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The Superman Doppelganger Corps

This is just a list of characters who were based off of Clark Kent/Superman (and some of his counterparts from alternate realities) in a variety of different ways.

List items

  • King Hyperion was, presumably, based off of Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel's original concept for Superman: a bald super-villain with unimaginably powerful superhuman abilities. Though, as of late, he has grown back the hair he lost after his initial appearance but is still as evil as ever.

  • Aizen has had two different looks over the years since his debut in Bleach. The first made him virtually identical to Clark Kent. The second made him look like a touched up version of Superman.

  • Samaritan is the Astro City equivalent of Superman, except he comes from an alternate future that never existed instead of another planet.

  • Mr. Majestic is the WildStorm Universe's answer to Superman.

  • Marvel's first Superman doppelganger was Hyperion of The Squadron Supreme. They share similar origins, appearances and powers.

  • He may be a brand new Marvel character...but there is no doubt that "Superior" is yet another Superman clone.

  • Like Hyperion, The Sentry is a Superman doppelganger...only this is deranged and wields the ability to manipulate molecules on, presumably, the same level as a Cosmic Cube.

  • Gladiator of The Shi'ar Imperial Guard was based off of the Superman, or rather, the Superboy who once led The Legion of Super-Heroes before he was erased from existence by The Time Trapper.

  • Ikaris of The Eternals shares many of Superman's abilities and traits.

  • Omega the Unknown was one of Marvel's more...unusual attempts at crafting a Superman doppelganger.

  • Omni-Man, the father of Invincible, is an Image Comics-created Superman doppelganger gone horribly wrong.

  • Prime was a very poor excuse for a Superman doppelganger created by Malibu Comics in the early 90's.

  • Ethan Edwards is a Skrull who was sent to Earth as an infant when Skrullos, The Skrull Homeworld, was consumed by the mighty world devourer called Galactus.

  • The Blue Marvel is an African-American Superman doppelganger. In the time since his debut he has beaten some of the most fearsome and powerful foes The Marvel Universe has to offer including his former best friend Anti-Man, the infamous Multiverse-conquering King Hyperion and the mystical being called Pagan.

  • Icon was the first African-American Superman doppelganger ever created.

  • Supreme is another one of Image's Superman doppelgangers

  • The Plutonian is a prime example of what could have happened if Lois Lane reacted differently after learning that Superman and Clark Kent were one in the same. The Lois Lane doppelganger of Irredeemable flew into a rage and revealed The Plutonian's identity to her fellow radio station workers. So shocked by her reaction, the Plutonian forgot to revert back to normal and accidentally gave them all proof. Though he managed to stop the radio satellite from transmitting, the psychological damage that would lead The Plutonian to turn to a life of crime had already settled in. Since then, the world has fallen into disarray. The woman who betrayed him and several others have gained power but are no match for The Plutonian...and so it falls to his greatest adversary to walk the path of the righteous and end The Plutonian's life no matter what the cost.

  • The Statesman is the official Superman doppelganger of The City of Heroes/Villains Universe.

  • Ralph Hinkley is one of the few comedic pastiches of Superman in existence, his inexperience with his powers have led to the defeat of many foes in the most unconventional of ways.

  • This Superman clone hails from The Image Universe.

  • Anti-Man, The Blue Marvel's former best friend and fellow doppelganger, is an evil Superman doppelganger who thought his attempts to forcefully unify the people of Earth and end racism once and for all were good. Little did he know that his actions would have sent Earth careening down into The Negative Zone and would have ultimately destroyed the planet.

  • Ted Simmons, one of the more recent Uni-Power wielders, was virtually identical to Superman in every aspect save for the fact that his powers were temporary and that he worked as a cop in Chicago rather than a reporter for a fictional newspaper in a fictional city.

  • Hyperman is perhaps the most unusual Superman doppelganger in existence. He was actually created to be a pastiche of Marvel's Hyperion who is a Superman doppelganger himself. But here's the real kicker...the company that created him was none other than DC Comics!

  • Captain Glory of The 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt was very similar to Superman in a number of non-cosmetic ways such as his ability to inspire hope and confidence in others.

  • Vulcan, the former Majestor of The Shi'ar Empire, was believed to have been loosely based on Superman-Prime.

  • Crossgen's Superman