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I'm seeing that there is a lack of Awesome Art Picks and Walknig Dead reviews this past weekend and therefore I am thoroughly depressed

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Quicksilver and his poofy 'do

So the Quicksilver look in DoFP... I wanna vomit. Particularly in the hair of Evan Peters so they'll have to change something about how awful he looks.

Here's my gripe: Quicksilver is a speedster. So why, WHY, would he have hair that falls in front of his face? Wouldn't the velocity push it back?? And goggles? No! No!!

Anyways, I had to get that off my chest. Dumb decisions at its finest.

Whaddya think, Viners? Should we get Obamas attention about this?? I know he's just absolutely swamped with pressing matters like Beibers deportation (yes, the petition has made its way to presidential consideration) but hopefully he'll be able to spare some time. I'll draft the petition. Let's do this.

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