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@Knowledge_King: Still no feats to back up any of this massive claims you make about Thor's abilities.

I'm gonna say agree to disagree here since no amount of times I show you Thor losing to DSS will it change your mind...

However, like I said, if you wanna CaV I'll put more time into responses, but for a thread debate I don't really have the time.

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Apoc's healing should allow him to survive long enough to TP Cheetah (unless she has resistances I am unaware of).

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@sanohibiki: Okay, thanks for the info. As you could probably tell from my post, I am more knowledgeable on Sentry than I am KC Superman... However, even with a weakness to magic like regular Superman, KC should still take out Thor, imo.

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@apex_pretador: I personally think it is pretty decisively in KC Superman and DSS favor. This also seems to be the general consensus.

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Looking at those scans, Thor had the advantage until Sentry was half voided out. Even then he didn't exactly go down quickly.

Exactly... Until he Voided out... But Void has all of the powers of Sentry, it's just that typically, Sentry can't control his powers because of his mental ailments. However as DSS, he is even more powerful than the Void. This fact is highlighted in Sentry #8 where he Sentry actually overcomes and defeats the Void 1v1. So... Since the Void defeated Thor rather handily... DSS should do so (heck he already has...)

I stand corrected on DS Sentry, BUT Thor's lightning did hurt him visibly by him screaming out in pain.

Ok... So Thor may have hurt him a bit... But Sentry immediately regenerated and Thor was thoroughly stomped.

The magic vulnerability doesn't matter too much as Thor has hurt and KO'd more durable people than KC Supes without it. Also KC Supes being hurt by Shazam's lightning doesn't bold well for him as it's much weaker than Thor's.

Like who?

One shot would be Supes being unconscious on the next page. I've heard he wasn't even close, which would make that a meh feat.

Can you provide this scan?

1. IIRC wasn't Supes less prepared? Plus he came back from it, so it's not like he was out cold. That's barely a good strength feat IMO the way it's presented.

  1. Provide the scan of Superman coming back from this punch?
  2. OHKOing Superman is not a good strength feat?????????
  3. Superman was less prepared, but it's not like a punch to the stomach where you can brace for impact. Hercules hit both of them in the same place, the jaw. One was KOd, the other didn't even flinch.

Can you provide a durability feat for Thor that shows he can tank something that would One-Shot Superman?

2. Jay Garrick's not all that fast. And being as fast as Wally isn't shown by feats. He's still hit by things slower than Wally. Either way it wouldn't matter as Thor also hits people that fast. A lot.

He's a heck of a lot faster than Thor, that's for sure. And Thor has also been blitzed by people really slow. A lot.

3. That's not really showing himself to be stronger than Supes. Holding someone back doesn't mean you're stronger. Even if he is, it's by an untold amount and his feats still don't match up to fight with Thor.

His multiple showings with Superman depict him being far stronger. As I said, this makes sense and is easily explained by him having been around longer, thus absorbing more sunlight.

Sentry didn't stomp Thor either of those times. First time he was losing until he voided out.

Void was defeated by a stable minded Sentry. DSS is even more powerful than Void......

Second time, he was still hurt by lightning, third time dude was missing half his head from one of Thor's strikes. I think if Thor used more of his abilities and went all out he could win.

This claim is just...... Dude really? Thor was ONE SHOTTED, then he came back five issues later and got TWO SHOTTED. Thor hurt him? Yes... But Sentry proceeded to heal it off like it was nothing and dominate Thor.

What other abilities besides his physicals and weather powers could Thor have used to turn the tides in a fight that was massively one sided THREE separate times???

As for KC Supes, yes. Nothing in that description says "Thor can't beat him" to me. And KC Supes doesn't even have feats to back most of that up.

If you really think that someone who is resistant to magic and is considerably faster, stronger, and more durable, than Superman, would lose to Thor, than you must have some Thor feats that I have never seen before. And would love to see. Because i honestly have never seen anyone rate Thor's combat abilities so highly.

There are a lot of very substantial claims about Thor's abilities here, and a very substantial lack of feats to support said claims.


Honestly, I think we should agree to disagree here. Since we seem to be on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to what Thor can do. Plus I don't want to derail this thread, since this thread isn't Thor vs DSS and KC Superman. However... If you want to 1v1 debate, I am always down for a CaV.

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To be fair Thor has Belt of strength here, and a lot of support.

Also KC superman is not as fast as wally, not even close by feats

  1. I don't think Belt of Strength gives Thor nearly enough of a boost to substantiate him taking on either of these guys. This isn't my argument for why DSS and KC win, it's just me responding to the outlandish claim that Thor can take on either KC or DSS solo.
  2. I agree, however it does speak volumes for his speed. I was simply trying to show that KC Superman is vastly more powerful than standard Superman, and by extension, should most certainly be able to take on Thor.
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