Michael Prince (Character Bio)

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Name: Michael Prince

Age: 54

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 167 lb

Species: Future human

Dimension designation: Possible earth 972

Sex: Male

Orientation: Heterosecual

Morality: Good

Occupation: Dimensional Scientist, Traveler, Techno-mage.

Alias: TBA

Physical combat ability: Very high

Technological adeptness: Extreme

Technological range: Infection touch

Pilot/driving skill: Adept

Ranged weapon skill: Moderate

Physical fitness: Very high for age

Possible Earth 972

The Possible Earth 972 emerged from a technological leap around 1930 which greatly expedited the process earth was already on. In a matter of merely the next decade Earth had conjured up technologies so advanced they were altering the aspects of time and space themselves. That is, until 1950 when a dimensional traveler decided to intervene. Offering even greater technology then before and hastening the process.

The traveler was followed. Not by humans or any being they had yet to hear of, but by some strange glowing yeastlike creatures. Creatures that seemed to distort and rip the world of science apart, altering the very nature of science. The Travelers direct effects on technology had summoned creatures out of the dimension itself, to protect it, and others, from being interfered with too much by an outsider. Or at least, too directly. The Traveler eventually discovered it was not that he had interfered which had caused it, but the fashion in which he did so. By offering his knowledge to the world at large he had expedited things too fast, he had given them things they didn't have any comprehension of and shouldn't' have toyed with.

In the same year the "Law of Dimensional Interference" was placed on their dimension and all it's inhabitants, that they could not cause any major scientific evolution of any world, dimension, or timeline in their own or another. And that the only way they could be allowed to cause any changes was through another person, individuals, one they could teach but who had to be able to understand it themselves in order to pass on that knowledge.

The law saw its resistance surely, but when they did resist, they enforced it ever more harshly. Inter-dimensional travel was established through pre-existing means, if one could learn it through them.

The beginning of Michael Prince and Technomagic

Technomagic was born in around the year 2000, at least on a more global scale. The advancement of technology had also advanced the human mind and body in a very specific manner, allowing humans to interact and understand it on a far more advanced level then their ancestors. With this came what was known in most nations as Technomagic, and for some more advanced individuals, even sub-areas such as techno-morphing. This technomagic was deemed not an actual form of sorcery or mana use, but a type of advanced science, one that they were still working on understanding. But what was common knowledge was that the technomages possessed a certain amount of electrical generation, conduction, and manipulation, that was beyond that of most humans. Many technologies of the time began employing safeguards against Techno-mages in order to prevent unauthorized access, which often revolved around a more mechanical mechanism which required certain physical actions to be worked, before it would provide any true electronic abilities, as it was the only way to ensure a more powerful techno-mage couldn't find a way through.

Michael Prince was one such individual, born with this gift, he had a particular talent for understanding how to work his ability through technologies and into others. An infectious touch in some ways, connecting him consciously and actively to every piece of technology he managed to get his hands on. He could see through cameras without ever having to reapply this touch, or activate a phone from a distance to scan through their information. And through technology he could pass his infection, a phone tapping a register or a vehicle was all it took, there would be a slight shock, and he was in.

But at the same time, while some Techno-mages could reach out into a distance to access something they had never touched, Michael could do no such thing. He was always limited to what he could either touch, or get touched through an infected device.

As Michael grew up, he chose to specialize in inter dimensional manipulation. Creating teleportation devices more commonly, but eventually, finally, employing one device he had been wishing for for years. Michael wanted to explore, to leave his dimension where he felt he would be left behind soon by more talented individuals, he wanted to bring with him items of his time and dimension, and go into others. And finally he achieved that, finally, he created a machine that sent him flying through the dimensions. And now, in this one.

The origin of his physical competency: While Michael is a scientist first, he knew traveling across a dimension may require considerable physical fitness. Rather then taking the more medically approved methods, he decided to experiment in physical combat, actively practicing them in order to achieve a much higher level of health. Likewise he pays considerable attention to what he eats, and has in the past concocted various types of drugs to counteract ill effects when he over consumes or eats something he shouldn't.


Electrical manipulation: Michael has a much higher amount of static electricity in his body then a normal person as common for where he's from. He can increase and manipulate this electricity very easily, and even take in incoming electricity (though he would never risk trying to catch a lightning bolt unless he could find somewhere to release it safely.) This ability can actually increase his speed of body and thought considerably, and potentially his physical body at times in the same way electric shocks can. It is also the conduit for his infections technomagic. In the same way he can forcefully activate or run devices which are deactivated or out of power.

Intellect/knowledge: Michael has a genius level intellect and an incredibly fast thought process. He specializes in dimensional sciences, though this involves quite a wide range of knowledge. But as his planet has such developed technology, he is able to very easily understand most technologies. Building a modern phone would be to him just as much as making an egg is to a chief.

Infection Techno-magic: Michael Prince is able to "infect" any electrically based technology, be it a car, a phone, or a super suit, by touching it and transferring a special type of electricity into it. This essentially grants him the ability to sense all of its functions and activities, and then effect them as he chooses. It is not a true form of magic, there is no "mana" nor any form of supernatural methods involved. It is merely what they call advanced science. It would appear no different then the device experience unusual electrical conduction and signals that is causing the problems. He is limited however to what can be touched and conducted, covering a device in rubber for instance would make it more difficult to get through, though if he can find a hole through which to send electricity, he may be able to get through. But either him or his infected devices must have some way to get the electricity across.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Michaels infection techno-magic is especially difficult to override because it is not a coding virus, but a legitimate form of controlled electricity that Michael can command, as a result anti-virus/hacking systems do not function against it, and the only ways to counter it would be by breaking it, somehow getting rid of Michaels electricity (power negation, electricity absorption, etc), or overriding it with a more powerful form of electricity control in some manner.

Magic: While he has not actually been able to discover the cause of it, Michael has been able to pick up unusual energy signatures beyond what is normal for his species. This, in truth, is a potency for actual magic, not the so called techno-magic he more actively employs. But as his world was so incredibly focused on their science, he had no reason to truly understand the origin of this energy or yet figure out how to use it.


Michael Princes armory

Bible he obtained from Sarah (A fascinating New World)