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Characters I'll Use in a CaV!!!

The battle forums has been by far my favorite forum on Comicvine. Once you look past the trolling and flamewars, you get some really good content and some really great guys and debaters. CaV's are my favorite part of this awesome community because they typically showcase the better parts of the forum. So i'd like to construct a list of characters that I have used, or would enjoy using in a CaV. As I find interest in more characters, I will update this list.

Their may be characters i've never used on this list and characters I have used might not be on this list, it's kinda based on my opinions right now, and which characters I actually enjoyed using, or would enjoy using.

BTW... You may have noticed I'm kinda a fan of representing higher tier characters... xD

So you wanna test your luck versus any of these characters?!? PM me!

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