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Are Horror Films Dying?

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Are Horror Films Dying?

Have you ever wonder why horror films are not scary anymore? Either it’s because of a weak script or the fact the plot didn’t drive the viewers’ attention. These days, horror movies are all about making money without having that scare factor. Yes, there are some fans that enjoy less-scary films. But, you would have to ask yourself, “What is a horror movie?”

A horror movie is meant to scare people’s pants off. The tension, and the atmosphere causes this, and the fact that there are either monsters, or killers are out to get the main protagonists and make you wonder whether they will get out alive.

Ever since Alien, The Exorcist, and countless other scary classics, the horror genre grew over the years. There was that horror even in the early years before these films I’ve mentioned. So, what happened now? Why the current movies aren’t that scary at all? Even those movies aren’t scary, would they still be considered as horror?

Not less likely. Any horror movie has that tension, but it didn’t live hype to the scary part, the important part. Most horror movies have some gross moments, yet they weren’t that scary.

If you take a look at Stephen King’s The Shining, it has that creepy, haunting atmosphere regarding the hotel and that the main character, a writer has gone bonkers. Alien also has that scary atmosphere, where in space no one can hear you scream. In The Exorcist, you get to see a demon possessing a child’s body, which send chills to your spine and pray to God to save your soul from this dreadful experience.

These are examples of what made the movies, true horror. Not just some dumb, high-school kids being chased around by a serial killer. Or including dumb jokes, and then things starts to get serious when some, dreadful encounter happens.

My question is this, “Are horror movies dying?” How scary makers can bring the scare factor back to its roots? Without the scare factor, there wouldn’t be a horror movie at all. In case of horror comedies, that’s an exception, but horror movies that lacks lame writing and dialogue, and even the scare factor doesn’t make a horror movie, true horror.

Let me know what you think?