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I think the endings for -






Will all be accurate to the books imo

Same. I think the execution will be better of course, but I don't see these character's endgame straying too far from their tv counterparts.

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Matt in a murderstomp. He outclasses Arya in nearly every category: stronger, faster, the better hand to hand fighter, better senses, etc. Arya is an assassin. Her strength lies in stealth and going for a kill unnoticed; something that is near impossible with Matt's enhanced senses.

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The Infinity Saga. You have to stick the landing. That cannot be stressed enough. The ending is going to largely dictate whether or not fans rewatch the series or recommend for new fans to get invested. Endgame did that, and did it extremely well, and as an whole, with a few exceptions, most view the MCU movies from good to great. GoT had a great first four seasons, an okay fifth and sixth season, a even further quality drop in the seventh season, and a unforgivable final season. Infinity Saga in an easy win.

Edit: My thousandth post! Whoop whoop!

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@spambot: Emilia is very attached to the character, I will agree on that. You can tell in her interviews that she is not happy at all with the way Dany was written in the final season. In a recent interview when asked about her thoughts during the final scene of Daenerys, she summed it up by making a gagging noise. She's been throwing a lot of shade at the writing recently.

But we will have to agree to disagree on the execution. I wanted to wait to reply to you after the final episode aired and the series was complete, and I feel more than ever that the execution for Daenerys going bad was terribly done. It's just my opinion. I don't mind tragic villains; two of some of my favorite fictional characters are Anakin Skywalker and Azula but you have to sell me on the execution to them getting to that point. Azula is actually the perfect example of slowly and carefully crafting a character going insane over the course of their character arc.

My issue with painting Daenerys as the villain is that they basically had to remove character traits from her that was built up over the years. Look at Daenerys interaction with Yara in season six. She was charming, she was willing to compromise, she showed genuine affection and admiration towards Yara. They had none of those qualities during her interactions with Sansa. Because again, the narrative at that point was trying to turn the audience against her. And in season seven, even though Daenerys was still concerned about the thrown, she was willing to compromise with Jon, and even though she hadn't seen the army of the dead herself at that moment, she still took Jon's threats seriously and actively helped him prepare strategies during her war council. And after she did see the threat, she was all on board and recognized that as the true problem. And in season eight, they made it so Daenerys main focus was the thrown again, not the monster who just killed one of her children. The writing is too inconsistent, and it all goes back to turning the audience against her, but they stripped her of her positive personality traits to do so. And now suddenly she wants to take over the world?

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I don't mind Dany being the final villain, but the way it was executed was poorly done. You need more than foreshadowing to properly justify her genocide of King's Landing, you need organic progression to that type of mental state. Watching Dany from seasons 1-7 and watching Dany in season 8 is like watching two totally different people. And the reason for that seems to come down to the most common complaint; six episodes were not enough, and that lies solely on the fault of D and D.

Season 8 was clearly setting up Dany as the final big bad, but the problem lied in that up until this point, the audience viewed her as a hero, so the writers went into overdrive to turn the audience against her. Sansa and Arya doesn't trust her, therefore we shouldn't trust. Varys thinks she might be going crazy, therefore the audience needs to think that. Her wanting Jon to keep his lineage a secret is framed by her being paranoid and jealous, and maybe even early stages of madness. The writers are trying to emotionally manipulate the audience in these scenes and it falls flat.

In reality, Sansa and Arya come across as ungrateful brats because Dany took a chunk of the sacrifices in the Battle against the Night King, and Sansa can't even tell her thank you or give her credit. She's frustrated that Tyrion's advice has given her defeat after defeat, but according to Varys, her frustration makes her a threat, even though at that point Dany was still willing to listen to reason. And she pleaded with Jon not to say anything because she knew Sansa hated her, and once that information was out, he would be her opposition, whether he wanted to or not. And even up until this point, Dany still wasn't in a lets kill everyone mentality. And if you want Missandei to be the catalyst for her insanity, having her go rage mode right after the event of her best friend's death would have made more sense, instead of the next episode seemingly picking up days later.

Dany's transition into a villain should have been shown over the course of the series. Not something to be shoehorned in last minute because the writers ran out of time and did a piss poor job setting it up from go. if you need an example of a good villain transition look at characters like Light from Death Note or the story of Griffith from Beserk. We see the gradual fall of these characters and the slip in mental state that drive them there, so when it does happen, the build up has been properly established for numerous episodes/chapters. This, however, doesn't feel earned at all.

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@percybender: I don't think she would be physically able to break his neck. If the Hammer really does give Cap the power of Thor, which it looks like it does based on him taking hits from a bloodlusted Thanos and gaining the abilities to summon lightning, that would put Cap on a whole other level of strength. Thor has feats, even in his earlier films, that puts him well above even the Originals. I just think that with the hammer her and Cap are in two totally different tiers, and the gap between them would be too big.

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@percybender: Not tanking, but they can't outright put him down either. He was stabbed numerous times by Hela's blades and kept fighting. Loki has also shanked him, but he recovered soon after. Not sure if Cap got this as well though.

Edit: Plus when it comes to pure combat, Cap is on a whole other level, especially with the power that comes from the hammer. TVD fighters are mainly brawlers besides a few exceptions like Elijah. Most fighters rely on speed and strength. Cap did more with the hammer than Thor in multiple movies. His combos were so ridiculous he put Thanos on his back.

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If he has Thor stats from the hammer, I don't think she can hurt him.

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You would think after Afleck, more people would adopt the wait and see approach instead of just lashing out with gut reactions. His post Twilight work is actually really good. The guy can act.

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Ichigo vs Byakuya