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Dr. No 0

A few months after release, my local comic book shop were trying to get rid of extra copies of this series and were selling them at a greatly reduced price. I only paid the equivalent of 50 cents for this issue… and I still feel like I wasted my money. I can only imagine how I would have felt if I had paid full price!The story is meandering and tiresome. The overall concept and plot, although not great, is quite interesting. However the script and the pace in which it’s told is slow to the point...

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Six-FUN Gorilla 0

Having seen the previews of this book completely by chance, I was intrigued by the unique plot and decided to give it a shot. I was not disappointed. I’ve not read much of writer Simon Spurrier’s previous work except some issues of his current Marvel Now series X-Men Legacy. I have to say I'm not a big fan of that series so was hesitant to give this a chance. But the idea of a gun totting gorilla in a sci-fi western with a suicidal side kick is just too interesting to pass up!This issue almost e...

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“I’m Frank Cho, I draw beautiful women.” 0

Savage Wolverine has been a thoroughly enjoyable read from the beginning and issue #3 is the best of the lot. The series so far has had all the elements that make enjoyable comic books – fantastic art, solid writing, humour, a tension filled partnership between the lead and main supporting character as well as lots and lots of action. Furthermore the setting of the Savage Land adds an exotic location to the fold.An instant classic panelIn this issue Cho shows of his mastery of not just drawing b...

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Rick Remember Cassaday 0

There have been a lot of mixed reviews for this issue but I have to say I thought it was a fantastic read. Yes it’s a drag waiting for these issues to come out and the delays almost make you think who cares? But when you get down to reading the actual thing you realise it’s worth the wait – at least I did.The main culprit in causing the delays has been John Cassaday and although it is better they find a new artist to give this series a boost, Cassaday’s art will be missed. The details he puts in...

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Do you like fun comics? 0

Well do you? Then you'll like this comic. The lighthearted tone in this series is a breath of fresh air compared to ALL of the Avengers titles out there. The interaction between the Avengers is what you should really buy this for as it really feels like they're a team that has been together for a while. Their conversations are personal and humorous with each character playing off the others really well.The art by Stefano Caselli is of the highest calibre. Everyone looks like they should with no ...

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X’s Legacy a $ too far 5

I’m not familiar with Legion apart from knowing he’s Professor X’s son, apparently the most powerful mutant on Earth (haven’t we got a few of those?) and that he’s crackers. Having read the staff review mention this isn’t a great jumping on point for new readers, albeit it’s an issue #1, I decided to give it a go anyway.The issue tries to highlight both Legion’s dark side as well as his more comedic personality... and boy does this guy have personalities! The first two pages are downright awful....

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The Silver Spider OR That Spider-Man’s a Menace I Tell Ya! 0

This is a landmark issue that illustrates the first ever meeting between Spider-Man and The Silver Surfer. Was I excited to see Spidey on the cover? You betcha! The critically acclaimed Silver Surfer series has had its ups and downs – thankfully mainly ups. The theme running through the series is that humans mistrust the Surfer, who is stuck on Earth, because they fear him, because he’s different and because they don’t understand his powers. A recurring event in the series has been the Surfer co...

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Army of Dynamite 0

I'm a fan of the Army of Darkness movies. I don't think they're awesome but they were thoroughly entertaining. This is my first foray into any of the Army of Darkness series' or issues. I began reading this with the mindset that I’ll probably enjoy it but as I mainly like Marvel superhero comics, I’m unlikely to keep reading the series. I WAS WRONG. This issue was so enjoyable I’ve not only decided to continue reading the series, but will now track down all the previous Army of Darkness series',...

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A tragic love story from space 0

The first volume of Silver Surfer is a critically acclaimed series and contains some of Stan Lee's most poignant story telling. Issue #11 is no exception. It continues the story of a lonely Silver Surfer trapped on Earth who is trying to make sense of mankind and find acceptance among humans.After facing persecution, mistrust and hatred from mankind numerous times, Norrin Radd decides he must discover the reason for their hatred. He finds himself in a war torn South America country where an evil...

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Excellent issue with a ridiculous plot hole 0

1969 has seen the quality of the X-Men issues improve vastly throughout the year. At the beginning of the year I have rated most issues between 1.5 and 2 stars but gradually they have moved up to 3 star issues. Issue #59 would have gotten 4 stars if not for a ridiculous plot hole - but more on that later.Neal Adams’ artwork once again is the highlight of the issue and he has been a breath of fresh air to the series. Unfortunately as history tells us, it was too little too late to save the X-Men ...

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This is why I read comics! 0

Let me begin with saying that when I started reading the Captain Marvel series, I already knew that the green and white uniformed Kree soldier would eventually turn into the red uniformed Protector of the Universe. Knowing this made the anticipation of when he will transform quite exciting. This issue is when it happens. Captain Marvel #16 is the first appearance of Mar-Vell as he would ultimately go on to be known (although personally I preferred the original costume).Without delving too deeply...

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Hulk Smashed! 0

What an exciting issue! The cover itself JUST missed out on being on my list of 40 Classic Covers from the 60's. The artwork by George Tuska and inking by Johnny Craig are excellent throughout. The scenes set in a Manhattan downpour are especially drawn well. The fight scenes were also well done. As far as the characters go there was no development of Tony Stark in this issue and It was quite obvious who the man in the cowl was all along. Nonetheless in the end when it was revealed, and we find ...

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Eric the Unexplained 0

As most X-Men fans will be aware, the original series was cancelled in the early 70s due to low sales... and this issue is one of the reason for those low sales! Although the overall story of how the X-Men rescue Lorna Dane from Magneto is not bad, THE DIALOGUE IS AWFUL! Throughout the story the interactions between characters seems hollow and leaves the reader not caring. Even the back up story about Beast's origin suffers from this.It feels like Arnold Drake was rushing the issues hence the po...

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The End of the Beginning 0

In the late 60's the X-Men series was on a downward spiral and eventually ended up being cancelled with only reprints being run until 1975. However this issue is a gem that stands out among the rest.This is a rather touching story taking place after the first X-Men/Avengers crossover in history. In the last issue the young mutants were unable to mourn their professor properly due to an interruption by Quicksilver that eventually lead to the X-Men fighting Magneto AND The Avengers. This well told...

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Little Scatter Brain 0

One of the worst issues I've read to date and I've read a few stinkers. I've written a rather large plot summary for this issue to help others avoid the ridicilousness of the story. Some examples are:The Wasp hides in the villains hair while Giant Man fights him as it's the safest place to beGiant Man calls The Wasp a little scatter brain because she is impressed that he remembered to use ejector seats when their plane was crashingGiant Man saying he had a hunch the giant mushroom was a spaceshi...

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Bond... Hercules Bond 0

This issue starts with a scene of The Avengers at a news stand reading stories about how The Black Widow turned out to be a double agent and has returned behind the Bamboo Curtain. They struggle to believe the headlines to the point where The Wasp tells The Scarlet Witch to read the whole story out loud to the rest of them while they stand on the streets!Next we're in The Mad Thinker's lab where he decides he wants to steal Tony Stark's inventions and needs to kill The Avengers. He reveals he's ...

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