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Why Spoilers Are A Bad Thing?

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Do you really want to know what will happen next in the next episode of your favourite TV show? Or even movies that are not headed out to theatres yet? Simply put it this way. Spoilers can ruin a great TV and movie experience for you or anyone else out there. We have media social sites, entertainment news sites, which mostly put out spoilers even without a warning sign.

So what can you do in this situation? Well, it’s hard to prevent spoilers nowadays. I’ll give you several examples of why spoilers are a bad thing and how they can affect your TV/movie experience. Later, I’ll explain how to prevent them.

First off, I had spoilers got thrown at me in several occasions. Do I really need to know the information that early? Of course, you can’t prevent such things happening to you. For example, one of my co-workers who reads the Naruto Shippuden manga, yet he doesn’t watch the show, actually spoiled some things of what’s going to happen in the episodes. Now, I really wished he didn’t say that. But what can you do, right? You can’t just say, “Hey, will you shut your mouth? I haven’t watched the episodes yet.” That will be rude. Yes, of course we all know that and we think it’s not a big deal. But we’re watching our show for a better, viewing experience. That’s the enjoyment here, not spoilers. We need to be aware that we shouldn’t be hearing spoilers or even talking about them. I knew what was going to happen in Naruto Shippuden. It did affect me.

Another example is the trailers. If anyone have watched Terminator: Genysis, then they know what I’m talking about. A big massive reveal had been shown in the trailer right before anyone has watched the movie. What’s the purpose of the trailer? It’s meant to show that the people are waiting to watch the movie, so that they know what they are going to watch. But allowing such spoiler in the trailer itself will definitely ruined one’s movie experience, which is a terrible idea and even to allow more people to watch the movie. That’s not the intention here.

As a result, I didn’t watch any movie or TV show trailers from that point on. Yes, I’m serious.

Another example is Facebook. Here we spend a lot of time chatting about a lot of stuff, regarding TV shows and movies. While I was scrolling down the main Facebook page, a poster of the Walking Dead just blew my brains away. I was like, WTF? A poster showed two people, the dead character lying under the arms of our favourite, beloved character. You know what I mean?

Anyways, spoilers are not a healthy thing. It’s not something you can easily forget them. There’s time and again that you would eventually get spoiled, somewhere around the block. Who knows? Right?

So, what can we do about these spoilers? Well, one would say is to stay off the internet as much as you can. But how can you know a new movie or a TV show is coming out without reading the news? You need to know what’s up, right? You just have to know some information about it, even without watching the trailers, teasers, and episode images.

Trailers, promos or teasers may not show everything, but they do give you some hints of what’s going to happen in the next episode of your favourite TV show and movies.

The same thing goes with the episode images. Production sets were captured by tabloids in order to post them on the net and earn money. We know that’s their job, but we do know what those images can do to affect our viewing experience. If you see an article that says something like, “Set images are now live for this movie or the show”, then I suggest you shouldn’t see those images.

Some articles headline synopsis and it does tease most of what will happen in the future episodes or movies alike. That’s something you have to decide whether you want to read them or not. It’s not something I can force you. That’s your choice. But remember here. Patience is a virtue. If you’re like me, you can certainly wait for it. That way, you can be spoiler-free.

Another way is to avoid the interviews. Sometimes, these actors may slip something out when an interviewer asks something what’s going to happen in the movie or a new episode of your favourite TV show. You just don’t know what will be thrown there. Yes, you do need to know the status of the movie or the episode along the way. But the whole point is to watch them before something slips out of the actors by accident. Yes, it can happen.

Another way to prevent spoilers is turn off the like pages of your favourite TV shows and movies on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Or not scroll down the page as if you were bored to death. Trust me. You don’t want to know what’s under the sea. It’s something you don’t want to see. Get it?

There you have it, folks. Spoilers are a bad thing. Are they really a big deal? Most people will say, “Maybe or maybe not.” But they will definitely destroy your viewing experience.