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This Put The "Detective" in Batman 2

***DC had postponed this issue due to certain events. My local comic shop still sold this issue whether they were aware of the postpone or not***The Good.Common knowledge tells us that Batman is "The Great Detective", unfortunately, DC either forgot to add that in their books or forgot how to make it good. It seems Grant may have seen that since The New 52 and went for it. And with the return of Matches Malone, that felt even more true. This books feels like a crime novel where there is snooping...

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This is the Point Where You Begin to Care 0

The GoodI will admit, I read issues 1-3 and dropped it off my pull list since then. From what I was told after finally picking it up again.... I didn't miss much either. That left a sour taste in my mouth before I even opened the book.I've been a Philip Tan fan since his short run on Green Lantern and was surprised he left the book. I do recall the art being beautiful and that was an initial draw for me on issue 1. So when the book opened to Joe Bennett, MY JAW DROPPED. I mean, what do you think...

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A Boy, King, and a Ticking Bomb 0

Summary:   As Jackson father knows about his son secret revealing it's self, Jackson is taken to the spot where his life began. However, the trip down memory lane doesn't come that easy. Meanwhile, Jason and Ronald find out the secrets of the universe, but they are the ones to end it.  The Good:   Originally Firestorm was a character that I could give a rats-ass about, but this issue had flipped that perception upside down.  In the begging we clearly see that two heads are not better than one. P...

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Daddy Always Care 0

Summary:   As a old crime villain in Batman's past suddenly appears, Dick and Damian is faced with a similar old situation. Also it takes the Bat Family to teach a lesson to the still learning Damian.   The Good:   Ever since issue 700 we've been seeing the past. It's hard to complain since each have been so good and for sure you can add this in that collection. One thing that separates this issue from that collection is "Daddy Issues". Of course Damian acts out  and says his father wouldn't do ...

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It's a Man's World (That Ladies Run) 1

Summary:   Hal's mission drags him now to Vegas with Larfleeze where Carol patrols for the Predator as hit seeks a host, but she is sent to collect him.  The Good:   I remember at my first con (WWC) at a DC forum a gentlemen asked "When will we see a Man- Violet Lantern?" They laughed and joked how he'll look in a one- piece. But from this cover you can clearly see this suit works. Kinda has that David Bowie- Starman look but don't let that fool you. Overall the book had a whole story arc within...

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Magic + Arrows= A Good Issue 1

Summary:   Just as we thought Green Arrow was dead, Galahad the Knight rescues Ollie from an attack and heals him within the forest waters. But, still doesn't answers who shot him. Meanwhile outside in the city, corruption is effecting everyone and it's all tied Isabel's reign over Queen Industries.   The Good:   It seems every time we take a look into this forest something pops up. First it magically appears, next it cancels out technology and power rings. Now it seems this issue comes with 3 f...

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2 Down, 3 to Go 0

Summary:    After finding the second light, the X-Men find themselves traveling to Mexico City where a young teenage boy is encountering is new gift. Meanwhile, Emma is circling around the previous men in her life as she thinks where she stands now.  The Good:   A SECOND MUTANT! It's fun to open up a new issue and start to see the fall of these humans right before they enter their mutant lives.  This mutant happens to be a young boy named Gabriel Cohuelo who is one step away from leaving school ...

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...WOW... 0

Summary:   After listening to the rings request, Dove, Hawk, and Deadman eat some hamburgers but is teleported to the lanterns location.  There, Deadman is the first to lift the lantern sending every risen person a vision for their mission in new life.  The Good:   First off, the battery is lifted. We finally saw who is the King Arthur to the batteries Excalibur. It was kinds obvious but was the bigger surprise was that someone else must become the entity. Next comes the visions. All the visions...

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Now Things Are Rolling 0

Summary:    Since hearing the Collectors voice, Hector Hammond is finally free and is ready to deliver the revenge he's been waiting for. Also Hal travels to North Branch, Minnesota to talk to Larfleeze where has made a home for himself.  The Good:   To me this was the best issue we've seen in months. I don't know if it's the hype after the Con but this was on the ball. First was the opener which has been a mystery for months and is finally shown. We still don't know who "The Collector" is but i...

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A Equation For A Great Issue 0

Summary:   We return to the Martian Manhunter's story and further look into the other Green Martian. Firestorm's matrix gets a third mysteries person. Mera can't escape the truth. And Hank gets a unpleasant result for a great request.  The Good:   It is very clear that MM gets the center stage for this issue. To me it seemed his story was just trying to be "touchy" on the first few issues but the "other" martian gets it's boost to get that idea out of my head. Next comes Firestorm. Every issue w...

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I Really Wanted To Like You 1

Summary:    As Hush tries to escape with his master plan, he can't help but look into the past reflecting his mothers journal. Meanwhile an old time Gotham gangster is ready to reclaim his town by first taking out Bruce Wayne.   The Good:   Personally I think Gotham has too many freaks. So when I see the first few pages of this old time gangster man come straight out of prison and wants to "whack" Bruce Wayne it kinda gives you gitters for the arc to come. Especially since Thomas is "Bruce".  Th...

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"I Love It When A Plan Comes Together" 0

Summary:   Arriving in Tokyo, Tony and Rhodey find Detroit Steel has taken care of the problem but the attackers has ties to Stark Industries. Tony also tony finds Sasha a bit familiar. Meanwhile back at "Stark Resilient", Bambi takes care of future investors for the new automotive plan      The Good:   When you read Iron Man you get a sense of the business man Tony is. Either it be on the field where terrorist in Tokyo have Stark tech to frame Tony or it be back at the office when he gathers th...

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Atom's Back, But Is It Worth It? 1

Summary:   Following Brightest Day, Ray Palmer is returning to his destroyed lab were he meets with his professor to look at the past and solve a mystery.   The Good:   In Blackest Night I surely became an Atom fan as he was Indigo tribe. Also when we saw that resurrected one shot with Hawkman and Atom. So going through this I felt a small sense of hype.  The Bad:   With that small sense of hype I built up it just left me unfulfilled. Like "What happened when Ray was no longer part of the Indigo...

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Not Another Filler!!! 2

Summary:   As Lobo enters Earth, things don't get pretty for Hal, Carol, Sinestro, and Atrocitus who fight off the invading Lobo. Bonus: Dex- Starr's origin is revealed.  The Good: Lately with a GL book we've been getting story (even thought we just finished a whole year reading about fighting dead people). And honestly we should be seeing that with now Brightest Day. However this book felt it was purely dedicated to fighting the nasty, and alive, Lobo. That's something I don't mind.  The Bad:  ...

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People Of Gotham Always Make The Best Tale 0

Summary:   Recently released framed convict, Loomis, lies on his death bed as Dick revisits his past to make things right.  The Good:   To me, a good Gotham story takes place from the voice of the people. The story is narrated around 3 people (Dick, Mr. Loomis, and the Joker) to see how one day can effect 25 years for other people. That's when you know a story is good. But to revisit the past the reader doesn't want to see the same art. Dustin Nguyen is one of my favorite artist who can become o...

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Alive-Man!?! 0

Summary:   Hawkman and Hawkgirl discover their missing bones but one set is missing. Deadman finally arrives in the flesh and is given a personal request from Hawk. We meet Jackson Hyde and something fishy is happening is Silver City. And finally Ronnie's Black Lantern Firestorm actions are back to haunt him.  The Good:   It seems every issue we see a story that just grabs the book by the horns and makes you want to buy the next one. No doubt this issue belong to the Hawk and Dove story. Yes jud...

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Happy 700!!! 0

Summary:   Taken from 4 chapters, Batman is explored through the past, present, and future (also distant future). The story focus on one item called the Joker's Jokebook that every Batman and Villian want in time.   The Good:   After a good year, Batman #700 returns with Batman's most notorious writer, Grant Morrison. To me no other writer could stack to where this man stands for a Batman Issue. And you could tell this was a Grant issue because of the intertwining stories of the past, present an...

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Red Hood: To Buy, Glimpse or Skip? 1

Summary:    Taking place after Jason's resurrection, Jason is treated by Talia due to the wounds caused by the Joker. However Ra's sees no recovery results and Talia must go behind her father's back to save the Robin she believes in.  The Good:   Over the years Jason Todd has become a major character in the "Bat Universe" and has been the villain for man titles. It was only right that we see his before story. Many factors are in play when we Jason's return; Talia and Ra's bumping heads, Batman b...

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Bruce Is Coming Back, But Did You Understand It? 0

Summary:   Picking up directly from issue 1, Bruce has entered 16th century where he is know as "Brother Mordecai' (or Witch- Hunter Batman). When he arrives he meets Annie who has made deals with her gods. Meanwhile the Gotham Colony is in the middle of a witch hunt and it will take "The World's Greatest Detective" to convince the town's people and especially Brother Malleus to show them that they are wrong.  The Good:   As you may remember when we left off at issue 1, nearly 99% of us were won...

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Green Lantern 54, The Issue That Doesn't Feel Like A Filler 1

Summary:   Picking up from Brightest Day 1, Hal, Carol, and Sinestro are in front of the White Lantern when it suddenly reacts to them lifting it. The White Lantern speaks to them and telling them of their new mission. Elsewhere, Atrocitus is on earth causing some mayhem bellow the New York subway. When the 3 approach him in needing his help once more, things get out of hand.  The Good:   As the title says, IT'S NOT A FILLER ISSUE!!! Many things happen that were good. First we saw more of Dax-St...

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American Son: Should I Pick It Up? 1

Summary:    Following Siege, H.A.M.M.E.R. Tech must now be confiscated but certain items have been taken. Now with Harry's father recently fired and the suit shown in the media, Harry has agents watching him and no friends to turn to.   The Good:   If you have not been following all of Siege and only picked up the 4 main issues, this book really gives you a nice intro to who is American Son and why he is relevant. Reading the book you really get a good sense of how Harry is effected by his "Craz...

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Rescue: To Buy or Borrow? 0

Summary   During the Siege event Pepper Potts sees the ghost of Happy Hogan as she tells how she tries to be in the heroes shoes  The Good:   It would seem fit to see Happy Hogan (right after he had a larger role in Iron Man 2),. When Happy comes back as a ghost though it felt it worked out because it was really the "back bone"  of this one shot. And when Happy comes back we see Pepper drop her defense after the crap she's taking now.   The Bad:   During the World's Most Wanted story arc I reall...

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More Revalations to Tony's New Plan 0

Summary: The Hammer Girls are get a new sale for their Detroit Steel Suit. Tony reveals a new story from his alcohol addiction days. We look back at a former Stark Industries employee to be a partner in Tony's new revolutionary plan.   The Good:   The Hammer girls has finally made a sale for their Detroit Steel suits but we see hints of their plan to take down Tony. To me the best part comes toward the end. We get a glimpse of the past of a former employee who created "slim phones" but was fired...

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