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  • I recall Jim Aparo and Neal Adams artwork in the 70's but I think the definitive version that got me hooked on the Batman was by writer Steve Englehart and artists Marshall Rogers &Terry Austin. They recently did a miniseries together that was just as good called Dark Detective. Check it out.

  • Shang Chi is another of my favorites Writer Doug Moench along with artists Paul Gulacy,Gene Day and Mike Zeck made the Master of KungFu a continual great read.There was something about this characters internal monologue that is compelling.

  • Frank Miller by far changed DareDevil forever as well as the rest of the comic Industry. His infamous DareDevil run along with the character Elektra he created and then killed is by far my favorite run in comics. Writers Ed Brubaker and Brian Bendis also did a great job in their prospective runs with writing DD adventures.

  • My favorite run of Iron Man is by Writer David Micheline and Artists Bob Layton & John Romita Jr.They presented the classic story " Demon in the Bottle" and other memorable comic moments featuring guest spots by the Hulk, Namor the Submariner and Antman.

  • Doug Moench and Bill Sienkewicz on the original run that made the character was great.

  • Chris Claremont and John Byrne classic but short run is a great read. It eventually crossed over into Power Man for a few issues then into Marvel Team up. The character also had a few great misunderstood battles against the legendary Captain America and Iron Man

  • Mike Grell s 70's run on Green Lantern/ Green Arrow was great as it ran into the 80's but it was Grell's The Longbow Hunters that cinched it for me

  • I used to have records of the old radio show that were pretty atmospheric in sound and Orson Wells pulled of the narration and most of the storytelling along with sound effects. It was quite cool but it was Denny O'neil and Mike Kaluta brought the Shadow to life for me in comics

  • Matt Wagners has two sides. His good was MAGE, His bad was GRENDEL. Grendel has been continually good read in all its creations over the years.

  • This character is great. He was introduced in Jim Starlin's The Metamorphosis Saga then eventually in a graphic novel then in his own series. Possibly Jim Starlins creative best.