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X-Men Origins: Wolverine critical analysis

So, being home from school and all, I only have two things that I'm really able to do: Watch TV or work. So, last night whilst doing the former, I stumbled upon X-Men Origins: Wolverine on HBO On Demand. And seeing as how I haven't seen this movie since around the summer of its release, I decided to watch it again. Now, I'm not too sure as to why I looked down on this movie so much yesterday. Maybe it was my bad mood, maybe it was my higher standard of comic book movies. But nonetheless, I wasn't able to ignore a few things in this movie, all of which I will describe below:  
1. Wolverine and Sabertooths mutual father 
   In the beginning of the movie, it is revealed that Logan and Victor are related. Now, this is a very plausible possibility. But you see, the man who was believed to be Logans father look a lot like the adult logan that the movie focuses on, whilst the man who was supposed to be Victors and Logans biological father looked much like an adult Victor. Did the producers overlook this...?  Why would Logan look identical to a man he had no blood-relation to?  
   Also, how did the mutual father come to the realization that Logan was his father? Was Maury around, did they have DNA testing? Did he just wake up and remember that he and Logans mother had been together or what? 
2.  Chris Bradley 
   This isn't really part of the story, but did anyone else get the feeling that he wasn't all there? And what was his power supposed to be? 'Oh, I can power electric toys with my mind". How did they figure out that he even had powers? Cause it didn't really seem like he did past his circus tricks.  
3. Silverfox's 'death' 
   Wolverine has super-senses. This is a common known fact. So when his lady-friend is supposedly killed, what kept him from just smelling the blood on her and realizing it was someone elses? What stopped him from looking for wounds? I would have been like "Okay, what did he do, what do I need to get a band-aid for", you know? But no, not Logan. He just screams into the wilderness. And maybe I'm forgetting something, but did he just leave her there? I would have at least buried someone that I love. But if memory serves, he just left her there, in the forest, covered in blood.  
4. Deadpool 
  I know for a fact that 'Moviepool' has been the target of a lot of criticism, and for good reason. So, I won't get into that, because it'll just irritate me. But I was thinking, if the Deadpool movie is carried out as planned, and kept within continuity (I'm not sure if it will be), I think the only thing they can do to redeem him is to make the procedures that he underwent in this movie be what made him so deformed. But, that's farfetched.  
5. Wolverines memory loss 
  I'm no expert on brains, nor am I an expert on mutant healing factors, so I might be sounding like an idiot here. But what happens to the adamantium bullets stuck in Wolverines skull? Does his healing factor just heal around the bullets, leaving cozy little brian-pockets for them? Does it push them out? And what about where he got shot? Are there two spots in the front of his skull where he has no adamantium because of the bullet holes? How come no one at the Xavier Institute ever noticed that he has bullets floating around in his noggin when they x-rayed him? 
6. Victors leap of faith 
   At the end of the movie, when the two brothers jump off of the crumbling nuclear reactor, what happens to Victor? Wolverine, with an admantium skeleton and all, isn't able to land on his feet and relies on his reinforced skeleton to protect him from turning his bones to dust amongst landing. Victor, however, wasn't given an adamantium skeleton. How did he make it all the way down to the ground, and then get back up in time to escape the falling debris?

Anyways, anyone else have any input on these points or anything else in the movie that I may have forgotten?