The-Seeffiss17's CaV/ Tourney Matches!

Victories (3):

Larfleeze (me) vs Thanos (EmperorThanos) --- Win, 5-1. An awesome debate. Unfortunate that it got cut a round too short, but hey I enjoyed it.

Nova (me) vs Capt. Cold (jucaslucas) --- Win, 5-1. A pretty cool match with a pretty chill guy......... I'm sorry... Lol

Luffy (me) vs DCAU Darkseid (zeezee123) --- Win, 4-0. A pretty decisive W. A fun debate as well, though I would't say this is my best work at all.

Loses (1):

DSS (me) vs Superboy Prime (cosmicallyaware1) --- Loss, 10-8 (I think, we had tons of votes in this debate so I may be off by one of two on that final score). This brings back so much nostalgia... I would consider this to be my first real debate. While I have dramatically improved in my debating skills since this one, almost 2 years ago, this is easily my most well known and one of the mot fun to participate in, of all my debates. CA1 is a good friend and one hell of an opponent. If your going to read any of my debates I would HEAVILY encourage you to check this one out. I think we both did a fantastic job here (shameless self compliments xD).

I also had a debate versus TNBB007, which is technically my first debate... But we're not gonna talk about that...


Orion (me) + GL (ET) vs. Thor (NWO and TP28)

Firestorm/Orion/MMH (Me) vs Ironman/Loki/Hulk (SupremeGeneration)


Maybe one day these debates will be picked back up, but for now there are no plans to do so.

DSS/Despero (Me) vs Doomsday/Darksied (Giliad)

Team Superman (me) vs Team DBS (ET)

Larfleeze (me) vs. Monarch (FirstHunter)

Hulk/Green Lantern (me) vs Superman/Goku (TMWQ)

There are plenty more that I have 'forfeited' (by either taking a hiatus from the vine or just lacking the time to finish it), especially from my days as Speedster101, but I'm not going to count them here.

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