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Criminal Incubation

A secret look into the intricate criminal activities of the Ghostshell of Gothic City.

"Shall we begin?"

! Disclaimer. The information below does not take into account the economic status of extraterrestrial, experimental pseudo-scientific weaponry, or the impact of inactive/abandoned empires.

What is Criminal Incubation?

On a global transnational level, the black market secretly influences financial losses, social change, governmental polices, and more. And much like a traditional venture capitalist, the criminal incubator provides the necessary capital needed to start up a venture or expand a pre-existing one. Ventures in the black market of course ranging from a wide and eclectic catalog of versatile vocation(s) and enterprising opportunists.

Sequitur Crix
Sequitur Crix

With the aid of a bright young statistical techno-mutant, Sequitur Crix; the Ghostshell is not only able to weigh and gamble criminal risks and 'ventures,' but also holds a secret position of powerful macroeconomic influence in the Gothic underworld. Where investment outcomes are a delicate alchemy of effective selection, careful investment oversight, and timely exits. Such alchemy is profoundly influenced by differences in the illegal environments and macroeconomic and sociopolitical conditions across the city's gang segregated areas, as well as international arenas of cyber anonymity.

[Below are figures representative of the Black Market Place. It is not a financial account of the Ghostshell's personal criminal earnings}

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The list below is a carefully compiled rank assessment of the top five countries currently at risk of security threats from the global black market. The estimated impact of various risks and threats have been stolen and collected overtime from security and intelligence agencies, corporate reports, and other risk assessment programs and fed into an algorithm created by Sequitur Crix
  • United States: $899,754 Billion
  • China: $654,000 Billion
  • Mexico: $209,983 Billion
  • Spain: $126,700 Billion
  • Italy: $111,541 Billion

General Overview

The Black Market

Counterfeit Electronics: $169 Billion

Prostitution: $186 Billion

Marijuana: $141.80 Billion

Illegal Gambling: $140 Billion

Cocaine: $85 Billion

Prescription Drug Abuse: $72.5 Billion

Heroin: $68 Billion

Software Piracy: $63 Billion

Cigarette Smuggling: $50 Billion

Counterfeit Foods: $49 Billion

Counterfeit Auto Parts: $45 Billion

Oil Theft: $37.23 Billion

Human Smuggling: $35 Billion

Counterfeit Toys: $34 Billion

Human Trafficking: $32 Billion

Illegal Logging: $30 Billion

Methamphetamine: $28.25 Billion

Illegal Fishing: $23.50 Billion

Illegal Wildlife Trade: $19 Billion

Ecstasy: $16.07 Billion

Music Piracy: $12.15 Billion

Fake Shoes: $12 Billion

Counterfeit Clothing: $12 Billion

Waste Dumping: $11 Billion

Art Theft: $10 Billion

Cable Piracy: $8.5 Billion

Video Game Piracy: $8.1 Billion

Counterfeit Sporting Goods: $6.5 Billion

Counterfeit Pesticides: $5.8 Billion

Alcohol Smuggling: $5.0 Billion

Mobile Entertainment Piracy: $3.4 Billion

Counterfeit Cosmetics: $3.0 Billion

Movie Piracy: $2.5 Billion

Metals and Minerals Smuggling: $2.3 Billion

Counterfeit Aircraft Parts: $2 Billion

Counterfeit Weapons: $1.8 Billion

Kidnap and Ransom: $1.5 Billion

International Adoptions: $1.3 Billion

Counterfeit Watches: $1 Billion

Arms Trafficking: $1 Billion

Fake Diploma: $1 Billion

Book Piracy: $600 Million

Nuclear Smuggling: $100 Million

Fake IDs: $100 Million

Counterfeit Money: $81 Million

Organ Trafficking: $75 Million

Counterfeit Purses: $70 Million

Counterfeit Lighters: $42 Million

Counterfeit Batteries: $23 Million


Common & Uncommon Criminal Archive (w/profit $cale)

Illegal Jobs

Futball Match Fixing Syndicate $15 Billion per year

Oil Thieves – Nigeria $6,098 per day

Afghanistan – Taliban $200 Million a year from Opium

Spam Sellers – Russia $60 Million a year

Assassin – Mexico $3,000 to teenagers ($ growing due to the inactivity of the LoS)

Bride Trafficker Broker – Cambodia $1,500 per bride

Antique Looter 1 percent of final sale price


Ak-47 prices on the Black Market

Afghanistan $1,500

Afghanistan-Kabul $1,500 for US issued Night Vision Googles

Australia $15,493 in Sydney

Average price of AK-47 worldwide $534

Canada $2,000 for handgun, $600 to rent

Europe$400 to $900 for Rocket Launchers and AK-47s

Iraq $800, certain modified models $2,000

Iraq-Bullets $0.15 to $0.45 per bullet

Iraq-Rocket Launcher $100, $50 per grenade

Mexico-AK-47 $1,400 on US border/$3,000 in South

Mexico-Gernade $100 to $500 for M67 Grenade

Niger Delta-AK-47 $75

Philippines $120 for .22 Caliber Magnum Black Widow

Profit in the U.S. $500 for selling AK-47 to Drug Cartels

Somalia $400 for Russian AK-47, $600 for North Korean AK-47

Sudan $86 for AK-47, $33 for child

Syria $2,100 for AK-47, $2,000 for RPG

Thailand $2,600 for gun

United States $400 in California’s black market

United States-Small Pistol $20 to $100 in Dallas, TX

United States – Straw Purchaser Up to $500 per gun

Computer Hacker

AdWords $1,000 to drain competitors AdWords budget

Botnet – Canada $270 for 1,000 computers

Botnet – France $200 for 1,000 computers

Botnet – Russia $200 for 1,000 computers

Botnet – United Kingdom $240 for 1,000 computers

Botnet – United States $180 for 1,000 computers

Botnet – Worldwide $35 for 1,000 computers

Credit Card – Premium Card with Big Balance $250

Credit Card and Social Security Number $5

DDOS a Website $911,000 for gambling website

Doxing Someone $25 to $100

Email Addresses – Gmail $200 for 1,000

Email Addresses – Hotmail $12 for 1,000

Email Addresses – Yahoo $10 for 1,000

Facebook Likes $15 for 1,000

Facebook Spam $13 for page with 30,000 fans

Hacked Webcam of Boy $0.01

Hacked Webcam of Girl $1

Hacking Classes $75

Online Bank Account – EU4 – 6% of account balance

Online Bank Account – USA 2% of account balance

Online Extortion $50 to $15,000 in Sextortion Blackmail

Online Funds to CashCommission between 9% to 40% of Amount

Online Game Hackers $16,000 per month in China

PayPal Account6 to 20% of account balance

Remote Administration Tool $40 for Blackshades

Stolen Health Insurance Information $1,200 to $1,300

Twitter Followers $15 for 10,000 Fake Followers

Website Traffic $1 for 1,000 fake visitors

Cocaine (Prices)

Kuwait $330 per gram (User Submitted)

United States $300 to $8 (UN) |$30 (User Submitted) per gram

Australia $300 per gram

Japan $269.5 per gram

Egypt $205.5 per gram

Ukraine $189.6 per gram

Denmark $180 per gram (User Submitted) | $89 per gram (UN)

New Zealand $179.3 per gram

Moldova $155.4 per gram

Norway $154.45 per gram

Saudi Arabia $133.5 per gram

Romania $132.5 per gram

Estonia $127.2 per gram

Iran $126.3 per gram

Jordan $126.3 per gram

Cyprus $119.2 per gram

Philippines $119 per gram

Pakistan $118.7 per gram

Latvia $112.6 per gram

Montenegro $111.2 per gram

Sweden $110.6 per gram

Greece $110.3 per gram

China $106.9 per gram (Hong Kong)

Finland $106 per gram

Czech Republic $104.8 per gram

Croatia $99.4 per gram

Austria $97.3 per gram

Indonesia $96.5 per gram

Switzerland $95.6 per gram

Bulgaria $94.9 per gram

Ireland $92.7 per gram

Italy $91.6 per gram

Serbia $88.2 per gram

Germany $86.9 per gram

Thailand $86.0 per gram

Zimbabwe $80 per gram (Crack)

Israel $80 per gram

Poland $53 per gram

France $79.5 per gram

Spain $79.5 per gram

Albania $79.5 per gram

Lithuania $78.9 per gram

Turkey $78.2 per gram

Hungary $72.1 per gram

Belgium $67.1 per gram

United Kingdom $61.5 per gram

Portugal $61.0 per gram

Netherlands $58.7 per gram

Cuba $56.7 per gram

Lebanon $40.0 per gram

South Africa $32.7 per gram

Nigeria $32.5 per gram

El Salvador $24 per gram

Paraguay $20 per gram

Costa Rica $17 per gram

Guatemala $13.3 per gram

Brazil $12 per gram

Haiti $10 per gram

Chile $8.8 per gram

Venezuela $9.3 per gram

Honduras $9.2 per gram

Dominican Republic $8 per gram

Argentina $5.9 per gram

Ecuador $5.0 per gram

Peru $4.5 per gram

Bolivia $3.5 per gram

Colombia $3.5 per gram

The Network (Dark Web Encryption/Security)

Hacked Source

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Early Warning (concept phase)
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Terms and Conditions

  • Ishmael is highly protective of his criminal ties. As such he never works with non-vetted sources (any character under 10 IC story progressed interactions with Ghostshell). No exceptions.


Suits, Masks & 3rd tier Armory

  • Prototype Phantom

No Caption Provided

Created by the teen technopathic mutant, Sequiter Crix, the Ghostshell's Prototype Phantom; in addition to being bulletproof, is littered with Aerthium chainmaille under armour. Able to absorb kinetic energy to power itself. Once activated, the kinetic energy stored by Ishmael's Olympic level movement, speed and reflexes, maintain the suit's energy levels. It can be powered by alternative energy sources, such as its HALO fuel cell, but should such a source run out stop working for any reason, the suit's functions will shut down.The durability of the suit combined, with its energy-absorbing properties, allow the Gothic Ghostshell to withstand incredible damage as a result of confrontations with super and meta-human opponents. Also, if the suit absorbs too much kinetic energy, it will release a shockwave proportionate to the amount of excess energy in the suit. The Phantom is also equipped with a sophisticated AI system with tactical voice relay provided by Sequiter herself.
- K12 Carbolitium Katana
- Grappling Hooks (high strain Aerthium wire)
- Optical Cyclonic HUD
- Quickflip Wrist Grapnel

  • Body Suit

No Caption Provided

Honycombed layers beneath a body forming Aerthium weave with in-plane covalent bonds & plated scales, stacked and rebarred, add varied levels of limited durability to the Ghostshell's current suit. Sacrificing the ability to sustain damage for acrobatic aerial supremacy and hyper-mobility. With the synthetic CtP composite significantly ingrained into the coating of the under-armor for defensive diversity, Ishmael's gymnastic elusiveness however is his primary attribute while donning this basic attire. Muscularly aligned with subtly enhanced magnetic stimuli over a promethium sheath act in chorus with a supplemented layer of acceleration and response time.The Ghostshell's crescent facial visor also boasts a digital platform for a self-contained closed circuit coded algorithm which acts as an on-board tactical HUD. It is a direct connection to the digital demon, the teenage techno-terror, Sequitor Crix. Enabling her to provide real-time strategic of a symbiotic accord.
- Stamina Amplifier
- Adrenaline Surge
No Caption Provided
- Grip Feet
- Attract/Repel Magnetic Skin


Start the Conversation

It was Never My Cowl (CVnU one-shot™)

"Time to let old things die."

The Cowl of the Count (Retired costume)
2009 variant
2009 variant

Digital Lenses & Visors -Deprecation Perception - Because of the Ivory Owl ingenuity, the extensive vanguard of visual versatility contained within the Strix's armors are a paradigm of extrasensory proficiency. Which has engineered his ability to perceive stress points, fracture planes, and or weaknesses in objects or people. Which, by applying substantial force and pressure through strikes to the weak points or fractal faults, can down enemies far outside his class or break seemingly invincible objects.

Negative Lenses - All of the Ghostshell's cowls and battle suites offer the benefits of specialized lenses.The hybrid feature enable theextrapolation of his retinal image size amplifying his sight. Honing his focus with sensationalized magnification and precise focus.

No Caption Provided

Nocturnal Vision - Extremely sensitive and innovative synthetic rod receptors have been manufactured maturated to grant a level of night time vision due to the neural mechanisms which mediate the extraction of spatial information gathered from the retinal image throughout the nocturnal luminance range. These mechanisms are only able to function due to the large sized retinal imaging permitting the nocturnal function in the vision of the Strix's masks and helmets. Due to large posterior nodal distance; retinal image brightness is only maximized within a secondary neural function. These optical upgrades of nocturnal perception are far superior to that of most nocturnal creatures.

Positive Cornea -Impressively, despite the fact that the digital lenses are negative, the snaked eyed cornea's of the suit are positive. Forming a deviated outward convex responsible for the extreme exaggeration of his visions focusing precision which also allows for an unbelievably advanced resolution of sight in a narrow field of vision

No Caption Provided

Monocular Focusing -The engineered amalgamation of negative lenses and positive corneas endow the outlawed martial artist's field of vision with accurate focusing by corneal accommodation. Manipulating the corneal accommodation of depth perception is a genetic trait shared by only one other species on the planet to focus with monocular vision. As both eyes are primarily independent, the eye that first detects targets, danger, and or, opponents, will guide accommodation in the other eye. So advanced are the corneal accommodations, they can be coupled. Coupled vision meaning that both eyes independently can focus on the same object. When scanning the environment and in judging distance, vision and accommodation are uncoupled letting the eyes focus on different objects such as the environment and an opponent which grants unprecedented situational awareness far beyond the scope of any normal human being. Immediately before launching a strike the accommodation in both eyes can be coupled allowing them to focus independently on a specific area or uncoupled, allowing Ishmael to strike at an area while simultaneously aware of a de-evolving landscape, incoming attacks from varying other angles, or executing concurrently thrown strikes with ambidextrous authentication.

Vestibulo-ocular Reflex -Designed by the Ghostshell's over-watch assistant, Ms. Crix, Vestibulo-ocular Reflex (or VOR), is the primary resource for the stabilization of images on the retina during head movement. In order to accomplish this, the movement of the eyes is opposite the direction of the head and in doing so preserves the image in the in the center of the field of vision. An advanced semicircular canal which is primarily responsible for the reflexes attributed to the responses of acceleration, grant the Ghostshell the ability to move and react at near-superhuman speeds while maintaining near-peerless reactionary timing. Heightened neck muscles and a uniquely developed otolith organ mediate the acrobatic assassins magnificent displays of balance.

Somewhere beneath Gothic City

"Soooo, whats she like? She sounds pretty. Is she pretty? I bet she's pretty. she smart? She sounds smart, I bet she's really smart. She has to be really smart cause she's a doctor AND a Knightfall. Arent they all really smart? Yeah she's smart."

Ishmael said nothing. Instead he remained relaxed though disinterestedly silent with his arms folded across his chest

"Get to it Crixy. You called this little get together, so,"

un-tucking one hand for a moment before sliding it back into its previous position of subliminal postural power

"OH! Right, right sorry. I've been toying around with the previous specs. I've chipped and sculpted down your....his?... look? into a more form-fitting sheath of segmented aerodynamic protection. Your suit can now biodigitally generate superior kinetic force and in turn, trigger your fully optimized reactionary speed and enhanced some baseline physical attributes. Thanks to some of my own software, your new suit can translate external stimuli into your own accelerated speed. There's new Grip Feet; and I replaced your old grapnel system with a Quickflip tactical wrist grapnel. High-strain synthetic Aerthrium wire. As you requested I removed the cape and installed a back mounted Ion K12 Carbolitium Katana too."

1st prototype
1st prototype

the young techo mutant smiled with a sense of accomplishment as she watched Ishmael skeptically examine the possible replacement for his suit. A design made famous by countless others but historically so by one

"But here's where thing's get really cool. Check this out."

drawing the Ghostshell's attention to the obvious exclusion of the left'tsided eye-port

"The sheer fabric is just the initial layer, but beneath the mask the entire right side is a NEO digital sheath. Think of it as an internal optical cyclonic HUD. Your vision will balance out thanks to some genius biocosmetic tinkering. Your welcome. This should help filter out some of the visual noise you've been experiencing since...well, you know. But I more nose bleeds."

"No more nose bleeds."

Rubbing his chin, smirking with genuine satisfaction striding his fingers along the urban combat uniform's sharp lines and impressive contours, Ishmael parroted his young assistant

The specifics could be gone over later. No doubt Sequiter Crix had a data farm's worth of digitally backed-up information locked away. If no where else then deep within her genetically advanced mutant mind. It was the look that spoke to the inspired Strix. It was time to break away from the Knightfall inspired homage. Now more then ever, especially if he was going to take up an alliance alongside the reality displaced Knightfall Saint. A constant reminder of his failure and her brother's death could serve neither one of them very well.

"Well done kid. Well done."


The Aethrium Talon

The Talon
The Talon

The Aethruim Talon is engineered with a revolutionary combination of highly advanced nanotechnology, femtotechnology (the manipulation of excited energy states in atomic nuclei) and Aethrium, the Talon is the Ghostshell's state of the art urban aerial masterpiece.

Fundamentally Aethrium stabilizes and accounts for basic nanotechnology and its vulnerability to heat through the use of it's extraordinary energy-absorption mechanisms. Though it's key quality is absorbing energy and releasing it in a controlled manner, Aethrium's many properties render it the perfect material for the Talon.

With properties made possible by it's one-of-a-kind ability to store energy in it's bonds and release it when needed, Aethrium is a lightweight and near-perfect battery material. Principally, it absorbs kinetic energy, and because of this the Talon's outter sheath can perfectly deflect bullets without so much as a nudge to its momentum.

State of the art bio-cosmetic integration allow the Talon to defy the laws of gravity, constantly creaing never before seen aerial styles of unimaginable innovation and remixed reactionary brilliance. Meticulously shedding standardized metal motions and maneuvers because of the Ghostshell's unique robotic technologies and breakthroughs.

Engineering Specs

Model: Twin Ion engine
8.3 meters
7.2 meters
Maximum atmospheric speed
87 DPF
Engine Unit
D-p5 twin Ion engines
Aerithium w/ Carbonadium solar panels
Sensor System
Sensor Array
No Caption Provided

MMI® touch

The standard MMI® touch with handwriting recognition allow the pilot to control an array of vehicle systems including navigation, audio and phone functions. Coupled with the standard Neo-connect® system, a world of information is easily within reach.

NeoSin virtual cockpit

The interior design of the Talon puts the pilot at the helm of the ingenious NeoSin virtual cockpit, which displays all essential information directly within the pilot's vision on a 12.3-inch TFT display that has outstanding resolution and clarity. With the R8, you really can take matters into your own hands.

Neo navigation plus

The MMI® navigation plus system provides Neo-connect®, enabling Google Earth™ with 3D satellite imagery, a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight passenger devices, local traffic and weather, news and more.

Bang & Olufsen® Sound System

This standard premium audio system (available on the V10 plus model) provides unrivaled sound reproduction and clarity with 13 speakers and an impressive 550 watts of power. Add to that LED accent lighting and Dynamic Line design speaker grilles for a fully sensorial experience.

Z-4.5 flight avoinics system


The Black Horizon

Vehicle Mode; Black Horizon

Black Horizon
Black Horizon

The Black Horizon has been engineered in the militarized theme of urban pacification. The renewed Ghostshell of Gothic spared no expense in its fabrication. State of the art engineering-cosmetic integration allow the B.H. to constantly create never before seen customization of unimaginable innovation and remixed reactionary-vehicular brilliance.

No Caption Provided

Capable of perfect balance and martial fluidity through obeyed laws of off and on road physics. With unique airborne micro-nanite offensive capabilities, able to spread across massive areas with the unpredictability of a cybernetic pathogen. Meticulously shedding standardized metal motions and maneuvers because of the unknown robotic technologies and breakthrough.

  • Bioware Flickblade Rims
  • Anti-Metal digital back-dock IMP
  • Militarized memory metal tech plates and riggings
  • Full Omni-Universal connect to the S3 satellite
  • Explosive Nano Swarm
  • Ghosting Radar-Stealth sheathing
  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Designer: Unknown
  • Crystal Optics Clearsheer: Resistant Design
  • Neurokinetics: Mindcloud
  • Orientation System: Southstar 550
Body & Chassis
  • Class: Urban Assault Vehicle
  • Body Style: Militarized Cockpit
  • Engine: 5980cc Mercedes-AMG bi-turbo M158 V12
  • Transmission: 7-speed sequential
  • Move-by-wire system: Pinnacle OS

MMI® touch

The standard MMI® touch with handwriting recognition allows drivers to control an array of vehicle systems including navigation, audio and phone functions. Coupled with the standard Neo-connect® system, a world of information is easily within reach.

Militarized holographic virtual cockpit

The interior design of the BH puts the driver at the helm of the ingenious virtual cockpit, which displays all essential information directly within the driver’s vision on a 12.3-inch TFT display that has outstanding resolution and clarity. With the BH, you really can take matters into your own hands.

Neo navigation plus

The MMI® navigation plus system provides Neo-connect®, enabling Google Earth™ with 3D satellite imagery, a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight passenger devices, local traffic and weather, news and more.

Bang & Olufsen® Sound System

This standard premium audio system (available on the V10 plus model) provides unrivaled sound reproduction and clarity with 13 speakers and an impressive 550 watts of power. Add to that LED accent lighting and Dynamic Line design speaker grilles for a fully sensorial experience.


CVnU Timeline and Ongoing Canon (11/7/17)

CvnU Timeline & Recent History:

No Caption Provided

Multiverse Events And Alternate Realities

The Universal Holes

The CVnU Dark Universe

Earth 67 - Yesterworld

Omnipotent Parlay

Following The 2 year flash-forward

The New Deal

Infiltration of the Strix Pomestye

Matriarchal Society (The Death of the Liafador Legend)

Fianna Rebirth

The Artifact Chase

The Black Hallows begins to seep into the world of men & women

The New Protector arrives

The Observer Appears

Animus Reborn - A.I.D. Technologies

The Fortress of Fables exists? Augus Magus

Cassius Knightfall is delivered, the Illuminati convene for the first time

The Multiverse Threory

L.O.V.E Reopens

Force Bursts back on the scene

Extinction Level Event on Ephemera; Trinity Reigns

This is the End

The New Warden of the Kwazulu Alcazar

Adventures on the Planet Mechanicus

Draco Trace emerges on the scene

The Sentinels of Light Unite

The Conclave - The Last Al'Shaytan is crowned.

The Multiverse is Breached; Sha of Infinite Forevers begins her search for the Prime Sha.

(Originally cataloged by Lichter/Supra-Man)

Possible Futures:

The Anti-Mutant World Order attempts to eradicate mutant life from the globe

Undead Apocalypse

CVnU Beyond

The Third Society conquers the planet

CVnU Timeline:

Recent History (Up to approximately Two 4 IC years into the past )

A mystic tournament is held to determine the next Sorcerer Supreme

President Dagaal-Ares' Inauguration is interrupted by an Assassination Attempt

Protests in Paris turn violent

A supernatural puppeteer devises a dangerous contest to amuse himself

The Phoenix returns to forge a new world from the ashes of the old one

A Galactic Council convenes in the Solar System

Ukraine is invaded

President Donn recruits a council to reconstruct Gothic

Gothic is Destroyed

An Esoteric Weapon takes an entire City's Population Hostage in the Middle East

The Time Siphon Fleet Arrives

The United States attempts to eradicate the terrorist presence within Gothic and return it to the Union once and for all

The We Are Legend team fights GeNext in the ruins of Emerald City

Recent History (Up to approximately four six IC years into the past)

Sudden Death's season finale premieres

Amarth attacks New York City in an effort to spawn more nGods

The Time Siphon Invasion commences

The Academy students face their first challenge

Iceland is defeated by a massive alliance between the United States and mutantkind

Following a false flag attack, the United States declares war on Iceland

The Equalizers seek to put an end to Sam Washington once and for all

The Secret Equalizers rescue Jean Quentin

The New Gods attack Venezuela

Iceland and the Free States begin clandestine operation to free Samuel Washington from imprisonment

The Presidential War

US Presidential Race (3/26/2016)

Black Mask is betrayed by the Strix in Gothic

The Andromedans begin diplomatic relations with humanity; they then colonize Mars

The Orc Horde tears through Central America

Orc Legions lay siege to Venezuela

A rampaging metahuman threatens Las Vegas, and is confronted by the Force

Nikademus seizes the Mist of God in Jerusalem; Mourning Sparrow becomes Raysh al Shaytan

The B-List attempt to abscond with a secret satellite

Schism within the League of Shadows; the Equalizers are also present

War in Colombia

The Iron Phantom seeks to pacify Gothic City

Kai Aurelius declares Greece part of his empire, but is routed at Athens

STRIKE neutralizes HYDRA

The Superhuman Registration Act is officially repealed

Founding of the Equalizers

STRIKE battles Curve

Mutants march for equal rights

Lichter raids the CIA alongside the League of Shadows

Jean Quentin is elected President

Asmodeus invades Denver

Satar combats Jonathan Bold

The Black House is destroyed in Gothic

The fall of the Liafadors and death of Nox

Satar confronts the Aurelius Clan

Satar's rampage continues; death of Lucia Aurelius

Satar attacks Gothic City

Argus shuts down Empire International, a major supplier of Konite

The Spanish Revolution takes place in Emerald City

Orpheus Knightfall's last stand

The Twin Dragons make their presence known

The Shogun leads an assault on the Savage family

Dante Aventus brings Archium to Earth

Adrian Hastings levels Nebraska (no civilian casualties)

An undead crisis is contained in South America

The non-powered team collapses in prison; Jericho, their former target, escapes

Iceland secretly falls under the control of a renegade squadron of super-villains

A team of non-powered vigilantes' first mission ends in disaster

Exemplar attempts to seize the Middle East

Asgard attacks Kansas

Warsman devastates Hawaii

Thomas Newcastle becomes President

The Shogun attacks Gothic City

Intermediate History (Up to approximately seven 9 IC years into the past)

The Cataclysm concludes

The Cataclysm continues

The Cataclysm threatens the Earth

Envy goes on the warpath in America

President Pierce establishes the Super City program

Lord Naru attacks Gothic City (IC not found)

Clarice Pierce becomes President

MERLIN declares war on humanity

Honor Avenger destroys Bedlam Asylum

Akira Overdrive lays claim to Tokyo

The Shogun claims Venezuela

The Liafadors face internal struggle

Braveheart liberates Henosha

Funeral of the Vice President

Emperor Decimus attacks Washington DC

Quintus Knightfall appears to assassinate President Stark, who vanishes

Mutantkind, under the command of Amaranth, attempt to take over Gothic City

Corporate giant Avalon rises and takes global prominence

Gothic City is declared a No Man's Land by President Stark

Brahma Bull officially declares war on the US and President Stark

The League of Shadows and Brahma bull attack the White House

Brahma Bull's first attack on Gothic City

Anthony Stark becomes President

The United Republic of Venezuela is founded by Xenon

President Ziev declares war on Venezuela

A Venezuelan terrorist attacks Peak Industries

A pro-mutant extremist know as Amaranth leads a team known as the Renegades to fight the Enforcers; both teams collapse in the ensuing battle

Anthony Stark would lead the Enforcers on a quest to enforce the Registration Act

Venezuela faces it's first wave of war and is almost destroyed, only to be taken over by Charlemagne

The Statute of Liberty is destroyed. It has, however, been completely reconstructed.

A super hero civil-war breaks out, destroying much of New York for the first time

Charlemagne secures passage of the Superhuman Registration Act in the spring of 2013

(I'll be happy to add events if and or when they occur. Feel free to pm me any I may miss)


CVnU Origin; The Universal Lavaliere

X Epiftle Dedicatory

The Universe knows no Keeper but our Grace, Oblig'd and Unrelenting in It's purest Truth.

No Caption Provided


No Caption Provided

Orbiting an Arsenic Dwarf Star almost sixty seven million light-years from Earth, the magnificently cultured planet of Tesla mirrored our human planet in a number of ways. In fact, a large cross section of Tesla's inhabitants shared basic and indistinguishable features similar to that of a humanoid, aside from their advanced intelligence and augmented physical abilities. Other's, such as the titan based Galactic Congress, were Omnipotent celestials. Protectors, and Destroyer's, of a flourishing civilization predicated upon exploration, combat, and scientific innovation.

But beneath the idealistic facade, Tesla was a militaristic planet with an economic foundation based on slave labor with the Galactic Congress examining all selectively bred embryos for signs of active, or latent, biological abnormalities.The raw prodigious few exhibiting a celestial gene were chosen to join the illustrious sovereign power, while others were scientifically engineered in hopes of altering their dna in order to increase production.

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Many in the congress were relentless and even by Teslan's standards, considered morally bankrupt. Centuries of predisposed aggression had helped curve the social divide, the hierarchy haven taken on a self-entitled demeanor, once displayed through physical domination. As a means of nonchalant appeasement, the Congress allowed the population to elect their own representatives to act as mediators between the Congress and the Teslans themselves.

Five Houses were elected each with supreme authority; only the mosiac sect of the Galactic Congress operating outside their laws and influence. But true to form, The Five House thirst for decadence and power eventually led to political strife amongst its populous. Eventually that strife led to a violent series of civil confrontations which further escalated after it was discovered that slave's were being cloned and copied, with the copies being allowed to gain sentience and establish a full, normal life before being in-salved too. This impassioned yet short lived revolt was subsequently put down by the Galactic Congress, who then utilized the event as an excuse to engage in their own cataclysmic civil war. Partially fracturing the planet irreversibly damaging its core.



Understandably, the unnatural advantage the Congress held over the people of Teslan, as well as the protection of their planet, promoted their tireless efforts to create weapons capable of harming, even killing, their celestial overlords. But it wasn't until a series of fortunate events led to the discovery of an injured member of the Congress were the people of Taslan able to engineer those weapons.

Forging Universal Power:

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From that point on, cloaked in a veil of true Illuminati, the greatest and brightest minds the planet had to offer secretly unraveled the galactic mysterious of their experimental captive. Kept alive by any means necessary, the celestial was thoroughly examined and studied. Experimented on, and mined for everything from pharmaceutical miracles, to state of the art engineering feats of unimaginable design. His body paving the scientific way for previously unachievable advancement. His armor reforged and retrofitted into gem like containment capsules, allowing for the safe stabilization of the raw fundamental powers of the Universe.

The first of these encapsulations was the Mind. Then the Soul. It would be another 6 years however before the Taslan's were able to arrest the unbridled energy of Power. Reality, Space and Time were secured at the same time as not to upset the fabric of reality. An unproven theory put forth by the collective conscious of the Taslan government at the time.

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Set in armored left grieve of the captured celestial, the Universal Lavaliere was born, and with it, the War to End all Wars. The penultimate clash between the Titans of Teslan and the Galactic Congress which resulted in the cataclysmic decimation of not only Teslan, but the entire chain of seven planets in the solar system. Destroying any trace of the planet and killing the Galactic Congress. However, the Omnipotent weapon; the The Universal Lavaliere survived the destruction. Fractured, it was split into seven complete sections. Six encapsulated gems, and one galactic grieve. The whereabouts of these god-like objects has remained an unknown mystery, with 99% of the infinite Universe completely unaware of its very existence.

But like all objects of unmitigated power there are those who know. There are those with the invaluable resources to not only become scholarly educated on the celestial items, but to track them down and unlock their safeguarded secrets and crown themselves Omnipotent Gods in a sea of self-stylized peers.

Recent Discovery

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Until recently only one of the Universal Lavaliere had been sighted. The Time Lavaliere, property of the time traveled Animus was recently rumored to have been spotted somewhere in North Eastern Europe. Whispers suggest he wears the object as a religious exemplification of his divine power. Its emerald luminescent contained inside the golden center of an in-scripted ring always constricted around the Preacher of the Past's finger.

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But now another of the Lavalieres has appeared. 25 years in the future in the alternate Universe called the CVbU, the discovery of a red gem like object promoted the self-anointed God in the Iron Mask to send his eldest daughter and revered legend killer, Angelique LeBeau, to retrieve what he believes to be the Reality Lavaliere. Should this hold to be true, this would mark the appearance of two universal objects in as many weeks.

Individual Lavaliere


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This purple lavaliere contains access to all power and energy that ever has or will exist. Mastery of the lavaliere would allow the user to duplicate any physical superhuman ability. They would be essentially physically invincible and therefore unbeatable when using raw power alone. It can also be use as an unlimited power supply for any machine. When combined, this gem can boost the effects of other lavalieres, allowing the user to tap into a lavalieres potential without necessarily mastering it.


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This aqua lavaliere allows its owner to be anywhere in an instant. They can be in multiple places in the universe, or nowhere. Mastery would allow the owner to warp or rearrange space as they see fit.


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This emerald gem allows the user to be in any period of time. From the beginning to the end of time, any moment is accessible or visible through its power. Those with limited knowledge in the use of the gem can cause those nearby to revert to a physically older or younger state. With enough knowledge, even more can be done, as time and causality can be manipulated with this lavaliere. The user can also use time as a weapon, trapping enemies or entire worlds in unending loops of time. Mastery would allow the user to affect the whole universe with time manipulation, such as slowing down time in one stretch of the cosmos, freezing time in another and looping time in yet another.


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The golden mind lavaliere gives the owner access to all thoughts and dreams. It also gives the user a wide number of other mentally related abilities including telekinesis. It encompasses the collective consciousness of the universe. In the hands of one unskilled in its use, the lavaliere could unleash your dreams and nightmares uncontrollably within your mind. Worse yet, one oblivious to the dangers can have their inner demons overwhelm them. For a novice user it can add or boost mental power, and augment the mind's abilities. Further knowledge of the gem can allow the user to tap into further power. Where the reality lavaliere alters reality itself, the Mind lavaliere can make you think the world has changed. Mastery would allow the user to access all the minds of the universe, simultaneously.


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They say that perception is reality. The blood colored Universal Lavaliere makes that quite literally true. Perhaps the most powerful of the gems, mastery can render scientific laws meaningless, senses useless. With this lavaliere wishes can be obtained. The vastness of its power can overwhelm its user, making a novice cease to exist. This lavaliere is perhaps even more dangerous by itself than with the the help of another lavaliere to manage its power. It is the most difficult to control and utilize.

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This orange lavaliere is arguably the most dangerous. Its sentience is the most profound, and it has shown a hunger for souls, a hunger that can possess a novice user. This lavaliere allows the user to steal, manipulate and alter souls, living or dead. Within the lavaliere are collected souls in perpetual limbo. Mastery of the lavaliere would allow the user to control all living life in the universe. The lavaliere also allows the bearer access to an idyllic pocket-universe that is much like heaven.


The House of L

"Tis not a Cult. Tis Life, Unshackled"

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Having taken serious note of his estranged wife's radical influence as a result of her religious cult, the Cardinal Queen's once violent doctrinaire and religious preaching have not only inspired the King of King's to manipulate the impoverished disenfranchised magicians of the World, but it has also fueled his fundamental teaching of esoteric based philosophies to those under his sphere of power.

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Transforming the faithful into methodical masters of the mystical arts, permeating with unwavering devotion and loyalty to their God. At the House of L, draped in cabalistic techniques and apparel they worship and train using an enigmatic amalgamation of intrinsic biotechnological sorcery generously bestowed upon them by the Father of Lies. However, unlike traditional Asiatic axioms which instruct the positive manifestations of chi as the "Life Force" cohesively resonating in and around the body capable of extraordinary combat feats, the God in the Iron Mask admonishes a radical evangelical deceleration in which he labels magic as an unimaginable evil practiced by ancient clans determined to use their paranormal abilities to elevate themselves above the human race.

Through this mental manipulation the indoctrination of esoteric methodology has become the foundation of Jean Luc's secret cukt, the House of L. Filtering the philosophy through forbidden innovative forms of mysticism. Building his inner circle comprised of increasingly dark practitioners of the magical Shadow Chi. Polluting not only their minds but their souls, before segregating themselves forming the sub-sect, "Midnight Cabal". A secret society of devilish magic based practitioners who's diacritic perfection of all 3 forbidden forms made them almost unbeatable as individuals, and peerless death dealers as a coterie. The only members of the House of L cognizant of Jean's true idiosyncratic nature and abilities which they passionately safeguard even in the face of death. Though every member of the House of L are highly in-tuned with their metaphysical esoteric techniques , it is only the vaunted Midnight Cabal who are allowed to employ their esoteric endowments without permission.


The CVnU Multiverse (updated 8/15/17)


No longer just a theory, the concept of alternate realities existing as parallel earths has become a proven actuary. Mirroring Universes with alternate and often times paradoxical realities. Each sharing characteristics of their superhero universe, and sometimes even crossing over bleeding the lines between one Universe and the next. The Multiverse concept's foundation as well as its origins have yet to be solidified with empirical data.

Jean Luc's personal knowledge extends to the existence of the following Universes & Alternate Realities;


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Current Universe
Origin Universe

A Medieval Universe divided and ruled by a caste of legendary Houses and Lords - including the "Knightfalls."

A Universe created by the LeBeau Legacy by way of his adopted daughter, Wanda; as a final and drastic measure in his then, endless war against Final Arrow
Mirror Mirror-Verse
Tucked away in a World within a World lay a mystical realm, a firmament of untapped magical empyrean occupied with some of the Universes most recognizable entities. Folklore heroes and villains who, until recently, were only an imagination based reality relegated to the fictional transcriptions of literary masterpieces
Earth 67
Earth 67 is the home to the Silver Age heroes of yesteryear. After having bravely served their countries and ending the World's second war over seas, they have returned home. Disbanding to clean up the messes left behind by the criminals on the homefront who had taken advantage of their absences.

Alternate Realities

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The Dark Universe

Days of Future Pasts
Future Times (NAO vs VV)
1602: Rebirth
Last Hope
Legends & Legacies
The Queen's Domain (Age of Clara Mass)
Reality M


Age of Absolution
Age of Absolutism 2
Vine 2031: Children of the Destiny
Gears of War
The Last Stand
Beyond 2039