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Power Grids: Feats for DC Powerhouses

This blog is a request for help in being able to complete the power grids I am working on. 
As per Morhpheus's suggestion (blame him : )  ), I am asking you to provide me with scans / evidence of feats performed by DC powerhouses, for this particular blog. I will repeat this type of blog as the subject matter changes i.e. Marvel Powerhouses, Speedsters, Street Level, Sorcerers, Mentalists etc.
So DC Powerhouses, heroes or villians include Superman, WW, Martian Manhunter, Capt Atom, Orion, Despero, Kalibak, Black Adam, Major Force etc.
The feats I want to collect should not just be top end feats but general everyday ones as well. 
Don't post Silver Age or Elseworlds, try to stick to current continuity.
The feats need to cover, 



Reaction Speed

Movement Speed (Running, Swimming & Leaping)

Movement Speed (Flight & Teleportation)

Physical Durability

Energy Durability



Fighting Skill

Energy Projection

Energy Manipulation

Telepathic Abilities

Matter Projection

Matter Manipulation

Body Modification  
Thanks for your help : )