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Incident Log: 07/21

It's a rare thing, having that blabbermouth finally shut up for a bit. I used to love having those moments to myself, but now they make me uneasy. He hasn't returned to consciousness, and the only noises he makes now are the raspy breaths he takes and the moans of a man in pain. At least the wound in his side is stitching itself together, albeit much more slowly than I'd like.

Log: 07/22

The wound, while mostly scabbed over, is still not pleasant to look at. I'm not sure he can cure himself of disease while he's unconscious, however, so I've been keeping an eye out for any signs of infection. Still unconscious. He's alive, so we got lucky, his body accepted the direct transfusion after all.


I didn't think it would happen, but he's developed a pretty high fever. 103.7. I need supplies, but we don't have them here. We left them in DC at the old safehouse. No salvageable DNA there anymore, can't teleport. It's been too long.


Fever is at 104.2. I can't keep dabbing at his forehead with damp cloths and bathing him in lukewarm tubs. He needs real help, or at least real treatment. I'll leave tonight, "accidentally" cut my hand and get a little behind the counter at the local CVS. It's not like I have a lot of choices.

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Million Mutant March (Record Keeping)

This is not a complete list of posts, just the general lead up and a link to the event. I'd like to thank all those involved, including Maverick_6, Sentinel Hawk, The_Psyentist, Gale Xanders, and all their alts and anyone else I may be forgetting. There were likely more. Thank you for joining me.

1: Catalyst

This is Kate Connely for Action News 6 here in Delaware. The Nation mourns the loss of twelve of Buckeye High School's best and brightest today as news of this tragic event continues to stream in. We are told two students, Matthew Green and John Hadley, armed with two automatic rifles, stormed the school earlier this morning and fired upon the entire student debate club, as well as several of its supporters...

Word has just arrived that the two students, Green and Hadley, were once a part of the debate team, but were let go shortly after a scandal involving accusations that they threatened and harassed rival debate teams...

This just in! I am being told that both students, Matthew Green and John Hadley have reported that 17 year old Stephanie Jacobs,a student at Buckeye academy who is also known to locals as the rogue vigilante "Brain Child", not only influenced their actions today but mentally commanded they go through with the massacre. They claim she invaded their minds and controlled them like "characters in a videogame". Ms. Jacobs is being taken into custody now,and although her lawyer alleges that there is no evidence linking her to these crimes law enforcement officers are not so sure...

While the extent of her involvement is currently unknown, it has been revealed that Ms. Jacobs did indeed register with local authorities, though when it came time to put down her exact extranormal ability Ms. Jacobs left the line suspiciously blank. Her mother claims it was because she was only 12 when she registered, and the exact nature of her abilities was yet unknown, but many others are claiming it was a deliberate attempt to manipulate others using her telepathic powers to get ahead in life...

A statement from the suspected mutant terrorist Stephanie Jacobs, claiming that her powers are based on "empathy" and not telepathy, as was previously hypothesized. Several children and their parents have come forward to corroborate this statement, claiming that in her time at the local Boys and Girls club Jacobs helped them through "tough times", counseling them and making them feel "safe" and "peaceful". It is the opinion of this news station as well as law enforcement officials that this is a display of her extranormal ability, and is likely a manipulation on Ms. Jacobs part in a bid to free herself...

...mutant terrorist Jacobs sentenced to death today, despite confessions from both Matthew Green and John Hadley that she was not involved and did not manipulate them in any way. It has been discovered that both were members of the local Boys and Girls club and had in fact had contact with Jacobs, where they claim to have learned of her mutation. Both have recanted previous allegations that Jacobs effectively controlled them, but authorities are only taking these claims as further evidence of her mutant abilities. A small detail of Denver's own Maverick is guarding the terrorist now. Being that their soldiers are immune to telepathic assault, they have been hired specifically to guard this especially dangerous prisoner...

This has been Kate Connely for ABC 6 Action News, your world on your time! Sleep tight Delaware!


I can't stand the news.

2 Catalyst

This is Kate Connely with the latest developments on the Buckeye High School Massacre. All appeals on the part of Jacobs, the mutant terrorist that orchestrated the massacre, have been met with quick dismissals. In a case without precedent, Judge Murray has set the date of execution at only two days from today, and the decided upon method: firing squad. Judge Murray has cited not only the extreme nature of the case but the danger the inmate poses to State employees as reasons for defying normal operating procedure, and so has petitioned @maverick_6 to handle the execution itself. As of today his proposed course of action goes, rightfully, unchallenged. This information has sparked the formation of a mutant mob claiming to hail from Buckeye Valley and a parallel protest from the peaceful residents of the same area. Law enforcement has been called in to keep the mob under control.

Chants of "Free Stephanie Jacobs" could be heard resounding from the small gathering of mutants and mutant sympathizers, each holding a sign with illustrations of the local hero Brain Child, pictures of the young Stephanie Jacobs, or slogans representing what they saw as a great injustice. At the head of the protest were her parents, each sporting newly graying hair, her father's eyes sunken in and black around the edges, her mother's face red with tears still running down her cheeks. Also joining them were a well sized group of children and young adults from the Boys and Girls club, all of whom had come to know her as a counselor and friend. Among them, but not donning his uniform, was the registered Daniel Macon. He and Jacobs were currently involved together, unbeknownst to her parents, as a crime fighting duo.

He would awe and frighten "evil doers" as he called them, with walls of flame and she would use her powers to bring the situation to a peaceful end. The two had originally met through the Boys and Girls club counseling program. He confided in her the fear that came with his abilities, the horrors of inflicting such pain on another human being, and she was the one who proposed their alliance, that forbade him from using his powers to actually hurt anyone. Together this motley group of protestors huddled together on the sidewalk in front of the nearby high school, chanting in the cold of November.

Opposite of the protest was another group, three times as large and twice as loud. "Death to Mutants" and "Gut the Murderer" could be heard from their ranks. Their teeth gnashed, their eyes shone sharp and potent rage.

This just in! As expected the mutants involved in the Buckeye High School protests have turned violent, summoning a wall of flame in an attempt to engulf the peaceful protestors. Luckily the police managed to hold off the rest of the mob long enough for local hunter, Grett Barbers, to incapacitate the mutant summoning the flames. Luckily Mr. Barbers was just returning from a hunt earlier today when he saw the chaos caused by the mutant menace "Candlelight", yet another mutant "vigilante" turned violent when exposed to the truth. Mr. Barbers is being treated for minor burns, received when he rushed over to ensure the safety of his fellow man.

15 year old Daniel Macon was rushed to the E.R. as officer James Fallon shook his head, tears in his eyes. The boy's shoulder had been pierced by a .44 Remington Magnum, his ribs crushed under boot heels, his face, bludgeoned by the same instruments, was unrecognizable. One eye swelled up to twice its size, the other hung lazily from the shattered portion of his skull. The two had worked together for the last two years, Fallon had even given him his work number to facilitate the pickup of criminals incapacitated by the crime fighting duo. With the mask on and his voice altered, he never would have suspected the boy was so young...

3 Maverick_6

Posted by Maverick_6 (10429 posts) - 2 years, 8 months ago - Show Bio

"Just another day in DC, boys."

Once again, mutant terrorism reared it's own ugly head as the so called "superior" race, as they'd decided to claim themselves. Entities seen as walking weapons. Often compared to "a nuke with feelings" at their worst. Random people, who had random powers, that could range from enabling them to easily overpower a human, to being an essential WMD. A gun? That can be regulated, licensed. A person who has seemingly god-like power engraved into their DNA, was a different story. With them becoming a large part of worldly affairs, humans would inevitably, countmeasures had to be made.

Private military corporations had numerous benefits, particularly, in personal. Often, they were able to better train their own personal in many ways, most other cape killing divisions the government made, demonstrated nowhere near the effectiveness of the corporation. Not only this, but most armies seem to lagging behind Maverick, the most powerful being terrorist factions such as Satar and others. Often times, by others, Maverick was referred to as one of the most powerful armies in the world. And they in actuality, mutants are a large part of the reason they have been able to become this powerful. Revenge for the fallen serving as a grim reminder of what something of an army of mutants are capable of.

They'd shown their capabilities in that they had killed off hundreds of mutants. Indeed, by the end of the whole event, despite the disaster causing untold destruction, chaos and death due to mutants and their summoning of demonic entities to come to their aid. In the end, few saw the point of it. Perspective was mixed, but there were many who saw it as little more than a violent demonstration from what seemed to be an entire race of superhuman.

What it had also given opportunity to, was for Maverick to display their capabilities. Despite the destruction, not many mutants actually made it to Washington. Indeed, their so called "Darwnist" beliefs took place as what was at the time, a large group of highly skilled humans and genetically engineered soldiers had destroyed a bulk of their army, losses were heavy. Not only this, but they'd taken to securing all "V.I.Ps". Government officials, Ambassadors, Celebrities and all those who served a vital role in the city's infrastructure. Then, they were returned so that the city could be built up again. All the while, Civilian were indeed evacuated efficiently and guarded, kept away from conflict as city destroying entities threatened the area from the background.

Today, this display contributed large portions to wealth and influence, it allowed the corporation to grow and to be given chance to operate on a much wider scale than ever before. A fat national contract given to them and their rather highly developed security firm. Before? A private military corporation operating in the eyes of the public with an insignia on their shoulders, walking through the streets with batons and assault rifles bared at the slightest potential provocation of anything that could possibly be a threat. A justified paranoia given the gods, monsters and unknown entities that roamed the world and could feasibly appear at any given moment.

"We have several unruly extra-normal entities walking about. (@thecatalyst) Say we show 'em what's up."

The ENCU was one of Maverick's most well thought of divisions. Often, when people think of the corporation, they tend to think of an entire group of Cape Killing, God-Slayers. In actuality, Maverick takes jobs both mundane and extra-ordinary. From guarding amusements parks such as Jurassic World, guarding private mining companies from bandits in Somalia, taking the place of the U.S Army in the middle east, to fending off entire alien invasions with help, making the occasional incursion to another world and fending off demonic entities. These were the men who specialized in it, trained by Eric Bradshaw himself. The Extra-Normal-Combat-Unit.

They held a scale of power, a loos rating on all living things (and even some non-living thing.) The scale goes from negative one to seven in the thing's scale or power. Negative one would be something of a squirrel, a snail, insect, a human with a mental or physical handicap or a mutant with mal-deficient powers with little offensive capacity. A rating of seven would be the judeo-christian equivalent to god. Something of the scale of a four could feasibly be equal to a telepath that had capacity to effect an entire city at whim, a man who could topple skyscrapers at a time or at best crush mountains. Class three was the run of the mill "Mid-Tier" as they were loosely deemed. The ones that the Average ENCU was equipped to deal with. Often survivors of large scale disasters such as that such attack. Former victims of large plots, revolutions. Or simply people who hated these "Gods" and all they had done.

One appeared quickly upon the scene, ordered to contain. The first of them as the oters were on the way. He glared at a few of them in particular, standing smack dab in the middle of them. His eyes focused on the mutant as he recieved a constant, steady stream of all of their abilities on the HUD of his left eye. This lone, seemingly nameless soldier knew how to incapacitate or kill any of them. All he needed was a reason.

He stared one down, who gave the ENCU the eye, the mortal man's gaze equally aggressive and eager for confrontation.

"Make my bloody day, mutie..."

A few moments later, they did.

--Violence/Profanity Warning--

It wasn't clear exactly how it all started, and it didn't really matter. Fire erupted as chaos ensued, the police rearing back and raising guns and shields as they fall back. the cloud dispersing upon the sight of the fire. Among the chaos, that very same mutant backed away from the chaos, picking up a car for whatever reason, as it seemed to the ENCU like he may throw the vehicle. The mutant moved forward, the car held overhead.

From within the flame the ENCU strode, unhibited and unharmed by the flames and holding an acoustic pulse rifle in hand as appeared before the mutant, from the fire. As the being's eyes widen, the ENCU aims the rifle towards the man as the crowd backs away and watches. The mutant, holding the car overhead, thinks the man not a threat to him. That the myths of what Maverick could were just that. Myths.

The man held an unknown expression beneath his mask, further sheathed and masked by the flames as opened fire on the man with the rifle, the weapon not shooting bullets but focused, high amplitude infrasound, set specifically towards the resonant frequency of his blood vessel. His vision swam, his heart raced. Everything hurt, inside and out. The weapon bypassing his bulletproof skin and attacking him from seemingly the inside. He leaned forward, and heaved as he vomited blood, a giant crash heard as he dropped the vehicle behind himself. He swung on the man and missed as he seemingly non-chalantly evaded the hit. He rears forward, attempting the grab him, a swift motion in which his hand is able to find the helmet. Using a force similiar to a hydraulic press, his fingers enough to indent steel, he tries to simply crush the man's helmet and skull in wet indiscernable biomatter. The blast stopped.

"That all you got mate?"

The man flicks out a baton, jabbing the man on the neck. The energy of the baton cackles as electromagnetic energy causes his skin to flash into molten plasma. His nervous system overrided and overwhelmed as enough energy traveled through it to reduce a man to a molten crisp. He falls forward, heaving blood, as he laid on the floor. The blast starts again, this time, much more intense. Blood vessels explode. His liver ruptures entirely with the changing of pitch. Crimson tears stream down his eyes and he looses all ability to control his bodily fluid as he is forced to relieve himself on the spot. His vision begins to blur as his eyes shake within his skull. Everything begins to go black, as through his super tough skin, his brain is turned into goo.

Gunshots are heard and others begin to arrive. Police and other ENCUs who arrived at the scene to quell the chaos. One of them joining their comrade as he stood over the corpse of a bloodied, bulletproof mutant.

"You killed him."

"He was going take that car over there he dropped and tossed it into the crowd. Had to do something."

"Alright. Secure him."

The man weighed roughly 500 pounds, but together, they had the strength to lift him and carry him off. at a moderate pace. Soon after, they'd seen some sort of gunshot as another went down, they used the ensuing panic to slip away, mostly unnoticed.


"Class four Extra-Terrestrial Entity spotted in our Area." (@the_custodian)


Her eyes flickered with interest. The class four was quickly identified as the extra-normal entity that appeared before them before. Having no physiology like anything a human could have or being made of the same materials. More than likely, she had a much higher general bonding energy than most all conventional forms of matter all together. Or simply put, was completely invulnerable and seen to have the power to destroy and entire city at will with only some sign of rest.

Such an entity wasn't something that they or anyone should simply allow to walk around monitored as if they were just another person. Curiously, she was speaking with someone. Not only this but she was going to Capitol Hill. Though, she had displayed relatively benevolent intentions before, they would never simply allow a being that powerful to enter the area unhindered. With a word, Moya had sent out a group of Shadow Company to tail her. The men followed, their metamaterial cloaks rendering them invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum as they navigated purely through enhanced acoustic senses.

The only people who knew of them were the ones who needed to know. Business in the building had gone on as usual. But, none could.

"Repeal the registration act? Huh. I wonder who this one might be?" She leans forward, her laptop open as she reviews previous footage of the man entering. She pauses, and slides her finger along the mouses wheel over the man's face and then pulls up a tab as she runs a facial recognition scan on him, as she sits back and awaits a match from their station in orbit, the facilities they have being far more advanced than what she has at her disposal with technology this portable. A few moments later, a match appears and slowly, her smile crawls across her face once more.

"Interesting conversation you are having there." She spoke to herself. Leaning back as she made a few keystrokes. Waiting for entirety of their conversation to be finished, the men watched the two and nothing more. Information was valuable, and indeed. Information wins wars. Maverick very often was sure to do their best to know of everything.

This should be fun.

4 Catalyst

This is the Cyclops on AM 790, your eye on all matters mutant. Sad news folks, an initially peaceful protest turned violent today in Delware's own Buckeye County. The protest revolved around recently imprisoned mutant superhero Brain Child, a local of Buckeye County. Your girl's been charged of orchestrating the November 3rd school shooting at Buckeye High School. The protest itself took place outside of the school starting at around 8am, and I'm told another group of protestors gathered across from them at approximately 9:35am, and things remained peaceful, albeit a bit tense, until violence broke out at about 11am. Now I wasn't there, so I wouldn't be able to say who threw the first punch, but I know my boy Candlelight doesn't go around throwing flame just anywhere. Boy moves to contain violence, not start it, but your standard news channels are all showin' the same footage, firewall goes up, gunshots are heard, and chaos comes tumbling out.

Now you all know Macho Muchacho, guy tries to make good but his temper just don't much allow for it. Well he lost his cool again today, for the last time looks like. That's right ladies and gentlemen, professional Meta Lucha Libre star Macho Muchacho is dead, but we all knew it was coming sooner or later. You can only cross the law so many times before the law crosses you, crosses you right off that list. The guys who passed down judgment though? Not the courts, not the cops, but the ever present Maverick.

Now I can't fault these guys on effectiveness, and after everything they've done to save the world from all the invasions, alien to demon, we certainly owe them one, but they've got to have a nonlethal option in that giant arsenal of theirs. If they don't I don't see why they're playing policeman. Now, granted, guy was holding a car over his head, and if he was following Candlelight's lead then the guy might've been trying to erect a barricade, but with his temper who knows? We certainly can't ask him now.

Now I know, recent events have gotten people real riled up, but ain't nothing we can do but keep calm and carry on. If you're gonna protest, if you're gonna be out in them mad streets, you better be ready to face reality. People don't like us, the cops don't like us, and Maverick sure as hell don't like us, least not enough to not kill us, so if you are dead set on heading out and letting your voice be heard, be sure you're ready to do it the right way.

People are going to attack you, people are going to spit poison words and just plain spit on you, but you gotta be prepared to take it. You cannot, and I mean CAN NOT, fight back. These guys are just looking for an excuse to put one through your head, and if you give 'em one they'll take it.

That being said, I ain't gonna take this one lying down. Brain Child's execution is the day after tomorrow, noon, the first public execution in forever. Judge says it's to give the families "closure", to provide "transparency". I'm surprised they ain't broadcasting the damn thing. I propose a march, tomorrow, to the nation's capitol building. I am not going to sit idly by while the State kills a young girl with absolutely zero evidence. I will take the stones and broken bones, and while they might break my body they will never break my spirit. For all of you that feel the same, we march from Hyattsville to the Capitol at noon tomorrow, consequences be damned, and we will go up those steps and our voices will be heard. I will not bend, I will not break, and I will not fight. We're going to teach America a lesson it's forgotten, that the man next to him is not a weapon but a brother. The woman across from him is not a ticking time bomb but a mother, a sister, a daughter.

I hope to return tomorrow for your usual broadcast, but if I can't, or don't, remember ladies and gentlemen: live your life full of love and grace, because no matter what they do to you they can't take your humanity. That's something you have to cast aside yourself.

This has been the Cyclops, your eye on all matters mutant. Goodnight all you crazy kids, I'll see some of you at noon tomorrow, and the rest? Well, I'll see you all again someday, this Earth or the next.

5 Catalyst: The March Itself

The March of a Million Mutants (Maybe closer to ~300)

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Timeline - Christopher McClain

Character Timeline

  • Starting Small - Chris introduces his idea of using DNA manipulation to increase empathy among mutant haters and so fix the world, albeit in a somewhat veiled manner. to a local bar patron, who shortly dismisses him.
  • On the Shoulders of Giants - Christopher seeks to advance his idea by getting help from the only mutant with power that he knows, the Shogun of Venezuela, and somehow actually meets her. He gains her approval and is provided with an alias to use in DC.
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