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Born in Feb.16, 1984, Jeff Simmons was an orphan who had lived a tough life on the streets. Jeff’s parents were accidentally killed by a group of gangsters during the gang wars. As a kid, Jeff tries to get a job in order to survive. After weeks of searching, Jeff finally lands a job in a pet store. While working at the pet store, Jeff sees another employee performing a dance move. Jeff gave a try but the dance move was exactly the same. He starts to believe he can imitate a person’s skill and intelligence. So he decides to copy the abilities of the people around him. He also learns that he could not copy the people's abilities from a far distance. So Jeff decides to perform this ability in close range. Later, Jeff starts to feel a change in his body. He suddenly transform into his manager’s form that is nearby. So Jeff escaped from the store so his manager won’t notice him. Jeff revert his manager’s form into his original appearance. Jeff starts to realize he can morph into any person he wants whether its close range or from a far distance. While performing these abilities, Jeff decides to have revenge on the gangsters who killed his parents. So Jeff assumes the form of a gangster and infiltrates the hidden stronghold. Once Jeff enters the stronghold, Jeff meets a powerful crime lord, who also has powers of his own. Jeff takes the gun and kill the crime lord’s men and is about to finish the crime lord. The crime lord activates his power and begins to alter reality around Jeff. Jeff learns that he is in the reality where his parents are alive. Jeff tries to talk to his parents but the reality fades away. The crime lord talks to Jeff and soon realizes that he is not of his men. Jeff reveals everything to the crime lord. Later, the crime lord understands his feelings and wished that Jeff's parents would not have been involved in the shootout. Jeff begs to have his old life back but the crime lord said his power is too hard to control. The crime lord also says his power is limited. He could only alter the reality for a limited time. So the crime lord gave Jeff an option to work for him. Jeff thinks about it and accepts the offer.