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Codename: The Dreadnought

Name: Leon Burke

Age: 28

Monikers: Warlord, Equalizer


Height: 6'6"

Weight: 230 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Transportation: Battleship Base of Operations, Enclosed Motorcycle fired from Base to target location

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Weapons: Grenade Variety Pack, Collection of Tomahawks, Electric Revolver for select ammunition firing, Ace Up the Sleeve

Powers: Special Dissociative Anesthetic use dulls pain and gives out of body experience, allowing anticipation of attacks and general awareness. Leon's tactical expertise is his greatest asset. Finding weaknesses and exploiting the environment, if he can't win Leon will retreat and reassess.

Fighting Style: Developed for CQB, Leon aims for quick incapacitating strikes. At peak human fitness, Leon will give any less-than-meta a good fight but his strength lies in his head.

Alignment: Good


Group Affiliation: Leads like-minded paramilitary agents to take down criminal organizations. Funded and armed by past victories.

Short Bio:

Leon Burke never knew his mother. Leon only knew his father and his many, many brothers. He was raised in a ravaged land used by world powers to play out their proxy wars. Leon's father was a local warlord. All of the boys were products of this man's conquest and were used to fuel his relentless war machine. Dehumanized and pitted against each other, each boy only clung to the other long enough to stab him in the back. Among the horrid throng, Leon managed to gain his father's attention through savagery and cunning. Leon was schooled by his father in the art of warfare. His father prided himself on his extensive collection of writings by the greatest military minds, which Leon buried himself in. Still a child, Leon became a lieutenant to his father, overseeing horrendous acts against their enemies. During this time, Leon became dependent on a local drug used to desensitize soldiers. While in combat, Leon found he could "step outside" of his body and anticipate attacks. This was all brought to an end when a nearby highly militarized nation exterminated the warring factions in order to stabilize its own borders.

This nation took in many refugees, including the children of the warlords. Many were deemed unsafe for regular society and imprisoned in some form or another. Leon was recognized for his aptitude and admitted to a military academy. There he further refined his leadership ability and tactics. However, school was not enough to occupy his time and Leon would not stand the indignation of defeat. Over the span of a year, Leon organized a resistance movement among the remaining outlying tribes and the refugees. At its pinnacle, the resistance nearly overthrew the government, however, Leon finally recognized the evil that resulted from his lifestyle and slipped away. Attempting to find a righteous cause, Leon took part in guerrilla wars across the world, honing his combat techniques and tactics from many masters. He learned that a man alone will always meet his match, however, with resources and a critical mind, any obstacle can be overcome.

Leon has since founded an organization with the goal of toppling villainous collaborations. Utilizing whatever weaponry is available, Leon never fights on a level playing field. Rigged explosives, gadgets, hidden snipers, Leon may just be a man but he demonstrates that mankind is a force to be reckoned with. Leon is an arsenal, a game-changer, an equalizer. Leon is The Dreadnought.


Lovechild of Batman and Doctor Doom. The Dreadnought Armor is a dark practical armor, mantle, and signature gladiator helmet. If anyone has a good look, I'm open to it.