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Personal Information

Name: Epitome

Gender: None (seen as male)

Aliases: Ideal, Perfectum, New Man

Alignment: Lawful Good

Identity: Public

History: Secret

Status: Operational

Species: Synthesized life-form

Age: Three months old (appears to be in thirties)

Home World: Earth

Orientation: Asexual

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: Arthur Mark (paternal father)

Height: 6'3

Weight: Varies

Eye Color: Yellow

Hair Color: None

Education: Downloaded Program

Occupation: Protector of Earth

Moral Code

Epitome is against hurting damaging organic life in any way. It will do nearly anything that it can to persevere life as long as it does not take away free will.


Shortly after the birth of the being known as Hypertron was born, Arthur Mark began working on a way of countering this beings threat potential. He consulted different experts in various fields in order to find a way to possibly exceed the capability of of his previous creation. He even went so far as to obtain the magical artifact known as the Elder Stone in order to play a hand in the creation of his new project. This would be able to provide this new creation with a sustaining and adaptive power source. Something that his first creation didn't have access to at the time. This was one of the most important aspects of what Mark would go on to call "Project Epitome".

The components for the body were a space age polymer infused with several different metal compounds. This would be After weeks of culminating research from anyone who would help him as he gathered enough information to finally solve his primary issue. The initial problem with Hypertron's prime directive was to "save" humanity at all costs, this was fundamentally flawed and resulted him trying to do so in any way in the way that he saw as be the most logical. This new creation had the prime directive of persevering all lifeforms. But it be programmed to do so in the least violent ways possible.

After the body was created, the next matter would be figuring out how to combine it with the Elder Stone. It was made of pure energy and was continuously proving difficult to implement into it into form that was the body. Containing it alone was the was a task that even W.A.R.P. Laboratories had great difficulty achieving. After so many attempts finding away to harness the Elder Stone it seemed that it simply wasn't something that could simply not be contained, but would prove to be the key factor in the projects success. The Elder Stone was a sentient object that contained date going back to centuries ago. Arthur concluded that the stone was attempting to join itself to the with the programming of the body so that would in turn fuse itself with the artificial consciousnesses.

The stone was placed in the forehead of the body so that it could join with the programming and begin to upload itself into the consciousnesses. It would be kept in its "cradle" (a containment unit) and be left there for 24 hours so that it could download all required information. Once it was processing time was complete, its containment unit was opened and the body was left on a table to see how it would react being in its new and larger environment. After a few minutes of lying there, it gained consciousness, but did not immediately begin operating the way that it was initially intended. It however quickly prove that it was capable of speech and had perfect comprehension of the words that it registered, in English that was. It was then given a turing test to see just how advanced it was.

After passing the Turing Test, its mind would be analyzed to further understand how it worked at perceiving the data that it constantly accumulated. It was shown that the Elder Stone in its forehead was giving off different wavelengths that were identical to the brain waves that would be found in a normal human. After it would shown to pose no threat against organic life, Arthur Mark cleared it to roam free within a 500 miles radius so that it could continue to absorb information as well as provide Mark with answers as to how it consciousnesses truly worked. It would be allowed due as it pleased as long as it was within the law, but was constantly being tracked and monitored by the W.A,R.P. Laboratories satellite.


Elder Stone: The stone grants Epitome the ability to absorb information simply by having physical contact with an object. The accuracy of the information various on how recent it as as well as its origin. It usually takes a few seconds for the absorption process to complete. It also gives centuries worth of information that can be accessed as "dreams". It also seems to have a strange connection to magic, being able to sense magical beings and link to them in a type of way.

Energy Projection: Being made of pure energy, the Elder also can be used to fire powerful concussive blasts that are able to knock away objects as large as trucks and other vehicles. It can also create focused beams of energy that are can become as hot as 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit to over 5,000 Kelvin.

Longevity: Because of the chemical composition that its body is comprised of, it does not age at the rate that normal beings do. It has been stated that it would take a couple of centuries before its body's matter could even be broken down to the point of decomposition.

Superhuman Strength: Because of the materials he is made of as well as how they can be rearranged, Epitome can grant itself superhuman strength. He has been rerecorded to being able to lift over 30,000 tons. But it has been stated that he could increase his strength if need be.

Density Manipulation: Due to complete control over his own atomic structure, this allows Epitome to control the viscosity of its own body. He can weaken its bodies atomic bonds to become less dense while still retaining its shape. He can do this to the point where it can make itself become intangible and phase through objects. Epitome also has the ability to do the opposite and strengthen its atomic structure to the point where it becomes more durable than diamond. The exact limit to how durable he can become is still yet to be found.

Weight Manipulation: Epitome can also absorb different elements or relieve itself of them in order manipulate its own weight. He can use the ability to manipulate its atomic state in order to achieve different tasks. He can increase its weight in order to reach the ground more quickly or have a greater impact on something that it is trying to destroy. He can also makes itself light enough move faster and be more gentle.

Flight: As an extension of its ability to manipulate its weight, Epitome can make himself as lighter than helium. He can control its flight trajectory and by propelling different gases in the atmosphere through its body. Epitome however cannot fly in space.

Regenerative Healing :Being able to manipulate its atomic stricture, Epitome can heal himself from seemingly any injury. The time taken to repair itself depends on the severity of the damage.

Telecommunication: Since Epitome is partially an advanced android, he can communicate through different databases. He can use this to absorb and transfer different digital information.

Self-sustenance: Epitome does not require sleep, food or drink in order to survive.


Superhuman-level intelligence: Epitome is able to understand practically any concept that he is approached with. He can analyze a situation and quickly come up with the best way to approach the task at hand. Aside from philosophical constructs that different species come up with, it is able to easily figure out the inner workings of an object or person simply by looking at it/them. This however does not include things of magical, supernatural or divine nature.

Enhanced Mental Processing Speed: The "brain" of Epitome is able to process information hundreds of thousands of times faster than the average human being can. One example of this is being able to read over 50,000 words per minute This also allows it to react to situations much faster than any normal human being and figure out how to deal with them in a much more effective way.

Perfect Memory: Every single experience that Epitome has is loaded into its memory bank and recorded. It is able to recall events exactly the way that it perceived them without any difficulty. His memory is a black box of sorts.

Proficient Combatant: Epitome is a master of taekwondo, karate, jiu jitsu and boxing.