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The Essence of Fear
The Essence of Fear

Creatures of the night have existed for thousands of years. They are the substance of legend, nightmares come to life. Among these creatures are the lycans - immortal, shape-shifting beings who draw their power from the moon itself. Their characteristics most closely resemble those of a wolf. Of these many characteristics comes a certain "pack mentality."

Physically, lycans possess superior agility, reflexes, heightened senses, and strength compared to normal humans. Purebred and natural-born lycans display greater strength and speed compared to those who are "turned." Additionally, lycans are immortal and display supernatural resilience - immunity to toxins/poisons and a highly developed "healing factor" which allows them to recover from most injuries in a relatively short amount of time.

Purebred Characteristics
Purebred Characteristics

As a lycan ages, these abilities become sharper and more refined. This results in older lycans displaying sharper senses, more strength, and increased speed than those of relatively younger lycans.

Lycans, however, have one fatal weakness: silver. Depending on the severity, wounds inflicted by silver may or may not heal. In some cases, those wounds have even left scars (i.e. branding done with silver, amputated limbs not growing back, scars that develop even though the wound has somewhat healed, etc.).

Lycans control those whom they turn. The first lycans were the result of evolution - a mere mutation on a select few individuals. This "gift" was then passed down through their family lines, evolving and adapting with each generation. Eventually the race became perfected and stable.

Of the many breeds that had roamed the globe, one breed had a direct bloodline intertwined with the first of the lycans (often referred to as, "The First Wolves"). The alpha of that group found that he could not only command his own pack, but ALL packs. That gift became known as the Power of the Alpha.

It is a gift that passes down from generation-to-generation by order of birth. Once an alpha dies, the Power of the Alpha transfers to their first born. If an alpha has no heir, the Power of the Alpha transfers to their next of kin - starting with direct siblings.

Also, when a lycan takes on the Power of the Alpha, there are exceptions to those who can be dominated or controlled. The blood-born siblings of an alpha are immune to the powers of control. Not only the siblings, but those whom they themselves directly turn are also immune to the power of the alpha. Therefore, the only way for an alpha to truly maintain their power, they must have the complete and total support of their family.

The first lycan who embodied the Power of the Alpha was Valko...

House Greystoke

Valko of House Greystoke: First Warrior King of the Lycan Underworld
Valko of House Greystoke: First Warrior King of the Lycan Underworld

Though the early parts of his life were shrouded in mystery, it was widely believed that Valko originally came from the area of Gaul. His past experiences had included fighting both with and against the Romans.

Valko fought against the heads of other lycan packs to prove his dominance. Though he already had the Power of the Alpha, he demonstrated that power effectively and forced the other lycan packs into submission. Only when the other packs yielded willingly did Valko let his true power be known.

And thus he was named, "The King of the Wolves."

Around A.D. 800, Valko established his pack - House Greystoke. For the first century of his rule, the King of the Wolves and House Greystoke were a mainly nomadic group - keeping their numbers relatively small. Though it was possible to "turn" humans into lycans, those that were natural-born lycans were superior to those who were turned.

As the power of the Alpha passed from generation-to-generation, it allowed House Greystoke to solidify itself and to become the cornerstone of the Lycan Underworld.

However, they would soon need to grow their numbers as a newer threat loomed on the horizon.

An Era of War


Throughout the centuries, the lycans had encountered another group of immortals - vampires. Sometimes their interactions were neutral, and even somewhat peaceful.

In A.D. 1096, a leader of the vampiric clans, Demetri Nostrovich, called a meeting of the immortals outside Constantinople. Lycans from the West and Elves from the North all gathered to this meetings. Several prominent houses showed up, including House Greystoke, under a banner of peace.

At the time, the Greystoke numbers were few; but their warriors were powerful and without equal under the light of the full moon.

The prominent members of House Greystoke, along with several elven and vampiric houses, had all gathered in the great hall of the Nostrovich stronghold. When the time came, Demetri Nostrovich revealed himself and laid out his great plan - to dominate the world of men. His goal was to go to war with mankind and to enslave the human race.

At that moment, the great hall erupted. Immediately, all of the vampiric houses in attendance rallied behind Nostrovich in full support; whereas the elves in attendance were split - some siding with the plan, others speaking out against it, and others who remained silent in contemplation.

It was a night of the new moon, meaning that the lycans of House Greystoke were in their weakest state. During the new moon, the youngest of the lycans were unable to change. The purebreds (sometimes referred to as those with the "Blood of the First Wolves") could change, but were much weaker than usual.

It was at that moment when lines were drawn. In a preemptive strike, all of the vampires in the great hall turned on those who did not openly support Nostrovich in his plan. Immediately, immortals clashed and a battle broke out in the confines of the great hall within the Nostrovich stronghold.

During the clash, Valko and the rest of House Greystoke were all cut down, except one: one of Valko's direct descendants: Peter. A young prince at the time, Peter was the only member of House Greystoke who managed to escape the carnage of the vampires' betrayal.

Therefore he had no choice, but to prepare for war...

The Hunter

King Peter of House Greystoke
King Peter of House Greystoke

The events of that fateful night were long remembered as the Night of the Silver Moon. When Peter Greystoke escaped the Nostrovich stronghold, he immediately sought out his kin (those who were not present during the massacre). Both of his parents, his older siblings, and even some of his younger siblings had fallen alongside the alpha, Valko, during the Night of the Silver Moon.

Therefore, by way of succession, the power of the alpha transferred to Peter that night - marking him as the true heir and thus making him the new King of the Wolves.

Immediately after gathering what remained of House Greystoke, the newly crowned King of the Wolves went on the offensive. He and his kin began to hunt down vampires all across Europe of Asia - leaving absolute carnage in their wake. To combat their immortal foes, both races of immortals began turning humans and increasing their numbers. Eventually, small skirmishes evolved into large battles.

The Hunter
The Hunter

In A.D. 1192, King Peter had successfully hunted down the remnants of the Nostrovich clan - save for one final army, led by the legendary Demitri Nostrovich himself. In one final clash, the wolves descended upon the vampires in an epic battle. It was there on the battlefield, under a full moon, when Peter Greystoke decapitated Demitri Nostrovich. Grasping onto the vampire lord's severed head, the King of the Wolves let out a mighty roar and watched as the remaining vampire soldiers fled the battlefield.

From that moment forward, King Peter of House Greystoke became known as "The Hunter." As generations passed, all lycan kings who led their packs into battle were referred to as "the Hunter," a title that was both earned and respected.

Castle Greystoke

Castle Greystoke
Castle Greystoke

During the Blood Wars, King Peter Greystoke sought out a suitable den for his packs.

Near the border of modern day France and Germany, he found a secluded spot in the mountains that could be easily defended.

On top of that, the mountain sat on top of one of the largest silver mines in all of Europe - making it both a physical and financial stronghold.

Building a fortress into the side of the mountain itself, the place became known as Castle Greystoke. Up in the mountains and surrounded by trees, the fortress was untouchable. The Wolves of House Greystoke prowled the thick forests around their den, mercilessly cutting down any who might approach uninvited.

Castle Greystoke would serve as the seat of House Greystoke for centuries to come...

William Greystoke:

Physical Characteristics

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Name: William Greystoke
Identity: Secret
Origin: Lycan
Age: 332
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 265lbs
Eye Color: Varies
Hair Color: Brown


  • The Hunter
  • The Apex Predator
  • The Cerebral Assassin
  • The Beast Incarnate
  • The Lord of the Lycans
  • The Greystoke Legend
  • The King of the Wolves

Early History

William Greystoke - 1781
William Greystoke - 1781

Born in 1687, William Greystoke was the fifth-born heir of King Peter Greystoke and his mate at the time, Catherine Greystoke. As a regular practice, lycans spaced out their breeding cycles by decades and sometimes centuries - choosing only when the time was right to produce their purebred descendants.

William, together with his brothers and sisters, personally trained under King Peter and his closest advisers. They were taught how to hunt, how to kill, and most importantly - how to lead.

During his later youth and young adulthood, William entered the field of battle and gained firsthand experience regarding the art of war.

William's Sanguis Lupi - 1732
William's Sanguis Lupi - 1732

Each of the lycan lords kept an elite group of warriors as their personal guard. The lycan lords personally turned these individuals themselves, as a way to guarantee their absolute loyalty. These elite groups of warriors, loyal only to the one who turned them, became known as the Sanguis Lupi or "Blood Wolves."

For over a century, William traveled the globe in search of legendary warriors. After he had given them immortality, William and the rest of his Blood Wolves learned the unique fighting styles of those they had brought in as their new brothers and sisters.

By the early 1800's, William's Sanguis Lupi had warriors from nearly every continent - fierce and seasoned warriors from Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and the Americas.

A New Alpha

Throughout the mid 1800's, William and his kin spent the majority of their lives scattered across the globe. Each of them had begun building their own packs and establishing dens in various parts of the world. William and a few of his kin decided to go to war, enforcing House Greystoke's interest from the battlefield. The battles that took place were often against either vampires of humans.

Though the vampires were among the oldest enemies of the lycans, humans were beginning to challenge them as well - using their increasingly advanced weaponry to sometimes devastating effect.

In the mid 1800's, the first of William's kin were killed. He was not shot with silver bullets or bolts, nor was he impaled by a silver sword. Instead, he was killed silently in his sleep - a silver dagger finding its way to his throat and ending him quickly. Within five years, many more of William's siblings met their deaths in the same manner.

Catherine Greystoke - 1857
Catherine Greystoke - 1857

By 1857, William found himself the third eldest (formerly being fifth) of King Peter's heirs. His older sister, Catherine Greystoke, remained the eldest, followed by the now-second-eldest, Malcolm Greystoke. However, the entire lycan underworld was shaken to its core when King Peter, himself, was killed - assassinated within the walls of Castle Greystoke...

As the eldest-born daughter of King Peter, the power of the alpha was passed on to Catherine Greystoke. As she took the throne, Queen Catherine called the packs to Castle Greystoke. Uncertain of who had been murdering her kin, she called for all lycan packs to marshal their forces in preparation to face this unknown, unseen threat. Lycans from all over the globe had begun to converge on Castle Greystoke for the calling of the packs.

After many years of traveling the globe and waging war, William and his forces were summoned to Castle Greystoke to swear fealty and offer a display of unity in support of House Greystoke. There were some, however, who were skeptical about the circumstances regarding Catherine's ascension to the throne. Although the other lycan houses had submitted the Catherine's rule, her own siblings were immune to her power as the newly crowned alpha.

Malcolm, Catherine's younger and William's senior, had begun to suspect that Catherine had been behind the swift, yet brutal killings of their kin in an effort to take power. After all, Catherine was personally known for her swiftness on the battlefield and her unmatched knowledge of stealth tactics. Before William had arrived to Castle Greystoke for the calling of the packs, Malcolm had confronted him - telling William to be watchful of their older sister and, when the time was right, to support Malcolm when needed.

At the time of her ascension, Catherine had already taken a mate from another prominent lycan house but had retained her family name. Together, they already had a few young children, further solidifying her claim and ensuring that the power of the alpha was remain within her bloodline.

The End of the Blood Wars

Malcolm Greystoke
Malcolm Greystoke

With Catherine and her lineage firmly entrenched as the head of the family, Malcolm and William both realized that they needed to support their older sister. For the time being, Malcolm's dissent grew more and more quiet with each passing year. Eventually, he began to even support his sister and her efforts to expand their holdings.

However, Malcolm seemed to have truly achieved the impossible when he almost single-handedly brought about the official end of the centuries-long Blood Wars. Ever the diplomat, Malcolm sought to end the feud between vampires and lycans through marriage. Though their family was nowhere near as strong as they once had been, the Nostrovich clan still held sway among the prominent vampire covens of the world.

With the blessing of Queen Catherine, Malcolm joined the houses of Greystoke and Nostrovich as he himself took a vampire for his bride. The wedding took place within the walls of Castle Greystoke as both houses set aside their differences to enter into an era of peace... or so they thought...


As a show of unity and honor, Malcolm had arranged for his personal Sanguis Lupi and the personal guard of his new wife to guard the feast within the great hall. As vampires and lycans engaged in the celebrations, they were personally guarded by nearly two-hundred immortals.

Catherine, her mate, and all of her children were in attendance. While Malcolm and his new wife's immortals guarded the great hall, William's Sanguis Lupi patrolled and guarded the outside - keeping a steady watch over their vampiric guests within the stronghold. Every now and then, William would make his way into the great hall to check on the feast.

However, just as the moon reached its highest peak, William made his way towards the great hall. This time, as he approached the doors, his brother's guards stopped him. They instructed him that, since the ceremony was reaching its highest point, only he was allowed to proceed. While the rest of his Sanguis Lupi had to stay behind, William reluctantly made his way into the great hall.

As he made his way inside towards the ceremony, William could not help but feel that something was not right.

Malcolm's Betrayal
Malcolm's Betrayal

Suddenly, he heard the sounds of battle coming from the great hall... gunfire... the clashing of metal... growls... roars... cries of pain... Bursting into the great hall with weapons drawn, his eyes were met with the horrors of betrayal: Catherine, her mate, their young children, and members of their personal guard lay dead on the ground. At the head of the table Malcolm stood, his eyes glowing a bright yellow color.

In one last effort to sway his younger brother, Malcolm beckoned for William to join him. Together as brothers, they would slaughter any who stood in their way - vampire and lycan alike (including their own kin if necessary). Working with the vampires all along, Malcolm had orchestrated the assassination perfectly - managing to kill not only his own sister, but her children as well; thus clearing the way for him to become the next alpha and the new King of the Lycan Underworld.

Quickly observing the situation, William realized that Malcolm was untouchable. Malcolm (now possessing the power of the alpha) was surrounded by obedient lycans and vampires. He had no choice but to fight his way out. In the blink of an eye, William's Sanguis Lupi crashed into the great hall fully transformed and ready to defend their blood lord.

Together with his Sanguis Lupi, William fought and clawed his way out of the great hall, managing to save a small handful of his younger brothers and sisters. Barely escaping with their lives, William and the rest of House Greystoke faced their greatest threat yet - their own...

The War of Wolves / Ascension

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Modern Operations

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