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The end is here.........

Recent changes in my life have prompted a massive rethink of many aspects of my life. 
One of these includes collecting comics. 
For quite a while (several years come to think about it), I've been partially driven to maintain my collection for the collections sake, rather than the strict enthusiam for simply reading the story I had years ago. Then there is the fact that the collection now takes up one and a half rooms in my house (not mentioning the fact that the floor in the one room has had to be reinforced to take the weight).
Having collected comics for 30 years (which is far longer than the average length of a marriage), I have come to the fateful decision to stop collecting......... 
I know my comic shop screamed when they heard (profits will be down by 29%....LOL). 
Like I said, I've reached a crossroads and as I determine the path I want to take in the future, I need to be clear about why I'm doing something - not simply because I have 30 years of collecting pushing me forward to keep collecting but because I want to read the stories and see what happens next.

Perhaps I've gotten cynical after reading so many stories that in many cases it's easy to see the plot twist issues ahead of the change in direction. 
Perhaps its because having read, talked, discussed, argued, converted and played (in RPGs) these stories and characters that I just need to 'step out' from them for a while (likely a long while). 
As part of this fateful decision, I'm also taking my leave of the Vine, as this has played a part in my decision. 
Having spent almost 3 years debating in the Battles forum, I have grown a bit tired of the same arguments - not with those Vine members (and you know who you are) who want to discuss the combatants but with those who never listen to any reason (and we all know who they are). 
I'll still drop in from time to time but for right now I'm taking my leave. 
I have really enjoyed the Vine - the discussions with many you have been high points that even helped me learn a thing or two, LOL. 
See you on the far side.