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mutant world ch.1

Mutants, genus “Homo-superior”, have always had the responsibility of how to use and the control of their powers.

In an ideal world we would co-exist and eventualy interbreed until homo-sapiens were bred out. This is a view of a world were

mutants have become icons, leaders, entrapenures, and of corse there will always be villians.

In some casesmutant powers are not bestowed to single individuals but dozens or hundreds of people.  Any mutant generaly has one power but when both parents are mutants the offspring will have both or a combination of the two. In rare cases if a fifth generation mutant with mutant parents can have as many as six or more different or combined powers. In the pure intrest of producing stronger powered young some partners will not wed and have many children and raise them either together or seperately. Therefore, it is not uncommon for an individual to have an entire harem of partners.    One Individual has cashed in on his power to produce

X-gene bloodpills, where upon ingested the user gains that power for several hours, then it fades away without sideeffect.

With his offspring all posessing this power and different powers from the women in his harem many new X-gene pills are available

to the mutant and non-mutant populas.

In the everyday world with mutants they use their powers where they are needed but can’t help trying to find new applications for their gifts. Those mutants with healing powers are doctors and all kinds of physicians. They treat those with ailments that go beyond the help that the X-gene(Purifier & Regenerate) pills can quickly fix.

In the feilds of maual labor mutants with powers like Super strenght, Flight, and Elemental Maipultaion have lightened the burdens we face today, with these and various other powers the time,cost and waste in construction and developement have been drasticaly cut. Transforming places that were once totaly uninhaditable have become Mutant Metropoluses. Their power sources are all elemental non-pollutant designed, modeled after mutant powers such as Hydro-kinetic, Geo-thermal, Solar Radiation, and Bio-Electric and mutant backup generators are mutants paid to simply live within the city and use their powers when grids go down or emergencies require power be redirected.In many major mutant cities their local law enforcements are Psychic mutants both police and more powerful psychics are Judges, knowing there is no escapeing the truth crime rates are very small to rare occurances.In the eyes of the those governing the cities those with Necromatic powers are as useful as the energy producers. The re-animation of dead cells is a key in homicide cases where the dead can actually name is murderer, as well as pass on vital information that would otherwise be lost. Though more taxing is the reanimating of power “generator” mutants bodies and constructing devices to keep them generating after they’re done.
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