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Power Grids: Strength Chart

As a follow on from my first blog post on this subject found here, I have got the strength chart in some kind of order.
Now it may look complicated but thats why I'm here : ) 
Feats can be realatively straight forward to quantify so at some point I will be asking people for help in gathering strength feats (by scans) for all comic book characters, so that a true rating can be ascertained for them. 
I propose that each character may have 2 ratings for strength. The first one is the common strength we see them display, month in month out, and the second rating is there for those extreme feats that they sometimes pull out of their repective hats. 
Now I have not gone in to 'population mode' yet for the grid as by my rough count there are at least 8000 comic book characters who could be ranked........ 
Anyhow, have a look at the grid and let me know what you think.