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Power Ratings

As I have broken up from work for the year as I have an excess number of holidays to take thanks to my workaholic life style : (, I decided to pay a visit to a project that I was working on a long time ago for the Vine, that sprang up from a conversation I had been in with Forever and Buckshot (having a conversation with these guys really helps to clear out the mental cobwebs and the ideas sparked from speaking with 'like minds' really helps. 
Anyhow I digress. The subject was on producing more comprehensive power grids to describe any comic book character (from any universe), over a wider range of abilities. 
Think of the current Marvel power grids only describe a limited number of characteristsics: Intelligence, Strength, Speed, Durability, Energy Projection and Fighting Skills. They also only break the ratings down over a 7 point scale - that does not do justice to splitting up some of the characters in terms of ability. 
In dusting off the old project, I had not realised how much work I had done but also how much work was left to do. 
So right now, I though that I might as well solicite some ideas on the concept so far and then try to finish off this thing - before it finishes me : ) 
OK now for the science part (as the commercials say), 
The power grid headings were going to be as follows (in no particular order), 
Reaction Speed 
Movement Speed (Flight) 
Movement Speed (Running/Swimming/Leaping) 
Kinectic Durability 
Energy Durability 
Fighting Skill 
Energy Projection / Manipulation 
Telepathic Strength 
Telekinectic Strength (a duplex scale that takes in to account not just total mass moved but atomic / subatomic manipulation - tricky little things those atoms) 
Now the actual scales is where the real fun starts. Looking at the range of characters power levels in Marvel and DC, I have come to the realisation that to do the characters justice, I think that at least a 30 point scale is required to differentiate between the characters sufficiently. 
(I will only mention briefly that I have also looked at 40 and 50 point scales as well.........) 
So please comment - make it constructive because I'm looking for feedback to help move this forward.