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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 150- Thor Versus Thunderstrike

Erik Masters could not believe it. He had foreseen the event, which was yet to happen, and that he would do anything to stop Thor from taking over Asgard. But the only problem was that Thor looked normal enough, not to take on his friends nor the loved ones, which he had always known before.

That voice... Erik thought. I wish I knew who it was.

But then again, he would have to use his newfound powers to stop Thor before the evil Apocalypse could take over his body, once again. And that the mace that Erik was holding right now, would certainly do the trick.

I must get to him before...

An Asgardian warrior who looked be the age of 30, approached Erik Masters himself. "Sir..."

"Yes, what is it?"

"Sir... Everyone had been escorted to safety at the moment. Lord Odin and the others are much safe."

Erik looked at him. "And Thor? What of him?"

The warrior looked doubtful about that, since he had not much heard from him. Though others have said that the God of Thunder had went off to help the people of Asgard, he was not seen, as of late.

"We have not heard much, sir. But I guess he is fine, since..."

"But you don't know where he is?"

"Um... no, sir. I sure do not know of it."

"Hmm... Gather the men at once. We must find him as soon as possible."

The young warrior looked confused. "But... why?"

"Do not ask such questions, young man. Just do as I say."

"Um... Yes, sir. I shall." Then he left.


"You are joking," Thor said.

"No, I'm afraid not, Thor," Agatha said.

There was silence for the moment and then Thor said, "If it is true what you say, then that means I have to kill..."

"No, Thor. You do not have to kill him. I just merely said you have to defeat him."

"Yes... I figured that much."

The Midgardian witch sighed. "Your half-brother has already planned something way ahead of time, and it seems to be working."

"Then I shall stop him before..."

"Before he stops you."

Thor looked at her, dumbfounded. "What?"

"You heard what I have said. Erik Masters is now looking for you."

"But... how do you know of this?"

The witch sighed again. "I am Agatha Harkness, and that I know everything."

"Ah yes. Simple as that."

"Yes... Now, all you have to do is stop him and make him understand that you are fully yourself."

"What do you mean by that?"

Agatha didn't have time to explain all this, since she had other work to be done. "Thor... I have cured you from the evil of Apocalypse. Someone has tricked Erik into thinking that you are not cured. And that someone is..."

Thor knew what the witch was going to say next. "No... that cannot be."

The witch nodded seriously. "I am afraid he's back, Thor. And now that you know of it, you must face Erik Masters, alone."


Odin and Lady Frigga have returned back to the castle. So far, every other Asgardian had been taken to safety. Either way, they had been well-fed and been tended by Korun, a healer who had come from the Mystic Mountain.

Odin sighed. It was as if it had been a long time that he had set foot back on his throne. Now that everything was getting back to normal, which it would seem, there was one thing that was missing from all this unwanted tragedy.

I wonder where Dolben is, the king thought. So far, he had not heard much from him, as of late. Perhaps, the old advisor and also his wife were being taken to safety.

Lady Frigga looked at him. "My dear Odin, whatever you are worry about?"

"Nothing, my dear. It is that I am tired and weary."

"Maybe it is because you're getting old." Frigga looked at the empty court.

Odin sighed again. "Perhaps it is time for my son to take the throne. Don't you think?"

Frigga looked at him and did not say anything.

"I can see why are you not accepting the fact that Thor would be next in line. You are still thinking of Balder, haven't you?"


Odin sighed for the third time. "Listen, my dear Frigga. Balder has his quest to be done in Vanaheim. And what I have heard is that..."

"Yes, Odin. I have heard of it too."

Odin looked at her, questioningly.

"You think I don't know?"

"Well... I did not think you would know, but..."

"Odin... He is my son, my own flesh and blood, as well as yours. Do not forget that."

Odin didn't say anything further, and he too wished that Balder would return to Asgard to become king, but...

"Let us get some sleep," Frigga said. "I am tired as well."

"Alright." Odin got up and took Frigga's hand. Then they both left the throne room.


A few hours later, there was a clash in the City of Asgard. Both Erik Masters and Thor were fighting off against each other, and that the other Asgardians looked at them, unbelievably.

Amongst the crowd, an old Asgardian said, "What... What is happening?"

Ever since Thor came out from Loki's library, he was asking questions to those of his own people, regarding the whereabouts of Erik Masters. But they had said that he wasn't seen much until a young man said so. Therefore, Thor had been searching for Erik Masters all night long, until he had noticed him, arriving with his men. It would also seem that Erik was looking for the God of Thunder as well.

So Thor had flown down to face him, alone. In fact, Erik had been waiting for this perfect moment and ordered his men to back away, including the rest of the Asgardian survivors. He even told Thor himself that he should not become the next king of Asgard.

Thor thought, Like I would ever listen to him. He clenched his teeth as the power surged from his hammer, the Mjolnir. But Erik's mace seemed to have more power than before, when he had once fought the Dark Elf named Kurse.

"EYYYAAAH!" Erik unleashed full power of his mace and then blasted Thor away. The God of Thunder felt enormous pain from this kind of power, which he had not felt before.

Agatha was right, Thor thought. I must defeat him. He continued fighting him, whilst trying to explain that he was completely cured of the evil Apocalypse.

But Erik Masters did not listen to him, for he had seen the vision, which was yet to come. This too, he had told Thor during the fight.

Meanwhile, the other Asgardians told them to stop fighting. But the warriors of Asgard told them to let them be, for their battle may not be over.

"This is madness!" Someone cried out.

Bot the guards and the warriors escorted the on-looking survivors back to safety. But the young warrior who had been working with Erik in the past few hours, tried to tell him to stop.

"Erik!" Thor cried out after him. "I am not your enemy! It is Loki who has tricked you!"

Erik stopped. "Loki? No... He is exiled in Midgard."

"Perhaps," Thor said. "But that voice who told you to kill me, there is no doubt in my mind, was that of my half-brother."

Then Thor unleashed his lighting powers from his Mjolnir and cried out, "FOR ASGARD!"

A full lightning force emanated from the hammer itself, as Thor's eyes glowed blue.

Such power... Erik thought.

He raised his enchanted mace to re-channel his energies, in order to give him full strength and agility at the same time. But Thor managed to strike him down with a full blast.

"AHHHHHH!" Erik felt the pain as he tried to gain the amount of strength that he needed, but failed.

And that the battle was over. Thor breathed a little, and then slowly approached the fallen Thunderstrike.

The young warrior immediately came over toward them. "Thor... Is he..."

"No, he is not dead."

The young warrior felt relieved, and that he saw Erik getting up slowly, even after all that Thor's power, which had brought him down.

"I... I am sorry, Thor. I should have known."

"It is fine, Erik. Now that you know the truth, you must not believe that trickster anymore, for I am completed cured of the evil Apocalypse."


Somewhere in the darkness, Loki grunted angrily, as he saw Erik Masters lost his battle against Thor.

That damn brother of mine, Loki thought. I almost had him. He got up from his seat and then looked at his new servant.

"Harkin... You have made yourself useful, now that you had secretly taken it from the Vault."

"Yes... master."

Loki laughed. "A man of few words. I like it. Of course, you are right to be afraid of me, my dear Harkin. But remember this well, for if you try anything to betray me, I shall have your soul crushed into tiny pieces."

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 151- From the Book of Memories: The History of the Enchantress.

Well, the battle is over. But what will happen next? You'll find out after this latest entry, From the Book of Memories. FOR ASGARD!

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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 149- The Secret Source of Thunderstrike

It was cold outside, and that a young boy who had never listened to his dear mother, had ventured out into the open, hoping to catch some wolves in the wild, which his father had oft hunt them down throughout many years.

Of course, this was the place where the hunter became the hunted. Not long ago, the boy's father, who was also a blacksmith, had his leg torn away by one of the wolves, which kept looking for food, and that it had found some sheep, amongst many. A local shepherd who was also a dear friend of the blacksmith, had cried out for help. And this the hunter had heard his cry, and that he had to stop mending the weapons of the warriors nearby, who were preparing themselves for the incoming war.

And yes, the wolves were fiercesome. Their eyes glowed red, and they who had scared off the locals in a huge village, had certainly did not have the strength, even alone, to fight them off. Of course, they were others who had tried their own ways, and thus got killed in the process.

The hunter knew what he was doing. Anything that went by, he was sure to hunt these wolves down. But the wolves that he had encountered, were no ordinary wolves for that matter. No, they were something else. Something that he had not seen them beforehand.

So he had fought them viciously. As huge as they could be, the hunter was most likely to be thought of getting killed by the savage beasts. And his wife was too worried about him, doing so. But the boy...

The boy was only young at the time of his father's death. At the age of ten. A small child who had secretly seen the likes of his dying father (which he wasn't allowed by his mother to see what death was like) on the bed, whereas the local physician had tried everything he could do to save the man of many talents.

Yes, the hunter was not only the hunter. He was also a builder, a blacksmith, and amongst many other things. People had been rejoiced by his talents, and the son who might someday become like him. But for now...

The boy was scared as he went out to hunt down the abnormal wolves at late night. And whilst doing so, he recalled the past time of his dying father.

He waited, took out his weapon, a hammer that his father had made in his workshop. The boy admired him for his talent. But there were certain times he wished he could have done so much better in life. He was also angry to the point that he could have done something else to save his father, rather than standing there and watching him die.

And this was why he had to do it. As of now, he was supposed to sleep at night, but couldn't because he oft had nightmares of his father, getting torn to bits by hungry wolves, over and over again. So the boy reluctantly had to go to his father's workshop and grab a hammer to do the job.

Several moments had passed, and he still waited. He even hoped he could kill those damn wolves, or any one of them, with the hammer itself. It wasn't that huge of course, and his father made sure that he could wield it, by the measurement of his age and strength.

A wolf came out of the shadows. A single one, and grinned his teeth. At this point, the boy thought he could strike the animal down with the hammer, but failed to do so, for the wolf immediately pounced on him.

The boy screamed and hit the wolf with a hammer. The wild animal howled in pain and then the next thing the boy knew that there were other wolves approaching towards them.

The boy tried to get up. But he winced in pain as he tried to run away from the other wolves in this wild hunt. A few of them howled and the boy quickly ran, and then the other wolf snapped his jaws and then bit the boy's arm.

The boy screamed again, and this time he was being called out by his dear mother.




There was a familiar voice, calling out to him. Erik Masters had just woken up from his deep sleep. But what he had found himself was in darkness. He was not sure about what to make of it, and thus wanted to know what was happening, as of now.

"Where am I?"

"You are in the source of your great power, Erik."

"What?" Even though Erik was a master of many talents, he did not understand any of it, or why he would find himself here.

"Please speak plainly. Whoever you are..."

There was silence in the darkness. Then the voice spoke, "Do you remember which I had given you the power of Thunderstrike?"

Erik remembered alright, and that he certainly had used it to defeat the powerful Dark Elf known as Kurse.

"Yes, I remember. But... why am I here?"

There was silence again. Then, "You must seek out your destiny, Erik. But... there is one who will stand in your way."

"And... who would that be?"

Another silence, and this made Erik Masters all the more impatient, for he had to escort the other Asgardian survivors in safety.

"It is Thor, Erik."

"Thor?" Erik became speechless. "But... he is the son of Odin, and the next heir of the Asgardian throne."

"Yes, I know that. But he could be dangerous, Erik. I have learnt of him, when he was possessed by a powerful sorcerer, who had called himself Apocalypse.

Erik thought for the moment and then said, "Apocalypse? Yes... I have heard of such a name, and that I have been told which Thor had been cured of it, from the likes of a Midgardian woman named Agatha Harkness."

"Not entirely, Erik. There is some part of evil, still residing within Thor, and not he himself does not know of it."

Erik looked everywhere in the darkness, and hoped to see who was now speaking to him.

"Who are you?!"

Silence, for the third and possibly the last time that Erik could not bear any longer.

"In time, you shall know of my true identity, my dear Erik. But the only reason why I had given you the power to wield Thunderstrike is to defeat Thor."

"I see... But what proof do you have of him to return to such evil as you speak of."


Erik waited for a few moments until a scene appeared before him. And this, he gasped at the sight of it.

"What... What is this?"

"This, my friend is Asgard, or what remains of it."

Erik Masters looked carefully and then noticed that Thor sat on his throne, where all the Asgardians bowed down before him. And what strange was that Thor's skin was grey, and his eyes were that of red.

"You're seeing the future that has yet to happen, Erik. And for that, you must stop him at all costs."


Thor arrived at Loki's library. It had been a long time that he came here, ever since he and his half-brother named Balder, liked to taunt him in secret. But now...

Those days are over, Thor thought. He knocked on the door twice, and then the familiar, old voice called out from behind it. "Yes, enter."

The God of Thunder opened the door and saw the old witch sitting on a chair, beside the hearth. Thor walked slowly and just stood there, waiting...

"What do you want of me, Agatha?"

The old witch looked at Thor for a while and then said, "It would seem that you do not know of such things to come. Perhaps, I must enlighten you."

"That is why I am here. But you must be quick about it, for I..."

The Midgardian witch raised her hand. "I know of your other duties, Thor. But this is far more important that you should know."

"I see. I'm listening."

Agatha became silent for another moment and then said, "I have sensed an immense power here in Asgard. I guess it is because of the books that I am now reading here."

"Are you... learning Asgardian magic?"

The witch nodded. "At first, I thought I could not understand any of it. But time would come for me to grasp the idea of this kind of magic, if I had to pour myself into such books." She slowly got up from the chair and then looked at the bookshelves.

"I oft wonder what your half-brother, Loki was up to, Thor. But then I found something else, which I was quite shocked and surprised at the same time."

"What do you mean?"

"Come and take a look at this book, of what I have just found. And that you would not believe it."

Thor walked towards her, which she had placed the book on the table. Then she pointed toward the page that she had opened a moment ago, and that she had waited for Thor to arrive here in the library and see for himself.

"What? Is that..."

"Yes, it is a mace," the witch said. "But not just an ordinary one, but enchanted at that."

Thor looked back at her. "Why would my brother look at the enchanted mace?"

Agatha sighed. "It would seem that he is planning something against you. Or was."

"But... he is exiled from Asgard, if you must know."

"Yes, I know of it, Thor. That healer of yours... What was his name? Ah, yes. Korun, the native from Mystic Mountain. He said that Loki had done terrible things here in Asgard, even without Odin knowing of it."

"He wasn't the only one."

"Yes, and you're right. But Loki had planned something ahead of time, even before he was exiled to Midgard. And it is this weapon that you must be careful of."

Thor looked at the weapon again. "Alright, Agatha. Now that you have said everything to me, what must I do now?"

Agatha became silent for a while and then said, "You must defeat Erik Masters."

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 150- Thor Versus Thundestrike.

Thor has to fight against Eric Masters? What is going on? And could he do it? What about Erik himself? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 148- The Asgardian Knights of Kelan

It was too late. Sir Baren and his fellow knights of Kelan saw the damage, which had been caused by none other than the Frost Giants and Dark Elves.

What madness, Sir Baren thought. And he had hoped that everyone were still alive and well, but most of them were completely dead, and some of them, injured whilst the knights escorted the rest to safety.

Sir Garek became speechless, for he looked around the half of the ruined city. He gulped and realized that he could have stayed back at King Eldred's castle.

"Sir Baren," Sir Garek said. "It would seem that we are late."

"I am aware of it, Sir Garek. But we must find the others and see to it that they are safe."

They rode their horses in the City of Asgard. The other knights followed and then stopped. One of them said, "Sir Baren..."

Sir Baren who was now leading his army of knights, turned around to face Sir Gared, who was the cousin of Sir Garek.

"What is it, Sir Gared?"

"Um... There is someone there. It looks like... No wait, there are three people who are coming this way."

Sir Baren looked carefully at where the direction that these people, which Sir Gared had assumed they were coming from. Then he said, "Hmm... You are right. We shall wait and..."

Then he realized something else. And this was probably the worst time of it all, especially the fact that both enemies of Asgard have caused death and destruction.

Fandral! Sir Baren thought angrily.

And beside him, rode King Eldred himself. The body of the lovely Marion, also known as the Lady of the West had been lying at the back of Fandral's horse.

Marion... Sir Baren thought again and sadly. My poor Marion.

"Halt!" One strong-looking knight cried out.

Fandral stopped riding Tobun's horse and as well as the King of Kelan.

The dashing warrior said, "Sir Baren? Garek?"

"Fandral," Sir Garek said. "We have heard..."

"Yes... Marion is dead."

Sir Baren dismounted his horse and then walked towards him.

"You fool! How could you have let this happen?"

King Eldred was taken aback by this unfortunate event. But not for Fandral, for he knew that Sir Baren had been too fond of Marion in years past, and was probably jealous of the fact that he, Fandral and Marion were about to be get married in the City of Asgard.

Fandral was silent for the moment. But the old king said, "It was not his fault, Sir Baren. He only did what was best."

"Best?" Sir Baren said, not believing it, including the old king himself. "I am sure that Fandral had not kept her safe, your highness."

Fandral sighed and then stepped down.

"I can see why are you angry, Sir Baren. You who once have loved Marion."

The king became speechless at this, and then looked at Sir Baren himself.

Sir Garek coughed as if embarrassed, and that the other knights did not say anything.

Then out of nowhere, Sir Baren punched the dashing warrior's face.

The king was furious. "SIR BAREN!"

Fandral did not bother to hit him back, because this was what he had deserved, for not taking care of his beloved wife.

Sir Baren looked at the king. "Your highness, I am sor..."

"You shall be sorry for your insolence, Sir Baren."

Sir Baren did not say anything more than that. He just went back toward his horse, whilst Fandral wiped the blood from his lip.

The king said, "Fandral..."

"Yes, your majesty. I am fine."

"Your highness," Sir Garek said. "Shall we escort you back to Kelan?"

"Yes, a few knights would do. But you shall stay here with the rest and make sure that the City of Asgard is safe. And Sir Baren?"

"Yes, your highness."

"I'll have you know the next time your attitude gets around my ears, your rank and armor shall be stripped."

Sir Baren said, "Yes, your highness. And again, I am..."

The king did not say anything further, and left along with Fandral and his dead Marion.


The Eternals were considered as godly champions, and whence they came from, nobody in Asgard had never known. Odin had learnt of this new threat and consider the fact that he had to do something about it.

Dolben who was quite young at the time, did not know what to say about this. After all these years, countless struggles and wars against the enemies of the nine realms was not something to boast about, especially when dealing with such godlike beings.

Young Doris Bracken was also there at Odin's court, along with the others and the legendary Greybeard himself.

"We have to stop them," Odin said.

"But my lord," Dolben said. "These... so-called Eternals are much powerful than we are. Surely you must understand that they..."

"I understand quite well, Dolben. But it's high time to side with the rest of the four kingdoms to fight them off. Don't you think?"

"You mean to drive them off, Lord Odin," Greybeard said.

The king of Asgard looked at him.

"I am sorry for being mistaken."

"No, none at all." Odin got up from the throne and looked at his most, trusted advisor. "What's the situation in Kelan?"

"Bad, my lord," Dolben said. "King Eldred and his wife are currently holding themselves inside the castle, so to speak. But the knights..."

"The knights are getting vanquished by the Eternals," Doris said. "If we must know about where they had come from..."

"It does not matter where they came from," Greybeard said. "You should know that Lord Ikaris would not tolerate the people of Asgard and including ourselves for not bowing down to them."

Odin snorted. "As if a God like myself would bow down to another? Never. What did this Lord Ikaris say the last time?"

Dolben sighed. "The Celestials created the Eternals to be the most powerful Gods in the universe, my lord."

"Well then... we shall see about that!"


Back now at the kingdom of Kelan, Sir Kremon stood outside the walls of King Eldred's castle. He remembered the days of when he and the other Asgardian knights had fought the Eternals years beforehand. But the battle had turned out to be more intense than ever. Nonetheless, he even tried to forget his fallen comrades, who were also the best of friends and playmates.

He looked up at Sir Arkon, a native of Mystic Mountain where he had once lived, and as a former warrior who used to have barbaric tendencies, didn't like the idea of Sir Baren going toward the City of Asgard, along with Sir Garek and his cousin, Sir Gared.

"Are you certain that they're safe?" Sir Arkon said, as he came toward his dear friend.

"Yes, I am certain of it, Sir Arkon. But... you seemed to be worried."

"I'm not sure what I have to be worried about. Whether it's the fact that Sir Baren might encounter Fandral on the way, or..."

"Or what?"

"Well... according to the message that I had just received earlier, which is why I came to tell you, of course, is that the Frost Giants and the Dark Elves are no more present in the City of Asgard."

Sir Kremon looked at him, disbelievingly.

"Yes, it is true, Sir Kremon. They had either fled or been dead. But the dead ones have been vanished as well."


"Yes. By magic." Then he looked over the castle grounds.

"Hmm... Well, that sounds good. Isn't it?"

This time the former native of Mystic Mountain did not look at him. "I am not sure about that, Sir Kremon. Most likely our enemies might return with more of their men. You can count on that."

Sir Kremon sighed. "It would seem so."

"Yes, it would seem."

After a moment of silence, Sir Kremon, said, "How long do you think they're going to be back?"

Sir Arkon looked back at him. "It depends. But the journey is quite far from here. And I do hope that our king is much safe than before."

At these words, Sir Kremon didn't think so, for the king's only daughter had been killed by an enchanted Asgardian.


Sir Baren kept riding his horse along with the other knights in silence. The previous scene that he had caused in front of them, had certainly not played well in his part.

How in Asgard that Fandral knew I was in love with her?

"There are too many of the dead, Sir Baren," Sir Garek said, breaking the silence.

"Yes..." Then he stopped and noticed a group of Asgardians, coming out of a secured building.

"Hey," a young knight spoke. "Is that Dolben? King Odin's most trusted advisor?"

"Yes, it would seem," Sir Baren said. He galloped further ahead and then stopped in front of the other survivors.

"Oh, Sir Baren," Dolben said. "You may have come rather late, but we're all right. And my wife..."

"Yes, I can see that." Then he looked and counted a number of people at the present moment. "Is this all?"

Dolben was confused. "What do you mean?"

"What I mean is, are there any others whom they would like to be rescued or escorted?"

"Well... I don't know about that. But we stayed in that building for quite a number of hours, that much I can tell you."

"I see."

"Dolben," Dolben's wife said. "What are we going to do about the boy?"

The old advisor noticed him, still clutching the woman's garment.

"Kendra, the child has lost his parents, therefore..."

"We are not going to keep him."

Sir Baren looked at them for a while and said, "Um... Do any of you need assistance, Dolben?"

Dolben looked at him. "Yes, that would be great."

"Alright." Then he ordered his men to escort them.


Whilst flying in the air, Thor saw a number of Asgardian Knights riding their horses, and escorting the survivors in the almost ruined City of Asgard.

It is them, Thor thought. The Knights of Kelan. Yes, he had heard of them, and such tales were not to be forgotten, for they had once fought the Eternals with all the skills that they had learnt in years past.

Perhaps, I must find out if they need my help. He was about to do just that, when all of a sudden, a disembodied voice called out to him.


"Who... Who is that?"

"It is me, Agatha Harkness, the one who had helped you from the curse of Apocalypse."

Thor was not a bit surprised to hear the old woman's voice. But he wondered all the same about what would she need of him at this moment.

"What is it, Agatha?"

"I must need your help."

Thor thought, The Midgardian witch needs my help. But I wonder what.

"This is no time to think, Thor. Do come quickly, for I am now at Loki's library."

The God of Thunder sighed. It was the last place that he would dare to think of entering of all times, but there was no choice in the matter at hand.

"I'm on my way." And that, Thor turned around and flew to his father's castle.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 149- The Secret Source of Thunderstrike.

The Asgardian Knights of Kelan have arrived to help those in need. And so far, everyone stayed safe, whereas others were dead or injured. But what of Erik Masters, also known as Thunderstrike? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 147- Ruins and Damages

Like Hogun, Tobun had come from the same homeland where the warriors lived their own way of life. But Tobun, the bartender was no warrior himself, and that he had no intention of becoming one.

He was looking at all the mess that the "evil" Asgardians had caused in the past few hours or so. Such trouble was not to be forgotten by the likes of Tobun. But one day, he would surely get his hands on that Enchantress, which Hogun had mentioned.

Volstagg came downstairs and noticed the bartender, just standing there and overlooking the mess.

"What a waste!" Volstagg said.

"I know," Tobun agreed, even without looking at him. "But not to worry, my dear friend. Things shall get back to normal."

"Not until the mess is cleaned up. Maybe, I could be some of use."

Tobun looked at him and snorted. "Am I suppose to believe you as a warrior, would do such a thing?"

"What nonsense, Tobun. I can do many other things beside being a warrior such as myself!"

Tobun sighed. "Well, I must get to it as soon as possible, and if you want to help me, don't just stand there."

Volstagg quickly got toward the broken barrels, which all the fine ale had been spilled on the floor. Then Tobun asked of him, "Where is Hogun?"

"Oh... I almost forgot. Hogun went out to look for the man who had killed Marion."

"Hmm... I hope he finds him."

"Well... I don't think it would be that easy, Tobun. But at the least, those the ones upstairs have not been after him."

Tobun was still not sure if he could believe that. "I hope you're right, Volstagg. And I do hope that Fandral comes back to being the member of the Warriors Three."

The valiant warrior did not say anything to that. Instead, he focused upon his new task.


Thor came to speak with his father, Odin who had been waiting beside the fountain.

"I see. So Amora had enchanted Skurge to commit these killings."

"I am afraid so, Father. Perhaps he could be pardoned or..."

"No," Odin stopped him. "He cannot be pardoned, not even after what happened. Do you realize what this means?"

Thor felt silent for the moment, and that he wasn't sure what his father meant.

Odin sighed. "It means that the people of Asgard will surely get angry, no matter what had happened to Skurge. So, I gave it a moment of thought about what to do with him."

"Like what?"

Odin closed his eyes and then thought of the huge prison where all the criminals of Asgard were kept. Yes, a few of them died, either by killing each other, or they tried to escape and that the Asgardian Guards had to kill them for it.

When Odin opened his eyes, he said, "We shall have to put him in the Fortress of Marr."

Thor had heard of the prison fortress before, but it was located far away from the five kingdoms of Asgard.

"It is a long journey, Father."

"Yes, Thor. I am aware of it. However... we do have Agatha Harkness to teleport him to that location, along with two guards beside him."

"And what if he tries to escape? What then?"

Odin looked at the statue of his late father, King Bor.

"He shall not escape when Agatha comes up with something. Another spell, perhaps?"

"Father... Are you sure we could keep a Midgardian here in Asgard?"

Odin looked at him. "Why? Is there a problem?"

"No, there is not a problem, Father. It is just that... She is a witch and that our people have not completely accepted her. And what happened to others whom they got enchanted by Amora? Do you not think that these people would try to drive Agatha away from Asgard?

"Hmm... You may have a point, my son. But we do need her with us for a while, in these hard times. So far, I have not seen any one of them, doing something like that."

"Perhaps they might do it in time, Father. And that we wouldn't want her to be harmed. After all, she did save my life."

Yes, Odin had heard of the fact that the Midgardian witch had cured Thor from the evil Apocalypse.

"Listen, Thor. I need you look for any sign of survivors and bring them to safety. Is that understood?"

Without saying anything further, Thor nodded and then flew in the air.


Hogun the Grim was still looking for the man who had killed Marion. Everywhere the streets of Asgard was quiet. And yet, there were a number of bodies, lying here and there, for they had been killed in bloodshed.

But Hogun who had been living in the Mystic Mountain all his life, surely knew what he was doing. Even though Volstagg had told him not to find the murderer himself, Hogun just left the tavern in a wild hurry.

At this moment, it seemed that the angry riot of the other Asgardians have not been coming after the bloody murderer. And that the grim warrior felt relieved.

He walked to the other side of the street, where the buildings had lights inside. This, Hogun believed that the survivors had either been safe all along, or that they just went in, after being escorted to safety.

There was now a woman, who led them to do just that. Hogun instantly recognized her to be that of Thor's lover and friend.

"Lady Sif," Hogun said.

The warrior princess turned around to face him. "Hogun? What are you doing here? Where's Volstagg and Fandral?"

Hogun became silent, for he was not sure of what to tell about Fandral the Dashing. But then again, he would have to sooner or later, since Sif might still ask him.

So he told her everything, and this made the warrior princess seemed to be speechless.

"Are you serious?" Sif said, sounding too unbelievable of the fact that once, the dashing warrior had been truly serious about it. "Fandral had left the Warriors Three?"

Hogun nodded. "Afraid it's true, Lady Sif. But as of now, he has gone with King Eldred and his... daughter to the kingdom of Kelan.

"But... surely, that is too far. And the smell..."

"Yes... It would have been much easier for Thor to take her... body away. But Fandral would not have it."

"I see. So he is angry of what happened to her. And for that, I certainly cannot blame him."

"Yes," Hogun agreed. "But Sif, I must now find..."

"No, Hogun. Not now. We need to regroup our people and restore the City of Asgard at once."

"Um... Okay." Hogun looked over the other side where the rest of the survivors had gone inside. "And what of Odin and the others?"

"I have not heard anything from them. I was about to go to Thor, since he had taken Skurge..."

Hogun quickly looked at her. "What?"

Sif sighed. It seemed that Hogun had not heard of the tale as of yet. So she told him.

"Hmm... Never thought Skurge could become that worse."

"Well, he had been enchanted by that damn witch. Fortunately, she's gone but not dead."


Back at the Asgardian Castle, the Midgardian witch known as Agatha Harkness, had clearly watched the scenes, which had transpired in the City of Asgard.

I have never seen so much bloodshed in my entire life, Agatha thought. Not since the time of King Saul himself.

She turned away from her scrying mirror and then came toward the bookshelves. She was currently in Loki's library, and this made her became fascinated with all the magic that she had yet to learn, ever since she came to Asgard.

I have never thought Asgardian magic could be that complicated. But if I were to help the people here, then they might be willing to accept me. Though I'm a witch, it may not matter. She sighed and then took out a large volume, which Loki had learnt the spells from. Just recently, Korun the healer had said much about him, who had been tampering with forbidden magic, without Odin's knowledge. Now that the God of Mischief was exiled to Midgard forever, Agatha had all the access to his vast library, as of now.

I must get used to this place, even Asgard itself. She walked in a good pace, despite her old age. Then she noticed a room that she had not seen before.

Hmm... I could have sworn it wasn't there when I first came here. She continued walking towards the room, and here she had also noticed some kind of pentagram, which had been drawn by Loki himself.

Hmm... Agatha wondered again. I wonder what it is. Then she stepped toward it and then stopped. Something occurred within her, and this made her realize that the kind of pentagram that she now stood in, was turned out to be...

The Circle of Incantation...

Yes, the Circle of Incantation was where Loki had oft transported himself to other dimensions of time and space. And this made Agatha also realize that she might be able to use it to return home. But...

But I am much needed here. If I were to go back, Odin would surely get angry at me. She looked at the circle again and thought she might want to go back at a later time. But for now...

For now, I must help the people of Asgard.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 148- The Asgardian Knights of Kelan.

The City of Asgard must be restored. But what of the Asgardian Knights of the western kingdom? What had become of them? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 146- The Separation of the Warriors Three

What in the world was Asgard coming to? And this was the question that had been pondering inside the head of a great warrior named Volstagg. He just could not believe it. Just now, Fandral had said that he would leave the Warriors Three for good, and probably forever!

The other Asgardians were a bit shocked to hear about this, and some of them who had not heard of the Warriors Three before, most likely got confused.

Hogun said, "No... He cannot be serious, Volstagg." He and Volstagg had both watched Fandral left them in silence.

Volstagg still didn't say anything at the moment. He couldn't, because there were no more words to tell, nor the fact that Fandral had made his final decision, based upon the murder of his dear wife.

The bartender said, "Listen, Hogun. Fandral has a very good reason. Maybe he needs time."

Volstagg sighed. "I don't think he'll ever come back, Tobun." Then he went inside the tavern.

The man who had killed Marion looked at him. "I swear that I had not..."

"That's him," the boy cried out suddenly. "He had killed my mother and father!"

All the other Asgardians looked at him, after they went inside the tavern to get a drink or have some rest.

They became so angry that one of them said, "Kill him!"

"No!" Volstagg said. "Don't do it!"

A man who looked about to be the size of a large warrior, pulled out a knife and then grabbed the killer's tunic. The murderer cried out for help.

Hogun intervened the warrior-sized man. He was quite bald and had a black moustache, for he was too a blacksmith as much as the grim warrior himself.

"Get away from me!" The other blacksmith roared.

Hogun grabbed his wrist and then hit the table counter with a hard thump. The knife fell down, and that the other blacksmith cried out in pain. The others shouted, "KILL THE DAMN MURDERER!"

The man who could not remember of what he had done to Marion before, quickly escaped from the back of the tavern.


This is madness! Volstagg thought. He used all his strength to block the angry riot from catching the before-crazed murderer. One of them told him to get out of the way, or else he would pull out the entrails from his huge belly.

Madness! Volstagg thought again. It was as if they had been enchanted all over again, by Amora herself. But only this time, they were just angry to see that the murderer was still alive and well.

The old man quietly slipped away from the big man himself. Volstagg had not noticed this, but his silent friend, Hogun the Grim grabbed him from behind and then pulled him back.

"Let me go!"

"No," Hogun said. "You must stay still. I shall find the man and..."

"KILL HIM!" A young Asgardian said.

"No," Hogun said. "I shall only capture him and..."

"And what?" A woman said, who had just lost her own children in the bloodshed. "Put him in the Fortress of Marr?"

Hogun gulped. He was not sure what to tell her. But if a woman like her were to chase Marion's murderer, would he able to stop her? After all, Hogun had never hit a woman in his entire life. And that he hoped now it would never happen this time.

"Now, you all listen to me," Volstagg ordered them. "This has gone far enough!"

Everyone fell silent. But the boy would still not have it. "He killed my mother and father!"

Volstagg sighed again. He knelt down before the nine-year old boy and said, "Listen, young fellow. You must understand that he had not meant to kill your parents, or anyone else. He had been enchanted."

The boy looked at him for a while and then sniffed.

"You do understand, right? Because there is such a witch who could do terrible things with her dark magic. Imagine..." He was about to say if the Enchantress had forced this boy to commit unspeakable things, wouldn't it be the same for every other Asgardian to get angry at him?

Volstagg thought the better of it and then got up. "I am tired. Let us all have a drink, shall we?"

"I am all for it," someone said, who was damn thirsty.

"Um..." Tobun scratched the back of his head. "We do have a problem."

Volstagg looked at him. "What is it?"

"Um... I'm afraid all the barrels of ale were smashed, Volstagg. There is none left."


Fandral sighed as he rode Tobun's horse and another one away from the other Asgardians. The street was still quiet as before, and he thought to himself whether the man whom he had asked before where the stables were, had gone home in safety.

Am I serious to leave the Warriors Three? he thought. Yes, it may have come in a bad time, but he felt that his own anger overpowered him, and that he could not help it.

He called out for King Eldred and that too he hoped, he was well and fine. As it turned out he was still waiting there, holding his dear daughter, Marion.

Fandral began to cover his mouth. He felt sick to his stomach and remembered that Volstagg who had carried Marion for him, had retched in front of every other Asgardian, including himself.

We must get her quickly away from here, Fandral thought. "Your majesty..."

"Oh Marion..." The old king still cried. And who knew how long he had been like this, ever since the dashing warrior had left him behind.

"Your majesty, we must..." Then Fandral quickly stepped down from the horse, ran to some corner of the street and retched.

The king finally noticed him. "Fandral?"

"Yes... your majesty. It is I..." Then he continued retching.

The king knew the bad smell which came forth from his own daughter. But it seemed that he did not mind it, nor felt like retching himself.

He carried his daughter and carefully placed her towards the horse. He wasn't sure which one that Fandral rode on earlier, because he hadn't noticed him coming here in the first place.

But it did not matter, even for the king himself. So, he placed the horse that Fandral rode on, but the body of his dear Marion had slipped away from his old hands and thus dropped on the ground, instead.

"Oh Marion!"

Fandral walked slowly behind him, and wiped the mouth from the back of his hand. "Here, your majesty... Let me do it."

King Eldred looked at him. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, your majesty. I am sure." Then he walked toward his wife's body and carried her slowly upon his arms, whilst holding his breath.

Fandral told the king to get toward another horse. He did, and that Fandral placed his wife on the one, which he had ridden earlier, and thus sat out on the front.

She was about to be slipped again when Fandral quickly held her with his own strength. She must be light as a feather, he thought.

King Eldred said, "We must hurry, Fandral. The smell is getting worse than it is."

"Yes, your majesty." He held his breath again and wondered how long the journey would take them toward the western kingdom.


The man who had killed Marion kept running on the quiet streets of Asgard. He was so afraid that the other Asgardians might still come after him.

Dear God, what is happening? Of course, he couldn't remember anything of what he had done to Fandral's wife, or to anyone else in the past few hours.

He stopped and felt like his own legs were killing him.

I must find a hiding place, he hoped. But where? He looked around the houses, where they seem to be either deserted or the fact that the Asgardians had slept.

No, they could not sleep. Not when... Then out of nowhere from the darkness, someone said, "Do not worry, my new friend. You shall be safe."

The murderer looked around again. "Who... Who is that?"

There was a moment of silence. Then the man said again, "Please, whoever your are. You have to help me."

"Yes, I am aware of the danger you are in, my new friend. But first, you must do something for me."

The man became quiet, and that he was not sure if he could trust this unknown stranger, who had not shown his identity as of yet.

"I... I'll do anything. Anything!"

The voice seemed to be satisfied at this and said, "Good. Now come closer toward the darkness where you shall not be hurt from thy enemies."

The man gulped and then walked slowly towards the dark corner of the Asgardian street.


Thor held Skurge on toward his shoulder, whilst flying in the air at the same time. All the events that had been transpired, made him think of the Enchantress lately.

I hope she is dead, he thought. And not only that, the things which he had done with herself back then, back in the Enchanted Forest had only brought shame and corruption upon him.

He brought the unconscious Skurge down toward the street, where Captain Doris Bracken and his guards were escorting the other Asgardians toward safety.

Captain Bracken was the first to notice him. "Thor!"

Thor said, "Captain! I have brought..."

"Yes, I can see that." He rushed towards them, whilst his men followed him.

The Captain looked closer at his former student. "Is he..."

Thor said, "He is unconscious for the moment."

"I see. Then you must have defeated him."

"Yes, I have. It was all thanks to Sif, and if it weren't for her..."

Doris looked at him. "Where is she?"

"She'll be coming soon, Captain. But first, she need to escort the others to safety."

"Sir!" A guard said. "Do we take him in?"

The Captain replied, "Yes, of course. Skurge is now a dangerous man. Or was..."

The other guard who looked quite big and slightly taller than Thor himself, said, "We shall take it from here, Thor."

The God of Thunder nodded. At an instant, the guard carried the Executioner upon his shoulder.

When that was done, Thor said, "Where is Father?"

The Captain replied, "He is near at the fountain, probably wondering where you were."

"Alright. Do you need my help?"

"No, Thor. We shall handle it from here as your father ordered."

Thor nodded again and then flew...

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 147- Ruins and Damages.

Well, it seems that the Warriors Three is no more. But what of the voice which reached toward the man, who had killed Marion? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 145- The End of Reckoning

Lady Sif had never thought that she could use her ability to teleport herself, even under Amora's spell. In fact, she had used every ounce of her godly energy left to do so. And this made the Enchantress very angry about it.

Thor knelt down and checked the pulse of the fallen warrior who had called himself, Skurge the Executioner.

"Is he dead?" Sif said.

Thor looked at her and then shook his head. "He is very much alive, Sif."

"I see." Then she looked at the Enchantress.

"You dare to defeat me?" Amora lashed out against her, with the use of her dark magic. But this time Lady Sif would not have it, not even after what she had done to Thor back in the Enchanted Forest.

The evil Enchantress unleashed a ball of magical energy from her hands, as similar to that of Loki. Then she threw at the warrior princess, so furious that it could kill any Asgardian in the process.

But Thor didn't intervene, for he knew that Sif would suddenly teleport herself to another location, and then strike her down with her longsword by surprise, just like what she had done to Skurge himself.

"Stay down!" Amora shouted at her, as Sif kept teleporting herself on a constant basis. And when she appeared behind her, she stabbed at Amora's backside.

The Enchantress cried out painfully. And yet, she could not die, for she was a complete goddess, who had gained every power there was in Asgard.

Sif said, "You shall never come again to Asgard, you damn witch!"

"Make me!"

Sif pulled out her longsword and that Amora backed away from her.

I'm... I'm still bleeding, Amora thought, as she looked down at her own injury. That sword...

Yes, Sif had raised her weapon towards her, in order to make a point that nobody could cross paths with her, even Thor for that matter.

"Do you understand now, Amora? I am much stronger than you, and that I should have killed you a long time ago."

Amora hissed angrily. "This... This is not over yet!" Then she vanished into thin air.

"She is gone," Thor said.

Lady Sif did not say anything upon the matter. All it mattered was that Skurge was down and that both she and Thor had won the battle, for now.


It was so painful to hear that Skurge was responsible for killing his kind in Asgard. And this had questioned Captain Doris Bracken who had trained Skurge himself, even from the days of his childhood.

"This is insane, my lord. I cannot believe it!"

Odin pondered upon the matter, whilst Lady Frigga made sure that the other Asgardians were escorted toward their homes in safety.

"I know what you mean, Captain," Odin said. "But perhaps there is something wrong with him from the start?"

The Captain of the Asgardian Home Guard thought about it for a while. Though speechless, he just couldn't believe of the fact that a drunken man had seen Skurge killing everyone in his path.

"I must be sure about this, my lord. There is no way that he..."

"It is true," Odin said. "If the man said it, I believe him."

Captain Bracken blinked once and then stared at him. "You do?"

"Yes..." Then Odin got up from a seat beside the fountain, where the statue of his late father, King Bor stood over it. Then Odin stretched his back.

Damn... I am getting too old for this. He walked over towards the other guards and then ordered them to look for Skurge.

"My lord," Captain Bracken said. "Let me..."

Odin looked back at him. "No, you shall not."


"No buts, Doris. You shall go with your other men to escort these people towards their home. At once."

"Alright, my lord." Captain Bracken slammed his right fist toward his chest, bowed down a little and then left.

Odin sighed. I wonder what Thor is up to.


Fandral kept searching for the horse stables. He looked around again and then called out to anyone for help. But so far, there were none to seen or heard in this quiet town of Asgard.

It was as if they had all left, Fandral thought. Yes, he had feared this much, since both the Dark Elves and the Frost Giants attacked the City of Asgard. But he was the strongest warrior of all time, and if anyone were to attack him at this time of night...

Fandral noticed someone else rushing toward him. He quickly drew his sword and shouted, "Who goes there?!"

A man suddenly stopped and said, "Please... Do not hurt me."

The dashing warrior sighed and put back his sword in its scabbard. "I am Fandral and for that, I shall not hurt you."

"Fandral? Oh, thank the gods. I am safe!"

"Listen to me... Do you know where the stables are?"

The man thought about it for a while and then nodded. "Yes, I do know of it. I think I must have passed one whilst running."


The man explained its location and then pointed the direction by using hands and gestures.

"Just turn left and then you shall see the stables right beside an old tavern."

Fandral held his right shoulder. "Thank you, my friend. But you best be careful out here. It is too dangerous."

"Yes, I know and thanks for the warning." Then the man left.


It seemed that the Asgardian who had killed the boy's parents, not to mention Fandral's wife, was crying. Someone held his tunic and told him that he had killed so many people.

"You are a bloody murderer!"

"But... I have not killed anyone!"

The bartender looked straight at him in the eye and then said, "You certainly have! I can prove it. And not only that, I have seen you with my own..."

There was a neighing sound, occurring outside the tavern. The bartender looked on the other side and thought, Now what?

He let go of the man who had no idea about what he had done before. It was so quiet outside that the bartender felt like everyone had left Asgard after a great battle.

He looked closer at the man, who was dressed up in a green outfit, and it looked like he was currently riding a horse and brought another one with him from the stables.

"Fandral? Is that you?"

The dashing warrior turned around and looked at him. "Yes, it is I. Fandral the Dashing."

"Yes... But what are you doing with my horses?"

"Oh... I am sorry, my friend. I have to take them, because of a great urgent matter, which I don't have time to discuss."

"Ah yes. Well, I guess it's fine as long you return them. But I have too a serious matter of my own, and that you would not believe of it."

Fandral was not sure what he was talking about. He almost pulled up the reins when he saw a man, entering outside the bartender's tavern.

The bartender looked at him. "Where the hell are you going?"

"What?" Fandral said. "He probably wants to go home. That's all."

The bartender looked back at the dashing warrior. "Fandral... This is the man who had killed everyone and..." Then he stopped.

"What? What is it?"

The bartender sighed. He had to tell him, or else Fandral would not know about it.

"He... He killed your wife."

There was silence at the moment. Then Fandral said, "What?"

"Yes, I am afraid it's true."

The dashing warrior looked angrily at his wife's killer.

"I swear... I have not killed her."

Fandral quickly stepped down from the bartender's horse, and then pushed the killer back inside the tavern.

The bartender went behind them. "Fandral... He needs proper justice. Do not kill him."

Fandral ignored him, and pulled out his sword. The man was terrified to look at it, which he almost stumbled over the table. "Please... Don't kill me, please."

"You killed her!"

The man who had been living in Asgard for a while now, had no idea about what the dashing warrior was talking about. Because either he was not aware of it, nor he could remember the past events.

"Who?" The man asked him. "I would not dare..."

"Her name is Marion!" Then Fandral raised his sword when all of a sudden, someone yelled, "FANDRAL!"

The dashing warrior turned around to see who had just called out to him. It was none other than Volstagg the Valiant.


"Yes, Fandral. It is me, and I am glad to see you are safe." Then he looked at the man who had killed Marion.

"Please, save me from this madman!"

"He is not mad," Hogun said, who now stood beside Volstagg. "But..."

Volstagg looked at him. "But what?"

"Well... Fandral was angry that he almost forgot the man got enchanted by that witch. Right? The one called Enchantress?"

Fandral looked back at his wife's killer for a while and then lowered his sword down.

Voltagg felt relieved. Not only that, he sensed that if he were to find the man who had killed Marion, who might still be enchanted in some way, he could have killed him for Fandral's sake.

Fandral was silent as he quietly passed through his friends, and then the crowd who had stood there outside the tavern, waiting and watching...

"Fandral..." Volstagg said, following behind him. "Where are you off to?"

The dashing warrior stopped near his horse and then turned his head around. "I am heading towards the west with King Eldred and Marion."

"I see. Then both Hogun and I can come too."

"No, Volstagg. You cannot come, for I must go alone."

Volstagg looked at him. He could tell that Fandral was very angry, and if he, Volstagg hadn't reach here in time, Fandral might have killed the man himself.

"Listen, Fandral. The man was enchanted. You do know that. Right?"

"Yes, I know of it. But..."

"But what?"

Fandral sighed. "I'm afraid it is time for me to leave the Warriors Three."

"What?" Hogun said with a surprise. "You can't be serious." But Volstagg did not say anything upon the matter. Instead, he just looked at his dear dashing friend.

"You hear me," Fandral said seriously. "I, Fandral the Dashing shall leave the Warriors Three!"

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 146- The Separation of Warriors Three.

What? Fandral is leaving the Warriors Three? That cannot be! Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 144- The Final Enchantment

It was terrible for Thor to get beaten by the likes of Skurge, who now called himself the Executioner. For what it was worth, that the Enchantress always dreamed that one day she would kill Thor and his friends, for her defeat, and this happened way back in the Enchanted Forest.

And by doing that, she had made an alliance with both the Frost Giants and the Dark Elves. At first, Lord Malekith wasn't sure if it was a good idea to band with the Frost Giants. After all, they were also the enemies of the Dark Elves, other than the Asgardians themselves.

Sif still couldn't move, and yet she called out Thor a few times. It was like on that fateful day that she had to watch the unthinkable, and was even helpless to stop it. She clearly didn't forget about the idea that her beloved Thor had made love with Amora the Enchantress.

Skurge brought his axe down and clashed along with Thor's hammer. The Mighty God of Thunder called forth the lightning from the Asgardian sky. When it hit on Skurge, he cried out in pain and then backed away, but didn't back down as of yet, because he was too strong for any Asgardian to consider.

He is much stronger than before, Thor thought. He swung his hammer constantly and then threw it at the Executioner.

The bald warrior who used to be a part of the Asgardian Home Guard, quickly moved to the other side, despite the pain that he had gotten from the lightning strike.

"Ha! You cannot defeat the likes of me, Thor. For I am Skurge the Executioner!"

But then the Mjolnir came back since Skurge first thought it had entirely missed him, and that Thor didn't aim right.


Amora yelled at him to kill Thor at this very instant. Skurge knew that she wanted to kill him as well. But the peer pressure of it... it had made him sort of weak, and that he had always knew if someone were to order him around and kill someone, Skurge would most likely get out of control, which was why Amora had set her sights upon him, since the day she had met.

Lady Sif still stood there, and tried to move even further. With all her skills that she had learnt in Vanaheim and Asgard, she still couldn't make herself move.

If only Loki were here, Sif thought. Yes, the God of Mischief who had the ability to cast spells whenever there was bound to be trouble. But then Sif had also learnt of Loki's treachery for his crimes, and for that matter, he had been exiled to Midgard as a mortal being.

I must focus upon him, Sif thought, whilst seeing Thor getting beaten again by the so-called Executioner. If she could not move on her own, then she would have to use her ability to transport herself to strike down Skurge, when she had the chance. But would it work? It was something that Lady Sif had not done before. Perhaps it was time to do so.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on her godly energies. For the moment, she could still hear the fights and shouts coming from both Skurge and Thor.

I can do it. I...

Then she teleported instantly behind Skurge, and that Amora scowled at her.


Lady Sif slashed Skurge on the back. He felt the pain as he turned around to see that a woman such as her would strike him down that easily, and with surprise.

"You!" Skurge said angrily. "HOW DARE YOU!"

"Now Thor!" Sif called out to him. The God of Thunder nodded and raised his hammer. Skurge didn't even look back to see what was going to happen to him.

And that Amora shouted at him. "SKURGE! LOOK OUT!"

The bald Executioner slowly turned, but he was too late. The full force of electricity emanated around the hammer itself, and that Thor used all of his mighty power and strength together to bring him down.

There was a flash of white light before the Executioner's eyes. At that moment, he saw his parents who had left him behind on Asgard.



Fandral the Dashing was getting tired and weary at the moment. In fact, he was still carrying his dead wife named Marion. The one woman that he had truly loved in his entire life. Of course, he had bedded with numerous women in the past before he even met Marion herself, but Marion was different, and that Fandral the Dashing would do anything for her.

The King of the West still cried for his dead daughter. As even as he walked besides Fandral. For him, it was tragic to see that his own father-in-law to be reduced in this state. And for years now, he hoped when he and his wife were together during that time that Marion was born, they would have another child, so that Marion could play with, and not to be alone. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

"Your majesty..." Fandral said. "We must get ourselves a pair of horses. I don't think..."

"Oh Marion..." The old man still sniffed, for his name was King Eldred who had been ruling the Western region of Asgard for thirty years now. And at his age, he couldn't bear the thought of losing his only daughter in the hands of another Asgardian.

"Your majesty," Fandral said again. "We must get the horses quickly as we can. My hands... I can't carry her any much longer."

The king looked at him and then wiped the tears off his eyes. "You are... right, Fandral. Oh the Gods, why is this happening? I still don't understand!"

Fandral sighed and then put Marion down on the ground. Then he scanned on both sides of the Asgardian town. It seemed that everyone had either ran off toward their homes for safety, or stayed themselves hidden somewhere, or...

They must be dead, Fandral thought and hoped it was not.

He told King Eldred to stay behind and watch out for his own daughter. Then he ran and searched for the stables.


Meanwhile, both Volstagg and Hogun were carrying out their duties to escort the rest of the Asgardians to safety. Even so, the children had cried for their dead parents, who were either killed, or being enchanted to kill of their own.

Volstagg the Valiant could not believe that such unwanted situation would occur in Asgard itself, especially the likes of Fandral and his dear wife.

Poor Fandral, he thought. I know I should not have thrown up, but the smell...

"Hey Volstagg," Hogun the Grim said. "Where are we gonna take them?"

"We shall soon see, my dear friend. But stay on guard, for these damn Elves might still come after us."

"You mean Dark Elves."

Volstagg looked at him. "Yes, I do mean that, Hogun. What else do I mean?"

"Well..." Hogun rubbed the back of his head. "There are two kinds of Elves, Volstagg. They are..."

Volstagg groaned. "Oh, for goodness sake, Hogun. Of course I know that!" Then he turned around to see the other Asgardians, who were still behind him and Hogun.

"Do not worry, everyone," Volstagg said. "I think the battle is over." I do hope.

"What happened?" A woman suddenly cried out amongst the crowd. "Oh, dear Gods. I just saw my husband killed my own sister!"

"Yes," the other Asgardian said. "It happened to me too. My brother went out to bring some goat's milk. And when he came back, the next thing you know, he came to attack me and I told him, No, my dear brother. I am your brother!"

"This is outrageous," an old man said. "Who would ever cause such things. Was it Loki?"

That name had sent everyone into silence.

Volstagg cleared his throat and then spoke, "No, I don't think it is him. Remember Odin had exiled him to Midgard?"

"Yes, I remember alright," a young farmer said. "I was even there!"

Everyone argued amongst each other and then the old man said, "Perhaps he must have come back for revenge."

"Yes! Yes! That must be true!"

"Now calm down, everyone!" Volstagg raised his voice. "It cannot be him. I tell you, because his powers had been taken away. There is no way..."


Volstagg turned around. Oh no, now what?

It was turned out to be a boy of age nine, and that he had just ran away from the "evil" Asgardian.

Both Volstagg and Hogun came towards him. Volstagg said, "What is it, boy? What has happened?"

The boy cried.

Hogun looked at his dear friend. "Um... I think something terrible has happened, Volstagg."

"Yes, I can see that." Then he looked back at the boy. "Now listen, young fellow. Tell me what happened."

The boy sniffed and then spoke, "My mother and father. They are dead!"

Everyone didn't speak, neither shouted in anger, because they knew that this sort of thing have happened all over the city of Asgard.

After a moment of silence, Volstagg said, "Alright. But who did it? Was it another Asgardian?"

The boy nodded and then sniffed.

Volstagg sighed. Of course, who else? Then the boy continued, "And that's not all. He also killed Fandral's wife!"

"What?!" Volstagg said with a bit of shock in his own voice. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. And he came toward my house. Mother and father let him, thinking he survived, and that he wanted shelter for a while. But..." Then he cried again.

"Hush now," Volstagg said. "You're safe with us. Don't worry, we shall find him. And when we do..."

I hope that he's back to normal. Or else, I'll have to kill him for Fandral's sake.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 145- The End of Reckoning.

Well, I guess the chaotic nightmare is not over yet. Not when the man who had killed Marion, is still enchanted. Will Volstagg kill him? What about Hogun? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 143- The Breaker of Spells

Loki had been too busy studying his magic. In fact, he had never ventured outside, even amongst with Thor and his friends.

It was a bit dark inside the library of the Asgardian castle. Oft he had to close his eyes and then chant the magic words with sheer determination and courage. But something disturbed him, as if though someone wanted to interrupt his learning of the spells.

Who on Asgard would that be? Loki thought with irritation. He got up from the magic circle that he had drawn a few hours ago. And during that time, he sat on the center of it, and closed his eyes and chant at the same time.

He walked towards the door and then opened it. There was no one there. Loki could have sworn that someone had knocked the door unwillingly, and that he was too angry about it. After all, the magic that he was performing at this very moment, got interrupted by an unknown intruder.

He closed the door and went back to the room, where he drew the circle. Then he stopped and heard a noise. A pair of giggles occurred in the midst of Loki's library.

"Who goes there?" Loki demanded. "Come out, whoever you are!"

He looked around the bookshelves, the items that he had found in other Asgardian provinces, where he went either alone, or with another magician who had just died last week of old age.

Loki sighed. Then he thought of a spell that could solve this unwanted situation.

He chanted, "Within the shadows, thy shalt come forth in the name of thyself!" And then the books rumbled like an earthquake when both figures came out against their will.

"Thor! Balder!"

Yes, it was they who did the knocking and the giggling sounds.

"I should have known you both were behind this."

"I am sorry, dear brother," Thor said. "I almost forgot that you are no fun." Balder laughed.

"Oh, I see. That's how it can be for you, I suppose!"

"Do not worry, dear brother," Balder said. "We are only here to have some fun, and what fun indeed it was!"

Loki still looked at them angrily. "Do you have any idea about what I was just doing right now?"

Both Thor and Balder looked at each other. Then Thor said, "No, Loki. I don't know what you do here, and I do not care." Then he laughed, and Balder did the same.

Loki sighed. He wished that these two would leave him alone in peace. However, the warriors who just came from hard training, wanted to see what Loki was up to, fun or not.

"Then I suppose you both must leave me alone."

"No," Balder said. "We want to see what tricks you have for us. For they may come in handy."

"Yes, that is true," Thor agreed.

Loki sighed again. "Alright, I shall show you. But don't touch anything!"

The three brothers went towards the room, and that Loki had explained carefully about his work.

"The Circle of Incantation?" Balder said. "Is it not dangerous to do such things, dear brother?"

"No, not really, Balder. But perhaps I could show you why. Here, hold your hands with Thor whilst I sit on the center of the circle. But you must close your eyes, so that we can travel to another plane of existence."

"Hmm..." Thor wondered about this.

"Don't worry, Thor," Loki said, sensing his doubts. "I know what I'm doing."

And so they both held their hands and closed their eyes. Loki sat on the circle and he too closed his. Then he chanted the spell.

For a few moments, the room around them disappeared and then the brothers of Asgard were brought forth to another plane of existence. Yes, the young God of Mischief had traveled across the dimensions in space and time, even without his father knowing about it.

Then they found themselves in a room, which looked nearly identical to the one that they had just left.

Both Thor and Balder opened their eyes, and looked around. Thor said, "Where are we?"

Loki replied, "We are in Sanctum Sanctorum."

Thor looked at him. "The Sanct what?"

"The Sanctum Sanctorum. I have been here before. Trust me."

"But why?" Balder asked of him.

Loki got up and replied, "Because this is where I have learnt of the magic."

Balder said, "Oh, I see."

"Yes, but we must be careful. This place has many doors to unwanted places. I almost got eaten by some damn creature from another dimension."

Both warriors looked at him. Then Thor said, "You are serious?"

"I am serious, Thor. Come and follow me." Loki opened the door and looked on both sides of the hallways. "Looks clear."

"Um..." Balder said, feeling a bit unease. "I do not know about this, Loki. But perhaps we must turn back and..."

Loki looked at him. "We can't do it now, Balder. We just got here!"

Thor nodded. "Loki is right. We cannot turn back as of yet, dear brother."

Balder sighed. "Alright. But if Father finds out about this..."

"He won't find out," Loki said, feeling confident. "Now, come on. Let's go."

They went across the hallways of the Sanctum Sanctorum. It seemed that nobody was here, and that Loki had known of it.

Then they went downstairs. And yet, there was another hallway that leads down toward complete darkness.

I wish I had brought my weapon, Balder thought.

Loki chanted the spell to lit some fire in the air. Like holding a torch, it showed them the clear hallway where on both sides, had every rooms. And that one of these rooms held the Ancient Book of the Mystic Arts; one that Loki had taught himself in chanting the spells.

"Let me see here," Loki wondered. "Now where... Aha! There it is!"

Thor said, "What? What?"

"That room," Loki said, pointing towards it. "I remember it now."

"But..." Balder said. "They all look the same."

"Indeed, they all look the same, my dear brother. But I remember that I had opened it before."

Thor still wasn't sure about this. "Are you sure, Loki?"

The young God of Mischief sighed. "Yes, I'm sure of it. And besides, I have done a couple of times already, if you must know."

Loki carefully opened the door. The lights were on and that the floating fire vanished into thin air.

Both Thor and Balder looked amazed of what they saw here. And here, Loki got too excited to see the Ancient Book of the Mystic Arts, again.

Balder said, "This is the one you have learnt in secret?"

"Yes, Balder," Loki replied. "But the only problem is that I could not take it. There is some kind of power guarding the book. And all I could do is turn the pages with my magic."

"Your magic?" Thor said with a bit of confusion. "But... you have learnt it from this book!"

"I have learnt some magic of my own, Thor. And I used it to turn the pages, so that I could learn more."

"I see," Balder said. "But whose book is this?"

"How the hell should I know? It does not matter. All it matter is the knowledge itself." When Loki was about to open the book with his mind, someone shouted, "YOU THERE!"

"What?" Loki turned around and his two brothers did the same. It had turned out to be a man, who was dressed in blue clothing. A red cloak was strapped on towards the back of both shoulders.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Loki gulped and his two half-brothers didn't say anything.


Loki said, "My name is Loki and I..."

"I know who you are. And you dare to trespass my domain without permission?"

The young God of Mischief gulped again and then said, "Um... Who are you?"

The man stared at him, and though he had watched him before, whilst he had to battle the evil beings from different dimensions on countless occasions, he figured the God of Mischief had every opportunity to sneak inside the Sanctum Sanctorum and steal the secrets of forbidden magic.

"My name is Doctor Strange and you shall not be allowed to enter my domain again."

"Loki," Balder said almost in a whisper. "We must get out of here."

"Yes," Thor agreed. "He means trouble if we do not."

Loki laughed. And why all of a sudden had he laughed? Because the man named Doctor Strange would dare tell him, not to steal the magical secrets from the Ancient Book of the Mystic Arts?

"My dear Strange," Loki said. "I..."

"It's Doctor Strange!"

"Yes... Listen to me, Doctor Strange. All I want is of the magic that could help me fight the enemies of Asgard."

Doctor Strange looked at him furiously in the eye and then calmed himself down. He was never angry this before, ever since he had fought Dormammu the last time, and with the help of his friends, but perhaps he could find a solution to ease the tension between him and Loki.

"You could have asked of me, Loki. But I do doubt about your intentions of saving lives. That much is very clear."

"I see. Then perhaps I shall not come here again as you have said? And what if I were to do it again? Then what?"

"Then you shall see my wrath, for I have powers greater than yours!"

Thor grabbed his half-brother's arm. "Loki, let's go. Now."

Loki sighed. "Alright. We'll go. I am sorry, Doctor Strange. I shall never do it again."

Then they all went passed Doctor Strange who seemed to be silent for the moment.


Loki was hurrying up his horse whilst Mort followed him along the way. Through the forest that could lie many dangers, and that Loki himself had the sense that Lady Sif was in great deal of trouble.

As for the notorious thief himself, Mort was still surprised to learn that Loki, who had helped to heal his injury earlier, had a half-brother. And not to mention, the gut wound had been caused by the enchanted Thor.

Mort was certainly angry at that point when he had heard of it, and did not even mention to Loki, for he may find out why and what really happened.

Yes, Mort thought. And if I were to do such as that, then Loki might conjure up one of his spells to turn me into a frog!

And so, they still rode in silence. Loki hoped that Sif would not be killed by whoever was causing the trouble, as of now. And what of Thor? What happened to him?

That I shall soon find out, Loki thought. He kept riding and then passed amongst the largest trees that anyone had seen in Asgard. There were several bushes that they had to jump over and then landed down on the ground.

Then the shouting came from the source that both Loki and Mort were heading towards to.

"She is near!" Loki said loudly. But Mort did not care. All he wanted to do was to kill Thor for causing such pain to his gut and leaving him to die.


Lady Sif had taken her sword and clashed against the naked Thor. For he had been forced upon to attack her whilst Amora the Enchantress watched.

"Thor!" Sif said, whilst trying not to look at his young manhood.

"Kill her, Thor!" Amora cried out. "Kill her while you still can!"

"Thor, listen to me. She is controlling you. She's using your mind to attack me!" But Thor did not listen to her. He just swift his sword around, and that Sif kept dodging his attacks and also not wanting to hurt him in the process.

Sif cried out again, "THOR!"

The young God of Thunder slammed her on the ground. The Enchantress laughed at this very moment and knew that she had the upper hand.

But then Sif would not give up that easily. She intended to bring back her love to normal, no matter what the cost.

"Thor, I love you. Please..."

Amora dressed up in her green outfit and said, "I am sorry, my dear Sif. He cannot hear you."

Thor raised his sword and was about to strike her down.


Both Amora and Sif looked at who had cried out in the middle of this battle. Even Thor slowly turned.

Loki said, "Thor, what on Asgard are you..."

"Begone!" Amora said loudly in her enchantment.

"AHHH!" Loki fell down from his horse whilst Mort turned around and moved to the other side.

Who is that? Lady Sif wondered, and this too made the Enchantress considered of his presence.

"I see you have a new friend, Loki," Amora said.

The young God of Mischief nearly got up. "Wh... What did you do to him?"

"You mean Thor?" Then Amora laughed again. "He is mine to control, and there's nothing you can do about it."

"We shall see about that!" Loki stood up on his ground and chanted the spell from his memory.

"Let the wind know that his enemy lies within these grounds. For I command thee to blow her away!"

The wind suddenly appeared and then it blew Amora all the way back towards the tree.


"Yes, I did it. I..."

"Not so fast," Amora said. "You think you could defeat me! Thor!"

Thor quickly rushed against his half-brother and that Loki thought, Why is he naked? Then he quickly conjured up a spell.

"Be still, my new enemy who is not thy self!" Thor stood still.

But Amora broke the spell and that Thor swung his sword and slashed Loki's arm.

Loki winced at the pain. "Damn it!"

"Thor!" Sif cried out after him. "Don't do it! He is your brother!"

Thor ignored her again, and raised his sword. But someone threw a knife at him.

Thor felt a slight pain as he looked down at the weapon. Then he turned around and saw who had caused it.

"You!" Thor finally spoke.

Mort said, "Yes, it is me, Thor." And since Mort had been watching all this battle, he had no choice but to help Loki.

The young God of Thunder pulled the knife away from his leg, and threw it on the ground.

The Enchantress did not like what was happening. "Kill him, Thor!"

Thor uttered his battlecry and then rushed towards the notorious thief. And whilst he did that, Mort suddenly pulled out the stolen sword from his back. After all these years, he had never used a sword, and this was the first.

It seemed that Thor is not himself, Mort thought. And it may not be his fault for attacking me. But I shall kill him anyway.

Thor completely ignored his half-brother, and attacked the thief, swinging back and forth. Their swords clashed. Mort grunted and moved back away with his horse.

Loki thought, This has gone far enough. Then he uttered a spell.

And all of a sudden, Thor stopped fighting.

Amora said, "What... No. Thor, Kill him. I command you to kill him!"

"He is not yours anymore, Amora," Loki said. Then he produced a green ball of energy from his hands and then threw it against her.

Amora cried out painfully and was thus pushed far away by such force that not even she could deflect it.

Everything was falling apart.

Loki shouted, "Come, let's get out of here!"

Sif nodded and quickly grabbed Thor who had blinked twice and then shook his head. Then they saddled up Thor's horse.

Loki quickly saddled up of his own and cried out, "Mort!"

"I am coming!" He rode his horse forward, whilst Loki rode his own. He uttered one last spell to cover themselves from the falling trees. A magic force field, to be in fact.

Everything crashed down. The animals scurried away and even the birds flew from the deep, enchanted forest.

When they had finally able to come out, they stopped. Sif said, "Is she..."

"I don't know," Loki said. "But I do hope so."

Thor looked around and then blinked again. "What... What has happened?"

Sif looked at him and then hugged him tight.

"Sif..." Thor said in confusion. "What is wrong?"

"Oh, Thor. You are back. You..." Then she stopped and stared at him.

"What? What?"

Loki turned away whilst Mort snorted in disgust.

Then Thor looked down. "What in Asgard!"

"It is a long story," Sif said. "But first, we must get you some clothes."

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 144- The Final Enchantment.

Thor had finally came back to normal. But what will happen to the Enchantress? Well, you shall find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!

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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 142- A Traitor Among Thieves

A long time ago, a young thief named Mort was sent out to do some errands for his master. However, he never liked the idea of killing anyone in the process of hoping to get the one thing he needed the most. And that thing of course was certainly not to be thrown into the hands of vicious men.

Mort's parents had died during the battle when the Frost Giants once came to Asgard. There were fine warriors alright, and fine indeed. And that Mort was left behind and orphaned at the village where he was born. He was then taken to the House of the Abandoned. It was funny why it was called such as that, and one time the young thief back then, before he even stole precious jewels from an Asgardian province, asked his teacher and the one who owned the place about it. He said this, "My dear Mort, it is called the House of the Abandoned because children have no homes, whether or not they were left behind." And yes, it was true that most children, who were almost the closest age to Mort himself had been left behind, not just because of their parents who had died on battle. But also the fact, they had to go elsewhere, not wanting to take their own child with them.

Mort had remembered this alright, whilst he set out on a journey towards the kingdom of Etria. It was here that he had learnt of an old king named Elrin whose power had no match over his enemies. But he had great treasures to behold, where they had been placed somewhere at his own disposal. King Elrin had certainly every guard to protect those treasures, knowing that thieves and murderers would do anything to get them. But killing the king? It was something that Mort could not do, for he knew that he might eventually get caught in the process.

But his master, who had done his thieving days, knew the outcome of this utmost event. He even told Mort that if he didn't get the treasure as of wanted, then he might find himself getting killed by the likes of him, or worse, getting beaten by the other thieves of his own kind.

Yes, Mort had received such beatings before, even as a lad of thirteen. But he had to prove himself that he was a better thief. Only then, they would not beat him often. And when that time came, he was left alone and been going with them in quests that were deemed too dangerous, even for a child.

Right before Mort, there stood the Gates of Etria, guarded by two men in full armor. They stood quite tall, holding their spears, and thus made sure that no intruders would dare enter. The Gates of Etria had been guarded for so many years now, and this made Odin been proud of King Elrin and his father before him. There was a time when Odin had led other kings come to the grand feast of special occasion. In total, there were five kings in Asgard. But the most High King was Odin himself, for he was a God and the ruler of the realm whereas the others, they had come from other provinces, such as that of the North, South, East, and West.

The young thief went along with a rider of an old age, who had also turned out to be another thief himself. But he couldn't speak, for he had lost his tongue during the mission for trying to steal the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak.

They stopped and both the guards of Etria checked the hay at the back of the cart, on which the old thief was riding both horses from. The boy who had been noticed by them, asked the old man. But the boy said he could not speak, and thus had spoken for him, for he claimed to be his grandson, helping out to do his work.

The two guards looked at each other, and then they let them passed through the Gates of Etria.


The night had fallen, and the old man went to get rest, whilst young Mort went out to do his bidding. It was said that the guards were everywhere, and if he could get toward the source of the treasure in its keep, he would eventually get the hold of it, as soon as possible. But the problem was that he was alone in this, and certainly wished that the other thieves would come and join him.

Unfortunately, that was not the case for his master, for he had clearly intended this way, and to see if Mort was capable of doing it alone.

And so the boy secretly went inside the castle. A guard at the age of twenty stood in the hallways of the castle, and guarding at this time of night, looked around. Mort hid himself behind the shadows. Though there were only a few steps to be heard along the hallways of the Etrian castle, Mort felt quite alone. He took his breath, then hold it, and let it out to ease his tension. After all, he had been doing this for a while now.

When the young guard had passed him, Mort quickly rushed away into another hiding spot, where he had to stay there for a while. Then he moved forward. The guard who just passed the entrance of the treasure, went outside to take a leak. Mort opened the door slightly, and hoped not to make a sound.

However, it did creak and that Mort quickly went inside and shut the door from behind. It was almost dark in here, and that he certainly wished he had some form of light.

Looking for the treasure, he heard another footstep and then something grabbed his arm.

Mort screamed. He turned around and realized that he was caught by another guard.

But how? Mort thought. Was he...

"Well... Well... I did not expect a boy like you to come here."

A single torch was lit. As it turned out there were two more guards who came from another entrance, or rather they had been waiting to catch the culprit. And for that matter, King Elrin was too present at the moment.

The young thief was speechless. It was all a trap, and that he wondered who would tell on the king.

"I know what you're thinking, my dear boy," Elrin said, as though he had read his mind. "You must be wondering how I knew all along. Let's just say that I had information from one of my spies."


"Yes, spies." The old king came closer toward him. "Do you know what would happen if my treasure were to be stolen from this vault?"

"Um... No."

"Exactly. You don't, because you're a fool to think that I would not know of such things. You would be executed, of course. And I'll tell you how I know your exploits. One of the spies had watched you and other thieves traveling at these parts of the land for some time."

I see, Mort thought. That explains it.

"However, I have not ordered to capture them. Not as of yet. But since you are here, I'd give you an option."

"Um... Option, my lord?"

The old king smiled. "Yes, and pray do tell me what your name is?"

"The name's Mort, my lord."

"Okay, Mort. You listen very carefully. Because I don't want to waste such matters upon the likes of you and the other thieves. And if you want to be safe from execution that is, you must tell me their names and the location."

Mort gulped. If he were to do that, the thieves that he had worked with for many years, would surely get angry about it.

"Do not worry, boy. They shall get executed, once they get captured, and thus you'll be safe."

"Really, my lord?"

"Do I look like I'm lying, my boy? Perhaps you could go along with them in the execution."

"No, my lord."

"Good. Now tell me their names and the location."

And that Mort told him.


"Mort! Mort!"

Mort had woken up from sleep. He was too tired right now to get up, especially after the long journey that he had taken along with Loki.

"Wh... What? What is it?"

"We must hurry up if we can. She's in great trouble!"


Loki sighed. "The one I have told you about. My half-brother's lover. She called out to me for help!"

Mort was confused. "How?"

Loki looked at him, dumbfounded. "How? I have just heard her voice in my head!"

"Oh... I see, your magic."

"Exactly, magic. Now, come on and let's go."

Mort grunted and then got up. Before saddling up his horse, he looked at the God of Mischief.

"I wished you could have told me their names."

Loki sighed. "Their names are Thor and Sif."

The notorious thief was surprised. "What? What did you just say?"

Loki looked at him. "I said, Thor and Sif."

Thor? Mort thought with a bit of confusion. Loki's half-brother is Thor?!

"What is the matter?"

"Um... nothing. I'll follow you this time."

Loki was not sure what happened here, even as the young God of Mischief. "Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yes, I'm sure of it. Let's go."

"Okay." And then they both went.


Back in the lair of the Enchantress, Lady Sif was still bounded towards the tree, whilst she had watched Thor making love with Amora.

Sif could not believe it. She even tried to close her eyes and forget the whole thing, as though it were a bad dream.

But it is no dream, Sif thought. And certainly it was not Thor's fault, for he had been enchanted by Amora herself.

There were no words to describe about what just happened. And yes, Sif was certainly angry at the point that she wanted to kill her. So, she used all her strength to break the restraints.

She was free.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 143- The Breaker of Spells.

Lady Sif has finally gotten herself free from the binding. But would she kill Amora and bring Thor back to his senses? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ASGARD!