So Whats the Reason?

By now those of us who care have heard the news, there will be a new Batgirl. But most if not all the focus has been centered on, "Who she'll be," not, "Where's Cass and why is she no longer Batgirl?" So my question is this, what are some possible reasons for the shake up? Is Cassandra Cain to be killed off yet again? I don't believe that. Could her contempt for Dick Grayson be so strong that she'd rather walk away then stand by his side? Maybe. Perhaps the recent defeat of her mother at the hands of Tim Drake stirs up some feelings of "family first". When Bruce Wayne died maybe she felt her connection to the Bat-Family died with him. Was there some possible foreshadowing in issue #6 of her self titled mini? For those who didn't read this series allow me to drop some knowledge on ya. After Cassandra has a very conflicted battle with her father David Cain, she lets him fall from a roof to what she believes will be his death (its not however). Batman and Robin, which at this point are still Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake, have watched the whole thing play out from afar. As Cassandra feels guilty over what she's done Batman steps in.......

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To me this last panel clearly shows that the DCU had plans to break Cain away from the Bat-Family back before news of a new Batgirl ever surfaced. Now we (the reading public) know that Batman/Bruce isn't dead. Sadly this is a luxury the characters of the Batverse don't have. So operating on the assumption that the man who wanted to adopt her, and really the only member of the Bat-Fam (besides Barbra) to fully except her is dead, does Cain simply walk away of her own accord? The last time we saw her was in, "Battle for the Cowl: The Network" where she obviously doesn't get along with Huntress yet clearly still Batgirl. So what happens next? As I said up top I
"This town may not be big enough for the two of us"
don't believe they'll kill her off and I also don't believe Dick Grayson will excuse her from the Bat-Roster.
So whats left? Here's my theory. Cassandra Cain is going to turn evil once again and free not only
her mother, Lady Shiva, but her father, David Cain, as well. Together they'll become the new Batman & Robin's deadliest foes. At least that's what I hope. The connections between the five of them run deep.

Whatever happens I seriously hope the DCU doesn't just abandoned her character. She's far to cool a character for that sort of treatment. What are you're thoughts? Death? Quit, or Other? Why is Cain no longer Batgirl......


0'9 Wish List

My top Five Comeback Characters of 0'9

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Aquaman, the original. I never understood why Marvel was able to turn Namor into a badass with a regal demeanor, yet Aquman has been relegated to a gay punchline. Marvel does a great job fleshing out their Kings and Rulers (Doom, Black Panther, Odin, etc etc) yet one of the DCU's oldest rulers cant get no luv. Hopefully 0'9 will be Aquaman's break-out year.

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David Cain. He has the reputation as being one of the best assassins in the DCU. But he's long past his prime and is now a drunken washed up has been. I'd like to see a detailed story of his origins however. Before the alcohol and self loathing. He's trained everyone from Batman to Lady Shiva, but who trained him? Who are his parents? How did he become one of Ras Al' Ghul's top assassins? That's a story I'd love to read.

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Fantomex. I must admit, I'm completely out of touch with the X-Universe of late but I'm pretty sure Fantomex isn't getting the exposure a character of his caliber deserves. His best showing was years ago in New X-Men. He's appeared here and there, but nothing has been done to make him a mainstay in the Marvel U. Sad.

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Of course I gotta throw my girl in here, Lady Shiva. Seems she's become somewhat of a jobber lately. When she's not getting her neck snapped by her daughter, she's getting one shotted by Batman. To make matters worse they even have her jobbing for Robin now. In 0'9 I'd like to see her take back the mantle of "The 3rd Greatest Fighter in the World" and not the, "World's Greatest Jobber" tag she has now.

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And lastly, Wonder Woman. With the successful release of her animated movie, this Amazonian War Machine is off to a great start. Yet the hesitation to make a live action movie starring Princess Diana still shows the lack of respect this DCU Trinity member is entitled. Her pitiful rogues gallery needs a serious overhaul in 0'9 to help launch her comic up along her fellow Big Three.