your magic."

"Exactly, magic. Now, come on and let's go."

Mort grunted and then got up. Before saddling up his horse, he looked at the God of Mischief.

"I wished you could have told me their names."

Loki sighed. "Their names are Thor and Sif."

The notorious thief was surprised. "What? What did you just say?"

Loki looked at him. "I said, Thor and Sif."

Thor? Mort thought with a bit of confusion. Loki's half-brother is Thor?!

"What is the matter?"

"Um... nothing. I'll follow you this time."

Loki was not sure what happened here, even as the young God of Mischief. "Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yes, I'm sure of it. Let's go."

"Okay." And then they both went.


Back in the lair of the Enchantress, Lady Sif was still bounded towards the tree, whilst she had watched Thor making love with Amora.

Sif could not believe it. She even tried to close her eyes and forget the whole thing, as though it were a bad dream.

But it is no dream, Sif thought. And certainly it was not Thor's fault, for he had been enchanted by Amora herself.

There were no words to describe about what just happened. And yes, Sif was certainly angry at the point that she wanted to kill her. So, she used all her strength to break the restraints.

She was free.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 143- The Breaker of Spells.

Lady Sif has finally gotten herself free from the binding. But would she kill Amora and bring Thor back to his senses? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

No Caption Provided

Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 141- The Lair of the Enchantress

Once Mort had found his horse, he rode forward whilst Loki followed him. But the thief still wondered about his name, whom his great helper had shared with, as he had ridden on horseback.

Loki... Mort thought. Now where have I heard such a name before?

Mort continued riding in silence. Though he wanted to know more where Loki had come from, he was to be careful enough not to let him know about the wrongdoings of his past.

And besides, whether he knew him or not, it didn't really matter because he had his plans. Plans that could make him a rich man, indeed. Now that Loki had let out some exciting tale, regarding he, his half-brother, and his lover to go on a quest to rid the dragon named Fafnir.

Perhaps, I could help Loki find them, Mort continued thoughtfully. Yes, he would have to be very careful upon it, and pretend to be on their side.

Once they entered deeper into the enchanted forest, they could hear the sound of hooves, coming nearby. Mort could have sworn that it was those of his own men, who had ran away when he, Mort needed help in fighting off Thor.

Those fools. If it were them, I would tell Loki to cast a spell. It may sound easy for him to say just that. But Loki would only do what he must, in case of great ordeal.

As for Loki, he too wondered about the man, that he had helped hours ago. But the fact remained clear that Loki had not heard of Mort for a very long time, and why would he, since he had kept himself busy in the library, studying spells and whatnot?

No matter, Loki thought. If Mort knows these part of the forest very well, then I don't have to cast a spell.

And so they rode off whilst the sounds of the other horses had passed.


Lady Sif could not believe her eyes. She had seen things that was not meant to be. But this was far from what she had expected. In fact, Amora the Enchantress had explained to her why she would want Sif to be captured, alone.

"I... I don't believe you."

"Believe me what you must, my dear Lady Sif. Thor is mine. Isn't that so?" Then Amora turned towards him.

The Enchanted Thor nodded, and this Sif implored him to come out of his senses.

"I love you, Thor," Sif said whilst tears came out of her eyes. She even tried to unbind her ropes, which were wrapped around a tree. But due to the fact that Thor had managed to tie her up very well, Sif could still not get out of her binding, and not to mention the emotions that kept swirling around her.

Loki... Sif thought. Loki, if you can hear me, I must need help!

But the Enchantress had read her mind, which Lady Sif had not known beforehand.

Loki? Then Amora turned back towards Thor. I see. He must have not finished him.

Amora came closer toward the warrior princess. "He cannot help you, my dear Sif. For I have much power than him."

Sif looked at her. "What?"

"You'd think I'm a fool?" Then Amora laughed and stopped. "I know of Loki and his powers. I even watched him before."

No... Sif certainly wished that she hadn't called out Loki in her mind.

"Tsk! Tsk! And to think that you a warrior who did not know what I'm capable of, since I have made Thor to capture you?"

"Why? Why must you do this?"

The Enchantress pondered that serious question. Ever since then, she was being humiliated by the other enchantresses during the learning of the spells, that she was not capable of conjuring up herself, even as a young child who had been brought in and found by her instructor named Karnilla. And when she grew stronger at the time, she had finished them off.

But that was not the real reason why she was doing this. Yes, she had been treated badly ever since she was young. She only did it because of Odin, the time when he had come to love her as she once was. But as it turned out that he had loved another!

And at that very thought, she grew furious and said, "You really want to know, Sif? Perhaps I shall give you a hint of surprise. Your ruler and king had loved me once, even without the use of my spells. But he had loved another, and for that, I must make sure that he would not be alive to this day."

Sif felt silent and thought her to be a madwoman. But it made sense why she had forced Thor to become her lover, so that...

Oh no, Sif thought worriedly. If that were to happen...

Amora smiled. "You see? I can do whatever I please, and there would be no one else to stop me. Not even Loki."

It seemed to Sif that there was no hope. But she still wondered if Loki could ever find her in this deep, dark forest of enchantment.

And then something unexpected happened right in front of her. Sif gasped as the Enchantress took off her clothing and stood there naked.

"Come, Thor. Let us make love."

Thor did not say anything at the moment, and then began to remove his clothing as well.


In the midst of serious attention, the thieves of Asgard could not believe of what they had seen. Thor had just taken off with a woman, that he had known for many years, and now that he had captured her, the thieves wondered about this. What was happening?

The old man who used to steal a lot of treasure back in his day, had no words to describe it. First, Thor had fought the leader of the thieves named Mort, the Sword Stealer. And now this.

"What is going on?" The young thief said.

"I have no idea," the old man replied. "It seems that Thor is not what he meant to be."

"How so?" The fat thief said.

The old man looked at him and thought he was stupid not to know. Not to mention, the smell. And that he had certainly wished that the fat man would bathe himself for once!

"Thor is the son of Odin. How can a man like him to steal a woman?"

"He is right," the Asgardian dwarf said. "It is not possible for Thor to do such a thing. And yet now that we had seen it, it is possible."

"But why?" The young thief still wondered. "It does not make any sense."

The old man sighed. Questions. Questions. It was all there was to the young man who had no clue of what went wrong. They had waited alright. They had waited to see what those sounds were, and if it were that of the Sword Stealer.

"We must turn back," the old thief said. "Whatever happened to Thor, it is none to our business."

"And what about Mort?" The fat thief said. "Surely, we cannot forget him."

"Oh no, you're right," the old thief said. "We cannot forget him, since he might come after us. But we can leave just about now!"

The other thieves all agreed with the old man. After all, they were done with Mort and his stupid orders. They turned around and went all the way back where they came from.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 142- A Traitor Among Thieves.

What is this? Amora and Thor are about to make love in front of Lady Sif? How cruel! And what of Loki, with the help of the notorious thief? Will they be able to reach the lair of the Enchantress? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 140- The Sword Stealer

The dream that Loki had beforehand, certainly made him stop riding his horse any further. Knowing that the child was him, when Odin had carried upon his arms, made him think twice, whether or not it was the truth. And besides, he had this dream a few times beforehand and he had not known the child was actually him. So the question was this. Why now?

It must be the damn forest, Loki thought. Or... it could be a trick. Yes, that could explain a lot of strange things that happened when he and Sif had been going around in circles and stared at the far hills of Asgard, as if they were not allowed to reach there.

He stepped down from his horse and gave himself a moment of thought. After all, that dream was not quite right. There was no way that Loki was born in Jotunheim. It was madness and yet still, there was that sense of familiarity, which he had learnt from his father and oft asked of him where he came from when as a child. And this Odin only said, "Someone had kidnapped you from Asgard, Loki. And this, the Frost Giants were using you, so that we may not be able to fight them off."

Of course, that could be true. Loki had heard this tale so many times that he had completely believed it. It made sense. Because, if he were born in Jotunheim, his skin would have been blue, and his eyes, red.

Loki said to himself, "I was not born in Jotunheim. Nor am I a Frost Giant. Look at me!" Then he laughed out loudly. Which was quite strange for they were not anyone to witness this grand event.

He went back toward his horse, and saddled up. Loki had been following Sif's trail once he had conjured up the magic from his massive volume. For years now, he had mastered every spell there was, and sometimes, he didn't even need the book itself to read them. He could memorize them like the back of his hand.

He continued riding down the hills and then stopped. He could hear the sound of a...

Crying child from Jotunheim. Loki shook his head and realized that it was not that of a child, but a man in need of help. Loki quickly went forward and then stumbled upon the man who had been bleeding to death.

But the man was not crying for that matter, in terms of observation. He was shouting in pain. Loki got down from his horse and went towards him.

"Hello there," Loki said. "Are you hurt?"

The man looked up at him, but didn't recognize of who he was. "Ye... Yes."

Loki observed the deep wound that had been caused by none other than Thor himself.

"Plea... Please, help me."

Loki said, "I'll do what I can. Wait here." The young God of Mischief quickly went back toward his horse, grabbed the volume from the bag and then back toward the injured man.

"Wha... What is that?"

Loki replied, "It is nothing that to be concerned of. But I shall try healing you with this."

"Al... Alright." The man still winced at the pain.

Loki opened the book and then looked up at the spells. "Healing... Healing..." A few more pages more and then Loki finally found it.

"Yes, here it is."

"Hu... Hurry up."

Loki sighed and knew that the man was impatient, but he had every right to be, for the pain grew worse than ever.

Then Loki chanted the spell, for the man who was injured of late had not understood every single word.

Then a few moments later, Mort felt the pain had gone and the wound was closing up.

Amazing! The once-injured man thought. And he stood up like a fresh, living Asgardian who was about to die from Thor's hands.

The man looked at Loki. "I thank you for helping me. If it wasn't for you..."

"There is no need to thank me, for I am in a hurry."

"I see. And what pray tell me that you are?"

Loki wasn't sure if he wanted to tell him. For this man that he had helped now, was a complete stranger and what did it matter to him, anyway?

"I am on the search for my dear half-brother and his... lover."

"Oh, I see. Perhaps I could help you in exchange of your help."

Loki was about to tell him no. But then he thought of other dangers that he may not best them, even with the use of magic, once he continued searching for them in the enchanted forest.

Hmm... I suppose I could bring him along. But the only problem is he has no horse.

"I see you have not a horse of your own, sir. And I beg of pardon, for I know not your name."

"Ah, my name is Mort. I am... a mere traveler in these parts of the forest. As for my horse, I..." He paused and then realized that he had completely left his own animal when Thor stabbed him on the gut.

"I see," Loki observed again. "And you kept crawling in pain with that wound of yours."

"Yes, that is right."

Loki wondered who would ever cause such horrible pain to this man, but thought the better of it, for there was no time left to lose, in spite of the madness that had been coming and going. "Alright, Mort. You could show me where your horse is. In the meantime, ride on my back if you can."

And that Mort the Sword Stealer could, for the pain was no longer there, and that made him very happy.


The thieves had left their master to his dying breath. That was because they didn't know what really happened to him. But they had heard the cries of pain alright, and it seemed to have come from Mort himself.

Mort, the Sword Stealer, the young thief thought. He was a man of twenty. At this age, he should not have been stealing weapons for his master. Weapons that Mort did not even use, let alone his knife to strike his enemies down.

The other one was fat and smelled bad since he had not bathed himself for weeks. And he who had certainly wished that Mort was killed, because of his arrogance and pride. Not to mention that Mort had bedded a few women back at the whorehouse, when he, the fat thief almost took upon that chance.

The other thief was that of a short size. A dwarfish-looking Asgardian who was born of neglect. Sometimes a few others thought that he was the dwarf who came from Nidavellir. But that was not to be so, for he was truly born from both Asgardian parents.

And finally the man of old age, for he was getting too weary for this game, that he felt he was about to die in the moments of time. For once, he needed to rest from all this stealing. And for once, Mort was finally gone, thanks to Thor himself. Now that he was free, he could go back home and forget about the whole darn business that he got himself into.

They brought their horses with them, which of course, they had to, once Thor came in their way and then attacked Mort, the Sword Stealer. For they would not dare to walk and leave their horses behind them. Some thieves had done so in the past, which was not a very wise thing, for their own feet would certainly kill them.

They stopped and heard the galloping of another horse. The old man said, "Did you hear that?" Even though he was very old, he could hear things at this own age.

"Yes, we heard it alright," the young thief said. "But is it that of Mort?"

"Oh no," the Asgardian dwarf said. "It could not be him. We had heard cries of pain from our former master. Certainly, it is not so."

The fat thief said, "Perhaps, he is well again. And now he comes after us."

The old man sort of agreed with him. But he would have to find out soon enough.

"Let us wait here and see who it is," the old thief said. "And if it were him, we shall be ready."

And so they waited.


The enchanted Thor rode his horse whilst Sif was still unconscious on the back. So far he had not rested ever since he took her away in silence.

I must rest... Or else, my horse will go weary. That is much true. But there was a chance for Sif to escape from her bondage, so Thor could not risk taking rest and even sleep. Thus he forced his horse to keep riding until he reached his destination.

And still whilst riding in silence, Sif had finally woken up from her unconsciousness. She found herself been tied up in ropes, and it seemed that Thor, whatever had happened to him, was not clearly himself, even in the light of day.

She thought, What has happened to him? She even tried to remove the restraints, but they were of no use. Thor had been sure to strap her so tight that not even the warrior princess could get out of, even before taking on the long journey. And that horse... it looked weary.

Oh no, Sif thought and realized that Thor had not rested. Not even for one day. It was madness. And not to mention, the horse had not been fed.

Thor kept riding as usual. And this time, Sif said, "Thor. Listen to me. Your horse... It is getting too weary at the moment. You need to stop."

But Thor did not listen to her. Sif sighed and wondered who would cause her lover to be turned bad, and this, was coming from him, the son of Odin.

Thor ventured out into the deep part of the forest where no man or woman would dare enter. Lady Sif looked around and then wished that she could ride her own horse. But it seemed that Thor didn't allow that to happen, for the horse was left far behind in their last camp. Even Loki couldn't take it with him, for he had to find both Sif and Thor in time.

Then the sound of wild laughter came out from near beneath the dark, enchanted forest, when Thor finally stopped his horse and then stepped down. Lady Sif wasn't sure who that woman was, and that she had not seen her beforehand.

"Welcome to my domain, Lady Sif. My name is Amora the Enchantress."

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 141- The Lair of the Enchantress.

Lady Sif is in much trouble. Not to mention, Loki had helped the notorious thief named Mort, even without knowing his wrongdoings. Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 139- The Enchanted Thor

Thor had not brought himself back to senses. Why? Because he had been enchanted. Enchanted by the notorious Amora the Enchantress, who had led many men to her domain and to do her bidding.

Such bidding would not be described in great detail, for Amora had done far worse than any Asgardian in this realm. And for what reason that she had to do this? Well, she must have had quarrels with Odin when they were young. And yes, that was another tale to tell. But now Amora had set her sights on Odin's son.

Thor left Amora alone, and he was to be sent on a quest to capture Lady Sif, his former love, alone. But there were certain doubts roaming inside his head. Thor may have almost resisted Amora's enchantment at first. But it was too strong, even for the young God of Thunder.

Thor rode his horse far away, back where he came from, in the direction that Amora had led him to be here. Indeed, it was quite a long journey, and yet Thor hadn't felt tired as of late. How so? Because he always had the stamina and his strength to sustain him, and the years of training had taught him this. That whatever happened to him, he was surely to survive in this great ordeal. But was that really it? Is it so painful that Thor had to endure this horrible enchantment that he could not control?

His deep thought had said, Yes. I must get out of this. But in reality Thor just ignored it. He was literally trapped inside his own mind, like a cage, and only the Gods knew how long it would take to break Amora's spell. Unless...

Loki, Thor thought again. Yes, he knows what to do. And that Thor clenched his teeth, in order to drive out the enchantment in his own way. But he failed.

He kept riding and riding until a few moments later of rest and some food that he had found amongst the trees, where the wild berries lay and the apples hanging. Thor was famished alright, despite the enchantment that had been brought upon by Amora herself.


Night had passed and Thor finally reached his destination. But the problem was that the last camp that he, Loki and Sif had taken, was completely abandoned. It seemed strange that they would leave him, due to his absence. But then something hit him with realization. Again deep in his normal mind, Thor knew that they both were looking for him.

The Enchanted Thor looked down at the tracks and they seemed to be going in the same direction that he had come from. So was there a shortcut that he had not noticed beforehand? Maybe so. But he would have to locate them as soon as possible. Or else...

Or else Amora would certainly kill me. Thor was sweating at that very thought. He turned his horse around and called out to them, just in case.

And when they had not replied, Thor went in the same direction that his half-brother and lover had gone.


Lady Sif could not sleep, nor would want to wake Loki from his dream. She nearly got up from the bedspread and walked toward the trees. She lowered down her skirt and bend.

When she was done, she didn't go back to sleep, for she could not bear the thought of wondering where Thor was. Even so, he might have gone home, all of a sudden, would certainly make anyone think that Thor acted as a useless fool.

But Loki said... Yes, Loki had said many good things about his dear half-brother, even though he and Thor had not shared good times together, since Thor himself had always bested him in battle.

Sif just laid down there and stared at the stars in the night sky. She also wondered if she and Thor would be together in time, once Thor becomes King of Asgard. Some say that may not happen anytime soon, but Sif didn't think so, due to the fact that she and Thor were both in love.

Then a sound came nearby and this Sif got up quickly as she could. At first, she thought it was those thieves running about. Or most likely hiding under the bushes and waiting to strike her and Loki in sleep.

But it wasn't the thieves nor the ones that Thor had encountered them beforehand, including their master named Mort. Instead, it was Thor himself.

"Thor?" Sif almost spoke out loud. She was going to wake Loki from his sleep, when Thor suddenly stopped her.

"Thor... What happened? Where have you been?"

The God of Thunder did not answer her questions. Instead, he punched her stomach all the way through, with great strength. Sif gasped in pain and fell down. And while doing so, she could not believe what Thor was doing to her...

"Thor..." And then she was knocked flat on the head, which then brought her into complete darkness.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 140- The Sword Stealer.

Now we know that Sif had been taken away by the enchanted Thor. But what will happen to her? You may find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 138- Blind Love

The long journey ahead had taken quite a long time. But Loki had the sense that he may never find his dear half-brother. Of course, he and Thor were not really brothers in the flesh, as Loki had been found out by King Odin in Jotunheim.

Lady Sif kept calling out to Thor. And to no avail, she certainly wished she knew what had really happened to him. Perhaps he had gone home, and if that were the case, it would not be the likes of him, and this Loki had reminded her during these travels.

As for going back in circles, it seemed that Loki's magic had broken the spell. They were now both going forward in the right direction, and possibly the only way that Thor had taken beforehand.

"Loki..." Sif sort of panted, whilst riding her horse. "Are you sure this is the way?"

"I am very sure, my Lady Sif." Loki looked ahead of the coming hills, where he used to ride along with Thor, Balder and Odin himself.

Then they stopped riding and decided to take rest. The night almost had fallen, and that both Loki and Sif were weary to go on much longer.

As Sif unpacked her goods, she said, "I heard that there are thieves running about."

Loki suddenly looked at her and then laughed.

"What is so funny?"

When the God of Mischief stopped laughing, he said, "My dear Sif, those thieves shall be destroyed upon my hand."

"You mean magic..."

"That and these." He pulled out his twin daggers, which he had oft used them to fight the enemies of the other realms.

Yes, Lady Sif had seen Loki using them several times lately, and to think that he would always rely upon his magic to do the bidding, not that it was anything wrong, which was based on her judgement, but magic seemed to be cheap when it came to fighting one's enemy.

And so they slept. Loki began to dream his own dream, whilst Sif had none.


It was no dream that Thor had actually met the woman before him. She was clad in green clothing, and also her green band was placed upon her head. She was a beautiful woman alright, and that Thor couldn't take his eyes away from her.

The woman smiled. "Welcome, Thor. I have been longing to meet you."

"You... You are a beauty."

The woman laughed. "Yes, I have heard many men say that to me. For I am Amora."


"Yes, that is who I am. Now..." Amora got up from her seat, which looked to be as that of her very own throne, and around it where trees and woods had been bundled up together, as if she were to live inside a huge castle. A few animals ran here and there. Thor did not mind them, for he was completely enchanted by Amora.

She came toward him and then kissed his lips, slowly. It was the most wonderful kiss that Thor had felt, ever since...

Ever since I had kissed Sif!

Thor suddenly broke the kiss, and when Amora saw this, she became dumbstruck.

"What is the matter?"

"I... I don't know."

"Hmm... It seems that you have been thinking of someone else. Pray who would it be, instead of me?"

Thor gulped and did not want to answer her question. At this point, there was no turning back since he had come all the way to see her, and only her.

"I... I am sorry, Amora. I..."

"Shh... Amora placed her finger upon his lips. "Do tell me what is the matter, and I shall see to it that can be solved."

Thor sighed. He was beginning to sweat all of a sudden, as though he were truly afraid of her. But what harm would this beautiful Amora could do to him, since he fell in love?

Then he told her everything. And somewhere deep in his mind, he had somewhat betrayed his dear brother and lover, who were now sleeping at this very moment.

After listening to Thor's tale, Amora said, "I see. Then I shall have you know that you must do something about it."


"Yes, you and only you can do it."


"Hush, Thor and listen to me very carefully. Will you listen?"

"Yes... I shall."



Loki had found himself in the realm of Jotunheim, for he didn't know why or for what purpose. But he had learnt of the the things that happened here, when Odin and his men had fought the Frost Giants.

Everywhere there was bloodshed, and that Loki could watch and hear the cries of battle between the Frost Giants and the Asgardian warriors. He could also hear the crying of a baby...

Loki turned around to see where the cry was coming from. He then rushed towards the source, not knowing why, but he had the feeling it sounded something familiar. Something that not even Odin had told him beforehand.

And then when he stopped, he saw that the Frost Giant was already killed right in front of him.

King Laufey!

Yes, that is what Loki had known and thought when he clearly knew who it was, and that there was no mistake about it, which he had learnt from Odin's tale, based on his description. Laufey had been the king of Jotunheim, until he met his death under the hands of Odin.

Loki looked at him and said, "Father..." But Odin did not mind his adopted son, as he picked up the crying baby from a ruined village.

"Hush, child," Odin said. "Do not worry, I'll take good care of you."

Odin left, and along with his men, followed him back to Asgard. Loki looked at them for a while, and then realized that the child whom Odin was carrying upon his arms, had turned out to be Loki himself.


The dream ended when the God of Mischief woke up, alone. He quickly scanned the area where both he and Sif had camped for the night. But it seemed that he had woken the next day and then realized that Lady Sif was gone.

Not her too!

He even called out to her. And in vain, it was hopeless to know that something was entirely wrong here. Perhaps, he might have to use one of his magic spells...

Great! Now I'll have to find Lady Sif as well. And so he did.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 139- The Enchanted Thor.

Loki had found out about his true birth. But what does this mean for him? Is it even real, or a trick made by the Enchantress? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 137- The Enchanted Forest

They say that the enchanted forest had laid many dangers. But not to the ones who not cared about them. In fact, these men, or the thieves of Asgard had eventually stumbled upon the strangest land in the realm. Perhaps, their leader was not quite certain of it, for he knew that there were such travelers coming this way.

Some of them had gotten lost for sure, since they had told them to these thieves, not knowing what they were capable of. But at the same time, they later got robbed once their "friendship" got established. All their belongings had got taken away, including their clothes and whatnot.

The thief who now led the group was named Mort, for he was a treacherous man, known to any Asgardian who had encountered him in years past. Not only he had stole others' belongings, but he also killed them.

"Hey Mort!" A young thief said, whilst eating some berries from the ground. "Someone's coming."

Mort glanced at the other side of the forest. At first, he thought he was seeing things. But he knew that this was too good to be true, that the familiar rider who was now coming this way, was none other than Thor.

It is him! Mort thought. Yes, he never thought to this day that he could finally meet him. He quickly told his men to intervene the familiar rider by hiding themselves in the bushes, and that when the rider come closer, they would sprung out in the open and halt his horse.


It seemed to take a long time to reach toward the voice, for Thor had not yet eaten of late. As per his companions who were with him, had been completely forgotten. As if they didn't exist, nor mattered to him. Because the only thing that mattered now was that female voice of his.

Thor suddenly stopped as he saw five men came out of the bushes, and suddenly blocked his path. Thor had the notion that these men were no better than the ones, whom he had fought before, such as the Dark Elves and that of the Frost Giants.

"Step aside," Thor said. "I have someone else to meet."

Mort snorted. "Like who?" He pulled out his sharpest knife which he had killed a lot of Asgardians back in the day. Not even once, he had regretted for doing so.

"That I cannot tell you," Thor replied.

"I see. So you must be Thor, the son of the great Odin himself."

The others looked at him and then slowly opened their mouths, as if they couldn't believe it.

"I say this again," Thor said impatiently. "Step aside, or else..."

"Or else what?" Mort said.

The God of Thunder noticed the knife in his dirty, right hand. He must be a thief, and a killer too.

"Come on then, O son of Odin," Mort demanded. "Let us see what you have got!"

The others didn't take it up with him, for they fear that Odin might find out about their wrongdoings, if they were to attack him.

One of them gulped and said, "Um... Mort. I don't think it's such a good idea."

The other one agreed. "Yes, Mort. This is Thor that we are to be dealt with. Perhaps we must..."

"Shut it!" Mort cried out angrily. "I shall not have one back out, just because he is Thor!"

The other thieves went silent. Yes, they were too scared of their own leader, and yet they still wished they could get away from him, if possible.

Mort looked back at Thor and waited. "Well?"

Thor sighed. It would seem that the God of Thunder, even though enchanted by the female voice, would have to step down from his horse and fight the brutal thief of Asgard.

"You are wasting my time," Thor said.

"I don't care what your time to be wasted upon, Thor. I hear that you have a great sword that I wish to carry myself. Why not bring it here and..."

"It's just a sword."

There was a moment of silence. Then Mort spat on the ground, as though he had not agreed with the son of Odin.

"Just a sword?"

Thor sighed again and took out his weapon. It was brand new and been made by the greatest blacksmith of Asgard. Time and time again, that Thor would use it to vanquish his enemies, even the strong ones of late. But...

The Mjolnir... Thor thought. Yes, somewhere deep in his mind, he had longed for the weapon, which was kept safely guarded inside the Vault, and when time came for Thor to become the chosen warrior of Asgard, he would certainly wield it like no other had done before.

But now, Thor would have to use his sword to attack his enemies, and the enemy now, who had robbed and killed innocent Asgardians for the past few years or so, and never caught as well, wanted the weapon himself. Why? Because he could add it to his collection back home. All the swords he had stolen from fallen warriors and even the live ones of late, was planning something in his mind, that not his own men had known.

Thor quickly sprang upon the thief, while the other men ran off. Mort was the only one standing by, as he watched the son of Odin swinging his sword back and forth. Mort may not be a great swordsman at all, but he eventually had the skills of being a knife man himself.

The thief blocked the sword and thus Thor watched him in surprise. Mort kicked him whilst Thor almost fell down. The female voice was still calling out toward him, and be demanded to meet her somewhere in the enchanted forest. But...

The man is stronger than he looks, Thor thought. Yes, Mort had been trained in the arts of his own weapon. And what use of the stolen swords if not using them?

It's all about power and the finest gold that I could want, Mort thought. That is what he meant to have, all the Asgardian gold, that he had heard of such things, time and again in the tavern, just last week, when he and his men planned to seek out the grand treasure where the city was recently guarded by a dragon named Fafnir.

Thor attacked the man again. Only this time, he used brutal force to slam hard against Mort on the front side, thus dropping the knife away on the ground, whilst Thor punched him on the nose. Mort winched at the great pain that betook him.

Blood seeped through the thief's nostrils and that he wiped it off. Then he looked around and saw that his men had ran away.

Fools! Mort thought in disappointment and quickly went for his knife. But Thor struck him again.

"AHH!" The notorious thief felt the sharp sword, which had stabbed his gut. Thor backed away, quickly reined his horse and then moved on.


There was no hope for both Loki and Sif as they kept going around in circles of the enchanted forest. Even the God of Mischief was getting too weary for this farce.

"What are we to do?" Sif asked him.

Loki looked at her. "There is only one way out of this." He then stepped down from his horse and opened the book.

"Another one of your spells? What does it matter?"

Loki looked back at her furiously. "It does matter to me, Sif. And mayhaps someone is using his or her magic to cause this unwanted farce."

"I see. Well, do what you must, for this farce is getting too tiring, Loki."

The God of Mischief sighed. How did it ever come to this? For he had known that not to be joining with these two warriors less than he, would certainly rather practice magic everyday other than fighting amongst them with a sword.

I must break this spell, if we have to find Thor in the right path. But of course, it would not be easy, especially for the likes of Loki.

When he had thus opened the massive volume that he had to carry throughout the journey, he looked at the writings and then read a few. He even chanted them in strange ways, that not even Lady Sif could understand them.

And when that was done after a few moments of babbling the magic, Loki closed the book and reined his horse.

Sif looked at him. "That is it?"

Loki smiled. "Yes, my Lady Sif."

There was silence and then Loki rode his horse, which Sif then followed him.


Somewhere in the deep forest, a woman garbed in green clothing was still waiting for her handsome prince. For she had heard tales of him, and thus now heard that he too had struck a vile man known as Mort, during a fight.

No matter, I can still wait. Yes, she had waited for this long, and perhaps she might want to use him in plans to overthrow Odin from the Asgardian throne.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 138- Blind Love.

What is this? The woman who was garbed in green clothing? Could it be? And now that Thor was coming closer toward her, will he get some sense about what he got himself into? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 136- Back and Forth

Days had been passed. And that Thor was nowhere to be found. Both Loki and Lady Sif were still looking for him. Yes, it had been a fruitless search alright, but then what might have happened to the future king of Asgard, would be anyone's guess, let alone Loki himself would think otherwise.

That fool! Loki thought. Where did he go? He even used his magic to try and find him.

Lady Sif was getting hopeless at the moment. She had tried several times to call out to him. But still, Thor had not heard from her, nor the cries of his dear half-brother.

"It is no use, Loki," Sif said. "Perhaps Thor went back."

"Back home? No, I think not." Of course Loki knew of such things to be not true for his dear brother, who always thought himself to be the greatest warrior of Asgard.

And this Lady Sif seemed to be agreed with this. For they were on a mission to kill Fafnir the last dragon. But... It seemed that Thor had ventured off alone into the deep forest. Perhaps the warrior princess was right. Maybe, Thor did go home. And if it were so, the question was why.

Loki tried again, and that he also tried other spells from his book which he had discovered in the library halls of the Asgardian castle. A man like him, and the God of Mischief would certainly spent amounts of time, studying the forbidden spells and the history of Asgardian magic. This was the main reason why Loki would not bother upon the likenesses of friendship, whereas Thor oft went with his dear friends, the Warriors Three for a heavy drink.

Then they stopped. Here, they witnessed the grand hills of the forest of Asgard. But there was something amiss here. Loki sensed that they were both going back in circles.

What? That is impossible. Loki looked back and forth the way they had come. And that Lady Sif had sensed it too.

"What is going on, Loki?"

The God of Mischief didn't answer to her question. In fact, he was on the verge of discovering the secrets of this... enchanted forest, even before they had arrived here, and that Loki wouldn't dare to tell both Thor and Sif for what dangers they might encounter in their travels.

"Let us see if we can go forward, Sif."

"Alright." And so, they rode their horses forth and greatly hoped to find Thor, and then what it seemed like an hour or so, they came back to the same spot where saw the grand hills of Asgard.

This is madness! Loki thought wildly. Who is doing this? As if he didn't know... Or did he?

"THOR!" Lady Sif cried once again to her future husband and king. "THORRR!"


It seemed like a dream. But Thor knew it wasn't. In fact, he was hearing voices beyond the enchanted forest of Asgard, especially during his last sleep.

Thor! Someone was indeed calling out to him, and that Thor couldn't help himself to wonder who it was.

He was riding through the enchanted forest of Asgard. Tales had been told of this day that certain travelers from other parts of town and cities got lost, even during their long journey. But the future king of Asgard didn't think of this way, for he had been focused upon that strange voice from far away.

Well, it does seem far, Thor thought enchantingly. But it's getting close.


Thor stopped his horse and then looked back to where he had rode from.

Wait... Is that... Thor shook his head. No. The voice is coming that way. I could swear it. Thor ignored the crying voice of his dear Lady Sif and to be the future wife and queen of Asgard.

Here in the forest, the path was cut wide open, where anyone could enter with their horses, carts, and amongst other things. Of course, they may be thieves lying about, either looking for shelter, or pretending to seek out company in terms of friendship. Thor still didn't think of these likely dangers to happen anytime soon, because he was that strong and that he could fight them, enchanted or not.


The voice was bringing him much closer toward its main source.

Who is she? Thor wondered. Yes, it was a she, and most likely whoever it was, that she would want to meet Thor in a more private manner and for what reason? That would be remained to be seen.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 137- The Enchanted Forest.

Who is this female voice reaching out toward Thor? And can both Loki and Lady Sif find him? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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