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What I hate and love about the GL trailer

Things I hate about this: 
The 'second skin' concept. Am I the only one who would feel awkward flying over Coast City with the feeling that I, dangling...above it? 
In the trailer, Hal flies past some astronauts with an after-trail reminiscent of nebulas. It should really be a trail of light, like a shooting star. Or at least I think it should. 
The construct that Hal conjures when fighting the thugs is too dark, and too dim. It should also somehow be connected to Hal, not just expelled from a gas-looking discharge from his ring. Green Lanterns were made to bring the LIGHT of will to the universe. A beacon, if you will. If i look to the sky during, say, the Sinestro Corp War, I would expect to see tons of flashing beams and constructs as the members wage battle with one-another. Not some half-lit construct that can't be seen more than twenty yards away. 
Hal is a GREEN Lantern. Not a neon one. When he's in his apartment with Tom, it looks as though he was colored with light-brights.  
Also, what's with his square mask in that same shot? I hope he changes that.  
 I think Ryan Reynolds is a very charming actor. I always feel sympathy with him by the end of whatever movie he's playing. But this is kind of out of his comfort zone, to me. This isn't a rom-com where he learns the meaning of love and what not. No, this is the depiction of one of the universes greatest heroes, and wielder of the most powerful weapon in the universe. He better step it up. I do have confidence in him, however.
Blake Livelys acting is abysmal. 

 Oa looks kind of like an acid trip. 

Things I love: 
Sinestros look. Very much what I wanted it to be when I pictured this. Spot on, DC. Spot on.  
Call me a pessimist. Call me a critic. But as a devoted Green Lantern fan, I'd hope they'd get SOME of this stuff right. If they don't, well, I'm sure Marvel would love the admission for my ticket.