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At last !

Yup, dark era can be good, but inconsistent : why kill hero (or villain) when you know they will come back anyway ? It's just lame. 
Beside of that, some comics have just dark issue : X-Men always end up being the butt monkey of humanity, Spiderman has always a crappy life to the point the biblical Job looks like a whiner, and Batman,well, he still has gotham... 
Not to mention the "script-joker" immunity of many villain like Joker, Norman Osborn, Kingpin, Bullseye and other...most of those guy deserve to being shot, but no, so it looks like dark from the start...  

So, you see, Darker and Egier can be good, but in Comics it seems to end being out of place... 
So I would say it's good.
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I'm not very into DC, and more into marvel BUT... Dark Reign get pretty annoiyng these days : too long, with some major hole in the plot and some heroes dumber than, that's a no-no...

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Not superhero anymore.

The superhero have too many gimmicks that I know all too well. The characters are sometimes awesome, being the cast of a new modern mythology in the philosophical term, but on the other side, it's as pointless to me than some soap opera. 

So I guess I go with the urban fantasy stuff, like Death, or Constantine...  

Sci-fi is the poor parent of the world of comics, the only things that moved my gutt over the year was Transmetropolitan, and The Invisible.  

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Untill the end of time...

Frankly, to kill some superhero and inflict some shock to the reader, well, I can understand that.
Into the best of world, this would bring a sense of awe and history in comics. People would say "ooh !" and "aaah !" when they will hear the name of Bruce Wayne, or Steve Rogers.

Now this is just a joke and it just bring to light how short of idea are Marvel and DC.

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The city.

Yeah, the one of Transmetropolitan.
Between yhe intelligent dog cop, the alien-human hybrid and all the other stuff, I would be quite unassuming....

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Untill the next Batman movie...if they are wise !

No joke, I think Bruce will return, even if I don't like the idea.
When the next Batman movie will go out, it's likely that many people will want to read the Comics, but if they don't find Bruce Wayne as Batman, my bet is that they will be disappointed and DC will lose some new reader.

So, my bet is that Bruce will come back when the next Batman movie will come out.



Ok, let's face it, it's the more overused plot of the Avenger : The traitor.


It's kind of funny at this rate, because it's seems that to be an avenger, you must betrayed them first. Let's see :

Wanda (Gone mad and Betrayed them all...killing some in the process.)

Tony Stark (Yeah, You remember, when he betrayed for Kang ?)

Hank Pym (Between Drugs or alcohol, I do know where to start !)

Vision (Isn't the Genocidal robot known as Ultron who's send him to spy them first ?)

The dark avenger. (Okay, it's kind of usurper, but that's just another traitor kind to me...)
The Secret Invasion (THAT was a massive traitorous invasion !)
And the list goes on and on...
That is one of the reason why I didn't really like the avenger. Some of the caracter are great, and it's kind of superhero dream team, but frankly, I found that some plot come back too frequently to be enjoyed.