Valentino Giovanni Ferro/The White Lycan (under construction)

Name: Valentino Giovanni Ferro

Age: 42


Connected: The Slayer, The Cannibal of Italy.

Unconnected: The White Lycan


6'1" (human)

7'5" (Lycan)

Species: Lycan

Appearance: A pale man with pale hair and pale blue eyes. Everything about this man screams a tall sheet of paper at first. That is until one gets a good look into his eyes.

Quick bio:

Valentino the Slayer was born human, but he was never like others. He was a hunter of mankind. It was all so easy to get away with, nobody ever could believe a four year old could slit a throat after all. And of course when you act traumatized, it only helps. It became more difficult after that though, once he turned seven things got a little bit more difficult. The deaths were just...a bit too common. He had to become smarter about things, and he had to control himself. He had to stop choosing people randomly who he'd seen or passed by. Patience. He'd have to wait. And so he did. His thirst for blood only grew and grew. But he wouldn't have to wait forever. The instant he believed himself capable, Valentino became an assassin. He didn't care for who, nor how much, his victims were merely toys. Things to play with. This was all just a game.

And then...he wanted more. He started messing around, how amusing would it be if they thought he ate his victims.

He doesn't know how it ended up happening, if it was done to him he didn't know who didn't. If it just happened to him, well, then that's how it worked apparently. Whatever the case, Valentino was no longer a mere human. His skin, his hair, his eyes, they all grew paler. These changes however were merely the aesthetic differences. His senses became keener, he felt faster, and stronger and began to actually hunger for human flesh.

Valentino had become a lycan, pale as paper, but more vicious then ever. He was an assassin now for many more reasons.


Transformation: Technically Valentino can change form at will...most of the time. When he becomes particularly hungry or smells exposed human meat it has sometimes caused either a forced changing or nearly done so.

While human:

Night vision

Enhanced hearing

Enhanced smell

Ability to detect poison and if what he eats will be good for him or not (poisons can still be hidden in food if they are particularly tasteless or odorless)

Superhuman strength and speed (around 3-5x human)

Much more resistant to blunt force damage (can take glances from a car on the highway without serious damage)

Considerable pain tolerance

Increased Longevity

Somewhat faster healing

While Lycan:

All human abilities

Extreme smell

Superhuman strength and speed (approximately 20x human)

Blunt force resistance increased to handle

Jaw with steel like teeth and grip greater then a sharks.

Greater maneuverability over unusual terrain

Increased resistance to basic edged weaponry

Accelerated healing, most wounds can heal within minutes but severing limbs can cause serious problems.


Combative skill: Though Valentino usually just strategizes their deaths, he enjoys actively fighting with them sometimes. In order to do this, he has further practiced his already innate skill at combat. He is prone to using pain of his opponents by intentionally causing damaging but not deadly attacks, intimidation by taking damage he can withstand, and when he finally wants to end it, focused and well practiced killing methods. He is not prone to a defensive style and prefers to attack someone who is attacking them to essentially prevent the attack from finishing, or dodging and counterattacking.

Assassination: He's been doing this for awhile and was always particularly good at murder and getting away with it. Whether it be infiltration, murder, and exfiltration, silent murder with poisons or needles, or just outright fighting his way through, it is something he specializes in.

Deception: Valentino has been lying since he was four and he's always been good at it. It's not that he has some kind of superhuman charisma, merely that there's no difference between truth or lies in the way that he speaks.

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Lucias Carpenter/The Immortal (Bio)

(Converting this over to blog because it's easier)

They called me The Immortal, the prince of ash, the avatar of justice, the phoenix of the innocent. Royalty not by birth, but by force. I am mortal no more. I am human no more. Not by choice, but by pain. Some claim I am a demon or a spirit, come from Hell in place of who I once was to be a terror. Others thought me an angel or avatar of justice.

I am no angel, but nor am I a demon. Whatever has caused this pain to me. Whatever has made me what I am. It was not me who did it. I was burned for crimes not my own, for the crimes of a king of my time, a king whose name, and who's kingdom, I have forgotten. But whose actions I have not. Whatever it was that caused me to survive, here I am. Immortal. You can break me down, strip me of one body, but yet another shall take its place. In a few seconds or in a thousand years I will return. I am no longer a mere mortal man, I am a phoenix.

Not by choice, but by pain.

My name, now, is Lucias Carpenter. I am no avatar of justice or demon of fire, but I will be the harbinger of vengeance.

Name: (currently) Lucias Carpenter. Original name no longer used.

Alias(s): Avatar of Justice, Prince of Ash, The Phoenix of the innocent, The Immortal.

Age: Indeterminate, a somewhere between 1 and three thousand years since birth. Physical age varies unpredictably from late teenager to middle aged.

Ethnicity: Indeterminate, similarities usually vary after each death.


Originally: Human

Currently: Indeterminate. Presumably some kind of human Phoenix.

Identity: Not hidden but not incredibly public just due to a low level of fame/infamy, mostly has shown up in tales in the past or urban stories. No recognizable starting point. Birth given name and visual descriptions have varied.

Occupation: Vigilante/Whatever pays the bills.

Current revival: Relatively recently Lucias had returned to a world of even greater amounts of superhuman occurrences.

Personality: Lucias is a broken man, but he goes on. He has tried living an average life, but he sees himself in others far too often to let injustice slide by. When he sees the guilty set free, and the innocent locked away, he cannot stand by. Whether by brute force or persuasion he will always come to action if he can. Sometimes, it's as simple as providing the right evidence. Other times however, he does the more blatant means, homocide. He sees nothing wrong with the people who choose to stand by, he understand why they might want to obey the law. But the law betrayed him, so why doesn't he deserve to return the favor in order to get justice.


Lucias has had a long and unusual life. He first started out as the child of a somewhat rich household, a household who's mother the King had taken a liking to after his own wife had died. When his father died, he became quite concerned. But with the King's marrying his mother, what was he going to do? He didn't want to go with them but his mother refused to part with him. For the sake of her, certain statements were made in secret. Warning of sorts. In spite of his denial to become a stepson to the king, it was not a choice he had. He had step siblings, children of the king, who were in line before him. But he didn't care for the throne regardless.

Things grew sour however, his mother grew less pretty, less pleasing to the king. They became distanced from each other and then, Lucias woke up to guards dragging him from his bed after drenching him in blood, as they went, he passed his mothers corpse. And as they passed, he understood.

Lucias was charged with treason and murder of the queen, he was then further charged, somehow, with use of summoning evil creatures of darkness. The king sentenced him to burn to death. For all his struggling, there was no way to escape this death. Not for him.

Like nothing he had ever felt before, nor would ever feel again, they prolonged his incineration, they burned him through his entire body as harshly and painfully as possible. As he burned he longed for justice, thirsted for revenge, and begged to live.

A week later a fire ignited upon his grave and from the ashes of his corpse he arose anew, like a phoenix he was reborn. And he had payment on his mind. He hunted the king down, and burned himself with the king in his hands. No guards could stop him, no blade nor could put him down. And their ashes was all that was left.

And yet again, he would arise in time. From then on, The Immortal Phoenix of Ash would prowl lands in search of injustice. Of killing or harming of the innocent. And he would pay them in kind. He went to many lands, fought in many wars, and all that time he searched. Longing for Justice in the world and yet always seeing its sins.


Under construction

Phoenix life: Lucias's body can be destroyed, he can be cursed, he can be cut with a blade, and he will feel it all, but he cannot be killed or permanently trapped by any known means. Time and natural illness may effect him for a little while, but they fade away. Wrinkles and warts crumbling off of him as they burn. Even if his entire body is destroyed and his soul is said to be entrapped, all shall return again in time. This ability seems to come back to him even if stolen or through attempted negation or manipulation of magic or science. It is the one thing about him that remains a total constant. This ability tends to work through whatever is damaging him. And long lasting abilities or curses will be burned out over time regardless of their power. The fire seems to burn regardless of fuel, oxygen, or attempts to prevent it from burning like trying to suffocate or drown it in any manner. This immunity to losing his powers while also being immortal means he is the perfect pursuit predator, if he truly decides a target is worth him following it to the end, he may die a few hundred times, but he'll eventually make it there, whether it is a chance or a matter of stamina. He can keep going.

Location: The exact location of where he resurrects usually is where most of his remains or ashes are. However sometimes when he completely disintegrates or knows he cannot come back to the same location after death, the ashes will seem to completely burn away and he will return elsewhere. This may seem like a kind of teleportation but it is immensely difficult to control the location and doesn't always work.

Speed: The speed of the healing is rather inconsistent. A full regeneration from ashes can take mere seconds, while sometimes flesh wounds may take longer, or almost no time at all. Likewise, sometimes there is a strangely long period of time between each revival. Sometimes he can accelerate this by force. He usually is aware of how long it will take, and the time between revivals or conditions that may be involved.

Fire: Technically, Lucias can force his body to burn of his own accord without physical damage. While this doesn't appear generally to cause damage, it is quite as painful as legitimate burning for him. And effects others just as much as real fire can. The extent of the heat seems to be not particularly limited, nor does it's spread seem to be as it can travel even by air as long as he remains ignited. It has been proven to rather easily melt through metals even when only healing, let alone when actually trying. If he's not paying attention, or chooses it for due so, it can in fact burn him still when he does it on purpose.

Physical prowess: Lucias would never claim to be some kind of supernatural martial artist, but he's still a very skilled combatant. After many years of existence and plenty of time defending himself or attacking others, he's gotten better at controlling his body efficiently and has considerable physical health and experience in athleticism and combat, but this would hardly be considered inhuman. Likewise this has resulted in a very wide range of understanding of weaponry.

Languages: Lucias is pretty keen on multiple languages, though they may come and go as he does. He catches up quickly, but can also lose them just as quickly.

The body: Whether or not this occurs is uncertain, sometimes when Lucias returns, he comes back exactly as normal. Other times it's almost a completely new identity physically speaking.

The way stamina, eating, etc works: He still feels like a normal human but if he is starving to death, over consumes, is suffocating, or other nutrition or necessity based needs, his ability will reach a point where it essentially decides to forcefully rejuvenate his body with fire. The same occurs with stamina, if he over-exerts himself well beyond human, he begins to burn from the inside and the outside, which is immensely painful, but technically means he can keep going.

Extension: With focus he is indeed capable of preventing the fire from burning other people or things, generally, this is applied to whatever is nearest him like clothing or people.

Investigation: After so long of hunting down people he sees as evil, Lucias has developed an incredibly keen awareness for people, lying, and hunting down evidence.

Hunter: Lucias may not be considered the greatest combatant, even if he is among the greater. But what he is good at is taking people out, even if they're more skilled then him, since he doesn't have to take the same precautions as other people. And can preform immensely risky attacks to take someone out.

Unsurprising: After hundreds of years of being an immortal being yourself, new powers lose a lot of their surprise value. He has a lot of experience on both the good and bad ends of people with unnatural abilities.


Pain: Lucias feels all pain a normal human would, even when being "resurrected" from ash he feels his body burn back into life, or when his wounds heal through fire, even that burns just as if he were aflame himself. He does have an immensely higher tolerance for pain then typical, but he is also prone to bouts of memories of his most extreme pains leaving him incapable of doing almost anything. This tolerance is not in the sense that he doesn't feel it as much (a cut hurts as much to him as anyone else) but rather that he can act in full ability regardless of that pain most of the time.

Memory loss: Lucias may be unkillible, but his memories are not. He has suffered from various situations which caused memories to disappear. And even the passing of time will strip away more and more piece by piece. Though at a less accelerated rate then most humans (most of the time).

Illnesses: Technically he can suffer poisons, curses, powers, that cause one to be ill or unwell in some sense. Which may even remain for days after their initial action. They will disappear but during this time they can still seriously effect him. Though, they cannot retain their effects usually for even a full hour. Most are burned away very quickly, and only have vague effects that his body can deal with on its own.


Telepaths/Empaths: Though Lucias can suffer no permanent damage aside from his repercussions of the pain he's been through, it's entirely possible to subdue him for even extended periods of time through telepathy or empathy, enrage him, or manipulate him, through such abilities. However, at the same time, those who seek to see into his mind may see the many years of burning and destruction he has had to face for his immortality. But greater then all that was the very first time he was burned to death, the pain and fear of the death itself, and the sense of injustice and hatred for being accused of nothing he did. He eventually can build up a resistance to it but it can take time. There is, however, an exception to this. He cannot be forced to harm anyone he believes is innocent, and it's very difficult to stop him from following his objective. So if he's after the telepath/empath already, it will not do much good to prevent him from achieving this goal. As illusions will seemingly burn away for him (this is also painful for him, but it works)


Pocket knife

Combat knives in boot or jacket, often both

Sometimes he manages to carry a gun around with him.


The Pheonix, The Wolf And a Bottle of Whiskey. (RPG)

Hunter and hunter (Lucias vs Cadmus)#16860

Fire of Demigods and Immortals (Closed rp: Ryan_McKinley)

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Michael Princes armory (under construction)

Tesla's Nano-Wires (TNW): Tesla Nano Wires are a type of almost microscopic material that is, technically speaking, are essentially just extremely small wires that are designed to be able to react to electricity, contorting, constricting, and either retaining or losing shape according to what they detect. TNW's don't have a natural energy source, and as a result require either a TechnoMage or some other kind of battery with electrical manipulation in order to change beyond their last set form. They are used for the most expensive suits, and can even be used to create vehicles and weapons as they can either retain a stiff shape by constricting with more threads, or be as loose as a thick cloth. They are also self repairing (to a degree, as over time more damage can cause the threads to lose too many parts to repaid), and they are durable enough to stand up to extreme temperatures and even can take sustained bullet fire rather easily, requiring considerably explosive power to break through.

Add ons: The TNW's that Michael usually has are capable of generating constructs of light and sound, contained within a type of energy field, in order to create an essentially weightless but physical construct. These are also used often to add colorations to his armor.

The suit: The suit he wears is almost exclusively made of TNW's, allowing it to fit to his needs accordingly for its shapes. And making it actually able to increase his physical ability considerably, still conduct his infectious touch through it, and protect him from most forms of damage. The helmet, though it would appear to have a visor, is actually comprised of numerous high definition, scoping, energy cameras which detect not only the spectrum of light as needed, but which allow him to perceive different types of energy even if it doesn't recognize what it is, mainly this being dimensional energy (usually a sign of teleportation, an individual from or having visited another dimension, and sometimes size-shifters), and magic (which has a rather specific look to it but is not always detected for unknown reasons). The helmet, when used, also has a rebreather to filter out toxins or alter the gas or liquid it receives to grant oxygen. Or can even be used to put oxygen back into his own air. The suit is environmentally sealable and as a result can actually allow him to survive both in deep sea pressures or the vacuum of space.

The Disc: A weapon on his back the Disc is essentially a saw with a specially reinforced exterior that causes it to be almost indestructible to physical damage either by heat, kinetic energy, or other blades. It features a special type of computer inside with a battery, which allows it to manipulate the wires in such a way to guide it wherever it goes, so it can essentially fly wherever Michael chooses it too. Its battery and computer are especially well guarded to avoid damage from EMP like attacks.

Transportation emitter: What appears to be a rather simple stick is actually a collection of specialized TNW's which are capable of projecting hard light within forcefields. This creates the illusion and effects of physical matter. Functionally it's immensely difficult to break, but head on collisions at full speed, nearby explosions, and powerful enough projectiles, could break the emitters shielding which can temporarily damage the device until fixed.

Star power: A device that connects to many of his designs allows him an almost endless amount of energy use, this is actually more complicated then just accessing another dimension. The Dimensional storage device is directly connected to the coordinates of a star without a system around it, from which when the portal is opened the device pulls in some of its heat energy and converts into whatever energy is required for use.

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The bike: The bike is the easiest one to create and keep running over a longer period of time. It can move at around 250 mph over most terrain and features a jumping design that can launch it three stories into the air.

No Caption Provided

The jet, while it leaves the person in the open, is still a very useful transport due to it having an ever higher speed of around mach 1 with incredible acceleration and turning ability. It was also designed to be able to fire heat of around 25 kw of heat compressed within a temporary forcefield allowing it to fire great distances before impact with a more solid object then a gas, where the heat disperses into the object.


This is not a full level dimensional tele-porter and is weaker then the one that Michael used to get to his current dimension. It only allows spatial transportation in correlation to where Michael is, this requires direction and distance and it can only teleport around 2 tons worth of materials due to stress it can produce on the device. It uses a comprehensive control system to decide what it teleports and what it doesn't, whether it brings air, whether the ground is included, if it's just him or if it includes people around him. It has a spherical range of what it can bring with it of around four meters, everything else is out of range. This is usually controlled via Michaels Techno-magic but does indeed have controls. It is a device he keeps inside his suit most of the time.


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Michael Prince (Character Bio)

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Name: Michael Prince

Age: 54

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 167 lb

Species: Future human

Dimension designation: Possible earth 972

Sex: Male

Orientation: Heterosecual

Morality: Good

Occupation: Dimensional Scientist, Traveler, Techno-mage.

Alias: TBA

Physical combat ability: Very high

Technological adeptness: Extreme

Technological range: Infection touch

Pilot/driving skill: Adept

Ranged weapon skill: Moderate

Physical fitness: Very high for age

Possible Earth 972

The Possible Earth 972 emerged from a technological leap around 1930 which greatly expedited the process earth was already on. In a matter of merely the next decade Earth had conjured up technologies so advanced they were altering the aspects of time and space themselves. That is, until 1950 when a dimensional traveler decided to intervene. Offering even greater technology then before and hastening the process.

The traveler was followed. Not by humans or any being they had yet to hear of, but by some strange glowing yeastlike creatures. Creatures that seemed to distort and rip the world of science apart, altering the very nature of science. The Travelers direct effects on technology had summoned creatures out of the dimension itself, to protect it, and others, from being interfered with too much by an outsider. Or at least, too directly. The Traveler eventually discovered it was not that he had interfered which had caused it, but the fashion in which he did so. By offering his knowledge to the world at large he had expedited things too fast, he had given them things they didn't have any comprehension of and shouldn't' have toyed with.

In the same year the "Law of Dimensional Interference" was placed on their dimension and all it's inhabitants, that they could not cause any major scientific evolution of any world, dimension, or timeline in their own or another. And that the only way they could be allowed to cause any changes was through another person, individuals, one they could teach but who had to be able to understand it themselves in order to pass on that knowledge.

The law saw its resistance surely, but when they did resist, they enforced it ever more harshly. Inter-dimensional travel was established through pre-existing means, if one could learn it through them.

The beginning of Michael Prince and Technomagic

Technomagic was born in around the year 2000, at least on a more global scale. The advancement of technology had also advanced the human mind and body in a very specific manner, allowing humans to interact and understand it on a far more advanced level then their ancestors. With this came what was known in most nations as Technomagic, and for some more advanced individuals, even sub-areas such as techno-morphing. This technomagic was deemed not an actual form of sorcery or mana use, but a type of advanced science, one that they were still working on understanding. But what was common knowledge was that the technomages possessed a certain amount of electrical generation, conduction, and manipulation, that was beyond that of most humans. Many technologies of the time began employing safeguards against Techno-mages in order to prevent unauthorized access, which often revolved around a more mechanical mechanism which required certain physical actions to be worked, before it would provide any true electronic abilities, as it was the only way to ensure a more powerful techno-mage couldn't find a way through.

Michael Prince was one such individual, born with this gift, he had a particular talent for understanding how to work his ability through technologies and into others. An infectious touch in some ways, connecting him consciously and actively to every piece of technology he managed to get his hands on. He could see through cameras without ever having to reapply this touch, or activate a phone from a distance to scan through their information. And through technology he could pass his infection, a phone tapping a register or a vehicle was all it took, there would be a slight shock, and he was in.

But at the same time, while some Techno-mages could reach out into a distance to access something they had never touched, Michael could do no such thing. He was always limited to what he could either touch, or get touched through an infected device.

As Michael grew up, he chose to specialize in inter dimensional manipulation. Creating teleportation devices more commonly, but eventually, finally, employing one device he had been wishing for for years. Michael wanted to explore, to leave his dimension where he felt he would be left behind soon by more talented individuals, he wanted to bring with him items of his time and dimension, and go into others. And finally he achieved that, finally, he created a machine that sent him flying through the dimensions. And now, in this one.

The origin of his physical competency: While Michael is a scientist first, he knew traveling across a dimension may require considerable physical fitness. Rather then taking the more medically approved methods, he decided to experiment in physical combat, actively practicing them in order to achieve a much higher level of health. Likewise he pays considerable attention to what he eats, and has in the past concocted various types of drugs to counteract ill effects when he over consumes or eats something he shouldn't.


Electrical manipulation: Michael has a much higher amount of static electricity in his body then a normal person as common for where he's from. He can increase and manipulate this electricity very easily, and even take in incoming electricity (though he would never risk trying to catch a lightning bolt unless he could find somewhere to release it safely.) This ability can actually increase his speed of body and thought considerably, and potentially his physical body at times in the same way electric shocks can. It is also the conduit for his infections technomagic. In the same way he can forcefully activate or run devices which are deactivated or out of power.

Intellect/knowledge: Michael has a genius level intellect and an incredibly fast thought process. He specializes in dimensional sciences, though this involves quite a wide range of knowledge. But as his planet has such developed technology, he is able to very easily understand most technologies. Building a modern phone would be to him just as much as making an egg is to a chief.

Infection Techno-magic: Michael Prince is able to "infect" any electrically based technology, be it a car, a phone, or a super suit, by touching it and transferring a special type of electricity into it. This essentially grants him the ability to sense all of its functions and activities, and then effect them as he chooses. It is not a true form of magic, there is no "mana" nor any form of supernatural methods involved. It is merely what they call advanced science. It would appear no different then the device experience unusual electrical conduction and signals that is causing the problems. He is limited however to what can be touched and conducted, covering a device in rubber for instance would make it more difficult to get through, though if he can find a hole through which to send electricity, he may be able to get through. But either him or his infected devices must have some way to get the electricity across.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Michaels infection techno-magic is especially difficult to override because it is not a coding virus, but a legitimate form of controlled electricity that Michael can command, as a result anti-virus/hacking systems do not function against it, and the only ways to counter it would be by breaking it, somehow getting rid of Michaels electricity (power negation, electricity absorption, etc), or overriding it with a more powerful form of electricity control in some manner.

Magic: While he has not actually been able to discover the cause of it, Michael has been able to pick up unusual energy signatures beyond what is normal for his species. This, in truth, is a potency for actual magic, not the so called techno-magic he more actively employs. But as his world was so incredibly focused on their science, he had no reason to truly understand the origin of this energy or yet figure out how to use it.


Michael Princes armory

Bible he obtained from Sarah (A fascinating New World)