My Problem With Marvel

Before I start really emerging my self into the comicbook world I read my dad old marvel collection(late 70's- early 90's) and I loved Marvel and when I started reading modern stories ...lets just say emotions started to change,here are my major problems with marvel

1. Unlikable characters

I don't know if this is the writer intention but I'll say it straight up most of Marvel characters are just jerks,they're either a jerk, a hypocrite, psychopathic,amoral,a douche or mixture of all. They're also SOOO toxic toward each other and don't know how to handle problems

Captain America: Hey i'm just gonna just demand for these mutants,who are facing extinction,to give up they're last hope.

Cyclops; Screw what he say i'm just gonna shot my powerful optic beam,that's been known to level a giant robot or two.

Honestly AvX could have been stopped if both sides just shut up and tried to listen to each other

This lead me into my second problem HEROES VS HEROES

Now don't wrong I don't mind the occasional HVH event(heck my favorite comic story is Kingdome Come) but marvel BEAT THAT DEAD HORSE

God they're's SOO many HVH event that could have stop if both sides stop just shut up and listen to each other!

Speaking of beating dead horse they're are SOO many X titles, just sooo many and only like 2 of them are any good and don't get me started on wolverine in EVERYTHING.

Also Why does Red Hulk and Red She Hulk even exist

Also there are too many events

there are some other problem but these are my main ones

As for Dc...Meh there a decent balance good and bad imho


Reek Reek Rhymes With...Hot

So yeah Ramsay Snow one of the most disgusting characters in literature is being played by .... Iwan Rheon


I have a bit of a problem with that

Why? Is he a bad actor NO far from it,actually my problem is that the simple Idea of Ramsay Snow having fangirls who will try to defend his action annoys me

how do you feel?

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