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No Challengers ? Where's the real RP around here ?

I growing bored with this world, this slice of reality we call home. Im going to shift dimensions and become myself in another lifetime. Maybe my ripple in reality will get some event chaos. Oh wait i have been and the heros here are laughable. Villains I didn't forget you, some are cute and others are just SoulW@res,"it's power granted by demons", bah. Demons are multiple inbreed.

Anyway I will continue attempt to amuse myself with you and look for real RP.

This message leaps out as a silver Gleep(Herculoids) and touches you. Turning into a copy of you standing looking you in the eyes it shoves you back. The copy's hands and chest look like yours, your chest and hands are Black Matter.

Once your hands are copied you cannot use hand based powers, until you grapple to regain your hands. Once fully consumed looking at your own face on his body your image and mind implode. Can you defeat my Black matter clone before he consumes your likeness and banishes you to the particles between space ?

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Will you fight for life or death?

Where will you stand for tomorrow ? Where do you stand today ? Are you living life or is life living around you ? Are you a wheel in the big machine or are you fire of life ?

You are the FIRE , now live like it ! Be everything to yourself and then give it to every one you meet and at the end of the day you will be stronger. Take pride in yourself and hold your head up higher it hard times. It is not just death and taxes and longer, we forget how to live because we are too afraid to die.
Live for the moment, we are the ultimate engine of the infinity, we can continue to do anything we put our minds to. Never give up, never say die.
Drink from the blood, sweat and tears for they will never run dry. These three have followed each other in a cycle since the beginning of man.

We have grown up much in our short time on this gorgeous mud ball, but our masters of nations think we are stupid. They have since the birth of our nation duped us into slavery, first through finance, then through capital, then through war, now through IDENTITY.
Wake up my brothers and sisters and speak with me, do not go quietly into your cells, do not breed like you need your own baseball team. The world is crowded yet open, and our masters make our fathers lie to us. Our greatest leaders are taken from us every time they threaten our so called unity. Our only unity is us as a species. We are all melting houses that spread our character across the globe enriching the world with love and respect for or differences and our likenesses.

Look at the eyes of every man and woman and smile and say hello in every language you know. Meet a new best friend every day, and come with us to a place where we forget hate.

It will cost the same three liquids, but it is what you make of this life, that lets you take into death it what it has given. We want to take love and respect. After that all other emotions are selfish and superficial, we are all the supporting cast to the next generation. So your love and respect is something given of freewill by every single person your vibrations touch.

Think of your actions as something that influence the lives of youth and then yourself. Otherwise your vibrations become irritating and nobody wants to be around them.
We can continue to make this world a gem in the universe but we cannot forget the rest of the universe we don’t yet understand. We are a ridiculously complex creature, but we have become extremely dominating and self centered. We only now realize it the planets atmosphere raises six degrees the world will be horribly and irreversibly damaged.
We are blinded by our masters dirty words and flashy colors, and is turning good hearted people into bloodthirsty stormtroopers seeking to police the world. Do not doubt their masters plan, it has been going on since emperor Constantine. The plan has also been FLAWLESS it has covered its tracks and lied through its teeth to make us murder and die for it .
When they come into your home and take you away they wear masks, it is because chances are its your friend taking you.

I believe we can exist peacefully as a trade world, but its the governments that want the lordship over its subjects. Your government wants you three liquids for its self along with your love and respect, it wants it from everyone and will continue to ask for it forever.
Can we at least take a second back and ask is there any other way ? Can we let them lie to us about taxes and war every hour, every day, every year, every time?

When you finish reading this you ask what will You do narrator ? i am young and struggling to find these answers myself, but i am as i have always been a note book of others words and ideas. i will continue to listen to those who risk their lives to whisper the little truths of masters plans. Once i hear that i’ll pass it on you you.

Then You are left to take it as you will, and make your decisions as you see fit. I will walk with any race anytime our small voices need be made loud. Together we can make our vibrations felt, and shake some dice and better our chances.
Go out into the light tomorrow and remember the sun is the oldest and only faithful god the world has never forgotten. It will be there for you tomorrow through the clouds it still warms the world, and think of all of the beauty it draws out.
Remember that your vibrations are effecting everyone you’ve ever been in contact with, and would you want to rather build positive or negative karma ?

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cross over stories 2

Skeletor defeats Venom and his symboite leaves him and bonds with Skeletor . Then leads the Masters of Evil against the Marvel Heros worldearly in the fight the evil Master of technology and forsight, Tri-klopse proves the superior agaist Cyclopse with his forsight, x-ray vision, and disintagration beam. Both Beast-man and Mer-man mass their minoins against Beast and Angle and are overwhelmed, then Angle realizes he must fight with a sword and finds a saints sword that strikes down Shadow beasts with a single glowing blow. Beast and Angle trade adversaries and succede until a Squid monster entangles Angle and bites him with its beak and snaps Angles spine. Beast goes into a fury and loses control and kills the rest of the Beastmans minions and heads into the water after the others. The water wakes up Beast and he throws a metal shard like a boomerang into Mer-mans back through the chest. Beast-man then pulls a scerated dagger and ripps open Beast stomach. Beast returns to his rage and bites and breaks Beast-mans neck. Sadly Icemans walls and shelids dont hold up and he gets fried by Evil Lynn and Trapjaw, Evil Lynn uses the crystal Ray of Dissapearance to dissplace Jean Grey from the Marvel universe.

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cross over stories

Yoda goes into exile and comes across four mutant Human-turtle creatures,

and teaches them to use the power of the living force.

Yoda named them after the four jedi masters that trained him Master Lodou, Matoz, Dokam, and Raziah.

Each would be trained in their namesakes mastery of the force, Lodou is master of Force Energy and the art of the Lightsaber.

Matoz is trained in manipulation of Empathy in the soul of the Force.

Dokam is trained in the mastery of the Mind of the Force and telemechanics, and Raziah is trained in Darkside Control

and the body of the Force. It was forseen that the two brothers Lodou and Raziah would become rivals and it is their brothers that must keep them in balance.

If Matoz and Dokam fail their brother Raziah will be lost to the Dark side of the force.

   Dokam has since constructed his brothers weaponry to suit their individual powers and inhibitors in each of them

to ensure they are unable to kill maliciously by sensing their Emotions and thoughts the weapons will deactivate

to maintain thier humanity.

All of their twin Lightsabers can be seperated into their alternate weapon modes.

   Lodou’s Blue sabers are designed to Absorb energy and convert it into force energy that he can draw into his own body

or fire in slashing waves or bolts.

   Matoz’s weapon seperates into two nunchaku Force Disrupters, by releasing positive force energy they release endorphins

and muscle relaxer in the sticken victums body and mind to pasify and subdue.

   Raziah’s weapon seperates into short swords that can activate Lightsaber mode they are used for close quarter combat but are rarely used due to Dokams control of them, when Raziah’s anger becomes to strong and his intentions are lethal the blades retract and can only be used as clubs, shortstaff or they are taken.    It is Dokam’s Staff that is the most powerful for it has control of the three other weapons as well as their combined special abilities, although it does not seperate it still absorbs and releases energy, Disrupts Force, and controls anger.    It is the remote to their parent starcruiser as wel as a remote to their starfighters.

Dokam’s staff is also an maplifier of his Telemechanical abilities which allows him to gain control of computer and security systems

as well as controling simple droids.

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mutant world ch.2

With all of the economic details disscused theres the social attitued literaly rearing its ugly head.

Throughout time there has always been the quest for physical perfection.

This time is no different in fact it is even mor of an issue now.

All throughout the mutant race a vast majority are “obviously” mutants not able to hide their appearance,

they turn to the “Body Shop” just like a plastic surgeon of today they use thier Shapeshifting powers to

alter the appearance of the body, without the painful surgery and possible mistakes and sideeffects.

The BodyShop s shifter practitioners were probably disfigured at one time and understand the pain that comes with the stares,

but some Shifters are proud of their appearance and might try to encourage others to keep their “true” appearance.

While anyone has the option to go to a Body Shop there are still those who are bitter and angry of the “beautiful” people,

for whatever reasons (its usualy the same) they hold a grudge, and turn to isolation or villians for ways to cope.

One such villian has is own Body Shop where the mutants “true self” is transformed into a Bio-weapon usualy a small bladed weapon or mutant power blaster, if the whole body is extremly grotesque or deformed then large blades and “true Face” sheilds or mutant power cannons(rifles). These weapons can only be lifted by thier owners and are shapened by Anger and Hate,

so they will dull when they have found peace. These weapons are also indestructable until it owners death then they immediately shatter. With legions of “the Truly Beautiful”, armed with solidified hate they seek revenge on a world so fataly unexpecting.

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mutant world ch.1

Mutants, genus “Homo-superior”, have always had the responsibility of how to use and the control of their powers.

In an ideal world we would co-exist and eventualy interbreed until homo-sapiens were bred out. This is a view of a world were

mutants have become icons, leaders, entrapenures, and of corse there will always be villians.

In some casesmutant powers are not bestowed to single individuals but dozens or hundreds of people.  Any mutant generaly has one power but when both parents are mutants the offspring will have both or a combination of the two. In rare cases if a fifth generation mutant with mutant parents can have as many as six or more different or combined powers. In the pure intrest of producing stronger powered young some partners will not wed and have many children and raise them either together or seperately. Therefore, it is not uncommon for an individual to have an entire harem of partners.    One Individual has cashed in on his power to produce

X-gene bloodpills, where upon ingested the user gains that power for several hours, then it fades away without sideeffect.

With his offspring all posessing this power and different powers from the women in his harem many new X-gene pills are available

to the mutant and non-mutant populas.

In the everyday world with mutants they use their powers where they are needed but can’t help trying to find new applications for their gifts. Those mutants with healing powers are doctors and all kinds of physicians. They treat those with ailments that go beyond the help that the X-gene(Purifier & Regenerate) pills can quickly fix.

In the feilds of maual labor mutants with powers like Super strenght, Flight, and Elemental Maipultaion have lightened the burdens we face today, with these and various other powers the time,cost and waste in construction and developement have been drasticaly cut. Transforming places that were once totaly uninhaditable have become Mutant Metropoluses. Their power sources are all elemental non-pollutant designed, modeled after mutant powers such as Hydro-kinetic, Geo-thermal, Solar Radiation, and Bio-Electric and mutant backup generators are mutants paid to simply live within the city and use their powers when grids go down or emergencies require power be redirected.In many major mutant cities their local law enforcements are Psychic mutants both police and more powerful psychics are Judges, knowing there is no escapeing the truth crime rates are very small to rare occurances.In the eyes of the those governing the cities those with Necromatic powers are as useful as the energy producers. The re-animation of dead cells is a key in homicide cases where the dead can actually name is murderer, as well as pass on vital information that would otherwise be lost. Though more taxing is the reanimating of power “generator” mutants bodies and constructing devices to keep them generating after they’re done.
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Sadly most of my friends stories end in tragedy but not all of them. One such story is of a boy who had no family his father died

instantly in the car crash and his mother managed to punch out a window and throw him to safety before the car exploded. He was

found by the firemen and was raised by a good family but he knew how they had died, being his first memory. He never let anyone hurt him or anyone else for that matter.

He was very defensive of those like him and did not tolerate abuseive or mocking,

he was often in detention for beating up whole groups of boys who made up those nicknames like “Burn Victum”. He knew they were worng and the teachers agreed with him but he had to be punished. Just to be fair to the parents with all of the hospital bills.

He was a star athelete and was a accomplished student. When that rival element came in, as it must, he was in football. Where better to hurt someone and get away with it, thats what they thought. I had not mentioned his particular gift, which was Invulnerability,

we had not noticed before that in all of those grade-school fights he never had so much as a bloody nose. The rival team dedicated an enitre play to all converge and crush him, rendering him unable to play. That might have worked had it not been for his gift, when he was hit from all sides the crowd booed the rival team and them gasped when they heard the screams of pain from the rival team ring out as one. The entire rival team had either dislocated, pinched or broken their bones and spinal colums when they hit him.

His gift turned the damage back onto itsself.

The rival team lost and became bitter enemies of his, but he had little to fear from broken and paralyzed teens, that couldn’t get anyone to do anything back to him because they could see the outcome in front

of them. He has since become well known for his contributions to various popular hero teams and hasn’t forgotten to visit his small hometown.

In the vast aray of gifts, abilities, and talents small schools do their best to acomadate all that they can. When gifts are Psychic in nature the child is usualy sent to a specalized school with other psychics, but some are over looked or demed non-dangerous. There were a couple psychics in our school and their gifts included Object Read, Total Recall, Memory Imageing, and Telemechanics.

One student who should have been brought to the specialized school had the power of Telekineses, this student hid it very well. Everything around him seemed to curve his way or get a little extra push, but when things did not go his way somethimes he would push back violently, he was a master at making things look like an accident. One accident was when a boy had impressed a girl he liked, he was on the swim team with us. When the boy impressed the girl by jumping off the high dive, when he went up for an encore, the boy with the psychic power jerked his foot out from under him with his telekineses and watched him fall off the high dive. His intension was for him to land emberasingly in the water but instead he landed on the concrete and died instantly.

During our sophmore year a new teacher was brought into the school. He wasn’t really much of a teacher but a “Monator” he was able to sense the use of powers, the place, the intensity and the user of that power. He also had a small degree of power suppression, to stop a power from being used. This definately kept the gifted students in line, he was like a psychic detective.

His gift kept the school peaceful until a year later, he pointed the finger at several students who were doing illegal gambling by fixing games at local sporting events. The student had enough of his monatoring and all converged on him at once.

The story of his death is only for the strongest of stomachs. The powers of the students all bombarded him at once even with his higher level of power and strength, it was the sheer number and gurilla tactics of the students that brought him down.

It started with “SandBox” who could control the dirt on the ground, who then locked his feet in quickstone. Then “Pressure” quickly removed the air from around his body in attempt to suffocate him, the Monator then used his Suppression to counter “Pressure’s” power and allow him to still breath a little. Then “Shrapnel” and “ScrapMetal” assaulted him with metal bats leaving shards and twisted chunks embeded in his skin and muscles.

Again he used his Suppression to help him push out the metal chunks. In the moments while his concentration was broken and “Pressure” switched his power to pump oxygen back in around him. This is when the students decided to stop toying with him and finish him, the boy with the telekineses they named “Push” stepped in and began to compress the Monators body, the Monator fought back but his strenght was failing.

All this time “Pressure” was pumping oxygen around him and then “Shrapnel & ScrapMetal” struck their metal bats together

and ignited the oxygen into the flame that was the final stroke.

When he stopped screaming and died they crushed the remains and scattered them into the wind.

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Hometown Heros

Back home in those one horse towns where everyone knows your name, those who are “Gifted” find it easier to live a family life. In a small town you really have to piss off someone to have an enemy or rival, or at least thats what I thought. Now mind you I myself don’t have any Powers but they like to say I have a gift, I just think I am good at reading the situation and inspire others to use themselfs to their best potential.
Growing up with the “Gifted” can sometimes make you feel insignificant when they’re soaking up all the praise, but your thankful when its not you who burnt down the barn. From a young age I knew that those with power, would always need those who had none. I made friends with all of the gifted kids, especialy those who were malformed they needed the friendship the most, some of them never thought twice about their appearance, and others could only live in small towns and never live in the big cities. Some friends I still have, while others have gone on and either made a name helping or made a name helping themselves.
My mother always said we were all gifted, some were more flashy and energetic and others were more subtule and cunning. She had to say that because my two siblings were gifted like our father, I was to be normal like my mother. Aside from my brother and sister my first friend was gifted, we called him Toad which now looking back wasn’t the best name. His gift was that when he jumped into the water he turned into a Frog (not a toad) and he ate mostly bugs all day.
Toad was a great swimmer and we joined the swim team we won many meets but like I said before there would be rivals.

There was always one or more gifted members of any sporting team and so the games only allowed one per team for only a couple of plays. Our rival swim team one year brought in a new gifted member and we all thought he was just a great swimmer, but

when the final race was about to begin they hit my legs with a baseball bat and so I had to let Toad swim for me. When the race began Toad jumped in and turned into a frog, but when the new swimmer dove in he used his power to pull all of the water out from in front of himself and pumped it directly into Toads body.
We all know a frogs body absorbs water through its skin

but nobody knows how much it can hold, the water filled Toad like a balloon and burst through his skin. I wish we had forfetted the race, the other swimmer was caught and was sent to Juvinile hall for murder by misuse of powers, he has since been freed and I hope I never se him again.
I have always befriended those who would be considered “Ugly” and shown them to not be ashamed of their appearance. Some have kept on forgiving those who looked down on them but others had grown cold and crule. One friend was a girl they all called “Burn Victum” because her skin was red and scarred, this was because her own body temperature was to hot for her skin and would burn her regularly. Let it be known that her and I both hated them for saying something so crule for somthing she could not help. When I had befriended her she was a loner and onceI made people see the real her she opened up and found many friends, but alas she was not “cured” from the anger she had inside.
The time came for all young teens to find that date for the seinor prom and I had bashfuly waited until almost the last minute to ask the girl I wanted to go with, and when she accepted I rushed to tell my friend. Now I think back and should have curbed my enthusiasm, when she heard the news she was more upset than anyone I have seen since. She had wanted to go with me, and I knew she was beautiful both inside and out and she burned with a passion nobody could match when she was around the ones she loved.
She was so angry at me her temperature rouse to high and she burst into flames I tried to put her out but failed. She looked through the flames at me I saw her face normal and unscared then I saw a tear turn red and harden into a crystal, when the smoke cleared my clothes were burned away and I held her body in the cold night air. Her family didn’t let me attend the funeral but I kept the Crystal Tear as a necklace and have worn it every day since.

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Born discarded found remade

Like to many youths today, born of youth my parents were both younger than I am now(24). I was left by my father a demon artist to be raised by my mother, an unbreakable angel. Along side two younger half brothers we were raised to respect the good and control the evil in ourselves and be aware of it in others. Although I try to use my time in this version of existence to be come aware of the world around me, in preparation for the next life. I am the recycling of many souls come and gone. My foresight and intuition are accumulated from all I have "before seen" and my only fear is to make the mistakes of my selves. With each new day I witness and learn about myself and your hearts and minds. I love all that i meet until your true nature becomes intolerable . After judgement I am left confused as to your and my worth as a contributing member of society, and there are too many evil men behind the mirror that enjoy breeding the stupidity that de-evolves our race. I wish to save my fellow man from the spangled ribbons wrapped around their eyes before we are all patriot cattle, and our children grow up with dreams of becoming Stormtroopers to the Empire of USA.

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