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The Hobgoblin Saga (With commentary by yours truly...)

This list pertains to characters, people, stories, items, concepts, etc. relating to the Hobgoblin. Enjoy the commentary boys and girls.

List items

  • Look how cute I am!


  • Bah! The accursed Web-Slinger! I'd rather not talk about him...

  • Spineless doesn't begin to describe this jellyfish...

  • A special thanks to Georgie here, for without him, there'd be no Hobgoblin today.

  • Look up loser in the dictionary, and 10 to 1 it'd have a picture of this guy's ugly mug. I truly did him a favor by incinerating him; serves him right for giving the Hobgoblin a bad name.

  • Back before he became the Hobgoblin, Macendale used this costume and alias. He obviously should've stuck with it.

  • Leeds was a reporter who snooped where he shouldn't have. In the end, it cost him his life, but not before I framed him for being the Hobgoblin. The best part? Everybody bought it for years! Hook, line, and sinker! Hahahahaha!!!

  • Leeds' widow. I'd be more than happy to help her join her darling Neddy...

  • Hizzonner the mayor! I blackmailed him once. In turn, he assigned Ned Leeds to turn his investigative attention towards me. Remind me to thank Jameson someday for providing me with a fine dupe.

  • Ahhhh, my first dupe. I used Lefty to test my improved version of the Goblin Formula. Once he passed my little test, I caused him to smash face first into a building. Nobody missed him.

  • The little punk needed to learn how to keep his mouth shut, so I happily obliged. I dressed him in a Hobgoblin costume and framed him just as I'd done with Leeds and Donovan.

  • Osborn never truly knew how to use power. He was too insane with his obsession over Spider-Man. Still, I'll give him credit, he's a genius, but limited by his crazyness. Here's hoping he chokes on a pumpkin bomb... And actually stays dead!

  • Remind me to give this guy a close shave with a razor-bat if he ever crosses my path again. He was supposed to help me stage a corporate take-over of Osborn's company but had other agendas...

  • Another chump I blackmailed. His son is the Schizoid-Man. He tried to take over Osborn's company alongside George Vandergill, but I saw to that. What? No I didn't kill Sen.Martin! Sheesh...

  • But I did, however kill Vandergill as an example to make Sen.Martin drop his bid for taking over Norman Osborn's company! Nothing like a good ol' fashioned gas filled pumpkin bomb to the face, eh?

  • I kidnapped his then-pregnant wife so he'd hand over the last remaining journal of Norman Osborn. He was none to happy about that and foolishly tried to take me on. He's a crazy fool like his father, but I'll admit, Norman had more backbone than Harold here ever did...

  • How did Peter Parker let this fine specimen get away? She used to model for my company Kingsley Ltd. and what a sight for sore eyes she was! Haha! I also had her kidnapped in conjunction with Osborn's wife. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, I'm afraid.

  • Harry Osborn's ex-wife. She was nothing more than a tool in the grand scheme of things. She made a good bargaining chip/hostage.

  • I foolishly allowed myself to ally with Richard Fisk, AKA the Rose. It was a learning experience; I learned that I work best alone. He died believing Leeds was his friend and the real Hobgoblin. I never liked him much anyway.

  • Another mistake, courtesy of the one and only, Jason Macendale. Nuff said.

  • Macendale joined up with these guys during his demonic days. I doubt I'd ever join up with these guys unless it somehow served to benefit me. Then again, why should Doctor Octopus be the only one allowed to form his own team? Strength in numbers and all that...

  • Good ol' Dad. Let it be known the man can write!

  • Hmm, if Stern is my dad, I guess this would make JRJr. my... *shudders* mom? On second thought, we'll just call him my Uncle.

  • I consider Mr.DeFalco to be my Godfather...

  • And Mr. Frenz to be my Godmo... er, my Step Uncle. Phew!

  • Further proof of Norman Osborn's genius. No Goblin should be without one. Wait, what?! They're not going to give me a glider? Then how the hell am I supposed to... Eh? A winged backpack?!? Now that's the most rediculous thing I ever heard...!

    Then again, as I recently found out, it's Phil with that winged backpack, but the fact remains that that little twerp is ruining my good name!

  • Need an explosive? Need a gas grenade? Look no further! These things serve almost any purpose imaginable, limited only to the engineer's imagination. First created by that insane SOB, Norman Osborn.

  • This guy gave Macendale his father's (Kraven the Hunter's) strength enhancing formula in a bid on Macendale's part to gain more power after the whole demon fiasco left him powerless once again. Guess what? He still failed and this Grim Hunter guy is worm food... twice over!

  • The fat man himself. He once stopped me from killing Spider-Man. He only did it because he viewed me as a bigger threat to him than Spider-Man was and to use Spider-Man as a means to take me out of the picture; with good reason, of course, considering I WILL have his job one day...

    And speaking of jobs, he recently hired me to be his Hobgoblin. I just told him what he wanted to hear for the moment until I was ready to make my move.

  • Once Spider-Man's little girlfriend. Not sure if they're still an item these days, but she couldn't beat me WITH Spider-Man, let alone what could happen with out him there to always protect her. This little kitty's bound to run out of 9 lives sooner than later... Hahaha!

  • Lousy little brat! *Ahem* But it shall be me that has the last laugh; while she's been cancelled I'll be returning soon. It's a wonder what a fat wallet and Joe Quesada can get you... Bwahahaha!

  • May she burn in hell.

  • I know next to nothing about this clown except that he briefly impersonated me at an airport; seemingly without motive, at that! I have no idea what that was all about, but I'll have to keep an eye on him.

  • Highly recommended reading.

  • Also highly recommended reading.

  • Meh... It's got my name on it, so I might as well endorse it. It's simply good business.

  • Broke me out of jail under Norman Osborn's orders when Osborn thought I still had a journal proving him to be the original Green Goblin. Ha! The fool... You see, back then, Osborn was trying to trick the public into believing he was never the Green Goblin. Yeah, that lasted long. Turns out this poor sap (Green Goblin V) was nothing more than a cheap genetic construct.

  • Hmm, perhaps someone should do the world a favor and eliminate this kid before he becomes another insane Osborn. Like we need another of those running around!

    I should've done the deed when I had the chance and he was still in the womb.

  • This lady's trouble. Thankfully she sank into obscurity years ago.

  • I'd just like to thank him for bringing me back from the obscurity known also as retirement. Time to pack my bags, finish drinking my coconut, and hit the "Big Time".

    I wrote that before Dan Slott decided to be a jerk and supposedly decapitate me.I liked you, Dan Slott! And the Hobgoblin doesn't just like anyone! Why, Slott, why?! I cannot wait for someone to retcon that horribly carried out death and bring me back from outta comic book hell! Sheesh!

  • So I, along with a number of different supervillains, were brought together by Mephisto in hopes of taking down the Beyonder. Needless to say, it was a waste of my time.

  • If the Philgoblin thinks he's seen the last of me, he's sadly mistaken. I'll see him and that wretched Spider-Girl clone both burn in hell yet!!!

  • I liked Montana. He stuck to the matter at hand and to getting the job done. The man had class. Too bad Dan Slott seemingly killed him off, too.

  • Curious what the Rose looked like under his silly little mask? Well, here he is. He's worm food now; probably the most successful thing he's ever done.

  • The place has good food and drinks. As for good people, I'd say they're short on that, what with the likes of the Kingpin, Norman Osborn, and that buffoon Jameson amongst its members. I, too, was a member; not sure if I still am after that whole blackmail it's members scheme that went south thanks to Spider-Man... Remind me to look into that sometime.