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Sunday in the Park... With the Punisher! (Some spoilers!) 0

As for a first issue, this was ok. It was a little slow at times, but at least for those new to the Punisher character, it helps you understand just who he is and why he does what he does.   My favorite parts are the flashback panels at the bottom of most of the pages, detailing how he lost of his family. I felt the art, composition, and placement of what happened in them were great and tell a great mini-story within a story when read all together.   I thought it was a nice touch that on the ann...

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My GAL Carnage?! (Spoilers!) 0

That's right, Carnage is a female in case you missed last issue. And throughout the course of the issue, I really began to take a liking to her.  Now, you have to understand, I usually don't like replacing old characters with new ones who take over their old identity. If it's not broke don't fix it and all that... So this is unusual for me. Luckily Wells makes the new Carnage host likeable, relatable and yet sympathetic. I really enjoy closeups inside her mind when she and the symbiote battle fo...

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A Healthy Dose of Venom? (Spoilers Inside) 3

First off, the cover is good. While he doesn't match his appearance in the book, it does give you one chilling clue as to who is wearing the suit, which is what gave it away for me. Next issue we get a more accurate depiction of ol' Venom.  For me, this book was a bit all over the place for my taste. In some ways, it reminded me of back in the '90s when Venom was a government operative/weapon for a brief stint; back when Larry Hama was at the helm I believe. I almost get the feeling this has bee...

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My all time favorite villain, Roderick Kingsley is dead. And the way Dan Slott did it was TERRIBLE! Since when was Phil Urich ever an evil, crazed lunatic? He was a hero! But that's not the worst part; he has Kingsley decapitated!!! Am I really supposed to believe that Roderick Kingsley, with his improved Goblin formula was taken out so easily by a two-bit punk? Really?! This was just utterly horrible. Why bring back Kingsley and his ever bad-ass self just so Dan could horribly  and easily (Out ...

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Off-beat Villain Hustles Up Some Fun 0

One thing I like about Spider-Man, is that nobody is too big or too little for him to fight. From Doctor Doom, to Electro, to Juggernaut and yes, even Slyde; nobody is off limits. That's one of the things I like about this issue.   Our story begins with our hero foiling a mugging on the subway. Did I mention it's Peter Parker and not Spider-Man? Luckily for him, the lights went out early in the fight and no one got a long look at him using his spider strength and agility. When the lights come on...

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Baron Zemo Steals the Show 0

I'd read the preview for this and in that preview we see Zemo and the Ghost talking about recent events, particularly the fall of Norman Osborn. As they continue talking, the Ghost all too eagerly tells Zemo what else he has missed since he has been gone, namely the return of Bucky. Y'see, Helmut's father, Heinrich, the first Baron Zemo, was primarily known for having been the one to kill Bucky. Not even the Red Skull could claim that! Naturally, Helmut can't let Bucky's return tarnish his fathe...

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A Review for Rhino 0

We start out with Harry Osborn and Dr.Kafka in a therapy session. JM DeMatteis provides us with a chilling scene of Harry at his worst and craziest when he becomes enraged with Kafka. I was surprised when Harry jumped after Kafka only to find that, luckily for Dr.Kafka, he was behind bulletproof glass. As he is being led out, he begins taunting Spider-man by saying Peter, only to follow it up with Peter Pumpkin Eater. What a curveball! I didn't see that coming at all; I thought for sure he was g...

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He's back, but at what cost? 5

That's right. SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. Kraven the Hunter  is back! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's take it from the top.  The writing and art by Kelly and Lark continue to amaze, as per usual. We see Madame Web continuing to narrate, and it really is approprate, considering her power to see the future and other extensive knowledge of the "Spider" characters. Kaine shaves and looks like a scarred Peter Parker when he comes to rescure Spider-Man and Arana. He ...

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Hunt down this issue! 0

I cannot remember the last time I read an issue of Amazing Spider-Man where I was so engrossed in the story. Sure, "Something Can Stop the Juggernaut" was great, but this? This was phenominal. Michael Lark's art is perfect for such a dark story; I hope to see more Spidey from him in the future. Joe Kelly, while fondly remembered for his run on Deadpool years ago, is beginning to leave a permanent mark upon Spider-Man. These days when I read a new comic, I read it once and maybe skim back for the...

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Nothing Can Stop Me... From Reading This Arc! 3

Wow! Roger Stern returns and what a return it is! I had a hard time getting through this issue without flipping to the last page to discover who or what it was that stopped ol' Cain Marko. And not only is it finally solved on the last page, but another mystery is introduced: Who is the new Captain Universe?! Hard to believe it's been about 300 issues since Cap showed up in Amazing. I'm dying to know who hates Jug-Head enough to wanna kill him, and how this qualifies this mysterious individual to...

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