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^ Unfortunately what you say is true. He has multiple good showings and then he is used to do the job. He seems to be one of those go to 'bruisers' to take the fall.

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Mammoth. He is drastically underrated. As is Rhino, but Mammoth has shown to be able to withstand much more than what Rhino can dish out.

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Blanka vs. Goro seems to have stirred up some rustling of the jimmies. I'm alright with any outcome. But Goro would get handled by the Iron Blooded Giant Hugo..... "I'M NUMBAH JUAN!"

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Blanka, but not easily. Goro is a damn tough customer. His experience will help him out here, but being able to keep a constant stream of electricity as Blanka can do and his agility I think will help him wrap this up. Both SF and MK feats are so damn weird so its rather hard to compare the two in a fight.

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    I'd had rather him keep the skin color but the breaks in the skin are cool. Would also have liked him to keep the long hair.

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    @Glitch_Spawn said:

    As sick as it sounds. I want to know the motive...This one is straight out of something you would hear in a work of fiction. As someone said above, most mass murderers commit suicide when they're through. This guy was dressed in full tactical gear, had has hair painted red and reportedly was referring to himself as "The Joker". It's scary.

    I want taped interviews. I still can't get a feel from this guy from just pictures alone as well as his actions. I really want to see if he follows through with theatrics. A sick f#ck indeed. But i'm very interested on how he operates and thinks. Like you said, it sounds like a work of fiction. Incredibly cowardly and sickening, but like you I want to know the motive.

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    @DeathpooltheT1000 said:

    @Jnr6Lil: @thatguy said:

    @Jnr6Lil said:

    @DeathpooltheT1000: 1. Do you think WWE knows that there's kids out there that do wrestling, WWE don't go on the internet that much unless it's to promote them so they probably think that kids can't do suplex and powerbombs. 2. What's to say what the kids are doing is safe, or that they're not botching themselves. Just because it looks good doesn't mean they know what they're doing. And bad example, We never see Daniel Bryan's holds, and hasn't Sin Cara been accused of botching his moves. Yes wrestlers have wrestling training but that doesn't mean they would know how to use PAC's or even PAC himself would know how to use it, You can't compare a 630 senton to La Mistica.

    Again Hurricanrans, Frankensteiners, Lionsaults don't compare to the things PAC does. And the flying headbutt, you rarely see that move. Usually only resered for PPV matches, Can't think of anyone but D-Bry who has that in their arsenal.

    I just don't trust anyone without formal and correct training. I don't care if they look like they know what they are doing. 9 times out of ten they can do a moonsault but can't preform a headlock correctly or come anywhere close to working a match which has any sort of psychology.

    Yeah, but this isnt a problem in the indies only, most of the people on the WWE dont know how to work a match, i mean Ziggler overselling made people belive he knows how to work a match, even when he cant work a match, the worst part is thet he decide to blame Sin Cara for a botch he caused(You can see in the video Ziggler failed the move), many people blame Sin Cara but the guy had matches on Japan and never had problems, japanese wrestling and mexican wrestling dont follow the same logic, also as Mistico he always sell moves and knew how to work a match, what made him amazingly popular in México, 90% of his botches are thanks for the fact the other guys dont know how to work with him, that explain why his match with Matt Sydal was so good, again if you never train wrestling, every move will be dangerous, many guys on the WWE you could notice arent wrestlers, Stone Cold and others talked about how this was the most dangerous thing in a macth, they even said is way more dangerous that any move in wrestling.

    Matt Sydal has hurt himself more in the WWE that in the indies because of that.

    90 % of people in the WWE dont know how to work a match, 75 % of the indies dont know how to work a match, that dont change you should hire people that know how to work a match, i mean there is a good 25% of wrestler that know how to work a match and you could hire, but the WWE hire people thant dont know how to work a match.

    I mean, the fact you sell moves, dont mean you know how to work a match, many guys know how to sell but had no idea of how to work a match, i mean most of the time the WWE had spotfests of brawling and no one notice this guys dont sell the moves, dont follow psychology or any type of logic.

    A punch in real life hurts a kick too, a power bomb can breack your back, but still i have seen many matches where you see people punch each other for like 30 minutes without any type of problem caused, even when they hit each other lke hundreds of times.

    Dolph knows exactly how to work... WWE is so vastly different from your traditional Professional Wrestling right now its amazing. Your "Spotfest" which I wouldn't consider WWE's style technically has to happen. When you are on television there is no time for messing up or actually calling it on the spot unless its a big PPV blow off (which even still are on strict time). They are on a set time and time is THE MOST important aspect of WWE. Sin Cara's problem is that he didn't learn to work the WWE style. He didn't go to developmental, he went straight to TV. Most of the wrestler have trouble with it which I don't consider their fault. You are only as good as the person you are working with. He needs to be able to work a good match with anyone on the roster. Watch him and Drew Mcintyre... Tell me who gets that good of a match out of Sin Cara in recent times? Del Rio. Thats the only other one considering the language barrier is nonexistent. Because Mcintyre is a fantastic worker and can get a good match out of someone who has no idea how to work a TV match.

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    Icon easily. He's all ready so powerful and he's a minority. Thats a newsroom field day.

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    @ArturoCalaKayVee: He is now basically training young talent (which I would kill for) and he is booking basically . For the title situation, i'm not sure. Guess the timing was never right for him but now he is training incoming talent, it doesn't get much better than that.

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    @ArturoCalaKayVee said:

    I think WWE should hire Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison as creative writers and have Jim Lee design the stage and set.

    Search Chikara Pro Wrestling... Comics and Wrestling meet. Its incredibly fun and entertaining.