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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 133- A Wonderful Life

Three months had passed. The people of Asgard have already heard the news of King Bor's decision, on not to capture Rathak for his treachery. And it had indeed spread like wildfire. Something like this was not the least expected, even from their king. Some of them were disgusted to hear that Rathak went off on his own and lived with the Frost Giant in another realm called Nidavellir. But that being said, one man who had heard of it, was surely getting angry at the moment. He was an Asgardian warrior who had a rough taste in such battles, when he used to fight alongside with Vron the Terrible, and that he was his dear friend. But now he was caught for the murder of his own. And Egan thought it was terrible enough to hear of such impossible things.

After being bested by Odin on that fateful night at Dunn's tavern, Egan wanted to teach him a lesson. And not only that, King Bor had made such an announcement in the past three months. A decision that was bad enough for the people to think that King Bor had gone mad. He said it clearly to them that it was not necessary to capture Rathak, for he had fallen in love with the Frost Giant. Like everyone else knew about it beforehand, ever since the Asgardian warriors had returned home from Jotunheim.

Egan went toward the secret alley of the streets. There, a small tavern was to be existed like no other. Egan had come here once before on an errand that not even King Bor knew of it. Why? Because there were secrets not to be known, and that he had friends to cover his tracks. Friends who did not trust the king as well, and therefore they would do anything to overthrow him if possible. But Bor was not just a king, he was also a god who had immense powers that his men could not best him in battle. On the other hand, Vron the Terrible would certainly try it out sometime, if he were not captured for killing a fellow Asgardian.

This tavern was called the Raven's Nest. A group of Asgardians who had been led astray from the kingdom itself. Egan knew of such a place from his own friend, another former warrior who told him that this tavern was filled with thieves, criminals and the likes of others who wanted something out of Asgard for a very good price. Such as that person of the higher ground also appeared here in secret. A man who knew everything about Asgard for quite a long time. He was the member of the Keeper of the Light, an ancient order who had been tasked to protect Asgard at all costs. However, this man didn't intend to do that way, since he had plans to gain the status of his own power. In terms of payment, that was another thing to consider and judging by his appearance, he remained to be secretive at all times, for he feared that someone in the inside would spill out news of those who would betray their own. So far, none of those things had happened. Probably not yet, anyways.

The man wore a light-brown robe, like all the others in the Keeper of the Light. He sat there alone at the back of the wall, while the rest went on their conversations and whatnot. Ale was provided for these men and women. Egan surely had come at the right time, for he knew that this member of Keeper of the Light would be here. He had the payment all right. A bag of Asgardian coins which was ready to be put down on the table in any case. The Keeper of the Light demanded the money first, before revealing the secrets of Asgard to him. Egan may not care about that, his mind was only focused upon the king himself, and how he could be defeated.

Egan looked at him, stood there and wondering about the true identity of the Keeper of the Light. It probably didn't matter of course, but there were times that Egan wanted to know what kind of man he was, hidden under that robe of his.

"Hello Egan," the man said. "You have brought the money, I presume?"

Egan nodded. "Yes, I have. But first..."

The Keeper of the Light stopped him by raising his hand. "The bag first, then the secrets."

Egan sighed and dropped the bag on the table. A clunk of precious metal could be heard across the room. Some of them had overturned to see what the meeting was about. The thieves may be interested in such things, but they would not dare to steal it when Egan was still around. After all, he was a warrior who had served King Bor for quite a long time. But that time was nearing toward its end.

The man smiled. "What do you want to know?"

Without even offering him the seat, Egan sat down and relaxed. A bartender sent down his young servant to ask the Asgardian warrior for a drink. But Egan said no to him, and then the boy went back.

"King Bor," Egan replied, after a moment of silence.

"Hmm... King Bor. Suppose you want to know how he could be overthrown. Is that it?"

"Yes. But he is a god. Is there any way to defeat him? There has to be one."

The Keeper of the Light thought for the moment. In these harsh times, he would find out things that were deemed impossible, even for a man like him. But killing Bor would not be the wisest choice. Though there was something else that could be done in a different way.

"Perhaps I could tell you a secret of how King Buri died."

Egan looked at him, as if he was crazy. Of course he had known what happened before. During his childhood, his father had told him of what happened on that fateful day. "But... the king was claimed to be killed by his adversary, the Beyonder. This I know very well."

The Keeper of the Light shook his head. "No, Egan. That is not true. In fact, it was King Bor himself."

"What?!" Egan almost rose up from his seat like a wild man, while everyone looked at him.

The man clothed in the light-brown robe said, "Will you please keep it down? You do not want them to hear of us."

Egan nodded again and then sat down. He could feel the eyes and ears, coming upon him, as if he had done a very bad thing. But this truth that came out from the Keeper of the Light was unexpected. He had been told, not just himself, but others as well that the Beyonder had come to Asgard and fought Buri in a vicious battle. As a result, the first Asgardian king had died of his injuries.

"Yes, Egan," the Keeper of the Light continued. "But why would King Bor lie about this? Let me tell you. Because he didn't want his people to know of what he had done to his dear father. It was all part of the prophecy that had been foretold Buri's death. That it was his son who would dare to kill him, and to fulfill it, Bor had no other choice."

"Then... where did this Beyonder come from? Is that even a lie?"

The Keeper of the Light finally grabbed the bag of gold and put it behind him. "That is what we don't know about, not even I for one. But I figured that Bor had once met him after Buri's death. Even before that, he had learned stories about this... godlike being from outside the nine realms. It is possible that Bor came up with such a tale as that in order to invoke fear upon the Asgardian Gods themselves. As you know, the Asgardian Gods are not that powerful, compared to this Beyonder being. As far I could tell, it may not be true, after all. But I have learned one thing out of all this."

"And... what would that be?"

The man gave another thought and decided to tell this last secret, before he had to leave the Raven's Nest for good. "That Bor had indeed fought the Beyonder once. Because the Beyonder had known that King Bor had lied about his father's death. Therefore, he did not approve of it. One of us had witnessed this account in secret. Perhaps the Beyonder knew of his presence? No matter. The Beyonder had bested King Bor for using his name. Yes, that is what had happened. It was a battle not to be forgotten by the likes of us. But like I said, he was the only one who had witnessed it. And guess what happened next?"

Egan looked at him straight in the eye. His sweat began to flow down his forehead. Was it fear or excitement? He didn't know. But he was sure that whatever it was, that this Beyonder could kill the Asgardian Gods, and that King Bor could very well be defeated by his own hands.

The Keeper of the Light smiled. "The Mjolnir was broken."

There was a moment of silence and then Egan said, "You... You are sure of this?"

"I am absolutely sure. King Bor was defeated in battle and left alone. The Beyonder went back to Gods knew where."

"I see..."

"That is all I can tell the tale, Egan. Now you know the truth behind Bor's schemes. Now I shall ask this. What are you going to do about it?"

Egan became silent about that. After hearing the hard truth from this man, the Asgardian warrior got up again and said, "That is something I have to think about." And just like that, he left.


King Bor had heard enough angry shouts from the crowd of his own people. They demanded to know what went wrong and as to why he had decided to not pursue the hunt for the traitor named Rathak. Perhaps he must go forth and make another announcement. It was done by then, and when he had told them why of the very reason for what he did before, was that Rathak wanted the freedom of his own life and love. Some of them had listened to this and agreed upon it, while others didn't. All those past months of facing these accusations and the fact that being king was becoming tiresome for him. Perhaps it was time for Odin to take his place. But he was young to perform this sort of task at an early age, and that he had a lot to learn in the coming years of kingship.

King Bor's advisor named Garren had come back and forth to report him that anything of the event, regarding of what happened in Jotunheim. It seemed that King Laufey had every desire to attack Asgard at his own behest. In fact, the king had also made clear that it was Rathak who had indeed killed King Aghar three months ago. It was not a possibility to consider the Asgardian warrior as a true criminal of his kind. Reports had come forth towards Bor when the Asgardian warriors went to Jotunheim and attack the Frost Giants in a viscous manner. It was a terrible battle, indeed. These warriors were dead and some of them were able to return home, injured and all-beaten-up. None of them had said the words, about their defeat.

Odin took part in the battle as well, and since then he was quiet of the fact that the other Asgardian warriors were turning elsewhere. He even noticed of Egan's behavior at recent times, and later he went alone somewhere on the streets, probably hanging out with his dear friends, who had deep hatred for the king. Odin did not like this one bit. And he had told his father that he might want to take an eye upon Egan and his "suspicious activities." When Bor had listened to this, he too considered the possibility that his own men were turning against him. But most of them were here all right, serving him, day and night. Despite his flaws, he had protected Asgard from many enemies that he could remember.

However, there was one huge flaw to consider of his act that he did beforehand. He had lied to his people about his father's death. What would have happened if he had told the truth? The Asgardian priestess warned him of it; hence Bor would not become king if being told. That is why he had done so to protect his own treachery. Yes, he was no better than Rathak himself, but he was a good man at heart and his wife named Bestla adored him for trying his best to protect the Asgardian kingdom.

The battle had returned, and this time Bor was meant to take part in it. He had looked forward to see that King Laufey was indeed waiting for him. But the only question was this, could he win? Perhaps he must venture forth into Jotunheim even after all these years, and after hearing the deaths of the half-breeds and Lekha herself, he would soon realize that something was afoot and that Rathak may not be responsible for King Aghar's death, alone. If that were the case, who would blame King Laufey? After all, he was their king and only one who could ever rule Jotunheim at his own hand. And then his treachery would not be expected, of course. He had friends in high places and his own men to protect this secret.

And so forth, King Bor decided to engage himself in the battle against King Laufey. And this time, Odin was with him. Krand was left behind to train a bunch of Asgardian warriors, for he was getting too old for these battles. King Bor had understood his part and figured that Rathak's mentor must stay behind for the better good, whereas the other warriors followed him. Everyone stood back on the streets to let him through. Bor had expected some shouts like, "HAIL KING BOR FOR HIS GLORY!" But none came. Not this time, since he made a very bad decision.

They went toward Heimdall's chamber and then stopped. It was time to act upon themselves to fight King Laufey and his men. Odin had never felt this anxious before. Must it be the fact that King Laufey had undoubtedly caused havoc in Lekha's village? Perhaps it was so, but knowing that he would become king one day, he would definitely have to face his own fear to do just that, and followed his father towards the Bifrost Bridge. The rainbow enveloped them, and then they were gone.


Back in Nidavellir, both Rathak and Rheyna went outside the caves, after three months had passed. Yes, it had been a wonderful life for them. Now that they were known to be present in this realm, the other Dwarves had learned of it by their king named Sindri. King Sindri who had been ruling Nidavellir for quite a long time, had come to respect their privacy and as to why it had to be done so, it was thus told from both Eitri and Brokk. Perhaps it was best that way for not to pursue any course of action on the matter at hand. After all, he was a friend of the Asgardians and especially of King Bor himself. But knowing that a Frost Giant was at present, he wasn't too quite fond of it.

But now the lovers were enjoying themselves, for they did not care what others might think. Rheyna was currently with child and could feel his presence. Rathak wondered what name they would give him, once he was born. Rheyna smiled at him and said, "Let us wait, Rathak, for we have much time on our hands." The Asgardian warrior agreed upon this very fact that the child could be a boy or a girl. After all, there was so much to see in Nidavellir.

They embarked upon the quest to see the hills, and there they saw a few villages where the rest of the Dwarves lived. Rheyna had said that this was too much to bear, since they didn't like Frost Giants at all. But Rathak comforted her by saying that King Sindri had notified of their peaceful existence, especially when it came to Rheyna's part.

They stood there for a while and then continued walking down the road. A few children scattered here and there, and this Rheyna wondered if her child were to be born, would he or she able to live amongst them? Even the Dwarves? That is what Rheyna had been worrying about in the past few days or so, and not only that, the thoughts of the old man who had not yet arrived to meet them in privacy. Even Rathak had thought of it. The one time he remembered being asked such as that of Rheyna, where the old man could be, and he had answered none of it, because he didn't know of his latest development or whether he had died.

But that may not matter at this point, because now they had a wonderful life in Nidavellir, and that they wouldn't fear the wrath from these Dwarves. However, there were the Rock Trolls to be considered and in the past three months, the war continued inside the mountains, and outside as well. Small villages were ram-shackled here and there, and the survivors had ran off to either to other villages around the area, or to the underground caves, taking some of their belongings with them and the children as well. But the others? Not too much that one could hope for in the act of their survival. Because they were killed in battle as the Dwarf farmers tried to fight them off.

Here, Rathak had not helped them, for he had quit his warrior days a long time back, ever since he came from Asgard. But that thought had been laid heavily upon his shoulders, and he told both Eitri and Brokk to save them. They said no to this, for they need the permission of their king. And if King Sindri didn't allow this, what then? All those Dwarves had been perished for nothing. Sometimes Rathak may not be needed to save them, since he had to protect Rheyna all along. Maybe that is why he wasn't allowed to do so, and to gain respect from the king, he was to be known of their presence. And besides, it had been three months now that not even the king knew of such things. He had demanded an explanation from the Dwarf brothers who had been hiding these lovers all this time. And Eitri had said that he was being told by the old man who would protect them, and that it was only a matter of love, one that was forbidden by the realms of Asgard and Jotunheim. When King Sindri had listened to this, he accepted it, but got a bit furious for not telling him. And why not punish them? Because Eitri and Brokk were the only ones, who could bring the downfall of these wretched Rock Trolls, for they kept coming and coming to attack them with full force. Therefore, King Sindri let the lovers alone and focused upon the serious matter at hand.

When both Rathak and Rheyna arrived at the village, the Dwarves looked upon them. A few of them stopped doing their tasks, and then said none of the words. Yes, these people have not seen the likes of a Frost Giant for years now. And one such as the hateful Dwarf who seemed to be the leader of the village, knew that the king had allowed this kind of treachery in the first place. But it was not like he had any other choice. And even he had heard of this Frost Giant named Rheyna, who knitted small dresses for the Dwarves. What a laugh, he thought. Here she was, standing along with the Asgardian warrior. A warrior like him, who had no shame in bringing her here.

"Hello," Rathak said. "My name is Rathak. As you have heard before..."

"We know who you are," the Dwarf leader said.

There was a harsh tone in his voice, and this Rathak knew that the Dwarf did not like the sight of his beloved's presence.

"I am sorry," a Dwarf woman said. "Sometimes he could act like a man, who does not like strangers of other realms."

Rheyna looked at her and thought that must be his wife, who seemed to be nice about her appearance and that of Rathak. But watching the other faces, and looking at them had made her feel a bit uncomfortable. Perhaps it was not wise to come here yet and gain acceptance from them. But only time would tell.

The male Dwarf sighed. "Alright. Do come home. You are welcome to it." Then he left and his wife smiled.

Both Rathak and Rheyna looked at each other. There was a sense of doubt to all of what was happening right now. And the Asgardian warrior had certainly wished to notify King Sindri about his arrival much earlier and that of Rheyna's. But that time was over and now that they were here, they were finally welcomed a new home.


In the future, Hela watched the souls of dead warriors wandering here and there, and some of them were being tortured by strange creatures unknown, even to Asgardians. But here in Hel, Hela was the dominant ruler of her realm and the only one to control it. Beside her was her dear brother, the Fenris Wolf who was killed a long time ago by a young warrior named Harald.

"Where is Father?" Fenris Wolf said.

Hela sighed. "I assume that he had other matters to attend to, my dear brother."

"I see... Perhaps he must be done with it by now. And here I thought you would not release him from imprisonment. What would King Thor think of this?"

Hela looked at him. "You better silence that mouth of yours, dear brother. Or I shall kill you, over and over again."

The Fenris Wolf growled in anger and then looked away. He noticed the warriors were trying to run from the Norse demons of Hel. It was inevitable and here, Hel had its own advantages. He could tear these souls apart, even though he himself was dead. What a fool he was to think that he could take care of Harald, alone.

Hela smiled at this, as she heard her brother's thoughts. She always wanted to know what it would be like to tender this dead wolf at her side in this cold, harsh realm. Guarding the gates of Hel was his main duty. And not only that, he could come and eat these poor souls who had nowhere else to go, but stranded here for eternity. The wailing sounds of the departed would certainly make a mortal man skin crawl, and have such nightmares about it.

"I am hungry," the Fenris Wolf said. "Let me know when Father comes back."

"If he ever does..."

He looked back at her. "You think that he won't?"

"What do you expect? After all, he is the trickster. And he has yet to deal with Thor, remember?"

"Yes, I know of that. But for how long, dear sister? How long?" Then he left.

Hela sighed again. She hoped that Loki would finish his damn quest, once and for all. But knowing his failures throughout the years, he would not give up that easily. Taking over the Asgardian throne was his primary goal, and that she grew tired of it.

But there was a possibility that she could take over Asgard for herself. Sure, why not? If Loki could not handle King Thor, maybe it was time for her to take a prominent role in this endless charade.

Yes, she thought. Perhaps I must do just that, once Father is out of the way for good.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 134- The Wrath of Skurge.

Okay folks. The story of Rathak and Rheyna ends here for now. Next, Skurge decides to fight off against Thor in a battle that Asgard had never seen before. And the question is this, who shall win? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ODIN! FOR ASGARD!

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 132- The King's Decision

Deep in the mountains of Nidavellir, Rathak and the dwarves were working hard, day and night and that they had to take some rest. Rathak was indeed the warrior who never performed this sort of task before. Brokk and Eitri were both surprised to see that he had the skills of a blacksmith, and Rathak barely remembered his own father being one.

In any case, Rathak had surely become the Asgardian blacksmith that he never once was. Perhaps he must focus on that task rather than being a warrior. After all, his fighting days were over, since he and Rheyna had escaped from their realms. The only question was whether or not they could be found. He even asked Eitri who seemed to be the wise brother of Brokk, knew of such things to come. And he had said that there was not a possibility of finding them, unless someone else would do so. Here in the mountains, these dwarf brothers were the only ones, working on their weapons, without anyone's help until Rathak came along. But it was strange for this single Asgardian warrior to see that there were nobody else, who would live down here. Even Brokk had said not to worry about such things.

The work continued and while they focused on the tasks at hand, Rheyna was busy knitting small dresses for the dwarves, in her secret chamber. At first, it seemed a ridiculous idea, due to the fact that she was a Frost Giant. But she did not care, not even if they found out about it. She had slept through the night, along with Rathak and that they made love. For the first time in her life, Rheyna had experienced the kind of love, which she had never felt beforehand. She was happy to touch his skin and the memories of it, gradually made her think of a child...

She stopped knitting and wondered what would their child be like. It was not something to talk about, if one could feel the presence inside her womb. Rathak may have known, but was not told by Rheyna herself, if she was with child.

But time would only tell when Rheyna could feel this presence. She may be a Frost Giant, but it didn't mean that she couldn't have one. She continued on with her work and then stopped again. There was that old man whom she wanted to ask of Rathak.

Best not to think about it, Rheyna thought, as she continued knitting. Besides, thinking of unwanted things may cloud her judgement of the old man himself. Perhaps Rathak would have known by now, if that were truly the case. If he was really helping them out, why had he not come to visit Nidavellir, just to see how things were going?

After what took about an hour or so, Rheyna stopped knitting and took some rest. She waited for Rathak to return and maybe speak to him about the old man. At first, it may not sound good at all, since Rathak had trusted him this much. But why not Rheyna herself? What might she have something against him? She even dreamed about it, and often wondered if it were true that this old man was nothing but a pretender. Oh yes, that could be true, even though he had good intentions of helping them. Even after making love with Rathak, she often dreamed about it, and that she hadn't told the Asgardian warrior when he woke up from his sleep.

It was only a dream, Rheyna thought to herself. She got up and decided to have a walk, alone. The pathways of this mountain seemed to be confusing for her. But though a giant, she could easily bend down and avoid getting hit by the rocks, which were hanged on the ceiling. She often asked herself how the dwarves were able to live in a place such as this. And speaking of Dwarves, they weren't that many to see in Nidavellir. Laughing at herself, she had just noticed this, and didn't bother to ask Eitri if any of his kind were living amongst him and his brother, Brokk. Perhaps she didn't care about it. Or she had expected such unwelcome visit, for being that of a Frost Giant.

She kept walking around the rocks and then stopped, for she could feel the heat coming from other side of the interior mountain. She could even smell the dusty air around here. It must be the fire that the dwarf brothers and Rathak were working on the weapons. Such weapons indeed, which Rheyna wondered what they were. She even asked Rathak about it when he came back from work, and he had said that one of the weapons that Eitri was working on, was called the Mjolnir.

"The Mjolnir?" She had asked. Of course, she never heard of it beforehand. Rathak had explained that it was the weapon of the Asgardian Gods, and it was intended for someone like King Bor himself. Although Bor had his own weapon fashioned at the time of his age, when his father, Buri was still alive.

Anyways, she hadn't asked more of it when she kept quiet to herself, regarding the old man. The thoughts of him, kept swirling around her head, and it was this kind of irritation that led her to believe that the old man had tricked them. She may be a warrior princess who knew how to battle, but understanding the intentions of a man was another thing to consider. Ever since she had met Rathak, she knew that he was the kind of man, whom Rheyna was looking for. She had indeed fallen in love with him, despite her father's warnings.

Rheyna went back towards her rocky chamber, where she awaited for her love. And then what? Discuss about the old man and what his intentions were? Maybe he did a good thing for them. But it might be something more than that, and that's what Rheyna intended to find out from Rathak's lips.


After hearing from Heimdall's lips, King Bor did not know what to say about it. He had been ruling Asgard for years now, after his father, King Buri was dead. He stood up from his throne and wandered alone, thinking of what he must do in this kind of situation. Perhaps he might talk with the rest of the council about it, since they knew what to do. His advisor named Garren who had been giving advice to him for all these years, knew what to say in the right words. He was undoubtedly here, to witness Heimdall's report. And after his mental projection had vanished into thin air, Garren said, "My lord, I think it is best we must search for them in Nidavellir. If we would want to do it for our people, surely they must know where he is."

"Yes, I know that," King Bor said. "But what of their freedom? Haven't you thought of such as that?"

The advisor felt silent. There were no more words to say about this, unless he could figure something out. From his own mind, he could eventually say that it might have been a terrible idea to leave them be. The people of Asgard would want justice for Rathak to fall in love with a Frost Giant. And come to think of it, was it so bad that these lovers would not hurt them in the process? Perhaps the king was right about one thing. Freedom was what grant them the ability to cherish things, whether or not the people would accept them. In this case, Rathak wanted freedom of his love. If he had not seen Rheyna in battle on that fateful day, perhaps he might have been the same warrior as once before, and still the champion of Asgard. But now...

Garren cleared his throat and said, "My lord, I think you are right about Rathak's freedom. Given the choice of love, I would say it might have been good for them, if willingly that our people would accept this. However, it has been said that if Rathak had failed to kill King Aghar of Jotunheim, it would surely mean that you are responsible for his actions. And no doubt that our people shall question your authority in handling these matters at hand."

"Hmm..." King Bor thought his advisor was right. But there was one flaw to this. He could not bring himself to capture Rathak. Why? Because he knew that love was a strong emotion than any other and if anything would happen to him, Odin would become furious about it.

And speaking of Odin, he had come back from his "drinking" business, which he so often told his father that he was just merely in the tavern, having such thoughts to himself. Three times a drink that an Asgardian warrior had said, when he and his friend noticed that Odin bested two other warriors, who were about to have the time of their lives. Not to mention the wenches they brought with them.

King Bor sighed at that thought, and then looked at his son. "Odin, what do you think of this discussion?"

There was a moment of silence. Odin who had worn the golden armor of battle, stood there and watched his father, waiting for the answer to his question. The king seemed to be impatient now, for he had known of Odin's ill-manner when he fought his fellow warriors back at the tavern, where Dunn the bartender had worked. And luckily, there was no damage to be done. Probably not so far as King Bor was concerned. But he feared if Odin had to be King of Asgard someday, he would certainly take care of his behavior, regardless of whom anyone thought of him as the king's son.

Odin sighed. "I don't know what to think, Father. He is my friend. I must say that he could very well take care of things of his own. And if his life depend upon it, then I shall say nothing else."

Garren was speechless and surprised at the same time. But Bor was not surprised to hear this one.

"I see. And perhaps we must wait and see how Rathak fares well in his newfound freedom? But what about his treachery in loving the Frost Giant? What shall you say to that?"

Odin expected this question most likely, even though people weren't around to listen to him. Thankfully, they weren't. The future king said, "If his love is strong, then we must ignore him and let him live the rest of his life along with Rheyna in Nidavellir."

Again silence and that Garren was astonished to see that Odin had said it right, and wondered how the other councilors would react to this, if they were here. Rathak may have been a warrior at best, but now he had a life. A romantic life and a forbidden one at that.

But the one who will not be happy about this news was Vron the Terrible. Though he was not here at court, he will soon know the outrageous news from King Bor himself, and that he had finally decided to let Rathak free to his own devices.


After coming back from Lekha's village, Laufey had the desired attempt to kill his king. The only one thing that mattered to him the most. Unfortunately, it didn't happen the way he had expected. Perhaps he must do something about this, before anyone finds out about his treachery. After all, these walls of the palace had ears and that King Aghar would certainly know after hearing such unwanted acts, coming from the guard's lips.

When Laufey arrived at the throne room, he bowed down and said, "Your majesty, we have not found Rheyna yet. It seems that she is not here in Jotunheim."

King Aghar looked at him and knew that his news was going to be heard right here in this room, where he was the only one being present at the moment. His thoughts wandered alone and how Rheyna could do this to him. He wanted what was best for her. Now the rest of his people would demand to know what was happening. And questions shall soon be raised to whether or not, it was true that his only daughter had fallen in love with an Asgardian warrior.

Now that was being said from the torturer himself, King Aghar sighed and rose up from his seat. The coldness and anger of him, would definitely demand an explanation to all this. Her daughter's disappearance for instance. And the question still remained, where could she be?

"Are you certain of this?" The king asked of him. Laufey didn't know what else to say about the fact that Rheyna had vanished into thin air, if it that were the possibility. His mind was only focused on the assassination attempt, and how it could be done. They were both alone, and that Laufey had the upper hand here.

The king was getting impatient already. "Did you not hear what I just said, Laufey? Are you certain that..." He stopped when someone from behind, struck him with a weapon. King Aghar felt the intense pain and was shocked to see that it was the guard named Bunthar, who had been tortured by Laufey himself.

"Wha... What is the meaning of this?"

Laufey smiled. He may have tortured Bunthar to make it look like that the guard was meant to be hurt. But at the same time, he asked of him, to kill the king since he wanted to punish the guard for not telling of what had happened at the hallway. Not to mention, the hidden doorway that led to the throne room, when King Aghar was entirely alone, and this Bunthar had fared well to perform his task.

Laufey said, "You are finished, worthless fool. It is time for a change, and I have been waiting for this special moment. I figured that if I could find your precious daughter in time, I would have killed her. But..."

"AAAAH!" King Aghar shouted in the throne room, as the guard struck him again and again, and then stopped. It was an axe that Bunthar had used to kill the king.

"Good work, Bunthar," Laufey said. "I assume you should return back to your duties at once."

"But... what about the others? What shall we tell them about the king?"

The torturer thought for the moment and then said, "I shall come up with a tale that would convince them that Rathak had indeed killed him. Yes..." Then he laughed.


Vron the Terrible laughed when he heard that King Bor had decided not to capture Rathak for his treachery. It was a terrible laugh indeed. Even his friends had thought so. They were at Dunn's tavern drinking ale and here Vron had just heard the news from the bartender himself.

"It is true, Vron. One of the warriors came here and said that the king shall not find him. Because love is strong, and that Rathak needed the freedom of his life. Can you believe that?"

Vron's friends didn't say anything. But Vron had stopped laughing and then shouted, "HOW DARE HE?!"

Everyone stopped and then turned their heads towards Vron the Terrible. Dunn hoped that he would not create trouble here, even after what Odin had almost done to his new bar.

"Calm down, Vron," his friend said. "It is over. There's nothing we can do."

"Yes," his other friend agreed. "Besides, it's his decision, but the people won't like it. Not even us."

Vron looked at them. "You mean to tell me that after all the search we have done was pointless?"

"Um... No. We didn't say that, Vron. We were meant to do our duty, just like any other Asgardian warrior. And perhaps you must know that if we don't follow the rules..."

"Damn the rules!" Vron turned the table aside with his bare hands. The wooden cups cracked and the drinks spilled on the floor. Everyone else had gotten up and some of them walked out of the bar, fearing that there was about to be another fight. However, Vron was not looking for one. Oh no. He was looking for justice, and after that pointless search, he became very angry.

"Vron..." Dunn said. "Please... Just don't..."

"Do not worry, Dunn," Vron said, calming himself down. "I shall not ruin your new place." Then he walked out while his friends followed him.

"Vron..." One of his friends said. "What are you going to do?"

"I must speak with the king."

"Um... I don't think that is such a good idea."

"Yes," his other friend agreed. "Listen to him, Vron. You cannot just barge in there and..."

Vron suddenly struck him on the face. It was almost like a slap, but not really. The other one was shocked. Never in his life that he or his friend would get struck by Vron the Terrible. But he was not about to get one, since he hadn't said anything to prevent him from going to meet King Bor. When this was heard, the other Asgardian warriors watched him and decided to take action before Vron made it worse.

"Vron!" An Asgardian warrior yelled. "You must come with us at once!"

"To where? To that damn king of yours?"

Both the warriors looked at each other. Vron's friend who got hit, just got up and didn't say a word, nor hit Vron back. But the warriors who came here, would make the situation much worse than it was, if Vron resisted them.

The other warrior said, "No, Vron. You are going to the cell. Come at once, or you shall be killed right here."

Vron laughed, as if that were possible. After all, he was Vron the Terrible. Was it not? If he needed a fight, then he shall have one.

Vron plucked out his sword and held it in his both hands. His friends stood back, for they didn't dare to stop him. However, the warriors came forward to attack Vron, with their spears. Acting like guards, they had come forth to witness this terrible warrior who wanted to end Rathak's life. Vron swung his weapon at them. The warrior who was quite heavy-bearded cried out in agony, as he experienced such pain, coming from his own leg. Unknowingly, Vron was able to slash it with a quick swing while the warrior attempted to stab him with the spear. The other one; however, was able to hit Vron with his fist. Vron didn't stop for he had other ideas on how to best this warrior. He kicked him on the gut and when his spear fell down, the warrior was about to pick it up when Vron struck him on the back.

"VRON!" One of his friends cried out. But it was too late. Vron the Terrible had killed his own, who was sent by King Bor himself. Because he knew that Vron would not like the idea of his latest decision. And so, Vron focused on the other one whose leg was completely gashed, for he could not walk any further, and while he looked at Vron, he slowly grabbed his spear and threw at him.

But Vron stepped aside like a quick cat and then rushed towards him, while raising his sword and then...

"THAT IS ENOUGH!" Vron stopped and then turned around to see that King Bor was here. Yes, the king was very angry of this certain event that would most likely be caused by Vron the Terrible.


King Bor looked at the dead man and then sighed. "Yes, I know that. But you have made a terrible mistake, Vron. You killed your own, and for that, you shall be punished."

The Asgardian bully felt silent. The guards stood behind Bor, and if anything else, all was lost and that Vron the Terrible dropped his sword.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 133- A Wonderful Life.

King Aghar is dead? This cannot be. And not to mention, Vron has caused a terrible act of crime in Asgard. What will happen now? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ODIN! FOR ASGARD!

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 131- The Guardian of the Bifrost Bridge

Vron the Terrible and his friends have arrived at Heimdall's chamber, including the other Asgardian warriors. And when Heimdall stood there, he had known that they were about to come and consult with him, regarding Rathak's disappearance. Why would they do it now, if not before? Perhaps Vron had forgotten about the fact that Heimdall could see everything here in Asgard, and then gave reports to King Bor at his court, by projecting an image of himself. In fact, Heimdall had never set foot outside his chamber, where he had to stand guard for all eternity and watch over the nine realms. The dangers that may come about, and then he would notify the king in an instant.

But now that these men were here, he was not sure if this was wise to talk it out with him. Heimdall may be young and wise, but there were times that he felt his fellow warriors would understand their present situation, by asking the God of Vigilance, Protection and Light, without the king's permission. Yes, that is what Vron the Terrible was doing right now, and if he had known about his mistake, then Heimdall would certainly tell this message as well.

This warrior who had been chosen as the Guardian of the Bifrost Bridge, was being asked questions. He listened to them and then for awhile became quiet as he usually was. He even spoke a few words, here and there and later on, he had said more of what he wanted to say to them. Once being asked, he would have to answer them, but allowing himself to do so, in the absence of the king, would be considered as an insult, even to himself. So he said what he could that Rathak had indeed, disappeared into... somewhere else and that Vron felt that this warrior would not say much, since he was ordered by King Bor, not to reveal much about it. And here, Vron thought what was the point of searching for the traitor, if not one being allowed to ask with Heimdall? That was remained to be seen.

Vron's friend was getting tired already. It felt like hours and as the time went by, the other warriors wanted to get out of here. Heimdall was not helping much. Vron knew something was afoot and that the king was trying to protect Rathak for a very good reason. What reason could that be? Throwing him off the trail? Why would he do a thing like that?

Because everyone thought that the king was doing them a favor. For not letting the ignorance carry Rathak's part, as if he had not done anything wrong. Yes, Vron knew it alright and wished that the king to act responsibly for his own actions.

"Come on," Vron said. "There is nothing here that we could learn from him. We must go forth and take rest."

"Perhaps next time you must ask the king for permission," Heimdall said.

Vron and the others looked at him. There was a snicker amongst the group, as if Vron was bested by the Guardian of the Bifrost Bridge. He was angry, so angry that he almost raised his weapon to attack Heimdall. But one of his friends stopped him.

"No, Vron. If you do that, you'll be in the worst situation than Rathak is."

Yes, Vron thought his dear friend was right. If he did something like this, he would never forgive himself, even later on. And so, the Asgardian bully and the other warriors left the chamber to take rest for the night, and carry on the search the next day.


In Jotunheim, the people of the village where Lekha was in charge of things, remained to be the best warrior of the Frost Giants. However, things hadn't turn out the way she expected, once she heard that one of the scouting parties who had seen Laufey and his men, arriving at the village. It was this unexpected moment that she had to prepare for, ever since her dear friend, Rheyna had disappeared.

I wonder what he wants of me, Lekha thought. She also wondered if it had anything to do with the questioning, which happened not too long ago, after she heard of her friend's disappearance and that Laufey didn't trust her words, completely. Therefore, he and his men had been ordered by King Aghar to search the village for any sign of the warrior princess. Lekha wanted to laugh at that thought, for she knew it did not happen that way. But nevertheless, if it came to that kind of situation, she would have to face Laufey and his men.

And so, Lekha ordered her men and women to stay put and remain where they were, while Laufey and his men arrive at the moment. It took a while for them to travel in such a long journey. They had no horses whatsoever, for they were giants and didn't need one. They just walked a bit faster with all their strength and endurance that they had. A day had passed and along the way, Laufey ordered his men to rest until they resumed their long walk. Yes, it was that hard to think of, and imagine the Asgardians had walked on their own feet, which surely would have been impossible, if not for their horses.

They had finally arrived at the village. The half-breeds looked at them, thinking that these warriors of the king would do something to them, for they were different from the rest of the Frost Giant race. But Lekha had stepped in, and decided to make matters on her own hand. Laufey watched her with careful attention, and wondered if Rheyna was bound to be here, and no matter what they say, he would definitely do anything for King Aghar himself.

"Laufey," Lekha said. "What brings you here at such bad times?"

"I have come here to look for your dear friend," Laufey said in his harsh tone. "Perhaps you must have been hiding her in this village of yours."

Lekha shook her head. "I assure you, Laufey that she is not here. Or anywhere else for that matter."

"Oh, I see. Perhaps you may give an explanation to the account of her disappearance?"

The leader of the village sighed. "I have told the king that I did not know of it. If I had known..."

"You wouldn't tell me, or even the king himself. Is that right?"

There was a moment of silence. The half-breeds and the Frost Giants of this village all looked at each other, and then back at Laufey, who would soon one day become the king of Jotunheim. It was a dreadful thought, but not to be considered by anyone else around here. Lekha had sworn to keep her friend safe, wherever she was, and even if she had known her whereabouts, she wouldn't reveal a thing to this sadistic torturer.

In fact, Laufey had no patience for this silence any longer. "It would seem that you may be hiding her, after all. Would you mind that my men search your village?"

Lekha did not like this one bit. Perhaps she must allow this search to happen anytime soon. Or else, there could be trouble afoot and her people wouldn't want to battle with the likes of them.

"Alright," Lekha agreed. "But I still assure you that she is not here, no matter what you think of her."

Laufey smiled at this and then ordered his men to search the grounds. Every part of the village where the residents had to move out of the way. It may seem ridiculous to the point that the warrior princess was not here. But who knew she could be, if Lekha was indeed not telling the truth? That is what Laufey had in mind, and he would certainly to see to it, that his task to be done in due time. It took almost an hour to search for Rheyna and then came to an abrupt halt. A Frost Giant warrior approached towards Laufey and said, "Sir, she is not here."

The torturer was indeed not happy about the news. Perhaps he might want to engage himself in battle with Rheyna's friend here. But that wouldn't be wise to do so. After all, the king had said if her daughter were here, then the battle could've happened at the very least. And hearing that from his own king, Laufey was not satisfied about it.

One day, Aghar, Laufey thought. When I become king, I shall get rid of these half-breeds for myself. And not to mention, Lekha. Yes...


After coming back from their fruitless search, Vron the Terrible decided to ask of his old mentor, Krand about Rathak's whereabouts. Perhaps he must have known all along the secret of his hiding place. Years ago, Krand had told him that time and again that Rathak could not be defeated, even by the likes of Vron. And his friends too were counted for that matter. They had been taunting him ever since then. But what of now? Would it make any difference to see that Rathak would fall down on his knees and beg for mercy? No, he was not that kind of man at all. Vron knew it as well. But it didn't mean he could give up that easily.

So Vron head out alone to Krand's home. In fact, the old man had heard of this search to be a failure. Maybe it was good for him to know this. Why? Because Krand believed that wherever his former student was, had been truly safe. But knowing that he didn't kill King Aghar in the first place, even when he had that chance, would surely affect him. And that the king would do something about it.

Krand offered him a drink. But Vron said no to that. He was not thirsty at the moment, for he had drank water along the journey and took rest. It was getting tiresome to the point that he had enough of this pointless search. But somewhere beneath him, he had an idea of where the traitor could be. And if not in Asgard, someone must have helped him out, to enter another realm without Heimdall's permission or even the king himself. And it was the old man who had been told by the mother of two children, a widow in fact, whose husband died during one of his construction labors.

When being asked of Rathak's whereabouts, Krand didn't say a word. He just drank a bit of ale from his small cup. An evening drink would do some good for him. But most likely, he would drink a lot, after Vron gets out of here in due time.

Then the old man replied, "I have not the slightest idea of his disappearance, Vron."

Vron wanted to laugh at this, for he had not believed a single word of what his mentor said. "I even asked Heimdall that question. It seems that your favorite student has disappeared into another realm."

Krand almost sipped his drink and then put it down. "What makes you think of that?"

The Asgardian bully shook his head. "Well, you tell me, old man. You must know of him a lot. And I bet you that King Bor knows a thing or two about it."

This time Krand stood up from his chair and glared at him. "You speak of nonsense, Vron! The king does not know."

"Oh really? Then how come he hadn't asked of Heimdall where that damn traitor is? Perhaps I am missing something, Krand."

There was a moment of silence. Then Krand sighed and said, "Look, Vron. I know you hate Rathak as much as your friends do. But I certainly do not know if Rathak had gone to..."

"Jotunheim? Is that where he went?"

"No... I couldn't say that, nor I would have known. If he had told me..."

"I'm sure he will not tell you anything, old man." Vron got up, since he had heard enough from this former mentor. He was ready to walk out of the house when Krand stopped him.

"What will you do, if you find him?"

Vron turned towards him and said, "I shall crush him, Krand. I'll do whatever it takes to do such as that, even if it means my death." Then he left and that Krand sighed again.


Back in his chamber, Heimdall was sure of what he had seen was true. That Rathak had indeed disappeared into another realm, and the fact was that someone helped him escape. But who could it be? He tried to see things in his own way, since he was born with extrasensory perception. At first, he wasn't sure what to make of it. Vron had mentioned the old man who had helped Rathak escape from Asgard. But the question was this, who was the old man? That Heimdall must figure it out, as soon as possible.

He opened his senses wider than before. Perhaps this could be a mistake, since he was young enough to do so. Having these powers were indeed a good advantage and that, Heimdall had been chosen to be the Guardian of the Bifrost Bridge, after besting both Agnar the Fierce and Gotron the Agile in battle. Yes, these young warriors wanted to guard the bridge with a heavy burden on their shoulders. But the only problem was that Heimdall could see everything apart from them. Like for instance, he could see that his opponents were trying to attack him on both sides, and then Heimdall had used the Uru sword called the Hofund to defeat them. One strike was all it took. Agnar had been fierce enough to fight him, single-handedly. But he failed and when King Bor had seen what Heimdall could do, he was sure that Heimdall was the right person to guard the Bifrost Bridge.

That was back then and Heimdall remembered it quite well. Then he let those thoughts go away and began to see the events... He noticed a dark shadowy figure with curved horns, appearing before him. He closed his eyes immediately and cried out in pain. Yes, he was still young to do this sort of thing. Never in his life he had experienced such pain. And for that matter, he would have to be careful enough to watch out for these untimely events. Perhaps it would be best to take some time, to be getting used to his extrasensory powers. What would King Bor say about this? Should he tell him?

No, Heimdall thought. Not yet. Must I see things through, it shall be painful enough that I must bear alone. Yes, he had known this from the time of his birth. His sister, Sif was yet to be born in the coming years, and here Heimdall was the only warrior who could witness the events of Asgard and the other realms.

He opened his eyes wider this time and then he saw Rathak and Rheyna somewhere in the realm called... Nidavellir?

Wait... Heimdall thought. They are in Nidavellir? But why? Another question was yet to be answered, but he kept seeing through and through until he stopped. The pain was getting intense at the moment, and he had to stop using his ability before it gets worse. He could feel the blood seeping out from his right eye.

I must notify the king, Heimdall thought. And then he projected his own image in front of King Bor himself.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 132- The King's Decision.

Heimdall now knows where Rathak and Rheyna are. But what does this mean for King Bor? Would he send his men to capture Rathak? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ODIN! FOR ASGARD!

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 130- A Long Search

At the tavern, young Odin wasn't sure what to make of it. He had certainly not expected that his own father, King Bor had sent Vron the Terrible and the Asgardian warriors to hunt down Rathak, Odin's dear friend. And not only that, Odin was left out of the picture, since Bor knew that his friendship with the once-famous warrior would cloud his judgement. Perhaps that was for the best, but Odin didn't like it. Not at all.

Dunn, the bartender saw the gloomy look on his face. It was the third drink, that Odin was having right now. And his thoughts were still wandering around, whether or not he should have gone with them on the search. Ever since they left, it had been three days that Vron and the others had not returned. And that could only mean one thing. They hadn't found Rathak yet.

"Want another one, my future king?"

"What?" Odin finally noticed the bartender's face.

"I am sorry if I had said anything, Odin. Sometimes I don't think twice before I say it. Not that I am drunk, of course. But you... You drank quite enough already. Don't you think?"

"Oh... I see."

"Now you see." The bartender sighed. "Look, I know I have heard things about your dearest friend, Rathak. Hell, we all like him. But the thought of him and that Frost Giant? That is quite treacherous if you ask me."

Yes, Odin thought the bartender was right. Even he was quite surprised by the fact that Rathak had fallen in love with Rheyna. Besides Odin himself had spoken her name in front of his friend, once being asked of who she was. Perhaps there was no help to it. Even the future king had tried to make some sense out of him.

"I think I must go now. Father must be... waiting for me."

"Yes, I bet he would. But don't worry, Odin. I won't tell anyone, not even your father that you drank ale, three times this evening." Then he laughed.

Odin looked at him for awhile and said nothing. Then he moved away from the counter table and then stopped. Two Asgardian warriors who had brought their ladies, giggling to each other and then noticed that young Odin was here. The warrior whose name was Egan who became friends with Vron the Terrible and the other one, who wasn't, went by the name of Garn.

Egan said, "Well... Well... Look who's here. The future king is about to leave the building. Why, Odin you surely have outdone yourself."

"I was just having a moment of thought."

"A moment of thought?" Egan said. "I wonder what. What do you think, Garn?"

"I do not care what he thinks. If I were the friend of Vron the Terrible, I shall certainly be happy about it."

"Friend or no, Garn. You certainly don't earn the respect from him, because you are weak in battle." He laughed at that, including his woman. The other woman laughed as well, and this made Garn very angry.

"Shut the hell up, wench!" The young woman stopped and didn't say anything. But Odin intervened. "That is quite enough, Garn. You shall not talk to a lady such as she."

Egan wanted to laugh at this. "You seem to forget, Odin, that this lady here is meant to bed with us, either one or together. Yes, that is what we planned to do, right after drinking ale. Isn't that right, Dunn?"

The bartender already felt silent since they arrived at his bar, and wished that they weren't here in the first place. After all, they had created trouble when fighting amongst the men about a week ago while gotten drunk, and that he had the bad feeling these two warriors were up to no good, now that Odin was here.

"Listen," Dunn said. "If you want to drink, come here and do it like a normal man. Do not spout unwanted things or fight. I am giving you one more chance. Do you understand?"

"What did you just say?" Egan was getting irritated already. "For the sake of Asgard, you are a bartender! And I am a warrior, and you don't spout words at me, Dunn."

The bartender didn't fight back nor said a word. But Egan wouldn't have it. He pushed his wench away on the side and almost came upon him, when Odin held his hand in a tight grip.

"Let go of me!" Egan said loudly.

"Not this time, Egan." Odin immediately lifted his arm up and then twisted it, by turning his back.


"YOU FOOL!" Garn said out loud. His wench screamed and then ran outside the bar, including the other one. Dunn cried out, "No more, Odin! NO MORE!"

But the future king didn't listen to the poor bartender. He eventually grabbed Garn when he was about to strike him with a fist. Unknowingly, Garn missed him by a mere inch while Odin struck him on the gut.

"OOF!" Garn almost lost his breath when he held himself down, and then Odin hit his back, with both of his fists. Egan tried to move his right arm, but it got horribly twisted that he kept screaming for help.

Luckily, the other Asgardian warriors heard the cry while they were outside, walking passed the bar. They came inside and then saw what happened. One of them said, "What on Asgard is going on here?"

Odin replied. "Do not worry about them. They shall be fine. I had to deal with them, because of their bad manners."

Both the Asgardian men looked at each other and then the other one said, "Perhaps you must deal with your father yourself, Odin. I think he would not like it, what you have done here."

Odin felt silent and then he moved out of the bar, while Dunn both sighed and felt relieved at the same time. That fight would almost ruin his new bar, which he had a builder made it for him, a couple of months ago. At least for now.


The search began three days ago and now that Vron the Terrible was getting tired of it, he was sure that he landed himself on the right track. Asking people questions of where Rathak was, or what he did at his own home. One person, a mother of two children had said that an old man came by and asked for food and shelter, and that she rejected it. It seemed that this old man had turned out to be homeless. Who would ever thought of a homeless Asgardian? That is what Vron kept thinking to himself.

As for the guards who had kept watch on Rathak at all times, they were being asked a few questions of what really happened to them. One warrior had said that he could not remember. He was talking to his own man, when he heard a sound coming behind him, and then the next thing he knew he was utterly knocked out, like someone clubbed him with a huge weapon. And the other guard didn't even see the culprit, who had hit him. Recollections aside, he could have sworn that he saw someone else, standing way behind the guard who got knocked out first, and then he was next.

All these reports that Vron had kept to himself. As for his friends who saw to it that they search every part of Rathak's house, his belongings were still there except for his signature weapon, the axe.

"This does not make sense, Vron," his friend said. "If he is not here, then where could he be?"

It was one of those questions that Vron had yet to answer. Yes, he had asked a few people, here and there, whether or not they had seen Rathak. And they all said the same thing. It seemed that the traitor must have disappeared right in his home, but to where?

And not to mention the old, homeless man. Who was he? And did he come by chance to meet Rathak? It was something that Vron couldn't bear thinking of. He asked the mother of two, of what the old man looked like. She had said, "He is old that one. But never have I seen him in my life. Not here, I suppose."

"Hmm..." Vron wondered. He told his friends and the other warriors to continue the search around the area. Even on both sides down the hill where the houses lay beyond, and most occupants who had seen them, searching for something, or someone... didn't dare to interrupt their main task.

The search went on, and the questions remained the same. And then the people said that they had seen Rathak walking along until he met Vron and his friends. Yes, it was the sight that could never be forgotten and how Rathak bested them, alone.

Vron went to each house, while the other warriors spread out like wings, looking for their traitor. It took about two hours to perform this hard task, and when the day passed, they stopped the search, and went back to the city of Asgard. Famished, they ate cooked boar and chicken and drank ale, and slept. But Vron did not sleep. Oh no. He was thinking... Not like before. He was thinking because he thought it would be a good idea to do that way, since he taunted Rathak all his life, and trying to best him, in both training and battle. And he just stood there, still thinking of how to find him, and if Rathak was not here, then it could only mean one thing.

Heimdall! Vron just thought of it. How stupid I was? He must have seen what really happened. Why didn't King Bor thought of this? How come he didn't ask Heimdall, the watcher of realms?

Yes, the king knew something was wrong here, and Vron thought he must be involved in it. I see. Perhaps I must ask Heimdall about this. And if he had seen anything...

"Vron..." His friend just noticed that he wasn't sleeping. "Don't you need some rest?"

"No. It is time to wake up. We must seek out Heimdall."

His friend looked at him, as if he was crazy. "What? At this time, he must be sleeping by now."

"You fool! He does not sleep. He watches!" Then he ordered his friend to wake the others. The men tried to get up, as they were dead tired, and one of them yawned so loudly that he went back to sleep.

Vron does not like this. "Wake up, you fool!" He kicked him on the side, and the warrior said, "Alright! I shall get up!" He did just that, and got irritated of the way that Vron was treating him.

The others glanced at each other in confusion, and then looked at Vron the Terrible. One of the warriors said, "What is happening, Vron?"

The Asgardian bully said, "We must speak with Heimdall on Rathak's disappearance at once."

"I see," the other warrior said. "How come we know not this until now?"

Vron didn't say anything, but his friend said, "Now is not the time to argue. We must go now. Come on!"

And then they went towards Heimdall's chamber, hoping that he saw something, anything that would shed the light of things to come.


Not only the Asgardians were on the search for Rathak, but they had someone else as well. It was Rheyna who had disappeared inside her bedchamber, and that nobody knew where she went. Three days had passed and that the Frost Giant warriors were sent on this wild search, being led by Laufey himself.

Yes, it was he who had been ordered by King Aghar himself. The torturer had not expected this from him, since he planned to kill him in the first place. But now, that was not going to happen, anytime soon and Laufey was getting irritated at the moment, even after torturing the guard named Bunthar who hadn't told the king about his presence in the hallway. And Kelar too had been tortured for he tried to tell the king that it was Bunthar who told him, not to tell anyone. But the king had said that even though someone told him, Kelar shouldn't be spared alone, for he was too involved in the conspiracy. Therefore, he had to be punished.

Going through the hallways and searching every part of the palace was indeed a hard task. Laufey was getting more irritated than before, and being in charge of this unwanted expedition was taking its toll. King Aghar had said that the search shall not be done until Rheyna was found. It seemed impossible to think of it that way, but what choice did Laufey have? It was not like he had to disobey the king's direct order, and if that happened by any chance, he would surely find himself in the toughest position in Jotunheim, as someone who wanted to back out of the mission at hand.

And so the search went on. Lekha was also notified of her friend's disappearance and although she had no part in it, she had been questioned by the likes of King Aghar himself.

"Do you know where my daughter is?"

"No, my lord. I do not know what has happened to her. The last thing I remember that I was with her in her bedchamber." And yes, it was the last time that she would ever meet her on that fateful day. But then Lekha still thought that maybe Rheyna had ran away from the palace at night, and would not say anything further on the serious matter, for Aghar would undoubtedly ask more questions.

However, the torturer didn't believe Lekha's tale. Maybe, she had hid her amongst the tribes of half-breeds. And that Laufey had told King Aghar about it, after the questioning was done. The king nodded at this possibility that Rheyna may have ran away with her dearest friend, or that Lekha had helped her escape, if it did turn out to be that way.

And so Laufey and his men went outside the palace, knowing that they might be a battle ahead of them, if Lekha didn't cooperate with the search of her village.


While the search was going on, both Rathak and Rheyna made a place for themselves in the deep mountains of Nidavellir. But the Asgardian warrior must work hard to provide the necessities for both their lives. Therefore, he was to help the dwarf brothers, Brokk and Eitri develop weapons for their kind. It was hard work, indeed, and Rathak knew what was coming for him.

But the only problem was that Rheyna was a Frost Giant. There was heat here, much too heat for she had felt the sweat from her skin. Eitri who had met Rathak for the very first time, since his arrival had said that there was another part of the mountain that provides the coldness for his beloved. Rathak nodded and told Rheyna that she would stay there for the remainder of the day until he came back from work. Rheyna had no problem with this, but the question remained, what she would do at this point? Of course, she couldn't do nothing, for she had other skills to provide for herself as well. Even after hiding from her cruel father and the sadistic Laufey, she didn't think twice of coming here in the first place, that being led by the strange, old man whom Rathak had met in Asgard. Even though Rathak had said he was to be trusted, the Frost Giant woman wasn't sure about it, for she knew there was something else that this "homeless" man was hiding from them.

Anyways, these thoughts would let go in time, once Rheyna figured out what she wanted to do here, alone. Perhaps she thought of making something else like a dress? Knitting wasn't her specialty in the past few years or so, for she was a warrior. But as a princess of Jotunheim, she probably could do them if she could remember it quite well when her mother taught her, as a young girl. She took some time thinking of how to make them, even for the dwarves which was rare in cases that she had no idea of what they might wear in the kingdom of Nidavellir. Eventually the only two dwarves who knew the secret of these lovers staying here, would most likely shock the entire race, if they had found out about it. But what of their king? Did he know as well?

Once Rathak came back, Rheyna told him that she could knit a dress for the dwarves. When the Asgardian warrior heard about this, he laughed.

Rheyna glared at him. "It is not funny, Rathak. I need to do something rather than wait for you to come from your labors."

He stopped and then said, "I am sorry, Rheyna. I seemed to have forgotten your place."

"No, it is fine. Just tell Eitri or Brokk that I need certain items to make the clothing. Perhaps I would do something useful for the time being."

And so Rathak told the Dwarf brothers what Rheyna was about to do in her spare time, and that they nodded at this. Eitri took a break from his work, in order to gather the items for the Frost Giant, while both Rathak and Brokk continued with their craftsmanship.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 131- The Guardian of the Bifrost Bridge.

The search goes on, but will both the races find what they were looking for? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ODIN! FOR ASGARD!

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Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 129- A Trip to Nidavellir

Behold the realm of Nidavellir. What brings forth for these two lovers? For they had no reason to stay in their worlds, Asgard and Jotunheim. They were sent here to start their new life and that it was the old man, who had performed this magical feat upon them. Such journey took quite awhile to get used to the idea of traveling from one realm to another. But it did not affect them, neither they faced trouble along the way. Perhaps it was for the best for both Rathak and Rheyna to stay here, now that they had arrived and witnessed its grand beauty.

It was a bright sunny day and both the lovers were alone, watching the clouds above, and the fields that lay down before them. A beautiful sight, indeed. There weren't words to describe them. It was intended that way and that alone. For the people who lived here, were the Dwarves themselves, and amongst other races of their short size and appearance. The Rock Trolls had waged a war against the Dwarves in the deep mines of the mountain when the weather grew harsh. It was that time of year when workers went back and forth to perform their tasks, day and night, digging through holes and discovering new, valuable things. Things such as the gemstones. Yes, it was this discovery that led to the war between the two races. Riches beyond measure and the King of the Dwarves had responded to this event, and eventually would do anything to protect this find.

But this tale was told by an elder Dwarf who kept saying that the Rock Trolls were no better than the Frost Giants. Why, back in those days, the Rock Trolls of Nidavellir planned an alliance with them. But it didn't turn out well enough to be exact when Ulik the leader of the Rock Trolls was greatly involved. Perhaps his king would understand better for these giant creatures, for they didn't care about their realm, because of forging mighty weapons for their own. And one of them was called Mjolnir.

The couple laid out in the fields. It was strange for Rheyna to feel this way, because she never disobeyed her father's direct order when it came to forbidden love. She felt happy, so happy that she would do anything to live with Rathak for the rest of her life. And after all, the Asgardian warrior surely claimed that he was a good cook, after his maidservant left him. This made Rheyna laugh about it.

"What's wrong with being a cook?" Rathak said. "I may be a warrior, Rheyna, but there are things that I know other than to fight."

The Frost Giant stopped laughing and looked at him. "I certainly don't think it's funny. But..." Then she giggled.

Rathak sighed and then looked up at the sky. "I wonder what we could do here. Do you think the Dwarves will accept us?"

Of course, Rheyna had thought about it before she and Rathak came here. She too wondered if the Dwarves would welcome their presence, including her for example. But she had heard stories of the Dwarves who had joined the Asgardians to fight her kind, and this happened a long time ago. Most likely she wouldn't be liked by them. But the old man had assured them that there was someone else, who could help them out, in their time of need and that someone was...

"Hello there!" Someone called out from the far fields. A dwarf approached the couple. It was he who had conversation with the old man, alone. But what he didn't expect was the Frost Giant woman herself. At first, he thought of it as a very bad idea, and that there could be trouble afoot.

Both Rathak and Rheyna looked at him. As they got up, Rathak wondered if it was a good idea to come here in the first place, and knowing that the Rock Trolls would find out about him and Rheyna, they would certainly find themselves in a tough situation as before.

"Hello," Rathak said. "My name is Rathak and I am..."

"I know who you are," the dwarf interrupted him. "Your old man told me about you and..." Then he looked at Rheyna and didn't say anything.

Rathak knew that look from anywhere. He wished he could make things simple for him and Rheyna. But the tensions had already risen between his realm and Jotunheim, and if anything happened, he would be hunted down as a criminal. And she too, would find herself in the same situation as he. But the only question was, whether they were going to live a peaceful life in this realm called Nidavellir. Perhaps this dwarf helper would know the answer, and that Rathak waited for it.

"I am sorry," the dwarf said. "I didn't think you would bring your... beloved here."

"There is no problem with her," Rathak said. "She's not going to eat you."

"That is right," Rheyna confirmed. "I shall not bite you, if you think about it."

The dwarf raised both of his hands. "Oh no. I don't think of it that way. I'm just assuming there were both Asgardian lovers here, but not that of a Frost Giant."

Rathak was confused. "Didn't my old man tell you, who I was with?"

"Um... No. But he spoke in riddles that I did not yet understand. Perhaps he meant to say things that I don't?" Then he laughed.

Both the lovers looked at each other in silence.

When the dwarf stopped laughing, he said, "Sorry again. Where are my manners? My name is Brokk, and I am the young brother of Eitri. As you have heard, he and I are both blacksmiths. Yes, that is what we do in these parts of the mountains."

"The mountains?" Rathak said, sounding confused.

The dwarf nodded and then pointed towards the largest mountain on the far side of the hill. "It is where we forge weapons day and night. Those Rock Trolls are up to no good these days. And Ulik certainly would not stand such failures from the likes of us."

"I see," Rheyna said.

"Yes, and that is why we were meant to be destroyed. Either that, or we'll be used to make weapons for them. Imagine that!"

Rathak wondered about all this, and the name Ulik was something new and unheard of. Perhaps he would be careful enough to watch out for this kind of individual.

Brokk continued, "Anyways, I am here. Now the plan is to get you two out there, before someone else sees us."

The couple nodded and then followed the dwarf towards the mountain.


Back in Jotunheim, King Aghar roared angrily at his guards whom they didn't notice the escape from the likes of Rheyna. Her bedchamber was checked upon by a guard who was sent by the king himself, at the time of day. Unfortunately, she was nowhere to be found. How could this have happened? The door was locked and tight, except that Laufey had the keys to open it.

Laufey... the king thought. Only he has one to see what she was up to. But then figured that he wasn't the culprit after all. It was not possible though because Laufey had tortured the king's daughter for loving an Asgardian. Surely, that must be a mistake to think that Laufey was involved in the escape?

But since there was a possibility that it was indeed Laufey's fault, then he must be punished. Yes, that is what King Aghar must do. He must see to it that Laufey, his only torturer in the dungeon and the warrior in the battlefield have to answer for him. And so, he sent forth the guards to bring him here, so that he would want to know what the hell was going on, and then decided upon the serious matter at hand.

He paced unwillingly in the throne room, as if things had went wrong, way past his waking time from the bedchamber, and realized that his only daughter wanted to escape from this worthless palace, which was to her thinking, of course. Who better want that? It was Rheyna! It was she who wanted this, and then...

The king stopped and thought, Wait... Could it be? No, it was not possible, even for the Asgardian to come here. But why would that come to his mind? Besides, there was no way for Rathak to trespass here, without permission. It was not like he was allowed to woo his love and then take her away to some Gods knew where. And now that she was gone, he began to wonder where she went and possibly if Rathak had taken her, which realm would that be? All these questions kept roaming in his mind until the door opened and out came Laufey who was being escorted by the two guards. One guard named Bunthar who recently came to the hallway last night, with his friend to check upon things that deemed... suspicious. But he didn't say anything about that to the king. Why? Because he figured that it would be his fault, not to guard the doors of Rheyna's bedchamber and perhaps he had made a mistake of coming to the hallway, where unknowingly, Laufey hid himself in the half-darkness where he thought to be some kind of intruder, who was secretly entering the palace at night and then the next morning, he woke up from his bed, and heard the guards cried out, "The princess is missing! The princess is missing!" Such bad news went forth to the king's chamber. And he looked tired, as if he hadn't had a good night sleep.

Now that Laufey was here, King Aghar looked at him seriously and said, "Laufey... I want to know what is happening with my daughter, and here I keep thinking that you might be involved in her escape."

Laufey didn't say anything. Of course, this was to be expected, since he always had the pleasure of watching Rheyna naked and torturing her at the same time. Such sadistic fantasies should be put aside for the sake of the kingdom. But no. Laufey always had to keep eyes on her, and her flesh.

"Well..." the king waited for the answer. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Your majesty, I have nothing to do with her escape. I think..."

"You think?" The king looked wildly at the torturer himself. "YOU THINK?!"

There was silence in the court. The two guards, Bunthar and the other one, who looked skinny as if he had not eaten for so many years, gulped at the king's harsh voice. His anger had shivered him, even as a Frost Giant.

Then the king calmed down and sighed. "What do you think, Laufey?"

The torturer thought for the moment and then replied, "I think it has something to do with Rathak, your majesty. For I knew there was an intruder who had come here."

The king was silent and then thought, Yes. I knew it. But how? Then he thought of other possibilities, here and there. He even nodded to himself, as if someone in his mind had told him of what must have happened to his dear daughter.

"I see. And you... think that this Asgardian warrior secretly took her away?"

"Well... He must have come here last night, and I was sure..." Then he stopped.

"Wait... You saw him?"

"Um... No, your majesty. I did not see him. But I think I saw him and..."

"You think you saw him... What have you been drinking lately, Laufey? Svartalfheim wine?"

Laufey thought, No, you fool. I do not drink Svartalfheim wine!

The king was getting restless already, even for the torturer's silence. "I suppose you should get punished for this, Laufey. My third-in-command. What a shame to see that happening."

"Your majesty... It was not only I who came to the hallway that night. There were two of your guards at present watch."

Bunthar gulped and thought, Oh no. That wretched fool is going to tell him!

The king said, "I see. Do tell me about them, and who were they."

Laufey mentioned the names and when the king listened carefully, he turned towards Bunthar, standing beside the entrance of the king's court. The other one named Kelar was guarding the gate outside the walls of the palace. Bunthar gulped again.

"Bunthar..." the king said slowly. "Come here."

The guard gulped again for the third time, and slowly walked towards the center of the room, leaving the thin-looking Frost Giant behind, wondering what was going to happen to his dear friend.

"Is this true? That you and Kelar had come to the hallway last night?"

"It is true, your majesty."

"Hmm... Explain why."

Bunthar explained the whole thing, and when that was finished, the king said, "You shall get punished for this, Bunthar. For not telling me about the latest incident. And not only that, you failed to prevent my daughter from escape. Do you hear me?"

"Um... yes, your majesty. It shall not happen again."

"Yes, it shall not." Then the king turned towards his torturer. "And you, Laufey. Perhaps you could teach him a lesson on how not to keep secrets from the king?"

Laufey smiled. "Yes, your majesty. I shall certainly do it." And add to that thought, Wherever she is, I hope to Jotunheim that she's dead. Now that she's gone, I can plan my way to get rid of the king. Yes...


All was not well in Asgard, even for King Bor himself, for he had learned that Rathak had somehow escaped from the two guards, who were been hired to watch him at all times. But the question was where did he go, when these guards were knocked out unconscious? Even everyone wanted to know the truth behind it, including Krand, Rathak's old mentor who used to teach him the skills of a warrior. Vron the Terrible was also there in court, along with his dear friends who liked to taunt Rathak in so many ways they could imagine. But now that the traitor was gone, Vron thought, Good riddance. He may have escaped, but I certainly don't want to see him again. Yes, that would be the best thought for him. Unfortunately, he was tasked to find Rathak in Asgard. When he heard that order coming from the king himself, he got very furious about it, for he knew it would be such a waste of time. And besides, the famous Asgardian warrior could be hiding anywhere in Asgard at this moment, and if not here, then where? That is what King Bor often asked himself in thought, regarding the fact that putting Rathak in prison could have been the wisest choice. But not being the criminal he was, he surely didn't kill Rheyna's father, King Aghar himself. Therefore, he would have to think clearly on these terms, when dealing with the likes of Rathak in the near future, or any other Asgardian for that matter. If he was found, what then? Should he be killed? Or get thrown in the Fortress of Marr, along with the other criminals?

But Vron said out in irritation, "I think he should be killed, my lord."

Everyone fell silent in court, and that Krand glared at him.

Vron expected this much, even from his old mentor. He sure didn't want any part in this mission to find the Asgardian traitor. But what choice did he have? He was bound to do so, due to his immense skills of a warrior. But again, finding Rathak would surely be a waste of time, and the thought of him, hiding anywhere in Asgard wouldn't be wise, since there was nowhere else to go. And would Rathak really think that he could not be found by the likes of his kind? It was a laughable thought, even for this Asgardian bully.

But fair enough, he would have that smile on his face, now that he and his friends were to hunt Rathak down for good. The only problem was that he too was a skilled warrior and if they encounter him once again, would they be able to beat him? Vron thought not. But with the other Asgardian warriors behind his back, Rathak was just one man, and there was no way he could defeat them.

Now the question still remained, where could he be? If not Asgard, then where? It may sound ridiculous on his part, because Heimdall was given orders not to allow Rathak to travel to Jotunheim, alone. But supposedly, Heimdall did that? Never. He wouldn't dare to perform such an act, even if it meant that Rathak was his dear friend.

And there goes the thought of Rathak's disappearance, and Vron began to question himself about it, which he had not often done so, in the past. In fact, his mind was focused upon on Rathak too much of late, and the days that he was bested by him, again and again. Perhaps it was time to think like a clever warrior, on how to find him. And once captured, whatever King Bor decided for Rathak's punishment was probably death.

But it may not be death, except to send him off to the Fortress of Marr, which was another thought of Vron the Terrible. Perhaps that was for the best. Besides, Rathak had not done the worst crime in Asgard yet, except for the fact that he had failed to kill King Aghar in the battlefield, and for that reason, the war had not been won, only the battle itself. Therefore, Rathak should be sent to imprisonment, probably according to Bor's decision.

And so Vron and the other Asgardian warriors walked out of the throne room, whereas Krand stood behind. He didn't say a word in court, not even to his former student. But something told him that the worst had yet to come, and that he would have to wait and find out its outcome.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 130- A Long Search.

Well, it seems that the Frost Giants and the Asgardians are looking for these traitors in love. But what will happen, once they are found? Or can they be found at the very least? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ODIN! FOR ASGARD!

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 128- A Private Meeting

Rathak couldn't believe his own eyes. That he met an old man who had turned out to be some kind of a magician. Some kind, you say? That is what he had said to this warrior, this lover who couldn't stop thinking of Rheyna, the Frost Giant. But it was something that the Asgardian warrior had wished for. After offering dinner to the homeless man, he showed some tricks like disappearing objects and returning them back to where they belonged. A wonderful experience this warrior had never seen before. But what of the old man himself? Who was he?

Perhaps I must ask him, Rathak thought. He looked again in his eyes and saw something different in this homeless man. Perhaps he didn't make enough gold for showing tricks like these. Or in fact, he had been stealing them from his own people.

But it may not be the wisest thought that Rathak might say to him, even now. But if it were true that this man could perform magic, then it only meant one thing.

"So..." The old man said, after a moment of silence. "What do you think?"

"I... I do not know. I mean, this is all too strange for me."

"Yes, it is strange even for a warrior like you to understand of what I'm capable of. I used to be the best magician in Asgard. Oh yes, I remember. It was..." He looked up at the ceiling, wondering when would that be, and since he was an old man, he couldn't remember any of it. "Oh, never mind about the memories I once had. I was just lost in thought. Anyways..." He looked at him again and then smiled.

"Um... What is it that you can help me with?"

"Dear Gods. Do you not know? Perhaps I must remind you that I can transport things from one place to another, including people! Oh yes. But it would take great concentration on my part. Besides, I am too old to do this sort of thing."

"Yes... I can see that."

"Ahem." The old man cleared his throat. "How about going to Jotunheim, my new friend? Eh? You could meet..."

"Wait... How did you know?"

"I'm a magician, Rathak. Do not forget that. I could also read minds." He got up and stretched his back a couple of times. Even at this age, he certainly wished he could use his own magic to heal his back ache.

"I see. Then you can help me meet her?"

"Yes. But this has to be done in private. I shall take you to Jotunheim as far as possible than I could get. The location can be dim, of course. But I would concentrate harder on it, for you to meet Rheyna. This magic is forbidden as you well know, and it was the reason why I couldn't perform any of them in front of public. You understand, don't you?"

Rathak nodded. He understood very well, and very much this old man whose reputation had been tarnished, just by using a teleportation spell, instead of Bifrost.

"Alright." The old man clapped his hands as if he were born ready to perform one final task. Yes, he had been waiting for this moment, and perhaps it could be the end of him. Who knows? The old man didn't care, for he was the greatest magician of all in Asgard.

He grabbed both of Rathak's hands and told him to close his eyes, and concentrate on the realm of Jotunheim. The place where he would meet Rheyna, who was now thinking of him. He smiled at the thought of it. The old man too smiled and then uttered a few magic words, here and there and then a flash of light enveloped them. Rathak felt the cold breeze of the air. At first, he thought he was dreaming here, but the old man was right. The Asgardian warrior had been transported to Jotunheim!

What... Rathak looked around and then said aloud, "It worked! But..." The old man... What about him? He took care of his surroundings and found that the old man was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he didn't come here by his own will? No matter. Rathak was in Jotunheim and it was time for him to search for his beloved.


The sky was dark and now came the waiting to be done. Rheyna was still in her bedchamber, knowing too well that Rathak might come for her. But was this to be true when the old man had promised him, that the Asgardian would dare stumble upon the very kingdom that King Aghar had built from the beginning? Perhaps Rheyna didn't care much of that. She only wanted to see him, and thought of herself to wait this long, and sometimes slept and have dreams of peace, as much as her old friend, Lekha who had made one between the half-breeds and Frost Giants.

All was quiet now, since everyone had slept. But there was one person who had yet to rest. His name was Laufey, the mad Frost Giant who liked to torture his prisoners, including Rheyna herself. Yes, he was capable of doing that much.

He just came out of his chamber, after studying the ancient texts of Jotunheim. He had walked and paced around the room, wondering how best he would do to engage himself in the act of love with Rheyna. So far, it was the only thing in his mind.

He stopped walking around the hallway of the palace. Why? Because he noticed something different about it. Someone had just walked inside. Perhaps he was watching an hallucination? That may not be so. Perhaps he must venture out alone and find out what was happening. After all, he was meant to be king, some day.

And so he walked further and further and then stopped, again. He could hear voices from outside the palace. The guards stood on both sides, even by the gate nearly a quarter away from the entrance. As their size could scare the living wits of their enemy. Perhaps it was these half-breeds that Lekha had mentioned about in court. He couldn't bear the thought of it. Half-breeds! He thought wildly. What madness, indeed.

Then he walked again. Silence. There was nobody here. He figured that it could be those Storm Giant intruders, lurking about. Perhaps he must warn the king about it. Or maybe...

No, he thought. I must deal with this act, alone. Then he continued his search of this possible enemy. He could have sworn that someone had come here. Those footsteps that he may have heard a few seconds ago, must have been it. He held his dagger ready, in order to attack this unknown intruder. Then he crossed the hallway where giant statues of famous, Frost Giant warriors had fought the Asgardians in years past. Laufey scoffed at them and thought, They were all killed by Buri himself. This is what I know. Yes, Buri the first Asgardian to ever live in his realm and ruled the kingdom, until one day he was killed by his own son, Bor.

Once Laufey stopped again, he heard a noise like the door opened on the other side of the hallway. He wasn't sure of who it might be, even at this time of night. He looked around the area and then walked toward Rheyna's bedchamber. At first, he thought of entering inside her when nobody was watching. Not even King Aghar himself.

But the future king of Jotunheim thought, Who would know such time? He smiled and then opened the door, slowly. Peeking inside, he saw the warrior princess lying on her bed, sleeping and dreaming of her love.

He was about to enter when he heard several footsteps coming this way. By the gods... Laufey thought. He closed the door as silently as possible, and then quickly moved away into the half-darkness. The guards approached silently as they stopped and then looked around the area. Perhaps an intruder was on their midst, and this was what Laufey had thought to be, when he had heard something, or saw someone like a shadow moving everywhere.

"There is no one here, Bunthar," the guard said.

"Are you sure?" Bunthar said. "Mayhap we heard of noises in the dark?"

"Hmm... Still not here. I suppose we drank too much of that wine from Svarthalfheim?"

"Oh yes. Must be that. Have I heard tales of it when someone drank too much, that they are dead? Yes, I tell is true."

Then they both left. Laufey sighed and came out of the dark. He would have to sleep on it, the idea of waking the princess up and then cherish her body. Yes, he would certainly like that, but not today. Besides he had other matters to attend, and that King Aghar had expected much from him.


In her private dream, Rheyna had noticed a shadowy figure, approaching before her. She wasn't sure who it was, or the fact that why he was here. But she could sense something familiar about him. His appearance was quite similar to the man that she had met before. Perhaps she had seen him somewhere? If not, then who could it be? Sometimes these dreams were quite hazy for her to understand the true nature of this man. He was big and strong, and maybe different from the one whom she had witnessed killing her father's men. Yes, she had seen it all right. But there was something else. When he came closer towards her, she gasped at the sight of him. She had never seen him before. He was bald and... had the same features that his father had. But the question was whose?

"Who... Who are you?" But the figure was gone, vanished into thin air. And then came someone else. A swift of smoke wafted through her room, as if something was burning inside. She could even smell it. Perhaps her bedchamber was on fire?

No, it is not that, she thought. She woke up all of a sudden and began to sweat when she finally saw Rathak, standing in front of her.

"Wh... What? Rathak? How did you..."

"Be well, my love. I have come here to meet you."

"But... how?"

Rathak looked at her and smiled. "Perhaps you shall find out later, once we get out of here."

"But..." She came closer towards him and then looked at him for awhile, both confused and surprised. "This has to be a dream."

The Asgardian warrior shook his head. "It is no dream, my love. It's real." Then he walked closer towards her and caressed her cheek. At first, Rheyna felt like she wanted to step back, for she feared that this handsome warrior might do something to her. But it wasn't like that. She wasn't afraid of him either. He was being nice to her and yet Rheyna wasn't sure what to make of it. She remembered what her father had said, regarding her forbidden love with Rathak. She said, "No..., this will not do. My father shall find out about us."

"No, Rheyna. This is our best chance to get away. I know it is wrong for us to love together, both you and I. But I love you too dearly that I could not stop thinking of you."

The Frost Giant woman couldn't believe of what she was hearing and yes, she too felt in love with him, but couldn't express it. Was it fear? Perhaps she thought too much about her father, telling her things of what not to do, even during his absence and if she had been found out, then she would get punished by the sadistic Laufey. She shivered at the thought and said, "Rathak... I don't know what to say."

"Say no more, my love. Best if we wait here for our guest."

"Guest? What guest?"

Ever since Rathak secretly broke into the palace in Jotunheim, he had been spoken by a familiar voice of the old man himself. And he said that he would come and take them away to another realm called Nidavellir, once he took care of matters on his own hand.

"You must wait and see, Rheyna," Rathak said. "I know it sounds confusing if I say it to you, but a new friend of mine shall help us in our time of need."

And that Rheyna waited. It seemed like long hours to pass until someone popped out of nowhere. It was the old man whom he had transported Rathak from Asgard to Jotunheim.

"Hello, dear Rheyna," the old man said, even without introducing himself.

Rheyna became speechless. This was all too much for her. Suppose if she went with... these men to Nidavellir? As crazy as it sound, she couldn't help wondering how she and Rathak would survive in the coming years of their romantic privacy. Yes, she was a warrior princess who became bound to rule along with the future king of Jotunheim, once Aghar was dead, but then she couldn't stand the likes of Laufey, her torturer. No, she couldn't stand him at all. Perhaps this was the main reason why she needed to escape. And if anything went wrong on her part...

"Rheyna..." Rathak said, trying to assure her that everything will be fine. "Do not worry about it. I too am in trouble, once my people find out that I'm gone."

Rheyna nodded and then took his hand, where she could feel his warm skin. She had never felt the Asgardian touch before. Perhaps she had fought dozens like him, and felt guilty that she now was with this man, this... warrior who was about to kill her father in the last few days.

"I shall come with you, Rathak," Rheyna decided. "And I do love you as well."

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 129- A Trip to Nidavellir.

Both Rathak and Rheyna have finally met in private. But what will happen next? A trip to Nidavellir? Why there? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ODIN! FOR ASGARD!

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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 127- Future Loki

There was a time and place for everything to happen. In fact, the person who had been always ahead of the game was the one who tricked them. His own people. Yes. His name was Loki, the adopted son of Odin and the brother of Thor. But both he and Thor were not related in blood. He was born in Jotunheim, the son of the late king named Laufey. Loki had known the truth of all this time, and hated Odin for that very reason. He remembered his own childhood, growing up and being distant away from the likes of Thor and his friends. Why, Thor was indeed important to Odin himself, because one day he would rule Asgard in time. And that time had come for him, for Loki was caught in his own dark world. A world where he was trapped and couldn't do anything about it.

The chains held him tightly, both wrists behind his back. But his magic was not gone. Why would this be? For if he tried to be free from this wretched imprisonment, he could kill himself. Yes, that is what King Thor had in mind for him, his dear brother. However, Loki was guarded by his own daughter named Hela. Yes, Loki was sent to the underworld for his crimes, even if he wasn't dead.

Loki sighed. Perhaps it was wrong timing for him to come back to the present time of Asgard, where King Thor and the others waited for him. He had found out his treachery and of what he had done. Loki had traveled back in time to engage himself throughout history of Midgard and Asgard. Yes, it was much more complicated than that. But nevertheless he would try anything to change the past and thus alter the future. There were three of them. He went back in time and left one of this children, the Fenris Wolf to roam the lands of Norway, Sweden and Iceland. Because of this, the wolf spawned another after mating with the Midgardian wolf. Next, Loki had went back to the glorious days of Ruthenia, where the king ruled in peace until one day Loki came alone at night to secretly bed with a princess named Rinda. Thus, she gave birth to a son named Vali, the Demigod of Destruction, and was destined to destroy Thor once he came back to Midgard. Then Loki went far back to the time of King Bor, Odin's father whom he had fought the Midgard Serpents during the days of Ragnarok. However there was only one of them to be existent and that Loki had used a duplication spell to multiply his son, in order to destroy King Bor himself.

Yes, three timelines that Loki had affected much. But now there was one more left to do. One final task.

Hela approached towards her father and smiled. "Father... How fare you well in these times? You have caused such calamity in your wake. Sometimes I wonder what you intend to do."

"My dear daughter, you seem to forget that I only want for the best of Asgard. And my quest is to rule it. But..."

"But Thor had taken the Asgardian throne after his father died." She sighed. "Poor Father. All you could ever think of the throne and nothing else. I wonder what's in your mind right now."

"Perhaps you have forgotten, Hela that you could read my mind?"

"That's because you are blocking it. Yes, you still have powers after touching upon the Norn Stones in the Scandinavian Mountains. I remembered the story you have told me when I was a little child."

"And your mother, Angrboda certainly didn't like the sound of it."

There was silence. Hela turned around and saw the restless souls walking through the pits of cold ice.

"My dear Hela... Please release me at once, so I could do a final task to destroy my brother."

"You shall fail, Father. That is I know much about. Even if you go back in time..."

"Oh... Do you feel afraid for me? That I shall die upon Thor's hands? He could have killed me a long time ago when he had the chance, my dear daughter. You should be asking yourself that question."

Hela thought wisely of what her father had just said. Maybe, it was for the best to release him. After all, she was the dominant ruler of Hel. She could do it, but...

Hel looked back at her father and said, "What is it you planned to do this time, Father?"

Loki smiled. "That is not for you to know as of now. Maybe, once I come back, I shall tell you more of it. Hmm?"


Three nights had gone by and Rathak was all alone, wondering how best he could meet the woman of his dreams. Most likely it would not happen the way that he had expected. A dream like no other, where Asgardians and Frost Giants lived in peace. And in this dream, both Rathak and Rheyna had a child of their own and they named him...

Someone knocked on the door. Rathak got up from his bed. He had just eaten dinner which he had to cook it for himself. Usually he had someone else like a maidservant to cook for him while he was gone for hunting, battling and training. But she had gone away once she found out about his treachery. It was that bad all right, and Rathak had to learn how to cook alone. It wasn't that surprising if you think about it. Anyways, Rathak wondered who just came at the door at this time of night. Was it Krand, his dear mentor? Or was it Vron the Terrible who once returned after being defeated, again by the likes of Rathak. Or even the guards who kept a daily watch on the traitor. And speaking of them, if it were someone else entirely, would these guards even allow him, this stranger to speak with Rathak alone? Perhaps he must find out who it was rather than thinking about it. So he opened the door and then stood there, as if he was surprised to see someone like him. Not that he had met this man before. But...

"Please..." The man said. He looked ragged and maybe didn't have enough food to eat. So he said it again, "Please, I need shelter. Could you help me, stranger?"

Rathak didn't know what else to say about this strange event. He wanted to tell him about the guards, but when he took a peek at the outside, he had seen them sleeping on the mat. Yes, it would seem that they were too tired of looking after their Asgardian prisoner. And being a prisoner was his fault, for everyone in Asgard had hated him for loving the Frost Giant woman. But there were some people who didn't care about that. They only cared about money, food and shelter. Three things that would make a man survive for the rest of his life. Yes, there were homeless Asgardians here too. And that Rathak hadn't known about it.

"Yes," the once-great warrior said. "Do come in." The old man smiled, showing his crooked teeth and walked inside the house. "Thank you, stranger. Thank..."

"I am not a stranger," Rathak said. "My name is Rathak and I am a warrior. Maybe you have not known me too well perhaps, or heard of me. But that is alright. I didn't think you..."

"You didn't think I would have a home such as this?" Then he laughed. "Well... dear Rathak. That is why I have come here. And besides, I have nowhere else to go. Perhaps you could also provide me with food?"

The Asgardian warrior nodded. "Yes, I would gladly do so. But my... cooking is not the best of terms. And I do hope you would like it. Um..."

"Do not worry about my name, Rathak. Such as I am not that important to you, or anyone else around here. I even tried to ask that woman down the side of the road, and she had refused me."

Rathak nodded. "Come. Do sit here and I shall try to prepare the best meal at home. And perhaps you could rest for the night."

"Yes, that would be grateful of you, Rathak. And once again, thank you."


The dinner was served. Rathak had offered the old man a slice of cooked boar with the finest vegetables as the side dish. It smelled good indeed, and that the old man seemed satisfied.

"This taste good," the old man said. "I often wonder if a man like you would ever cook."

Rathak had thought the same thing. But then he was a warrior and not much of a man who can stay in the kitchen for far too-long, or as one hoped. But he made it. All thanks to that maidservant who went away, he thought.

"I thank you for your kindness, old man. But I'm still not worthy to do something like this. After all, I am a warrior who..."

"A warrior who fell in love," the old man finished for him.

Rathak stared at him. "How... How did you come to know this?"

The old man smiled and put away the empty plate on the other side, wiped his mouth with a cloth and then looked at him. "I have heard tales, my dear Rathak. Tales that tell you of loving a Frost Giant."

"I see... Then you must have heard it clearly, even when you have no home."

The old man shrugged. "Does it really matter? No matter where I go, I have heard of such unwanted things along the way. But perhaps I could help you with your problem."

"What?" Rathak said with both confusion and surprise. "But... how could a man like you help me? I mean... I'm sorry. I did not mean that way."

"No, it is alright. I can understand your position very well, Rathak. But..." He looked at the outside window.

"What seems to be the matter, old man?"

"Hmm... Those guards over there. I wonder if they would find out you're helping a poor man like me."

This time Rathak laughed. "I am sure they wouldn't care a thing about that, old man. They are King Bor's guards of course. And they have every right to be here."

"Yes, I can see that." The old man looked back outside and then continued. "Perhaps we must talk in private?"

"Um..." Rathak looked at the direction where the old man was staring at, and wondered what became the whole deal of it. Perhaps he might find out if the old man told him so.

"Alright," Rathak said. "We shall talk in private."


Such pain had come from Rheyna, since she had betrayed the kingdom of Jotunheim. But then she thought of the only man she ever loved. And his name was Rathak. Yes, the Asgardian warrior who had fought the Frost Giants along with the likes of King Bor and his son, Odin. But she had seen that he couldn't bring himself to kill her father, when he had that chance to prove what a mighty warrior could be, in order to save Asgard itself. Most likely at that moment, he didn't care. Love was on the rise for these two, for they did not know how they could meet in private. Supposedly, she wished for something to happen. Anything. But the problem was she wasn't a child anymore. She was a grown woman, a warrior princess whom King Aghar had much expectations from herself, and supposedly one day she would marry some suitor from the tribe of Frost Giants or most likely...

No, Rheyna thought. That shall not happen. Not in a million years. Yes, she was afraid it would come to that. Laufey had eyes on her, every step of the way. And when he and the guards had escorted her to her private chambers, she felt the pain and tears from her eyes, thinking of what she could have done, in order to escape from this place. And that her father would do anything to protect her, and prevent her from seeing Rathak?

Of course, it's not possible, Rheyna thought again. There was no way she would be allowed to enter Asgard with permission, even if it was love. Though it was only wishful thinking, she hoped that Rathak would find some way to meet her, if not her alone. And who could help them at this time of need?

Now that she had experienced the brutal pain from her tormentor, she vowed revenge upon him. That Laufey would pay every pain that she had, rather than killing him. But it was not her style. She just want to end his life, right here and now. Or else later on when she had plans of him.

A knock on the door. Rheyna shivered a bit, and thought that it was Laufey who came back to torment her again. She nearly got up and this time, she was well-dressed in fine clothing that Asgard had ever seen before. A warrior princess that she was, and to be bound to marry the man of her future, and she thought to herself, Not Laufey. Never.

Another knock and Rheyna had no choice to open the door to see who it was. When she did that, she was surprised to see her childhood friend all grown-up and never left her behind to her own devices. But things were different now and her friend who just arrived in her doorstep, smiled.

"Lekha!" Rheyna said with astonishment. Then she looked at both sides of the corridor, and back at her again. "What brings you here?"

"I wanted to see how you were, my dear friend. Can I come in?"

"Yes, you may." Lekha was a warrior too, who came from the tribe of the Frost Giants but of a different breed. Some of them came from Storm Giants and this had sparked a war between the two races of Jotunheim. Yes, Rheyna remembered all right. And she knew that it wasn't something that King Aghar would ask for.

Lekha sat down on the bed and looked at her dearest friend. "I am worried about you. I have heard that you are in love with an Asgardian. I just couldn't believe it."

There was silence. And yet Rheyna wanted to tell her more about him, even though she didn't know much, but heard his name and battles that he had won in other realms.

Then Rheyna sat down beside her and said, "I am sorry for what has happened to me. I know it is wrong, but..."

"Love is strong, right?" Lekha smiled.

"Yes, I suppose that would be a way of telling it."

"Oh, poor Rheyna. You have been in much hurt from Laufey I hear."

Rheyna nodded. "Yes, and my father stood there to see my punishment go by. I could not stand living here anymore, Lekha. I was hoping..."

Then Lekha got up. "No, Rheyna. I may be your friend, but I have responsibilities of my tribe. You know I have worked hard to keep the peace between half-breeds and..."

"Yes, I know. Perhaps you would help me if any situation that involves outside this realm. But I ask of you as a friend. If I am in trouble..."

Lekha sighed. "Alright. I shall do whatever I can. But Rheyna... Please consider of what you're trying to do. If all is known in this kingdom that you're in love with an Asgardian, then your father could lose his position as king. Remember that."

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 128- A Private Meeting.

Well, it seems that Future Loki has a part in this love game as well. What will happen now? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ODIN! FOR ASGARD!

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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 126- Forbidden Love

Rathak had grown weary at this moment. Perhaps he must find a way to meet this Frost Giant woman named Rheyna. Somehow... When he had encountered her for the very first time, he felt deeply in love. A forbidden romance to be exact. But what of the others who would think about this? What of them? Maybe he could have killed King Aghar when he had the chance. But no. Her only daughter had stepped in the way to help him, therefore Rathak couldn't bring himself to kill him, just because she was there. Yes, he was in love and that he couldn't stop thinking of her. Even during sleep. While laying down on the bed, he looked up at the ceiling, and wondered what it would be like to meet her in secret. The only problem was that he had no idea of how to meet her in private. It was not like Heimdall would allow him to enter Jotunheim, since he had witnessed what happened in the recent battle.

I must somehow meet her, Rathak thought. But where? Yes, he often asked himself that question. Ever since the battle ended, Odin had told him the name of the Frost Giant, whom Rathak had fallen in love with, and that it was not to be forgotten. Such tales of Rheyna had been that of being a good warrior herself when she fought alongside with Laufey and the others.

But despite all that, Rathak still loved her. And so he ventured out into the open, coming from his house, after notifying the guards where he was going and when he was to come back. He had remembered King Bor's look on his face, when he asked questions regarding the fact that why he hadn't kill King Aghar in the first place. Maybe he knew all along of what happened but if he didn't, he would have asked Heimdall anyway.

Of course, Rathak didn't care about any of that. He may have answered his questions though, but wasn't ashamed to confess his true feelings for Rheyna. And so, he just stood there in the throne room, waiting for his punishment while others whispered to each other of this forbidden act that an Asgardian warrior would ever do in his entire life. The punishment was to be severe as they did back then, but in this case, Bor couldn't do it. He felt that love was indeed a wonderful thing. However, due to the fact that the Asgardians and Frost Giants were at war of all times, it was most likely that Rathak would get banned from entering any other realm, and that includes Jotunheim.

When he heard this, he wasn't the least surprised by the king's decision. In fact, he was to be watched and guarded at all times. Perhaps he must have thought of another way to get into Jotunheim. But the only question was how and where. He hoped for the best, as he kept thinking about it. And when he had been led out of the throne room, his old mentor, Krand watched him in silence.

Now, Rathak was just walking along the downside road, while the two guards followed him. On both sides, a few houses could be seen. There, the Asgardian occupants did their work as usual, while their children played along with their own, and mothers cooking food, and performing other tasks at hand. All alone and not to be likely disturbed by them, for they knew what he did beforehand. Supposedly they thought of teaching him a lesson on how not to fall in love with a monstrosity in Jotunheim. Imagine an Asgardian and a Frost Giant. The entire race of this realm would be whispering about it, that such an unwanted thing had happened, and caused by the great warrior himself. But Rathak still didn't care. He just walked and walked and then he stopped when he saw a group of Asgardian warriors who used to try to beat him in both training and battle. Yes, these were the bullies all right. Asgardian men who wanted to kill him.

"Why Rathak," a huge man with broad shoulders said. "You are going somewhere? Perhaps your Frost woman is calling you. Now... I wonder how it would work when it comes to bedding. Look at the size of your manhood. How could you ever fit in that of a Frost Giant?" The others laughed, including the guards.

"It is not funny!" Rathak cried out angrily. He remembered that this man, Vron had the urge to say something like this, even though they all won the battle. But it had to be turned out this way, all because of him for not killing the King of Jotunheim. And if he did kill him...

But... she is beautiful, Rathak thought. There's no doubt about that. She...

"Hello Rathak," Vron interrupted. "Asgard calling to our dearest warrior." They laughed again.

Rathak heard enough. He rushed towards him, and flew a huge punch on his face. The man almost fell down when the others caught him. Then he looked at him with full rage. Vron the Terrible, that was what he had been called. Yes... Vron was always one of those warriors who could cut down his enemies with a single stroke, here and there, and none of his help was needed due to the fact that he was stronger than Rathak himself.

And now that Rathak had hit him, the others wanted a piece of him as well, as they surrounded him. The guards didn't do anything, but watched.

"No," Vron said to his friends. "I will deal with this man alone, this... traitor who wouldn't dare to kill King Aghar, because of his dear daughter."

Vron unleashed his fury at him. Rathak moved sideways when his opponent was about to punch him. He struggled and then felt something stepped on his foot when he realized that Rathak eventually nailed it with his own, and that Vron the Terrible cried out in terrible pain. His friends watched and hoped that Vron would outsmart this Asgardian traitor, and one of them thought, This man should be put to death. The other one thought, Why King Bor is not doing something about it? Why? All these thoughts kept swirling around in their heads. And no matter how many times they wanted to ask that stupid king of theirs, he wouldn't listen. After all, who were they to him? These men were warriors and that they had no right to speak of such things, which were merely decided by Bor himself. And these matters were to be only discussed in court, with his advisors and men who knew what they had to do with the likes of Rathak.

And speaking of Rathak, he was winning the battle as always. Vron was getting tired of it. He let his guard down too easily when he thought of hitting him all the time, ever since the day he met him. Time and time again, he failed and so he tried to kick him, but Rathak caught his leg and spin him away until he released him. Circling, Vron cried out until he landed himself on the ground.

"RATHAK!" A familiar voice shouted at him. "THAT IS ENOUGH!"

Rathak looked at him. Yes, it was his dear mentor, Krand who just arrived to see how he was doing. And when he looked at his former students, he said, "And you. Better get away from here before you answer to King Bor. Do you understand?"

Vron's friends didn't nod to this, nor spoke to him. They just moved out and Vron the Terrible was the last one to get up. When Krand walked towards him, he slapped him on the face.

Rathak was astonished to see his mentor did that. But of course, it was meant to be. Such behavior could not be tolerated, even by the likes of Vron the Terrible.

But Vron had understood the message all right, even without speaking to his mentor. He looked at Rathak angrily and thought, I shall get you next time, traitor. Then he walked away in silence.

Krand sighed. "I suppose you'd get in trouble for this wild act of yours, Rathak. Perhaps I must teach you a lesson myself?"

"Listen, Krand. You can teach me all you want. But I want none of this. Do you hear? I just don't see..."

This time Krand slapped him. "You best behave yourself, Rathak. Because one day, you'll get yourself killed, and I won't be there to help you."

Rathak looked at him for awhile and thought he had a good point. But he was a grown man, and that he didn't need any help, not even from this mentor.

And that he left too in silence.


Rheyna couldn't bare the pain any longer. She was caught up in chains by the vicious Laufey who strive to become king one day and in the hopes of ruling Jotunheim. Perhaps it was for the best of terms that Rheyna who was King Aghar's daughter would get severe burns on her icy skin. Yes, it was one of the most painful experiences that anyone would have witnessed beforehand. In fact, the thought of loving an Asgardian was not meant to be known throughout the kingdom. A warrior like Rheyna wouldn't be spared at this point, just because she was the king's daughter.

Laufey who was not only a warrior but a torturer as well. He placed a spear in the boiling water. He had been doing this about a couple of times already, and that the smile on his face had never been washed off. Rheyna knew that he was enjoying this, and wished that she could kill him for it.

She cried in pain. And yes she was stripped down naked to the bone. Laufey wondered what it would be like to bed with her. But forcing himself upon her, wouldn't be such a good idea, not when King Aghar was still around. Perhaps he must think of a way to kill the king in cold blood. And why not? It had been years that this king ruled Jotunheim with an iron fist. And his friends in high places would certainly do something about it.

Yes, Laufey thought. But how much time I need to strike him?

The torture continued and Rheyna had not said to stop. Not a single word. That is what Laufey had intended for her to not say anything. Anything to make her realize that falling in love with an Asgardian was forbidden. It could ruin her reputation if both of their people had found out, and her father's position as king would perish. But Laufey didn't care. He was willing to see all these events unfolded by itself, even though he wasn't part of their love game. Oh no. He had planned something else to kill the king, with the help of his dear friends.

"That is enough!" King Aghar shouted at his third-in-command. He just arrived at the torture room where all Frost Giant prisoners had been whipped, burned and among other things that hurt them the most. Traitors who had been executed such as the ones, working with the Storm Giants and other sorts of Giants around the area, where they had lived far off from their land, hoping that these "Frost Scums" would die soon enough. These days King Aghar felt he was carrying much burden on his shoulders. Not only that, he had to deal with his only daughter who betrayed him and his kingdom.

Laufey looked at him and then nodded. He didn't have to say anything on the matter at hand. He just moved away from Rheyna where she was covered in blood. Her nakedness didn't seem to bother her father at all. King Aghar only wanted what was best for her. And if anything that could help her out was that she needed to be taught a harsh lesson in these dark times, ahead of them.

"Dear daughter," King Aghar said. "Have you realized your mistake? Perhaps I must warn you again to make sense out of you."

"No, Father. It... It's not a mistake."

"Hmm... I see you're not willing to give up this love of yours. Why is that? What do you know of him, if he not be known to you?"

There was silence. Ever since Rheyna was a child, she had been acting rebellious at all times, and that King Aghar wanted to make sure that she was well-taken care of. Her mother was a good woman all right. She often told Rheyna to behave, or else Aghar would punish her. Rheyna loved her mother very much until something happened to her. She had died as a true warrior in the battlefield against the Asgardians, which happened a long time ago. And after that, Aghar took that sole responsibility, as if being handed a torch. Taking care of a single child was no easy task for him, and that much was certain.

"Shall I continue, your majesty?" Laufey said. But King Aghar shook his head and then looked at him. "I have told you that is enough. And I think you seem to be enjoyed, hurting my daughter to the fullest pain as possible. Perhaps you might like to get one such as she?"

Laufey sort of gulped and didn't say anything about it. Yes, he had feared this king a long time back, but not anymore, now that he had friends to work with him.

"I thought so." Then the king looked back at her daughter. "Release her at once, and have her escort back to her chambers. Understand?"

Laufey nodded. "Yes, your majesty." Then the king left.

To be continued in Thor: The Asgardian Chronicles, Chapter 127- Future Loki.

What's this? Rathak is being hated by his own people? Even Rheyna was getting the bad treatment, except others hadn't known about her treachery. But how can these two lovebirds meet together in private? Find out in the next chapter of Thor. FOR ODIN! FOR ASGARD!