CVnU Timeline and Ongoing Canon (11/7/17)

CvnU Timeline & Recent History:

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Multiverse Events And Alternate Realities

The Universal Holes

The CVnU Dark Universe

Earth 67 - Yesterworld

Omnipotent Parlay

Following The 2 year flash-forward

The New Deal

Infiltration of the Strix Pomestye

Matriarchal Society (The Death of the Liafador Legend)

Fianna Rebirth

The Artifact Chase

The Black Hallows begins to seep into the world of men & women

The New Protector arrives

The Observer Appears

Animus Reborn - A.I.D. Technologies

The Fortress of Fables exists? Augus Magus

Cassius Knightfall is delivered, the Illuminati convene for the first time

The Multiverse Threory

L.O.V.E Reopens

Force Bursts back on the scene

Extinction Level Event on Ephemera; Trinity Reigns

This is the End

The New Warden of the Kwazulu Alcazar

Adventures on the Planet Mechanicus

Draco Trace emerges on the scene

The Sentinels of Light Unite

The Conclave - The Last Al'Shaytan is crowned.

The Multiverse is Breached; Sha of Infinite Forevers begins her search for the Prime Sha.

(Originally cataloged by Lichter/Supra-Man)

Possible Futures:

The Anti-Mutant World Order attempts to eradicate mutant life from the globe

Undead Apocalypse

CVnU Beyond

The Third Society conquers the planet

CVnU Timeline:

Recent History (Up to approximately Two 4 IC years into the past )

A mystic tournament is held to determine the next Sorcerer Supreme

President Dagaal-Ares' Inauguration is interrupted by an Assassination Attempt

Protests in Paris turn violent

A supernatural puppeteer devises a dangerous contest to amuse himself

The Phoenix returns to forge a new world from the ashes of the old one

A Galactic Council convenes in the Solar System

Ukraine is invaded

President Donn recruits a council to reconstruct Gothic

Gothic is Destroyed

An Esoteric Weapon takes an entire City's Population Hostage in the Middle East

The Time Siphon Fleet Arrives

The United States attempts to eradicate the terrorist presence within Gothic and return it to the Union once and for all

The We Are Legend team fights GeNext in the ruins of Emerald City

Recent History (Up to approximately four six IC years into the past)

Sudden Death's season finale premieres

Amarth attacks New York City in an effort to spawn more nGods

The Time Siphon Invasion commences

The Academy students face their first challenge

Iceland is defeated by a massive alliance between the United States and mutantkind

Following a false flag attack, the United States declares war on Iceland

The Equalizers seek to put an end to Sam Washington once and for all

The Secret Equalizers rescue Jean Quentin

The New Gods attack Venezuela

Iceland and the Free States begin clandestine operation to free Samuel Washington from imprisonment

The Presidential War

US Presidential Race (3/26/2016)

Black Mask is betrayed by the Strix in Gothic

The Andromedans begin diplomatic relations with humanity; they then colonize Mars

The Orc Horde tears through Central America

Orc Legions lay siege to Venezuela

A rampaging metahuman threatens Las Vegas, and is confronted by the Force

Nikademus seizes the Mist of God in Jerusalem; Mourning Sparrow becomes Raysh al Shaytan

The B-List attempt to abscond with a secret satellite

Schism within the League of Shadows; the Equalizers are also present

War in Colombia

The Iron Phantom seeks to pacify Gothic City

Kai Aurelius declares Greece part of his empire, but is routed at Athens

STRIKE neutralizes HYDRA

The Superhuman Registration Act is officially repealed

Founding of the Equalizers

STRIKE battles Curve

Mutants march for equal rights

Lichter raids the CIA alongside the League of Shadows

Jean Quentin is elected President

Asmodeus invades Denver

Satar combats Jonathan Bold

The Black House is destroyed in Gothic

The fall of the Liafadors and death of Nox

Satar confronts the Aurelius Clan

Satar's rampage continues; death of Lucia Aurelius

Satar attacks Gothic City

Argus shuts down Empire International, a major supplier of Konite

The Spanish Revolution takes place in Emerald City

Orpheus Knightfall's last stand

The Twin Dragons make their presence known

The Shogun leads an assault on the Savage family

Dante Aventus brings Archium to Earth

Adrian Hastings levels Nebraska (no civilian casualties)

An undead crisis is contained in South America

The non-powered team collapses in prison; Jericho, their former target, escapes

Iceland secretly falls under the control of a renegade squadron of super-villains

A team of non-powered vigilantes' first mission ends in disaster

Exemplar attempts to seize the Middle East

Asgard attacks Kansas

Warsman devastates Hawaii

Thomas Newcastle becomes President

The Shogun attacks Gothic City

Intermediate History (Up to approximately seven 9 IC years into the past)

The Cataclysm concludes

The Cataclysm continues

The Cataclysm threatens the Earth

Envy goes on the warpath in America

President Pierce establishes the Super City program

Lord Naru attacks Gothic City (IC not found)

Clarice Pierce becomes President

MERLIN declares war on humanity

Honor Avenger destroys Bedlam Asylum

Akira Overdrive lays claim to Tokyo

The Shogun claims Venezuela

The Liafadors face internal struggle

Braveheart liberates Henosha

Funeral of the Vice President

Emperor Decimus attacks Washington DC

Quintus Knightfall appears to assassinate President Stark, who vanishes

Mutantkind, under the command of Amaranth, attempt to take over Gothic City

Corporate giant Avalon rises and takes global prominence

Gothic City is declared a No Man's Land by President Stark

Brahma Bull officially declares war on the US and President Stark

The League of Shadows and Brahma bull attack the White House

Brahma Bull's first attack on Gothic City

Anthony Stark becomes President

The United Republic of Venezuela is founded by Xenon

President Ziev declares war on Venezuela

A Venezuelan terrorist attacks Peak Industries

A pro-mutant extremist know as Amaranth leads a team known as the Renegades to fight the Enforcers; both teams collapse in the ensuing battle

Anthony Stark would lead the Enforcers on a quest to enforce the Registration Act

Venezuela faces it's first wave of war and is almost destroyed, only to be taken over by Charlemagne

The Statute of Liberty is destroyed. It has, however, been completely reconstructed.

A super hero civil-war breaks out, destroying much of New York for the first time

Charlemagne secures passage of the Superhuman Registration Act in the spring of 2013

(I'll be happy to add events if and or when they occur. Feel free to pm me any I may miss)