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The REAL ending of siege. 0

Okay, here's the conclusion of siege. Asgard lay in ruin, the Dark Avenger have been tamed, thisis the end...   And now, a little warning from us :  SPOILER ALERT ! SPOILER ALERT ! SPOILER ALERT ! SPOILER ALERT ! SPOILER ALERT !  What I've readed : The issue begin with the arrrival of Osborn, at Ryker Island,, the maximum security penitentiary, where's he's welcomed by Steve Rogers, and the next page, we see the day just before : where Osborn get the punch in the face that he deserved for so lon...

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A french masterpiece ! 0

It's one of the best european comics strips I've read in age !The caracter isn't a good guy, but he work on cynical edge of survival that lie deep inside of all of us. The beginning of this episode is also the beginning of the end of this story arc, which is compelling, badass and cold, like all the series before. I like the way the writer blurr the way between good, bad, into an uneasy grey zone and the struggle for survival.It seems to me that the art is very cool,warm color countering the col...

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