Goodbye and Some final thoughts.

Okay I've been reviewing here for a while now and put a lot of hard work into my reviews and a lot  were recently deleted by one of the staff or mods now this while it does anger me to no end because I hate it when I put time and effort into things and it's all for nothing. everyone of my Bash/Rant reviews have been deleted most of which where some of my personal favorite writing pieces and I cherished them in my own way. I want to thank everyone out there who has commented on and recommended my reviews epecially Dark Nolder, Silkcuts, Liberty and Caesars Ghost. Now on the swearing thing till the day I die I will never understand why it's such a big deal if someone swears it doesn't hurt anyone if it physically hurt someone I would say fine no swearing but there just words and honestly there is no such thing as a bad word they're just words they only become bad when you put the meaning behind them this world has become far to sensitive about these kinds of things it's no big deal everybody swears at some point in there life cause as Chris Rock once said "if you show me a man who's never said S%!T I'll show you somebody who's Full of S%!T" also if you changed the meaning of all the swear words in all of creation to something that was not considered bad nobody mind they just say okay it's a regular word so lets say I change the meaning of the word "Cool" to what the F word means then people would say its a bad word when honestly it's not offensive. Now as for this being a family friendly site I call Bulls#!t  because there are comics on this site that are literally PORN very artistic PORN but Still PORN like Tarot Witch of the Black Rose, The Lost Girls By Alan Moore for gods sake the Cybersix comics on this site feature topless women on the covers and the character is a prostitute....yeah sounds really family friendly doesn't it? And for those of you who have read Sin City one of the comics in the series is Called "That Yellow Bastard." and they post it no problem this site is full of hypocrisy to censor swearing on this site means they would also have to censor everything I just mentioned because porn is a lot worse then swearing and there is nearly no defense for it. Well there's my final thoughts on the issue and I want to say goodbye to all of my loyal followers and thanks for making this so fun for me while I've been here this is the end of my run on comicvine.