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My Favorite Time of Year

The temperature is cooling down but my heart is on fire!! yes folks College Basketball is starting up again my #1 Passion in the Universe. My Team is the Kentucky Wildcats, and there journey to return to the top begins Saturday night.! We had a rough season last year under new coach Billy Gillispie, but things are looking up for us this year. I got video here that has single-handlly got me hyped for the season check it out!!.


My Picks

Well After reading the Ms. Marvel Annual I think Her and Spidey would make a pretty entertaining mini-series


My Dream Woman!!;)

Take the Date a Superhero Chick Quiz quiz at, the world's largest comic book encyclopedia.

Vixen is a wild one. If you treat her right, you might be able to make her purr. If not, she might channel the powers of a rhinoceros and skewer your ass.
Psylocke might show you her sensitive Betsy Bradock side. If she does you're a lucky guy. Otherwise watch out, you're in for the night of your life.
Tigra is an animal. She'll show you a good time provided you're not allergic to cats. Hopefully you won't mind the claws...
Donna Troy
Donna Troy has had many different lives. That could translate into lots of experience.

No sir

I dont think the ladies would like a guy thats numb below the waist if you catch my drift!;)


Keepin my Eyesight

Daredevil is cool and all but im keeping my eyesight, i like to enjoy the simple things in life only a person with sight can appreciate like a Sunday afternoon football game or Staring straight into your girlfriends eyes telling her that you love her, or just look down to enjoy that nice tight tank-top she has on. XD



i like following my own orders The government can barely take care of themselves


It should be a choice

Since Superheroes don't even get paid to do what they do they shouldn't  be forced into doing it, they should do it by choice. Heroes should register if they want to protect there families.


No way

Theres no way i could do some of thing the punisher does  the vision of the victims eyes staring at me as they die would haunt me for life

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Art vs Writing

i think it really depends on what kind of Comic reader you are,If you are a hardcore reader you want excellent writing, and you might be ok with the art. On the other hand maybe you are a new reader and dont  know  a story as well, but that Art was outstanding, and it made you jump into the story. When i first started reading Comics the Art was what pulled me in

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