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The Heroic Age!......yeah, that will last...

Don't let the title fool you, I'm excited for this new Age. It will be nice to see Heroes just being heroes but....How long will this "Peace" really last, before another "Civil War" or "House of M" happens,  Maybe I'm just speaking for myself but, let me ask you a question. Can comics in this day and age really stay in a  permanent "Heroic Age"? with all of these dark storylines and Hollywood trying to turn every Comic book film into a dark serious movie. How long will this last? I'm not gonna lie, I dig dark storylines I'm not so hot on HUGE company wide crossovers that we have been beat over the head with since Civil War but. I likes me a dark tone. sure in a perfect world, Steve Rodgers is in charge, the avengers are back on top and everyone forgets Peter Parker is Spiderman....I just don't see this lasting.

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