The Black Horizon

Vehicle Mode; Black Horizon

Black Horizon
Black Horizon

The Black Horizon has been engineered in the militarized theme of urban pacification. The renewed Ghostshell of Gothic spared no expense in its fabrication. State of the art engineering-cosmetic integration allow the B.H. to constantly create never before seen customization of unimaginable innovation and remixed reactionary-vehicular brilliance.

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Capable of perfect balance and martial fluidity through obeyed laws of off and on road physics. With unique airborne micro-nanite offensive capabilities, able to spread across massive areas with the unpredictability of a cybernetic pathogen. Meticulously shedding standardized metal motions and maneuvers because of the unknown robotic technologies and breakthrough.

  • Bioware Flickblade Rims
  • Anti-Metal digital back-dock IMP
  • Militarized memory metal tech plates and riggings
  • Full Omni-Universal connect to the S3 satellite
  • Explosive Nano Swarm
  • Ghosting Radar-Stealth sheathing
  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Designer: Unknown
  • Crystal Optics Clearsheer: Resistant Design
  • Neurokinetics: Mindcloud
  • Orientation System: Southstar 550
Body & Chassis
  • Class: Urban Assault Vehicle
  • Body Style: Militarized Cockpit
  • Engine: 5980cc Mercedes-AMG bi-turbo M158 V12
  • Transmission: 7-speed sequential
  • Move-by-wire system: Pinnacle OS

MMI® touch

The standard MMI® touch with handwriting recognition allows drivers to control an array of vehicle systems including navigation, audio and phone functions. Coupled with the standard Neo-connect® system, a world of information is easily within reach.

Militarized holographic virtual cockpit

The interior design of the BH puts the driver at the helm of the ingenious virtual cockpit, which displays all essential information directly within the driver’s vision on a 12.3-inch TFT display that has outstanding resolution and clarity. With the BH, you really can take matters into your own hands.

Neo navigation plus

The MMI® navigation plus system provides Neo-connect®, enabling Google Earth™ with 3D satellite imagery, a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight passenger devices, local traffic and weather, news and more.

Bang & Olufsen® Sound System

This standard premium audio system (available on the V10 plus model) provides unrivaled sound reproduction and clarity with 13 speakers and an impressive 550 watts of power. Add to that LED accent lighting and Dynamic Line design speaker grilles for a fully sensorial experience.