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Accidental or intentional suicide.

Like stealing a ready to explode bomb.

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Hm, honestly kind of hard to figure out what to go with. Here's some things I can think of, but I'm definitely open to suggestions as these are pretty broad. Most of these are going to be me giving examples of things my characters might be doing, and you can base your own ideas off of that.

Lucias Carpenter/The Immortal:

Hunts down people a lot, tries to figure out who's really deserving and who's not, and kills the ones that are or does something to "even" their actions. Most of the time this is done in places which are particularly corrupt, Gothic City for instance, or when the law has failed in his eyes. Serial Killers who aren'y curably insane don't really count, but if someone is killing, torturing, or taking some other serious action that threatens peoples lives and isn't doing so for a good enough reason he'll track them down and kill them. Being, you know, immortal. He's ok with doing it patiently, but also being immortal, he generally just goes for an extremely aggressive style. Doesn't really care if he gets seen doing it.

Michael Prince:

From another more advanced dimension. Was originally going to get him on a team, and into some rp's, none of those have happened. Overall he just wants to help people though. He'll help using his technology if he can, but he's actually not allowed to just give it out or anything to do interdimensional laws he has to follow (he can teach individuals, maybe even a class, but not just flat out publish things or industrialize them himself).

As a result, he is currently quite poor.

Salvio/Rush (My Amicus_Pacis account):

Italian boy in America, unknowingly with family members in The Mob. Doesn't technically consider himself a hero, but he actually ends up doing it a lot because it's just really easy and why not help when you can. Because of his speed and phasing disrupting his appearance, he generally doesn't even need to bother with an outfit, but sometimes he puts on a mask anyway. Does it all over the world. He's not aggressive and has never killed anyone, nor has he caused all too much serious injury (to other people). He has broken some bones or disc-locations, but most often he doesn't need to. He'd probably do hero work officially if it came up, but it really hasn't for him.



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Whether with one of the two on this account or with my amicus_pacis one. Up for whatever. Though I don’t really have any villains presently.

The Immortal is arguably like an anti-hero maybe.

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Lucias waited and Bigby responded. He mentioned Lucias's own acts, how what he did was a reaction to the injustice, and that the sensation of burning the second time was inferior to the pain of what he'd truly felt. That was true. No matter what, that moment of pain could never be recreated. Whatever tortures he'd have to face.

And then, The Wolf answered the problem, he spoke about how at the time, it felt like it was the right action for him to take. How it was people that did it. Course, that meant humans. And that what he was doing was merely seeking to cause harm to the same people who harmed him. Humans. That was not...truly any different then Lucias's thinking. The problem was merely that when Lucias died, he knew who was at fault, he knew who to kill. But Feroz hadn't lived in the same world Lucias had. He couldn't be expected to have the same sense of morality that he had had.

Lucias pulled in on the cigarette, then took a swig of his drink, spinning it in his glass in thought with a furrowed brow as Feroz spoke. It made difficult. On the one hand, he wanted revenge for those who died. On the other, killing wouldn't accomplish anything truly good. It would be like killing a man for what he did as a child. It would be wrong.

He was late. That was the truth. Any action Lucias had a right to take faded long ago in this case. Lucias looked at the card and heard the comment as he set it down, he had to abandon this hunt today. This was a target that no longer truly existed. He stood up before Feroz left, and reached out a hand to shake, though he didn't care to much either way, that was a gesture of today, not every year "Good to know, there's one less to worry about. I'll keep you in mind." He held up the card and nodded, before going back to his drink regardless of what happened. To think.

Hardly the most friendly interaction he'd had, but it had been...resolved, and peacefully. He took a swig. What more could be asked.

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Huzzah! Ok, mostly back now.

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Lucias smiled and nodded as he folded the picture away thanking the old woman for answering his questions on the man in the picture. She didn't know a lot, but he was on the right track, she'd seen him around. That was about all she knew about him. Still, right track was always good. She of course wasn't told too much from him, to avoid her calling the police.

This might require surveillance, and patience, if he was around here. Maybe he could just keep searching until the man showed up, he had run over the description and the pictures many times before. He kept one with the description and best photo in his jacket pocket as he walked. It was drawing on evening, and soon his stalking about drifted into night. It made it very difficult to recognize his target in this lighting, but worse, it made him look like a potential criminal himself. And, legally speaking, he was. He couldn't quite number the people he'd killed. Now, in this particular location, maybe not, it was hard to keep track of where he killed them because the location wasn't important. Just The Who and the why.

And then, he cocked his head, a glimpse, not perfect, the shadow hid the mans face too well. It was night time. But, if he could get a good sight, then, he could make a better assessment. Lucias kept walking, they were on opposite sides of the street, he needed to cross in front of him so he could turn around and they could cross paths close enough for the Phoenix to get a good look. He quickened his pace, and in moments would cross the street, then start walking opposite where the man was looking, so close to his target but entirely unsure if it was him just yet. Needed a closer eye. He kept walking, keeping his breathing calm. Walking by, his eyes looking past the man, if they made eye contact he'd just nod his head and keep going. But if they were close enough to make eye contact, he might be able to make out the mans face right.

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Difficulty getting on till maybe teusday or Wednesday. This is both me and Amicus_Pacis

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Always on the hunt, always tracking someone or something down. Lucias lived without rest, The Immortal, one of his titles, not the most common one though. A phoenix, an avatar of justice or revenge, whatever he was, he was always judging and always hunting someone.

Today however was a particularly unusual suspect. He had heard of Innocents being killed almost seemingly at random. He hadn't been able to truly pinpoint a pattern, but he'd gotten a rather clear description at first and a bad photo. And so the hunt began.

Following and following until it happened again, again, information of unusual abilities, and the description. But this time he'd managed to salvage a photo that was a little more clear. The person didn't want to give it out to anyone though, seemingly from fear, and Lucias had to go through a lot of convincing to get them to give him a copy.He knew he was closing in, he had mostly had to go by people's statements, but this time, he'd actually managed to hear that the man was already here. The target. He knew who he was, and he knew that he'd killed several people before. Not a single spree of anger, but two, three, maybe many more for all he was aware. That spree had to come to an end.

No Caption Provided

Lucias walked with purpose, leather jacket, inside of which was a dagger, same as in one of his boots. This time he'd even managed to get a hold of a gun. Not that it would last long, when he got into genuine fights, those things always ended up melting.Amusing really, that a man reborn from ash, was now after The Eternal Flame.



Closed rp between me and Ryan McKinley.

Also just so you know, I may have little access to my internet/computer soon for a good few days. So my posting may be totally thrown off.

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Splendid! Would you like to start it or should I?

I'm not too great at starters, but I can start it sometime this evening if I do.

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Ah, so what might happen then may be is that Lucias hears about one of the incidents maybe? Maybe even finds some evidence of who it might be. Then starts to try and run him down, finds another incident, and that's enough for him to be sure that he's tracking the right person, and that he is killing innocent people. Maybe finally catches up to him, and attacks clarifying as he does so that it's for the innocent lives Ryan has taken. And we can go from there.

Figure how powerful you're character is and Lucias's (relatively) lower attack value comparatively, it'd make sense if he fails to take him down the first time or two. And kind of ends up not with the friendship idea, but maybe with the problem of that Ryan isn't necessarily culpable for his actions. So killing him wouldn't necessarily bring justice. So he could leave but with a warning that if he doesn't get it under control, he'd come after him again, but might not stop? Unless there's another route you want to take this.

Don't know if you think that sounds right or not?