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Snake Eyes:Declassified 1

Its begins here. DDP's re-telling of one of the most famous ninja's in comicbook history, Snake Eyes. The issue starts off with a small look into the life of Snake Eyes pre-military and the strong family bond he shares with his mother, father, and mainly his sister. Although somewhat slow going it is a crucial part of understanding what drives the man. As the story moves along we see Snake Eyes as a hardened solider who is somewhat at odds with his platoon, which is led the future Joe known...

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"Warkiller Of Two Minds: Part 2 of 4" 1

This is a "man's world"  If you have not been keeping up with Wonder Woman, then you are perhaps missing out on one of her best story lines in years. Gail Simone does an amazing job capturing the warrior spirit of the character, yet has been able to add a level of vulnerability to the displaced Amazonian princess giving her a more balance. Issue #37 continues to revolve around the upheaval of Themyscira and its newly appointed king, ...

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Batgirl #3 Is this Buffy or Batgirl? 4

So I picked up Batgirl #3 today despite being one of the biggest Stephine Brown haters on this site. At this point I'm only reading it in hopes of catching a guest appearance by Cassandra Cain. From the start of the series it was easy to see what direction  Bryan Q Miller would be taking the book and to be honest, its the exact same thing the t.v. series Buffy the Vampire Slayer did. A teenage girl dealing with the pressures of school, home, and famil...

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