CVnU Origin; The Universal Lavaliere

X Epiftle Dedicatory

The Universe knows no Keeper but our Grace, Oblig'd and Unrelenting in It's purest Truth.

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Orbiting an Arsenic Dwarf Star almost sixty seven million light-years from Earth, the magnificently cultured planet of Tesla mirrored our human planet in a number of ways. In fact, a large cross section of Tesla's inhabitants shared basic and indistinguishable features similar to that of a humanoid, aside from their advanced intelligence and augmented physical abilities. Other's, such as the titan based Galactic Congress, were Omnipotent celestials. Protectors, and Destroyer's, of a flourishing civilization predicated upon exploration, combat, and scientific innovation.

But beneath the idealistic facade, Tesla was a militaristic planet with an economic foundation based on slave labor with the Galactic Congress examining all selectively bred embryos for signs of active, or latent, biological abnormalities.The raw prodigious few exhibiting a celestial gene were chosen to join the illustrious sovereign power, while others were scientifically engineered in hopes of altering their dna in order to increase production.

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Many in the congress were relentless and even by Teslan's standards, considered morally bankrupt. Centuries of predisposed aggression had helped curve the social divide, the hierarchy haven taken on a self-entitled demeanor, once displayed through physical domination. As a means of nonchalant appeasement, the Congress allowed the population to elect their own representatives to act as mediators between the Congress and the Teslans themselves.

Five Houses were elected each with supreme authority; only the mosiac sect of the Galactic Congress operating outside their laws and influence. But true to form, The Five House thirst for decadence and power eventually led to political strife amongst its populous. Eventually that strife led to a violent series of civil confrontations which further escalated after it was discovered that slave's were being cloned and copied, with the copies being allowed to gain sentience and establish a full, normal life before being in-salved too. This impassioned yet short lived revolt was subsequently put down by the Galactic Congress, who then utilized the event as an excuse to engage in their own cataclysmic civil war. Partially fracturing the planet irreversibly damaging its core.



Understandably, the unnatural advantage the Congress held over the people of Teslan, as well as the protection of their planet, promoted their tireless efforts to create weapons capable of harming, even killing, their celestial overlords. But it wasn't until a series of fortunate events led to the discovery of an injured member of the Congress were the people of Taslan able to engineer those weapons.

Forging Universal Power:

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From that point on, cloaked in a veil of true Illuminati, the greatest and brightest minds the planet had to offer secretly unraveled the galactic mysterious of their experimental captive. Kept alive by any means necessary, the celestial was thoroughly examined and studied. Experimented on, and mined for everything from pharmaceutical miracles, to state of the art engineering feats of unimaginable design. His body paving the scientific way for previously unachievable advancement. His armor reforged and retrofitted into gem like containment capsules, allowing for the safe stabilization of the raw fundamental powers of the Universe.

The first of these encapsulations was the Mind. Then the Soul. It would be another 6 years however before the Taslan's were able to arrest the unbridled energy of Power. Reality, Space and Time were secured at the same time as not to upset the fabric of reality. An unproven theory put forth by the collective conscious of the Taslan government at the time.

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Set in armored left grieve of the captured celestial, the Universal Lavaliere was born, and with it, the War to End all Wars. The penultimate clash between the Titans of Teslan and the Galactic Congress which resulted in the cataclysmic decimation of not only Teslan, but the entire chain of seven planets in the solar system. Destroying any trace of the planet and killing the Galactic Congress. However, the Omnipotent weapon; the The Universal Lavaliere survived the destruction. Fractured, it was split into seven complete sections. Six encapsulated gems, and one galactic grieve. The whereabouts of these god-like objects has remained an unknown mystery, with 99% of the infinite Universe completely unaware of its very existence.

But like all objects of unmitigated power there are those who know. There are those with the invaluable resources to not only become scholarly educated on the celestial items, but to track them down and unlock their safeguarded secrets and crown themselves Omnipotent Gods in a sea of self-stylized peers.

Recent Discovery

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Until recently only one of the Universal Lavaliere had been sighted. The Time Lavaliere, property of the time traveled Animus was recently rumored to have been spotted somewhere in North Eastern Europe. Whispers suggest he wears the object as a religious exemplification of his divine power. Its emerald luminescent contained inside the golden center of an in-scripted ring always constricted around the Preacher of the Past's finger.

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But now another of the Lavalieres has appeared. 25 years in the future in the alternate Universe called the CVbU, the discovery of a red gem like object promoted the self-anointed God in the Iron Mask to send his eldest daughter and revered legend killer, Angelique LeBeau, to retrieve what he believes to be the Reality Lavaliere. Should this hold to be true, this would mark the appearance of two universal objects in as many weeks.

Individual Lavaliere


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This purple lavaliere contains access to all power and energy that ever has or will exist. Mastery of the lavaliere would allow the user to duplicate any physical superhuman ability. They would be essentially physically invincible and therefore unbeatable when using raw power alone. It can also be use as an unlimited power supply for any machine. When combined, this gem can boost the effects of other lavalieres, allowing the user to tap into a lavalieres potential without necessarily mastering it.


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This aqua lavaliere allows its owner to be anywhere in an instant. They can be in multiple places in the universe, or nowhere. Mastery would allow the owner to warp or rearrange space as they see fit.


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This emerald gem allows the user to be in any period of time. From the beginning to the end of time, any moment is accessible or visible through its power. Those with limited knowledge in the use of the gem can cause those nearby to revert to a physically older or younger state. With enough knowledge, even more can be done, as time and causality can be manipulated with this lavaliere. The user can also use time as a weapon, trapping enemies or entire worlds in unending loops of time. Mastery would allow the user to affect the whole universe with time manipulation, such as slowing down time in one stretch of the cosmos, freezing time in another and looping time in yet another.


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The golden mind lavaliere gives the owner access to all thoughts and dreams. It also gives the user a wide number of other mentally related abilities including telekinesis. It encompasses the collective consciousness of the universe. In the hands of one unskilled in its use, the lavaliere could unleash your dreams and nightmares uncontrollably within your mind. Worse yet, one oblivious to the dangers can have their inner demons overwhelm them. For a novice user it can add or boost mental power, and augment the mind's abilities. Further knowledge of the gem can allow the user to tap into further power. Where the reality lavaliere alters reality itself, the Mind lavaliere can make you think the world has changed. Mastery would allow the user to access all the minds of the universe, simultaneously.


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They say that perception is reality. The blood colored Universal Lavaliere makes that quite literally true. Perhaps the most powerful of the gems, mastery can render scientific laws meaningless, senses useless. With this lavaliere wishes can be obtained. The vastness of its power can overwhelm its user, making a novice cease to exist. This lavaliere is perhaps even more dangerous by itself than with the the help of another lavaliere to manage its power. It is the most difficult to control and utilize.

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This orange lavaliere is arguably the most dangerous. Its sentience is the most profound, and it has shown a hunger for souls, a hunger that can possess a novice user. This lavaliere allows the user to steal, manipulate and alter souls, living or dead. Within the lavaliere are collected souls in perpetual limbo. Mastery of the lavaliere would allow the user to control all living life in the universe. The lavaliere also allows the bearer access to an idyllic pocket-universe that is much like heaven.