Suits, Masks & 3rd tier Armory

  • Prototype Phantom

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Created by the teen technopathic mutant, Sequiter Crix, the Ghostshell's Prototype Phantom; in addition to being bulletproof, is littered with Aerthium chainmaille under armour. Able to absorb kinetic energy to power itself. Once activated, the kinetic energy stored by Ishmael's Olympic level movement, speed and reflexes, maintain the suit's energy levels. It can be powered by alternative energy sources, such as its HALO fuel cell, but should such a source run out stop working for any reason, the suit's functions will shut down.The durability of the suit combined, with its energy-absorbing properties, allow the Gothic Ghostshell to withstand incredible damage as a result of confrontations with super and meta-human opponents. Also, if the suit absorbs too much kinetic energy, it will release a shockwave proportionate to the amount of excess energy in the suit. The Phantom is also equipped with a sophisticated AI system with tactical voice relay provided by Sequiter herself.
- K12 Carbolitium Katana
- Grappling Hooks (high strain Aerthium wire)
- Optical Cyclonic HUD
- Quickflip Wrist Grapnel

  • Body Suit

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Honycombed layers beneath a body forming Aerthium weave with in-plane covalent bonds & plated scales, stacked and rebarred, add varied levels of limited durability to the Ghostshell's current suit. Sacrificing the ability to sustain damage for acrobatic aerial supremacy and hyper-mobility. With the synthetic CtP composite significantly ingrained into the coating of the under-armor for defensive diversity, Ishmael's gymnastic elusiveness however is his primary attribute while donning this basic attire. Muscularly aligned with subtly enhanced magnetic stimuli over a promethium sheath act in chorus with a supplemented layer of acceleration and response time.The Ghostshell's crescent facial visor also boasts a digital platform for a self-contained closed circuit coded algorithm which acts as an on-board tactical HUD. It is a direct connection to the digital demon, the teenage techno-terror, Sequitor Crix. Enabling her to provide real-time strategic of a symbiotic accord.
- Stamina Amplifier
- Adrenaline Surge
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- Grip Feet
- Attract/Repel Magnetic Skin


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