WE FREAKIN’ LOVE COMIC BOOKS! Whether it’s DC, Marvel, Vertigo, or Image, we know what’s out there… and we wanna get dirty! Web- Comic series are often short and can tell great story, so that’s what we want to bring.

Our comic series will grab today’s social media to an original idea. Using Instagram and PicStich, DC’s Nightwing will be captivated into a series called InstaNightwing (get what we did there). Format: 5 page panels telling a different story or connecting every once in a while.

InstaNighting is founded by Eric Martinez and Nick Pepin


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Hawkeye Look Alike?!?

I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed this but in this weeks Ultimate Spider- Man, Hawkeye seemed different. Whether it be his hair a bit longer or his brute eyes, but in the panel where he's trying to take down Electro, Clint looks a lot like Ryan Gosling.

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Lemme know what you think. Was this probably on purpose? What are some other celebrity doppelgangers you noticed?

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I've looked through this issue a couple of times and had trouble looking The Woman in the Red Hood. Am I the only the one who hasn't seen her? If you found her, let me know. Thanks


Who's Picking Up the Bill?

Presumably everyone has already read Batman and Robin #16, if not this may be a spoiler.
     Now that Bruce Wayne has revealed to the public that he has supported Batman throughout the years it left me with one question, who is responsible? I assume since Batman started, people around Gotham (and the world) notice he leaves a wreck everywhere. In the past it may have been the tax payers in that city covered for his "services", even if they don't favor him. Now that Bruce has stepped up, is he picking up the bill? 
     Maybe this very question will become a issue within Batman Incorporated. It has something that has always pondered me and we just may see it become played out?  


What Does It Mean to Be in the White Lantern Corps?

  Like any other corps you need to bear the ring to be a corps member.  We did see 10 members in Blackest Night #8 which quickly faded away. So far the only permanent corps member is Deadman. But when in issue Brightest Day #7, the resurrected had rings for brief 1 or 2 seconds. Since the ring is not on them, does it mean they are not corps men and women?

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Page Help

So I just created a object page for the Lasso of Persuasion and need help on finding where the object first appeared. If found could you please fill it in.


Batman Future Edit

  So a while back I posted this blog ( )questioning the Batman future. I basically asked "Is Terry McGinnis part of the Batman future since he was originally a animated character?" A few said that he wasn't. But released today was Batman #700 and in this issue in a chapter called "And Tomorrow..." it showed that Terry was. I got pretty excited (mainly because I was right) that Terry is included. Maybe we'll have to buy the new Batman Beyond mini series to fully understand that last chapter but I know I was satisfied. 

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