Why The Walking Dead is better than FTWD?

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Why The Walking Dead is better than FTWD?

At first, when we found out that there is going to be a companion series, we were wondering if the show will be like its original predecessor. However, that’s not the case here. Is it because that the show is not based on a comic book series? No. It doesn’t have to be. It depends what the series is offering so far.

So, what do I think of Fear the Walking Dead? I think it’s interesting, and it offers a glimpse of how the zombie apocalypse started. There’s also that mystery of how the Z-virus got unleashed in the first place. Was it intentional or by accident? We won’t find out any sooner or later. That’s the interesting part of the series.

But that’s not the only interesting part of the series. We are also seeing these unknown characters facing the zombie threat for the first time. What do these FTWD characters have in common in with the TWD? Well for one thing, survival. They are trying to survive in a world that has gone mad. The TWD characters have been there, but for the FTWD, it just got started. That’s where the line of humanity and monstrosity starts to stretch further. Travis’ son Chris has been caught in that line.

Here’s the thing though. I feel like the Fear the Walking Dead isn’t like its predecessor because...well...it isn’t the original series.

It’s hard for me to elaborate why the walking dead is better than fear the walking dead. Probably, it’s because it had been six seasons, and I’ve enjoyed every episode of it. And that there was character buildup and you get to love these characters as they grow and change and become...dead over the past six seasons. And for FTWD, it’s only season two. Or maybe, it’s too early for me to say it.

To be honest, Fear the Walking Dead is a good show. It’s just that it doesn’t feel like the original series. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be watching the prequel/spin-off series. There is still potential in that series and I know for the fact that the ratings are not that high compared to its original predecessor. It’s probably because the other viewers felt that the companion series wasn’t that interesting, and not similar to the original series. Right?

Here’s another reason. The mid-season finale of Season 2 felt a bit rushed. I was also disappointed that the Asian character from Flight 462 didn’t get to join with the main cast, which I thought she would become a regular in Season 2. Maybe, she’ll join later? Who knows? I liked to see her for a comeback because she’s tough and...Hot.

Those are just minor reasons. Other than that, it’s still a good show. But again, it still doesn’t feel like TWD to me. Maybe, it hasn’t reached that point where TWD is the most popular and highest-rated show on the planet. Only time will tell.

There’s also the possibility of a crossover here, which I liked to see sometime in the future. Imagine the original characters from FTWD survived in TWD, or one of them. Why not? Who wouldn’t want to see that?

So, what do you think of the prequel/spin-off series? Do you think that TWD is better than FTWD?

Note- I haven’t read the TWD comics. Please don’t provide any spoilers, including whom Negan had killed in Season 7 premiere. It may be the character who is dead in the comics or it could be a different character in the show. It doesn’t matter. Again, there will be no spoilers. Thank you.

Otherwise, you’re dead. :P