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Flash Season 4 Idea Proposal

I write this with the assumption that Devoe (the thinker) is the main villain.

-As a rule of thumb- no more time remnants or evil versions of Barry this season.

-Tonally brighter, more fun

-Devoe is revealed to be a different Harrison Wells (played by Tom Cavanaugh, you have to keep that guy around - he is such a good actor). Devoe is revealed to be similar to Harrison Wells from another earth but was not able to finish the experiment of the particle accelerator.

Episode 1-

Barry: Flash Fact: I do not know where I am, but I am not in the speed force. Barry is sent throughout the bleed of the multiverse and encounters several different earths including - a flashpoint style earth. On this flashpoint style earth- "The World without the flash" There was no flash. Professor Zoom killed the Flash and himself in doing so. The result is his friends are not the same and the word is being run into chaos with two opposing forces ruining the world in a metahuman arms race. Jay explains to Barry as the Flash and as Barry that he is an important symbol of hope.

Barry also sees a world where he is more brutal almost half Flash and half Batman. In this world he is not able to offer as much hope.

Barry also sees another timeline where Barry and Iris are both the flash.

Barry sees another world where he has a blue lantern ring.

Barry sees a world where it is being consumed by a white wall and sees a medusa mask smiling.

Barry sees a world with different beings (and sees Krakkl)

Barry sees a scene where he is in the delivery room and Iris is giving birth to twins.

Barry sees the original timeline where his parents are alive and he still meets Iris and marries her.

Barry asks Jay if he should go back and fix everything. Jay explains that regardless of what timeline we are on to make the most of it. Jay explains to Barry that he offers advice because he has made all the same mistakes before. But that Barry can learn from Jay and in effect be better. Jay explains that the Rival almost destroyed his life and for several years he stopped being that symbol of hope. Barry realizes that he cannot go back and change the past again.

Meanwhile in Central City, Team Flash opens/reopens the Flash Museum in memory of Barry. Jesse James and Axel Walker crash the opening event and Cisco and Wally must face the Two Tricksters and prevent them from Terrorizing Star Labs/the Flash Museum. Cisco is able to stop the two tricksters using a bubble gum gun but the tricksters get away with an expected assist from Golden Glider, and they steal the bubble gum gun. At the end of the episode Another version of Wells meets with the Pied Piper and tells Piper that he can be called Devoe.

Episode 2 -

Meanwhile Abra Kadabra returns and starts a rivalry with Wally. Abra is backing seeking revenge on Team Flash and this time Gypsy is unable to assist. Team Flash calls for Harry's help. Harry, Jesse, Wally, and Cisco work together to banish Abra Kadabra from this earth.

In the meantime the Thinker (Devoe) and the Pied Piper sent up shop in a new lab. They are able to get their "system" online.

Barry finds out that someone sent him running through the multiverse. Barry returns to central city to find a barrier around the city.

Cisco is able to bring the barrier down but they find that several rogues (including Weather Wizard and Mirror Master) have escaped prison.

Right as team flash is about to go find the rogues. Devoe hires a different version of Deathstroke to fight team flash. Team Flash must take down Deathstroke before finding the rogues.

Team flash tracks down Weather Wizard, and Mirror Master, but before they are able to be taken back to prison, The Top (new version) pulls them away and brings them back to Devoe's HQ. It is revealed that Devoe is responsible for most of the rogues getting away in their first fights with the flash. On the show often flash will fight a villain and the villain will get away in Act One. This should be impossible with Flash's speed, but it is revealed that Devoe used a metahuman - The Top- a psuedo speedster and teleporter ( backup idea is earth 2 version of gypsy) to safely get those villains away. Those villains owe Devoe a favor.

Barry reunites with Iris and they get married (Small ceremony with close family and friends). Character focus on Barry trying to do the right thing instead of compromising. What makes Barry Allen a compelling character is that he is the opposite of an overly flawed hero. He actively tries to do the right thing. He is human, he gets married, he is a nerd, he has a bright personality. The fact that he is not the super flawed hero archetype is what makes him compelling.

Barry and Cisco dedicate monuments to the heroes that gave their lives for his.

Barry and Iris take some time off. Cisco and Wally protect the city and most stop the Top. The Top is introduced as a Psuedo Speedster (similar to Tasmanian Devil) for Wally to fight. Devoe pulls Captain Cold and Heatwave out of the timeline to be a distraction for TEAM Flash.

At the mid season finale Devoe introduces himself to the Rogues who are revealed as Captain Cold, Heatwave, Weather Wizard, the Two Tricksters, and Mirror Master. The thinker enhances the rogues powers so that they are not dependent on the weapons.

Next Episode- the rogues wreak havoc on central city with their upgraded powers.

Next two episodes- (spoof of flash 18 or 19 in the new 52) Barry loses his powers and is framed for tampering with crime scenes. Barry must escape prison by using the rogues guns to take down the other villains (or suicide squad villians) who are trying to break out Rainbow Raider.

Weather Wizard and Mirror Master put flash in an impossible situation - save the police department or the mayors office. Flash kicks into an extra gear and is able to save both groups.

Two or three episode arc of Thawne's first fight with Barry. Team flash meets a new speedster the flash of 2124. (This story similar to the Return of Barry Allen). The new speedster helps team flash take down an escaped gorilla grodd. The next episode reveals that Thawne goes back in time to meet the Flash his hero- in doing so ends up at the flash museum. The new speedster at the museum finds Giddeon, he asks Giddeon which reveals that he is destined to be the reverse flash and die at the hands of flashs allies. In this moment, Thawne snaps and confronts Barry demanding an explanation. Barry explains their history and that is the moment the rivalry begins.

Devoe introduces himself to Barry and asks him to join him in his scientific endeavors and apologizes for sending Barry across the multiverse. Barry refuses to work with him. Devoe wipes the mind of everyone in star labs making everyone forget that Barry is the flash.

In a few episode arc (ignition adaptation) , Devoe is able to wipe the minds of Team Flash to forget that Barry and Wally are the Flash. Wally is a mechanical engineering student and Barry is a CSI. Someone has been murdering police officers using a Cold Gun. IT is revealed that a corrupt cop stole dr alchemys materials and is framing snart. Snart ends up helping Barry figuring it out. Alchemy almost kills Barry but then his superspeed is triggered and he remembers who he is. In the background of this, Devoe breaks into Star Labs to steal the plans for the particle accelerator.

Barry, Wally, and Cisco go after the Top who keeps breaking rogues out of prison. They are able to defeat him and imprison him on earth two.

Gorilla Grood and King Shark break out of ARGUS and go after Devoe. The Flash and the Rogues must work together to stop both of them.

next episode- (spoof of young justice episode) - The thinker is testing on Topamak (evil firestorm) and he is about to go nuclear. A speedster from the future assists Barry and Wally in stopping the nuclear explosion. The speedster is revealed to be the impulsive Bart Allen (Barry's grandson). Bart went back in time to stop Barry and Iris from dying. Bart returns to the future. The Thinker recruits Killer Frost to assist in his R&D.

In the final two episodes, Devoe's plan is revealed to remake Central and Keystone city in his own image by recreating the particle accelerator explosion but having everything go right. Devoe releases the Rogues to destroy Star Labs and stop team flash. Team Flash is able to stop the rogues and find wells only to find that Snart "says there are no strings on me" and kills Devoe. The accelerator is about to go off. Barry and Wally must run into the accelerator to prevent the particles from colliding. Cold steps out and tells Barry I guess its just the Flash vs the Rogues now.

Season Five of the Flash- Flash vs the Rogues

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Arrow Season 6 Idea Proposal

Arrow Season 6

Proposed Casualities from Season 5 finale: Artemis, Merlyn, Prometheus,


Protagonists- Arrow, Diggle, Wilddog, Canary (Dinah Drake), Felicity, Vic Sage (The Question),

Anti-Heros: Slade, Vigilante, Suicide Squad?

Main Antagonist: Count Vertigo (comic version)

Antagonists: Lady Shiva, Brick, Grundy, Drakan, Bronze Tiger, Shade, Onomatopoeia

Other Characters: Deathstroke's son, Robert Queen (Flashback)

Synopsis- After an explosive season 5 finale, Team Arrow regroups and has recovered from their injuries. The team is intact and the remaining antiheros have gone their seperate ways. Oliver returns to Starling City to find out that while they were away 20% of the real estate has been purchased by an oversees business man (Richard Dragon) in a short period of time. Later, Oliver is visited by an old friend (Walter) and his late father's lawyer. The lawyer gives oliver a video which was recorded by his father on Lian Yu.


Count Vertigo is responsible for the Vertigo drug, gets one of the artifacts allows him to weaponize veritgo. He also produces a version of Vertigo that produces a random effect.

Season Layout-

episode 1- Synopsis- After an explosive season 5 finale, Team Arrow regroups and has recovered from their injuries. The team is intact and the remaining antiheros have gone their separate ways. Slade parts ways to find his son. Oliver returns to Starling City to find out that while they were away 20% of the real estate has been purchased by an oversees business man in a short period of time. In a flashback scene, we see Robert Queen wash up on the island a few years before Oliver went to the island.

episode 2- Oliver's team investigates the takeover of 20% of the city's land, and believes it to be unethical. This information leaks into the press and the businessman (Richard Dragon) meets with Mayor Queen. Oliver and Richard Dragon have two completely different visions for the city. Richard Dragon explains that sometimes an enemy is not someone personal, but someone who is on the opposite side of what you are trying achieve. Meanwhile, Wildog, Black Canary, and Diggle are occupied when Brick is broken out of prison. (Flashback) Robert Queen calls in a specialist to assist him on the island, which is revealed to be Eddie Fyers.

episode 3- Construction Crews have been working hard to bring industry back to Starling City when a batch of Vertigo is found on the streets. Renee is infected in the process- which brings back flashbacks of his past. Oliver is hit with a new expimental dose that has random side effects on the user. Diggle and Black Canary keep watch on Oliver, but not long after they have to fight Oliver. While Renee is detoxing, Thea helps sympathize with her experience with the substance in the past. Mr. Terrific begins works on an antidote or way to lessen the effects of Vertigo. Oliver tracks down the previous Count Vertigo to find that someone else took his place in prison.

episode 4- Team Arrow discovers that an international fixer Onomatopoeia broke Brick out of prison. Their investigation leads to Hub City, Black Canary meets with an old contact (Vic Sage) to help find Onomatopoeia. Oliver's city council is split on corruption accusations of using too much power to find Promethius last year. Oliver gets past the councils accusations but the city government is split on whether to be in favor of or against mayor queen.

episode 5- In Hub City, Diggle, Renee, and Wild Dog follow a clue that leads them a warehouse with various sections while following Onomatopoeia. Vic Sage helps them navigate the warehouse that leads them to believe Onomatopoeia is more resourceful then they believe. The villain escapes but the group finds a photo of the Count vertigo prison replacement in the warehouse. Oliver, Felicity, and Lance work on tracking down Black Siren to try to bring her redemption.

episode 6- Back on the island, Robert Queen and Fyers- investigate the map which has question marks on it. The question marks on the map end up either being bombs, clues, or artifacts. They carefully navigate each question mark. In present time, Oliver starts receiving anonymous mail with questionmarks. the letters raise suspicion to the businessman's acquisition of the land in Starling City along with how Onomatopoeia has been so resourceful. Oliver and Felicity track where the letters where sent from but find nothing. In the meantime, Vic Sage gets a job undercover at the Richard Dragon's headquarters.

episode 7- Team Arrow tracks Vertigo distribution to an island off the coast of Starling City. Team Arrow arrives to find a group of the Triad already dead. They also find that Brick along with Lady Shiva are waiting on the island. Team Arrow interrupts a deal between Lady Shiva and Brick. Lady Shiva and Black Canary get into an epic fight with both characters getting seriously injured (and Black Canary and Lady Shiva begin a rivalry). Mr. Terrific agrees to go under cover for the Richard Dragon's development.

Episode 8- Mayor Queen is under an assassination attempt by Draken. When Team Arrow arrives on the scene, there is a second assassin (the Shade) who uses a powerful weapon to cover the room in darkness. Mr. Terrific's T Spheres find a way to track vocal frequencies and get team arrow to safety. Meanwhile while team arrow is occupied, the businessman (Richard Dragon) has started high tech weapons research.

Episode 9- Palmer Technologies produces a weapon is essentially a force field. The Suicide Squad is sent after it to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Team Arrow and the suicide squad (Boomerang, Bronze Tiger, and various other members) clash. Bronze Tiger pockets the weapon although the suicide squad claims it was destroyed.

(mid season finale) Episode 10- Green Arrow crosses paths with a vigilante known as the question. The Question and Green Arrow team up to track down the previous Count Vertigo but find out he has been killed. A note was left that says at some point the shell must be shed and the creature must make itself known. (flashback) Robert Queen finds a manuscript that links the map and artifacts to a group of tribes that used various weapons to change the world they live in. In current day, Count Vertigo meets with his "Secret Society" including Brick, Shiva, Draken, Shade, Bronze Tiger, and Solomon Grundy. The villains swear revenge on Green Arrow. The episode ends with the businessman (Richard Dragon) revealing himself as Count Vertigo to Mayor Queen. He asks Oliver to join his cause. They have a dialogue about what is best for the city. Oliver refuses and Count Vertigo takes it personally, walks out and states that this is just the beginning.

Episode 11- 21 Events

12- Green Arrow and Black Canary team up to take down the mid level distributors of vertigo in the city and find Stardust who has been distributing. Green Arrow and Black Canary capture Stardust and they start considering if they are a fit as a couple.

Felicity must track down and stop helix. Helix's founder goes off the deep end when he tries to hack and destroy Argus. It is up to felicity to make up for her past mistakes last season.

Count Vertigo purchases the Queen Mansion.

Count Vertigo is revealed to Latverian royalty and a nationalist.

Deathstroke finds his son is in Latveria under Count Vertigo's control. Green Arrow, Black Canary and Deathstroke team up to fight Vertigo, Grundy, and Shiva in Latveria. Slade and his son make it out alive but his son has been infected with vertigo. Slade tells Oliver he must go in hiding until his son is safe and detoxed.

Katana returns to teach Black Canary how to fight as well as Lady Shiva.

Count Vertigo opens a R&D facility for Cadmus a new organization outside of the reach of ARGUS. Lila cannot stop this from happening. There is suspicion that they are working on meta human research.

Oliver encounters the Question (Vic Sage) and they team up to track down Vigilante. Vigilante is revealed to be......?

The Question is discovered as undercover at Richard Dragon's head quarters and beat half to death by Brick. Vic Sage questions why he was allowed to live.

Lance Reunion with Black Siren?

Count Vertigo causes a shutdown in ARGUS. Oliver and Team must stop King Shark from escaping ARGUS.

Vic Sage finds out that Vertigo's facility is not researching with metahuman weapons but researching artifacts with beyond human powers.

Count Vertigo finds an artifact in Queen Mansion that transmutes his DNA so that he can weaponize the Vertigo drug.

Oliver calls in Walter to assist with buying up property around Star City so that Count Vertigo does not have a majority of the city land.

Oliver is visited by an old friend (Walter) and his late father's lawyer. The lawyer gives oliver a video which was recorded by his father on Lian Yu. In the video Robert Queen washes up on the island with the artifact and says he has to hide the artifact. Robert Queen admits to his son that he found several artifacts that he used to his advantage. He was part of a secret society and was in charge of keeping those artifacts safe. Robert Queen used them to his own advantage but then had to hide them around Starling city and the island.

Oliver fights Vertigo when Vertigo has his powers. Oliver loses badly and almost dies until Black Canary propels Vertigo away. Oliver decides to put Mr. Terrific and Felicity on finding a way to counteract Vertigo's new powers. Oliver and Diggle go on a mission to find Slade Wilson in preparation for their final battle with Count Vertigo

Lady Shiva and Black Canary Rematch (ends in Black Canary losing)

Mr. Terrific's T spheres are able to disable Shade's darkness device

Team Arrow is fighting vertigo on 3 fronts- physically with TEAM Arrow vs Secret Society, Politically with Mayor Queen vs Vertigo, and Financially with Walter and Oliver vs Vertigo.

22 and 23

Walter is able to regain most the land in the name of Starling city and private industry. Politically Oliver passes legislation for oversight and for overseas ambassadors to have land limits. Vertigo loses most of his land and only has about 1% of the city land. It is reveled that Count Vertigo was mainly buying up Queen Consolidated (past) buildings).

Wildog discovers a plan for the Secret Society to infect the entire city with the Vertigo drug. He gets pinned by half of the secret society but sacrifices himself to stop all Vertigo production. In doing so he takes down Brick, but Wildog dies in the process.

The double sized finale has TEAM Arrow vs the Secret Society

Green Arrow, Black Canary, Diggle, Slade Wilson, The Question, Mr. Terrific


Count Vertigo, Lady Shiva, Bronze Tiger, Grundy, Draken, Onomatopoeia

Black Canary defeats Lady Shiva. Diggle defeats Bronze Tiger. Slade Wilson defeats Grundy but breaks a leg and an arm. Mr. Terrific defeats Draken but is injured when Draken shoots one of the T Spheres.

The Question and Onomatopoeia face off in Count Vertigo's R&D (maze like setting). The Question wins and stumbles across a map and an old artifact. He finds out that the artifacts are 100% focus of the plant and that the whole land grab was to find the hidden artifacts. The Question finds a manuscript that states that the artifacts allow the users to control the space around them. The Question states that there is more to this plan then they still realize.

Oliver Defeats count Vertigo by using a canary cry arrow. Count Vertigo is defeated but gets away and he takes lady shiva to the island. On the island, Count Vertigo finds what he refers to as the ultimate artifact which will give him the ability to bring back the 7 tribes.

Lead into Season 7- Count Vertigo and the Outsiders War-

Note- Lance adopts Renee's child.

Season 7 finale fight with the tribes take place on Lian Yu


Protagonists- Arrow, Diggle, Wilddog, Canary (Dinah Drake), Felicity, Ragman, Vic Sage (The Question),

Anti-Heros: Slade, Nyssa, Vigilante, Constantine, Deadshot, Suicide Squad?

Main Antagonist: Count Vertigo (comic version)

Antagonists: Lady Shiva, Brick, Grundy, Drakan, Bronze Tiger, Shade, Onomatopoeia

Other Characters: Deathstroke's son, Robert Queen (Flashback)

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Flash/Comic issues wishlist

long term wishlist (4)

jlu- 41,

justice league adventures 24?, 29? 33? (justice league friends and foes)

batman riddler issues?

digital wishlist- flash 92?, wonder woman 214?

previously bought- batman gotham 1, 25, and digital batman beyond, gotham adventures digital 1, 11, 14, 25, 28, 29, 33, 38, 43, 45, 56, 57, impulse 78, jlu 17, 18, 28, superman adventures- 25, 56, 29, 42, 53, 52 batman and robin adventures 8

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The Flash episode ratings

1. Pilot-8.8 -not a perfect episode, but its rare to see a stronger start to a series than this one. Right off the bat the dialogue is clever and the show has a lot of heart.

2. The Fastest Man Alive-8.6

3. Things you can't outrun-7.7

4. Going Rogue-8.8. Captain Cold makes a welcome addition to the rogues gallery. While this isn't quite the older "weathered" and "morally gray" character we have gotten use to in the comics, he does add an interesting presence. This episode most importantly starts to build the rogues gallery. Felicity also fits right in with central city. Best episode since the pilot.

5. Plastique- 7.8- An entertaining episodes but a few minor plot holes.

6. The Flash is Born-8.3-A strong episode, one or two minor plot holes, but a very intriguing episode.

7. Power Outage-8.5-Another strong episode-very Dr. Wells heavy-and it pays off

8. Flash vs Arrow-8.5-A strong episode, had a few minor character plot holes, but very fun.

8.5-The Brave and the Bold-9.5-This is the arguably the strongest episode of Flash/Arrow universe period. Tons of fun, clever writing, and a lot of heart.

9. The Man in the Yellow Suit-9.0

10. Revenge of the Rogues-8.3

11. The Sound and the Fury-7.8

12. Crazy for You-8.4

13. The Nuclear Man-8.5

14. Fallout-8.8

15. Out of Time-8.8

16. Rogue Time-8.5

17. Tricksters-8.9 This would have been higher but I had two big negatives. The Zoom Reveal seemed fast and convenient and I didn't love the reveal to Eddie. Hamill was fantastic and hilarious as the Trickster.

18. All Star Team Up- 7.0

19. Who is Harrison Wells?-8.0

20. The Trap-9.2

21. Grodd Lives-8.2

22. Rogue Air-9

23. Fast Enough-9

Average calculation based on the 24 episodes (23 plus 1 crossover) is an 8.5 per episode.

Overall I'd give The Flash Season One a 9/10. This may have been arguably the best comic book tv show single season we have ever seen. The show was never afraid to take risks, and they almost always paid off. Can't wait until season two.

The Flash Season Two

1. The Man who saved Central City-8.1

2. Flash of Two Worlds-8.1

3. Family of Rogues-9

4. Fury of Firestorm-8.3 (really enjoyable episode, the villain was one note, and a few logic flaws)

5. Darkness and Light-8.4

6. Enter Zoom - 8.7

7.Gorilla Warfare - 8.1

8. Legends of Today- 8.5

8.5-Legends of Yesterday- 8.5

9. Running to Stand Still-8.7

10. Potential Energy- 3

11. The Reverse Flash Returns- 8.3

12. Fast Lane-7.5

13. Welcome to Earth Two - 9

14. Escape from Earth Two - 7.5

15. King Shark - 7.7

16. Trajectory- 7

17. Flash Back- 9.5

18. Versus Zoom-7.5

19. Back to Normal-6

20. Rupture-8

21. The Runaway Dinosaur-9

22. Invincible 7.2

23. The Race of His Life- 8?

average for season 2- 7.9

Notes- would bump pilot up to a 9. flash vs arrow down to a 8. brave and bold down to a 9. tricksters to a 9. out of time a 9. allstar team up 7.7 . who is harrison wells 8.6 , grodd lives 8.4. move up the finale to 9.7 or 10.

update to season two- legends of today- 6.5, legends of yesterday- 8, back to normal - 5 or 5.5?, welcome to earth 2- 8.5, the runaway dinosaur- 9.7, flash back 9.7?

Flash season 3

1. Flashpoint- 8

2. Paradox- 8

3. Magenta-8

4. The New Rogues-8

5. Monster - 5

6. Shade - 8.4

7. Killer Frost - 8.8

8. Invasion! - 8.5

8.2- Invasion! - 9

8.3- Invasion! - 8.3

9. The Present - 8.7

10. Borrowing Problems from the Future- 7.5

11. Dead or Alive- 9.3

12. Untouchable - 7.5

13. Attack on Gorilla City- 8.5

14. Attack on Central City- 7.7

15. The Wrath of Savitar - 5

16. Into the Speed Force - 7.5

17. Duet - 8.4

18. Abra Kadabra- 7

19. The Once and Future Flash-7.8

20. I know Who You Are- 3 (would be an 8 except for reveal)

21. Cause and Effect - 7

22. Infantino Street - 7

23. Finish Line - 5

average for season 3- 7.5 average per episode

Season 4

1. Flash Reborn- 5

2. Mixed Signals- 7.8

3. Luck Be a Lady- 7.5

4. Elongated Journey Into Night-8.1

5. Girls Night Out- 2.0

6. When Harry Met Harry- 5

7. therefore i am - 6.5

8, crisis on earth x - 4 parter 8.6/10

9, don't run- 4/10

10. the trial of the flash- 5/10

11. elognated knight rises- 5/10

12. Honey I shrunk team flash- 6/10

13. True Colors- 4/10

14. Subject 9 -2.5/10

15. Enter Flash Time - 8.9/10

16. Run Iris Run 7.8/10

17. null and annoyed - 3/10

18. Lose Yourself - 5/10

19. Fury Rogue - 5.5/10

20. Therefore She Is- 4/10

21. harry and harrisons - 3.5/10

22. think fast- 7/10

23. We are the flash - 4/10

overall grade 4/10 (enter flash time, crisis, and run iris run are separate- 8.5)

season individual calculation 5.83


Pokemon lineups

1. Jolteon 2. Gengar 3. Starmie 4. Alakazam 5. Dragonite 6. Charizard

back up team

1. Arcanine 2. Electrabuzz 3. Blastoise 4. Aerodactyl 5. Hitmonlee 6. Lapras

back up team 2

1. Electrode 2. Venasaur 3. Sandslash 4. Polliwrath/Polliwhirl 5. Hypno 6. Rhydon

back up team 3

1. Magniton 2. Dugtrio 3. Tangela 4. Golduck 5. Snorlax 6. Machamp

back up team 4

1. Nidoking 2. Scyther 3. Parasect 4. Vaporeon?

Second generation-

Kingdra, lanturn, umbreon, slowking, heracross, pillowsine?, Houndoom, Typlohsion, tyranitar, Noctowl, Espeon, Misdrevius, Wobbuffet, skarmorny, Steelix?, scisorr

1. kingdra 2. umbreon 3. espeon 4. tyranitar 5. heracross 6. typloshion

back up generation two team

1. lanturn 2. scisor 3. slowking 4. misdrevius 5. wobbuffet 6. steelix

alt - skarmory, noctowl, pillowswine, houndoom

generation 3-

Blaziken, sceptile, swampert, slawking, sableeye, aggron, shedninja, flygon, alteria, salamence, metagross?,

generation 4- empoleon, luxray?, garchomp?, lucario, magnezone, tangrowth?, electrivire, leafeon, glaceon, porygon z,

Mixed team

1. kingdra 2. umbreon 3. tyranitar 4. arcanine 5. blastoise 6. hitmonlee

will use 1. Jolteon 2. Gengar 3. Starmie 4. Alakazam 5. Dragonite 6. Charizard 7. Blastoise 8. archanaine 9. sandslash 10. electrabuzz 11. lapras 12. rhydon 13. nidoking 14. machamp 15. hitmonlee 16. venasuar 17. tangela 18. snorlax 19. aerodayctl 20. sycther 21. dugtrio 22. electrode 23. magniton 24. polliwhirl 25. golduck

top ten favorite pokemon (150 nonlegendary) 1. jolteon 2. charizard 3. gengar 4. Dragonite 5. Starmie 6. Alakazam 7. Blastoise 8. Pikachu 9. Arcanine 10. Electrabuzz

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Current Comic Subscriptions

1. Flash (and Annuals) (2x monthly)

2. Titans (1x monthly)

3. Doomsday Clock

4. Batman Metal

5. Action Comics (2x monthly), unsub after Oz arc?

6. Hawkman: Found

one time- man who laughs and dark knights the wild hunt

In the future

John's Aquaman

Graphic Novels:

Future-Multiversity Too Flash (2017)

Flash Earth One? (2017),

Aquaman Earth One (2017 by manapul)

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Wolverine and the X-Men Episode Ratings

1. Hindsight P1-8

2. Hindsight P2-6

3. Hindsight P3-9.2

4. Overflow-7

5. Thieve's Gambit-4

6. X-Calibre-7

7. Wolverine vs Hulk-6

8. Time bomb-7

9. Future X-8

10. Greetings from Genoshia-9

11. Past Discretions-7.5

12. eXcessive Force-8

13. Battle Lines-8.5

14. Stolen Lives-8

15. Hunting Grounds-8

16. Badlands-8.7

17. Code of Conduct-8

18. Backlash-8

19. Guardian Angel-8.5

20. Breakdown-8.5

21. Rover-5

22. Aces and Eights-8.5

23. Shades of Grey-8.5

24. Foresight Part 1-

25. Foresight Part 2-

26. Foresight Part 3-

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Stand Out Voice Actors in DC and Marvel Media

a reference to voice actors that helped define comic characters in various media

-Corey Burton as Brainiac

-Brad Garrett as Lobo

-Kevin Conroy as Batman

-Michael Rosenbaum as Flash

-Will Friedle as Terry McGinnis

-Dana Delany as Lois Lane

-Jesse McCartney as Nightwing

-Josh Keaton as Spiderman

-Crispin Freeman-Roy Harper and Electro

-Kevin Grevioux-Black Beetle

-Oded Fehr as Dr. Fate

-Eric Lopez-Jaime Reyes

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