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The House of L

"Tis not a Cult. Tis Life, Unshackled"

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Having taken serious note of his estranged wife's radical influence as a result of her religious cult, the Cardinal Queen's once violent doctrinaire and religious preaching have not only inspired the King of King's to manipulate the impoverished disenfranchised magicians of the World, but it has also fueled his fundamental teaching of esoteric based philosophies to those under his sphere of power.

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Transforming the faithful into methodical masters of the mystical arts, permeating with unwavering devotion and loyalty to their God. At the House of L, draped in cabalistic techniques and apparel they worship and train using an enigmatic amalgamation of intrinsic biotechnological sorcery generously bestowed upon them by the Father of Lies. However, unlike traditional Asiatic axioms which instruct the positive manifestations of chi as the "Life Force" cohesively resonating in and around the body capable of extraordinary combat feats, the God in the Iron Mask admonishes a radical evangelical deceleration in which he labels magic as an unimaginable evil practiced by ancient clans determined to use their paranormal abilities to elevate themselves above the human race.

Through this mental manipulation the indoctrination of esoteric methodology has become the foundation of Jean Luc's secret cukt, the House of L. Filtering the philosophy through forbidden innovative forms of mysticism. Building his inner circle comprised of increasingly dark practitioners of the magical Shadow Chi. Polluting not only their minds but their souls, before segregating themselves forming the sub-sect, "Midnight Cabal". A secret society of devilish magic based practitioners who's diacritic perfection of all 3 forbidden forms made them almost unbeatable as individuals, and peerless death dealers as a coterie. The only members of the House of L cognizant of Jean's true idiosyncratic nature and abilities which they passionately safeguard even in the face of death. Though every member of the House of L are highly in-tuned with their metaphysical esoteric techniques , it is only the vaunted Midnight Cabal who are allowed to employ their esoteric endowments without permission.